Political Ascent in Yonkers is All About Making Money

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The Wheelin’ and Dealin’ Hezitorial

Khaders Hit the Jackpot

Rubbo Also In the Money

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — August 24, 2018 — Yonkersites were promised the swamp would be drained, No, not the swamp dwellers that aligned themselves with one political group or the other, but rather, the sycophants that were beholding to those at the top of the pecking order. Some define this hierarchy as Republican, or Democrat, while others call them by some derogatory and demeaning epithet. The latter is the smartest choice because Yonkers politicos have long ago learned that whether they belonged to one political affiliation or another, it was easy being one yesterday, changing hats today, and prone to another tomorrow. In fact ambiguity was the closest politicos could come to maintain office more often than not. Those seeking office were always aware they would need to fall in line with one party or the other. Whether believing the political dogma or not, the party system was the only vehicle that would permit entry into the world of politics, the money, the influence, the corruption, and if powerful enough, usually with a trail of years in office, keep them in the money, and attain the get out of jail card, as well.

Almost one generation back, Yonkers politicos squabbled amongst themselves as they vied for domination over another. In time they learned to vanquish their political adversaries among an entourage of “believers” who subscribed to the jobs they would beget for being good “boys” and “girls”. The system of control was impeccable in its simplicity and capacity to control. Former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer began the process of attempting to change the debauched demeanor of Yonkers, but did not fully comprehend what lever to first pull in order to win the prize of political prowess he sought. Spencer was followed by Phil Amicone, much more studied than Spencer, but lacking the will to politically extinguish his opponents. 

After 16 years of Republican steerage by Spencer / Amicone, along came Republican turned Democrat Mike Spano to ascend to office. In a sense, Mike Spano was a little bit “Country”, and a little bit “Rock ‘n Roll”.  He was young, evidently dapper, in good physical shape, married to a successful reporter wife, a wonderful immediate family, a supportive greater family, consisting of Mom and Dad, and 16 siblings, eight girls and eight boys. The only failing in the scenario is that mayor to be, and present Mayor Mike Spano, won because people were voting for Mike Spano the man. What Yonkersites did not then know, or deluded themselves to believing was that Mike Spano was not in charge. Mike Spano was ‘number nine” (the 9th child), but the sibling at the top of the heap was former Sen. Nick Spano, son “number 1”.  Nick ran Yonkers for all who knew to take off their blinders. Nick knew how far to go, when to let up, and when to push the limits. He had the knack to operate the City of Yonkers like the puppet master extraordinaire that he was, equally exhausting Yonkersites and Mayor Mike Spano in the process. Nick has for all intent and purpose run the city into the ground financially. This reality will set in next year when Mayor Mike Spano’s  FY2019-2020 Proposed Budget will not have the wherewithal to garner financial balance.

Which brings us to the debauchery in which the heavy hand of Nick Spano had long-ago learned, e.g. that the political equation is formulated as follows: Political Longevity  = More Money or Jail. Since Mayor Mike Spano took office he promised everything under the sun, but delivered only to the “friends and family network”. In fact, those who challenged him from the sidelines were silenced with “a job”, real or imagined. 

Before reading that which is delineated below, which is simply the tip of the iceberg, remember that Yonkers City Hall, in the name of Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano is buying the silence, loyalty, and obedience of Yonkersites / employees with taxpayer money; your money. And in the hope that someday they too will get a piece of the pie, those still not employed by Yonkers remain silent, loyal, and obedient in the hope they are next to be hired. Yonkersites forget there is no civil service exams that are required, even when they exist, to become employed. Job descriptions and titles can change every 6-months despite the lack of compliance being met. It s after all who you know, not what you know, in fact, if you know too much you are not even going to be considered.

So now you know how it works. Employment opportunities are afforded beneficiaries who do what they are told. The “Yonkers Employment Agency” is open to the select few. Most Yonkersites are not even on the list. Are you?  Not likely! Do you know why you are or why you are not?

This is how it works. Learn it, replicate it, and you too will be in the money!

A “$10,000” donation by Mediterranean Political Action Committee President John Khader to the campaign to elect George Latimer Westchester County Executive returned the employment of six Khaders most closely related to John’s brother Issa “Pete” Khader in positions of one capacity or another with Westchester County government. Lest there be those readers who herein suggest this is the definition of “quid pro quo”, a legal definition that was lost on the likes of legal eagle Guy Parisi who is evidently bereft in defining the law correctly. Those hired are Anthony Khader, a Mike Khader nephew by the name of Chris, a cousin of John Khader, and three more.

