NYS Assembly Candidate Anthony Nicodemo Withdraws Petition Challenge

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Nicodemo Will Not Be On the Ballot in September

Anthony Nicodemo candidate vying to represent New York State Assembly District 90 forced to withdraw his candidacy by the ruling of the Westchester County Board of Elections.

YONKERS, NY — August 6, 2018 — In a press release issued on behalf of Anthony Nicodemo and Team Nicodemo the following was expressed: “It is with regret that Team Nicodemo announces it will not be on the ballot for the 2018 Democratic Primary. Last week we were informed that despite obtaining 795 signatures, the [Westchester] County Board of Elections ruled we had not collected the required 500 valid signatures. We spent Thursday and Friday in court and have opted to withdraw our challenge.”

“It really is disappointing to end our campaign this way. After thorough research, we determined that we obtained over 600 signatures of valid Democratic voters in the 90th Assembly District. Unfortunately the Board of Elections invalidated enough of our signatures and dropped our number below the threshold, due to technicalities.” 

The press release closed with: “Best of luck to Democratic candidate Nader Sayegh and Republican candidate Joe Pinion in November’s Election.”


Nicodemo Victim of Too Many Allegedly Fraudulent Petition Signatures; Not Likely to Attain Entry Into the Democratic Party Primary Contest Against Sayegh


The Hezitorial Distilling the Whys and Expected Outcome Over the NYS Assembly District 90 Primary Challenges

YONKERS, NY — July 25, 2018 — A minimum threshold of 500 valid signatures are required by the Westchester County Board of Elections (hereinafter “WCBoE”) from those vying to represent the people who reside in New York State Assembly District 90. It doesn’t seem an insurmountable number to attain, much less eclipse, among a total of approximately 37,000 registered Democrats in the district. Anthony Nicodemo presented 795 signatures; Nader Sayegh presented 2,500. Nicodemo’s list of signature submissions are not likely to meet the 500 valid signatures required because so many are known to the Yonkers Tribune to be seemingly fraudulent, whereas Sayegh has 5 times the minimum valid signatures required. Both Ivy Reeves and Vincent Morrone did not meet the minimum threshold, but only Nicodemo is crying foul. 

Is that because someone filed objections with the WCBoE in a timely manner? There was no one, and nothing, that precluded the Nicodemo campaign to file legitimate objections against any of the candidates vying to enter the Democratic Party Primary challenge. Perhaps Nicodemo is smarting because Sayegh attained 2,500 valid signatures, while Nicodemo is unlikely to meet the minimum 500 valid signatures required.

WCBoE demands that those signing petitions in favor of their chosen candidate must adhere to the law governing the standards set for the WCBoE. The legal requirements, standards, if you will, demand that those who sign petitions in favor of their chosen candidate must reside in the district, and are enrolled members of the Yonkers City Democratic Committee. It is those parameters, and only those, over which, if questions of validity should arise, that the ruling by the WCBoE is final. A court has no oversight is these matters.

Not so however, if there is a question to the signature of the petitioner, or if it may be a forgery. The WCBoE has no expertise in ascertaining whether the person who signed such a petition is indeed the same person who had previous documentation that attested to there identity. People’s signature can change over time. The aging process, various diseases, even changed sensibilities, can,  to one extent or another be a catalyst that changes one’s signature. Challenges to signature, real or forged, fall under the jurisdiction of the courts; with no oversight whatsoever from the WCBoE.

The WCBoE can only overrule challenges as to residence, and party registration, when valid documentation is presented to the WCBoE within two weeks from the final day of collecting signatures and submitting them to the WCBoE. That day is July 12, 2018. The final day to challenge any issues with respect to the jurisdiction of the WCBoE is two-weeks thereafter, that is, Friday, July 26, 2018. Similarly, challenges that come under the jurisdiction of the courts must be filed no later than Friday, July 26, 2018.

In other words, while some have the temerity to cry their being victimized by the process, which is nothing but an admission of their personal failing and those who assisted in the campaign effort upon their behalf. In fact, the demeanor of an evolved and mature candidate will recognize that politics abides by standards in laws that must be obeyed. No amount of drama can respectively expunge the adherence of standards set by the WCBoE or the law set by the courts. They cannot be expunged by whim, or by hurt feelings. Nicodemo’s outcry reveals his failure to meet the minimum threshold. He has yet to acquiesce in coming to grips with his failed reality. The Yonkers Tribune cannot applaud failure by Nicodemo. He had the resources and support from a sufficient number of people to “make” it, but did not. It reveals his lack of leadership, organization, and capacity.

Yonkers Tribune has already learned that both Ivy Reeves, and Vincent Marrone have not met the minimum threshold required.

Ivy Reeves has the heart and the intention for public office, but was not sufficiently organized to gain much traction.

Vincent Morrone in his debut effort revealed a mature demeanor, outlook, and unadulterated vision. Fiscally challenged, his showing was studied and thereby exceptional. Yonkers Tribune found him to be steadfast and not dissuaded from pursuing elected office to serve the public interest. He is the epitome of an astute and millennial generation ready to take on the world. He is young, vital, and most importantly capable. His youth will afford him elected office and satiate his desire to serve the public interest.

eHeziNYS Assembly Candidate Anthony Nicodemo Withdraws Petition Challenge

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