Nader Sayegh, New York State Assembly District 90 Democrat Designee, and Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Editor-at-Large on Westchester On the Level – Wednesday, August 22, 2018th at 10am EDT

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WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — Nader Sayegh, Democratic candidate for NYS Assembly District 90, speaks to issues he would would begin to mitigate should he be elected to office. Nader Sayegh’s campaign was the only one to have had the petition signatures among the Democratic Party to gain accreditation. This segment airs  Wednesday, August 22nd, from 10-10:30am.

Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Editor-at-Large delves into additional though disparate concerns pertinent to  hyperlocal issues and as far flung as international issues with commensurate analysis. This segment airs from 10:30am to 11am

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eHeziNader Sayegh, New York State Assembly District 90 Democrat Designee, and Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Editor-at-Large on Westchester On the Level – Wednesday, August 22, 2018th at 10am EDT

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  1. Nader Sayegh has never ever attended a Yonkers Memorial Day or Veterans Day service in the COY until this past spring when he decided to run for public office-what a hypocrite.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with Fred. Nader Sayegh and the entire Sayegh family have no consideration for the residents around the Virgin Mary Orthodox Church. They think they can block driveways, fire hydrants, and park in a NO STANDING ZONE. Nader Sayegh wants to be an elected official in OUR government, yet he fails to answer the tough questions. The residents of Colonial Heights want to know what Nader Sayegh and the Sayegh Family will do about the Church and the inconvience it has caused others.

  3. Nader Sayegh needs to answer why Virgin Mary Orthodox Church on Grandview Blvd in the heart of Colonials Heights is being used as a catering hall and funeral home. The people Park all over the place and block driveways. It is an inconvenience to tax payers throughout the area. That church even causes traffic on central ave. It’s time for Nader Sayegh to start answering the questions. No one on Grandview Blvd will vote for Nader Sayegh unless Virgin Mary Orthodox Church changes its ways.

    1. Post

      I don’t comprehend the question. Is Nader Sayegh the pastor at Virgin Mary Orthodox Church? Does he designate who should or can attend religious services? Is the church a purview to which Mr. Sayegh has any input? It seems that you are offended in some manner with respect to the church and its attracting so many parishioners. Perhaps since you suggest you are familiar with the “congestion”, it may behoove you to bring up the issue to the church, the patriarch of the church, YONKERS City hall, Mayor Mike Spano, etc. Doesn’t Mayor Spano also live in Colonial Heights? Is he also concerned about the traffic congestion there?If so has he proposed any solutio(s) to mitigate the issue? How long has this been going on?

      Wasn’t Shelley Mayer and before her Mike Spano the Assemblymembers to the district? Has this issue been a form of unresolved concern for all those years? What can be done? It seems there are too many who want to attend church services and when the good Lord calls, who dares not to attend?

      Does Yonkers suffer this same situation in its others houses of worship? Perhaps the Yonkers DoT needs to get involved. Perhaps traffic officers should be designated to mitigate the congestion there? Does it happen every day? Only on Sundays?



    2. Hey Fred, I cannot stress enough the fact that I have NO use for Sayegh and am a Democrat who will vote for Pinion. But if your main concern is the catering undertaken at this church, you would have to ask the same question of other religious houses of worship, who rent out their church halls privately for weddings, fund raisers, private parties etc., i.e. St. Mark’s Church on Nepperhan Avenue being one of them. I have been to a wedding and baby shower at that venue.

      With respect to your funeral home complaint, I don’t know what planet you come from but as a Roman Catholic, most if not all of the funeral services I have attended have funerals which usually are preceded by a Mass at the church with whom the deceased is affiliated. If it is the actual viewing, or wake, of the deceased at this location, about which you complain, I have also been in attendance where the viewing has taken place at other religious houses of worship, i.e. the Community Baptist Church on North Broadway. As Mr. Aris has stated, call someone ACTUALLY IN GOVERNMENT if you think that there are any municipal codes being violated.

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