Then there is Maha Khader, John’s wife whose position with the Yonkers Board of Education has been elevated from a $12 per hour position to that of a Teacher’s Aid which will gross her $48,000 per annum, an increase in remuneration three times her gross salary in past years.

It has also become known that MPAC President John Khader, dismissed as a member of the Yonkers Department of Planning, a volunteer position, has after a year’s hiatus as a volunteer  not serving an any board has been given a position as a member of the Yonkers Industrial Development Agency (YIDA). It is also a volunteer position. Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano is not only the Mayor of Yonkers, but he is also the Yonkers IDA Chairman. The icing on the cake for John Khader’s Top Class Limousine company that owns a few Trolley buses is that the YIDA has engaged Top Class Limousine for the use of such Trolley buses at a cost of $52,000 per annum in order to promote parcels of land for potential development to  prospective developers. Psst! Has anyone gotten the definition of “quid pro quo”   yet?

Yonkers Tribune has previously divulged that Yonkers Councilman John Rubbo gained employment for his brother, his brother-in-law, and another relative before a vote was cast endorsing Mayor Mike Spano’s Proposed FY2018-2019 Budget

Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Michael Sabatino got a job for his aide with Yonkers Corporation Council on his promise to Mayor Mike Spano that Sabatino would vote as the Mayor wanted him to vote until the end of his second term in office. His husband is already employed by Yonkers Department of Human Resources .

Corazón Pineda-Isaac (District 2) wants the opportunity to vote for extending term limits so she can get a pension and medical insurance for her third term. Minority Leader Michael Breen wants what Corazon wants for the same reason.    

The swamp is now infested with more “connected” insiders who relish sucking on the city teats.

Omitting the truth is what most politicians do not recognize is what will undermine their plausible, though unproven “gravitas”. While the Yonkers Tribune will be castigated in derogatory terms for making these facts public, all we do at the Yonkers Tribune is inform The People the facts because they are entitled to know how their hard earned taxpayer’s  money is spent, for what purpose, and who is employed toward that end. And please, let us not get bogged down on who is or is not qualified!!! These conflicts are concocted by and carried out by the culprits named. The Yonkers Tribune doesn’t make this stuff up. Do we  hear a collective “oink oink!”?

What do you hear? What do you know? Share it with the residents of Yonkers. It is the least you can do, and in reality, it is more important than anything else ever done for the City of Yonkers (CoY). You can have an impact on pointing CoY toward a financially secure and stable path. What we have at present is an outright lie. We are heading toward a planned bankruptcy in collective silence as money continues to be spent to maintain the silence and control in CoY.

It is up to Yonkersites to expose the swamp dwellers. Yonkers Tribune needs their name, position, department, city or county, and salary if you know it so we can verify the “telling”.

Only Yonkers Tribune’s Editor-at- Large Hezi Aris has access to the eHezi@hush.com email address. You can also call the office, text, or leave a voice mail at 347-415-4326. No names are divulged to anyone. If you cannot leave a name and/or contact information, don’t bother to leave any information because I do not have the time to go on wild goose chases. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Cleaning up the swamp cannot be accomplished without your input. I for one am greatful for your revealing information the public should know.

eHeziPolitical Ascent in Yonkers is All About Making Money

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  1. Start ringing the dinner triangle !
    Taxes are ready.
    Oink ! Oink ! Oink!
    No employees live here. Only come here to feed.
    Its a feeding frenzy.
    If the citizens only knew ?
    Yonkers residents would stop paying taxes.
    Revolt and see how loyal the crumbs that work here will be.
    Believe me the corruption is beyond your wildest dreams.
    You can thank Spencer, Amicone, and Spano.
    FBI start there. Maybe they’ll all do a Wasicsko and disappear.

  2. You Yonkers dummies deserve all that is coming to you.All other cities are benefiting from a BOOMING economy with over 4% growth ! UNemployment so low that there are more jobs than people to fill them (hint for you economic illiterates-that leads to wage growth) Manufacturing is booming – consumer confidence , corporate confidence , business investment ALL time highs. But wait – poor Yonkers can’t seem…to ….just get ahead….maybe, please , just maybe Governor can oh can he help us. HAHAHAHAHA what a joke. You keep electing these corrupt dummies who just give their families lifetime jobs. You all deserve whatever happens in Yonkers- and boy it’s gonna be entertaining. You’ll be the laughing stock of the country- Jesus even Detroit is experiencing boom times – One of the only major cities to utterly fail miserably during one of the most expansive economic booms in the country’s history. Oh well at least fat Nick and dummy Mikey will have their pockets full (we all know Nick is the realtor benefiting $$ from all the city’s land deals) How dumb u all are.

  3. Want to fix Yonkers?

    #1 – NYS needs to do away with the Taylor Law and Triborough Amendment. Lohud laid out how well the Police and Fire Departments in Yonkers are. With 700 total employees between the 2 departments, there is a $31M savings if these guys just made an average of $100k each. Is that unreasonable? The medium income in YONKERS is only $57k.

    #2- allow the BOE to declare bankruptcy while not pulling the rest of the city down the drain with them.
    All salaries should be in line with NYC teaching/Administrative salaries.

    #3- privatize certain city services like light repairs, road repairs, sewer work and garbage.

    #4- combine services between the city and county and state.

    #5- reduce all non-essential personnel

    #6- NYS must change pensionable pay policies. Only base salaries should count towards an employees pension.

    Additionally, Yonkers is expected to continue to operate with the same revenues from NYS. While the State Elected Delegation stands alongside our labor leaders and advocate for higher salaries, but they don’t send any more money down to Yonkers to help us.

    Yonkers is at the tax ceiling. There is no going up. So now it’s going to come down to cuts.

    The problem can be solved.

  4. Fact vs fiction: Fact, your governor Cuomo had a conference of mayors and told the mayors of the state to come up with ten year k across the state. Fact, this was sold to the unions in the spirit of fairness after the great banking crisis. Fact, since there was no money around any way the k were 1-1, 1.5-1.5, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4. The old kick the can down the road. Fact, after years of small property tax increases the day came at the end of the ten-year period to pay up the bigger money and there was none, so you got a hit. The raises were pretty much in line with inflation and so it goes. Fiction, the one 2 percent tax increases were never part of reality. Just some hocus pocus shit the a**hole gov pushed. Fact, …if you think that nice new bridge spanning the Hudson is going to be 5 bucks per crossing for much longer, I’ll sell you one in Brooklyn. No toll on it, you can install one. Just come with cash for the purchase. No need for an attorney either, I’m an honest guy. Just like your elected officials.

  5. Congratulations Patrick McLaughlin on being named Yonkers Employee of the Month! Pat works for the Department of Public Works!
    A married couple dropped their wedding ring down a catch basin. Pat did a phenomenal thing and went down into the sewer. He found the ring and gave it to them. Another great thing done by a Yonkers worker. All the great people in the McLaughlin family and Yonkers should be proud of what he did.
    Salute Pat on a phenomenal job as always.

  6. Hezi, Priscilla’s parents got Sabatino the job at BOE in White Plains. That is part of the story of behind Priscilla’s promotion to the law department. And Priscilla does not have a college degree. His last staffer, Una, quit and he fired Ivy. Guess Sabatino doesn’t care if he has staff to serve his constituents.

  7. You city employees brag cops ff and dpw slime about all your retirement $$ and overtime you all hate each other backstabbers i listen to your talking in the mornings. Think you got it made think again $500,000. +++ All Smiles

    1. Concerned citizens want to hear, as it is obvious you are not from Yonkers, but have credible info to disclose. So please elaborate or translate.

      500,000 for what? is that bar talk or coffee shop talk?

  8. Hezi, you should reach out to the 3 leaders of the community that will come out in support of this article:
    Ammir Rabadi
    Antone Daoud
    Jeffrey Sayegh

  9. Congratulations Patrick McGloughlin on being named Yonkers Employee of the Month! Pat works for the Department of Public Works!
    A married couple dropped their wedding ring down a catch basin. Pat did a phenomenal thing and went down into the sewer. He found the ring and gave it to them. Another great thing done by a Yonkers worker. All the great people in the McGlaughlin family and Yonkers should be proud of what he did.
    Salute Pat on a phenomenal job as always.

    1. First of all Lenny Boy, you spelled his last name wrong twice…Second, He should have stayed down in that sewer and called for the rest of his family to join him…Problably wasn’t a stretch for him to go down into a sewer…

      1. How about wasting 90k on a Spano friend and family guy who is working in a public safety position, as a thank you to daddy because the jewelry buisness is failing.

    2. Hey Lenny,

      Why are you purposely misspelling Patrick’s surname? The correct spelling is McLaughlin, as in LIAM McLaughlin, Patrick’s brother. One of the cast of thousands who got jobs due to their siblings having served on the Yonkers City Council.

  10. Surprise, surprise. Big mouth John Khader has an opinion about everything except when it comes to his family’s lucrative patronage jobs. Ever since that 6.2% vote we haven’t heard a word from his d**e of a brother Mike Khader either. How times change. A few months ago you couldn’t shut these two up if you tried.

  11. Invite Ammir Rabadi to speak in place of John Khader. He has the support of the community and no one is more active in New York and International Politics than Ammir Rabadi. Ammir can give a perspective on local affairs with an international twist.

    1. Ceceila you mention Ammir Rabadi has the support of the community what community are you talking about-is it the entire Yonkers community or an ethnic community which means that the majority of people in Yonkers never heard of him-so stop with support of the community line.

  12. John Khader is just like his brother Mike Khader when it comes time to face the heat, he goes into hiding. He is scared of Hezi Aris. I dare John Khader to go on the radio show tomorrow!

  13. Haha, John Khader was MIA today on Hezi’s radio program. The bozo didn’t have the ball$ to call in and set the record straight because Hezi’s analysis is on the mark.

    John Khader’s wife went from making $200-$500/year as a teacher’s aide to almost $50,000/year now.

    The Khaders are done in Yonkers politics. Everyone is wise to their con.

    1. A few years ago John Khader’s wife had an annual income of a few hundred dollars. John then gets involved in local politics with his MPAC and she starts pulling in $24K according to you. Shortly after John’s brother is elected City Council President, John’s wife starts to make about $50,000. See a pattern? Of course not because you’re a Khader. Everyone else in Yonkers does though.

      The Khaders have had their five minutes of fame with little Mikey’s bait-and-switch circus and John’s smoke and mirrors MPAC. Nothing but snake oil salesmen. Drain the swamp and get rid of these con artists.

  14. If anyone wants to know how the mayors race will shape up, watch the brains. The 3 brains in Yonkers is Nick Spano, John Spencer, and Zhey Jereis. The money will follow the brains. Watch these three men closely to find where the mayors race is heading. Eventhough Spano, Spencer, and Jereis are never visible in campaigns they are the guys whose minds are behind each campaign and control everything. The people at the headquarters are nobodies who are placed there just to pull strings like Khader and McLaughlins race last year. And Spanos race last time. Jereis seems to be the most obvious pick right now because the big success he had last year,but you never know John Spencer could pull it off. Tick tick tick tick before we know these guys will have their horse ready for the mayors race

  15. Khader torpedoed his mayoral chances by voting for the 6.2% tax increase. He lost droves of supporters with that vote. Keep in mind that he campaigned AGAINST high taxes in Yonkers and then VOTED for the largest tax increase in the City’s history. AND he praised the Mayor for all of his hard work with the budget. It was a sickening performance. All of grandstanding during the hearings was just political theater. When our money was on the line, Mike Khader fell behind Spano. To add insult to injury, now anyone with a Khader last name has a government job. The Khaders have become the new Spanos.

    Just like Khader, Rubo and Merante sold out their constituents. They’re done in Yonkers politics as well.

    Breen and Sabatino will be out to pasture soon.

    Corazon is looking for a welfare payout in the form of a City pension so that she can have more kids while taxpayers pay for them. Textbook definition of a no-show, know-nothing do-nothing politician.

    The other city council member sounds like she’s hooked on phonics. I’m sure she’ll have no trouble getting re-elected. She’s black in a predominantly black district. That’s all that matters.

  16. The Journal News reports that Yonkers Firemen earn more than $30,000 more then the next highest city fire fighter in Westchester and the Police earn $23,000 more. Get those salaries in line; be fair and equitable and the City budget will save over $27 million dollars.

    1. And let’s not forget the Board of Ed, with a bloated $615 million budget, for projected enrollment of approx 23,500 children. That’s $26k spending per pupil, way above both the national avg and the NYS avg spending!!!!! Meanwhile, teachers have to buy supplies, schools are crumbling and basic services (guidance counselors, sports, etc) are stripped to the bone. Why is that??? Could it be layers of waste, inefficiency and No-value administration???? Inquiring minds demand to know. The citizens, taypayers and children of Yonkers deserve better! A full independent audit must be conducted as this level of spending is NOT sustainable.

      1. Of course BOE is bloated. Almost every teacher makes $125000 and principals (40 schools) are over $200000. How is that sustainable? There is certainly mismanagement at the top but you cannot pay that many people that much money, most of whom work 9 months per year. The work they do, under the conditions they do it, is appreciated, but when viewed strictly from a fiscal perspective, there will never be enough municipal revenue to pay for everyone.

        1. What do you think teachers and principals make across NY? The same or more, so why shouldn’t the 4th largest city in NYS pay at the same rate? In my opinion, teachers deserve every penny. Most teachers/principals have acquired not only a college education but an advanced degree. Perhaps fewer deputy principals and more deans and guidance counselors would help. But without question, it’s the top layers and layers of administration as well as other embedded waste and inefficiency we can’t afford!

          1. To be fair, all employees should receive timely, fair and equitable salaries. The operative word is equitable! There is no justification for the salaries paid to some of the city work force when compared to employees of neighboring municipalities. The gravy train has left the station. The time has come to bring those salaries in line as the residents can no longer sustain the annual tax increases.

    2. Hey there, the city is doing its part by screwing with employees/retiree healthcare. Maybe they need the extra income to pay for health costs. But if you thought yonkers was high check out the salaries for Ramapo and Clarkstown.

  17. 2019 should be a very interesting election year for sure at this pace. I see 3 new Council members in 1 3 and 5 and lame ducks in 2 4 and 6 The only question is whether Khader becomes his own man or if he’s a one termer along with 1 4 and 6. Time will tell.

  18. He’s so stupid no one expected anything from him. He’s still trying to find the elevator after voting for the 6.2% tax increase.

  19. It’s no secret Khader did everything possible to defeat Rubbo. Rubbo defeated Khader and that is a hard thing for Khader to comprehend. Fatty Johnny was at every Maeve Scott Fundraiser kissing Barry McGoeys ass. John Rubbo defeated the Khaders before and will defeat them again

  20. Khader took the lead as council president to hit residents with the highest tax increase, his fellow council members followed his lead.
    He won his campaign on lying to voters.
    “I won’t raise your taxes”
    “I’m going to get a meat cleaver and chop the budget”
    Khader the LIAR

    1. Spano orchestrated the whole tax increase and even promised jobs to Rubbo and Sabatino to make sure he got the votes he needed to pass 6.2

      Khader was just naïve and got played for a fool. He will need to blame Spano and the RINO’s for the fiscal fiasco and for the tax increase.

      What was Khader supposed to do? Vote to lay off 75 cops and 50 fire fighters and 200 school teachers and staff?

      Fact is Mike Spano and CPA Liam McLaughlin have almost bankrupted the City of Yonkers. Khader had no choice but to bite the bullet and raise taxes but he should have laid the blame when it belonged with Spano and Liam.

      1. Instead of Mike Khader being a leader he disappeared. During the budget hearings it was a complete show. When tough negotiations began Khader disappeared, he is weak and could never be Mayor.

      2. Look at their salaries it’s obscene-even amongthose three groups there is fat that can be cut. There are a lot of empty suits collecting a paycheck but not doing the work they get paid to do. All you here is the City of Yonkers are the sob stories from the unions

  21. They want to know where their STAR rebate checks are. Post Master is telling them that they’re not getting STAR rebate checks this year thanks to the morons running Yonkers. Post Office is very busy delivering STAR rebate checks almost everywhere else but in Yonkers. Even those people who think they live in Crestwood are getting a nice dose of reality that they really do live in Yonkers.

    1. NYS STAR rebate checks are issued IF …. Yonkers stays within the mandated 2% property tax increase. SO…. Forget 2015 and 2017! ONLY in 2016 did it increase 2% or less. We are STILL waiting for the check from 2016 that was supposed to be mailed out in October, 2017!! We called Shelley’s office AND NYS and were told the “checks are coming.” This only means one thing. NYS has a cash flow problem the size of TEXAS!! Why? 1/3 or 33% of ALL NYS tax revenue comes from sales taxes. Anyone with a brain does not shop in Yonkers anymore for hard goods. So, the sales tax revenues are much lower. Why bother driving around when you can buy almost anything you need on line?? It’s a no brainer. Movies? Why pay to park at Ridge Hill when you have Netflix, Amazon and Hulu streaming movies? And you can make your own popcorn, not pay $5 for a little bucket! Brick and mortar retail stores are dinosaurs! The overhead is huge. We are in a new era folks. My advice: go with the flow and you will hopefully break even so you can afford outrageous property tax increases! The only way you can reduce your property taxes is to appeal your assessment from 11/1/2018 thru 11/15/2018. Our Council members do not have the courage to stand up to NYS, the main cause of our financial problems, notwithstanding the “friends and family” nepotism.

  22. Not really. Rubbo and Merante SAID they cared about the taxpayers and didn’t want to tax senior citizens out of their homes. Instead the VOTED to raise taxes almost 3 times the rate of inflation. And to make matters worse for senior citizens and all taxpayers now they won’t get a STAR rebate check this year. Rubbo and Merante are just a couple of DoDo birds.

  23. 6.2 % tax increase and the city will be in worse financial shape next year. Can’t wait to see this Council have the guts to even consider changing term limits. That should be fun to watch them all pontificate about how hard they work and what a great job they are doing and how they need more time to get things done and on and on and on. Not a full brain between the 4 Dems and not an ounce of common sense from the 3 Reps. 4 more years. 4 more years. 4 more

    1. In an email response to this article to many community leaders and stakeholders yesterday Majority Leader Micheal Sabatino wrote:
      “Gaik once again I can only speak for myself let me ask you why would it make sense that I would try to get my best staffer a job in the Law Department so that I would vote on the budget total b*******I’m not happy that my person was actually essentially taken from me to work in the Law department so I’m sorry to say your 95% true is not true for me I don’t know where has he gets that story and why would I make a deal with the mayor to vote on a budget that none of us really wanted to vote on given the tax increase most of all the mayor wasn’t too happy about it so I just get tired of his b*******”

      I expected that the vocabulary of the Yonkers City Council Majority Leader would be more expansive than this and not limited to a poorly written, profanity filled email which does not even address that actual problems that plague our city. What kind of “leader” has a staffer “taken” and describes one who is quintessential party girl and high school drop-out who only had experience cleaning hotel rooms as his “best staffer” while the other is a highly educated woman with an impressive resume’. How insulting! What message is the Education Committee Chair sending to our youth? Why get an education when without one you can get a job in the law department, or become the City Clerk or even Mayor?

  24. Most of these bozo’s (probably including you) posting on this blog want to try and blame Khader for the 6.2 % tax increase. But anyone with a brain knows that you are to blame for the big tax increase. You and Larkin and Breen and Shepperd are to blame for this big tax increase. Who was the CPA Budget Chair for the past 4 years? You Liam. Who kept last year’s tax increase way lower than it should have been for politics sake? You Liam. Who was Council President for 4 years when there were no union contracts and who failed to plan or budget for those contracts? You Liam. And Larkin and Breen and Shepperd.

    Thanks Liam

    1. Stop with the blame game-the bottom line is Khader voted for the 6.2% tax increase and during the campaign wasn’t he the one who who declared the taxes were too high in Yonkers but he voted for the increase-they are all the same in Yonkers-say one thing and do another.

    1. Rubbo won because of David Tubiolo ! Period! 202 votes is nothing! He moved into the neighborhood months before he was elected. He Bot only raised taxes he now has TWO family members with Yonkers jobs! I PROMISE he will not win another term! This neighborhood has changed a lot but those that have been here for years with MAKE sure his “YESUM” vote to the tax increase is the OG “ one hit wonder” because we WONDER why the hell we voted for him!

    1. He can’t…Hezi was paid off by Khader’s opposition to discredit him. The relatives in question were hired years ago, well before Khader’s landslide over Liam and well before the budget.

      1. Your assertion is way off base. No body in the so-called opposition or any other party paid me to tell it like it is. Your BS is just that. It won’t fly. You will learn that what I have written is on the mark.

        1. Hezi
          The opposition fed you bad info. You are way off mark.
          I challenge you to find 1 new hire on Mike Khader’s behalf since he took office.
          You can apologize once you see thru the perception

      2. When they go low you go high. Khader family do not feed into this political BS. It is apparent Mike Khader is a threat to anyone looking to run for mayor. It’s been CLEAR and EVIDENT that since day one in office he has been slammed for anything and everything. Khader you better not sneeze wrong …your opposition will stop at nothing to discredit your integrity.

  25. This Merante fella sure flies under the radar. His entire campaign was explained as him being a champion for older people and homeowners. His experience with “numbers” was somehow supposed to help us in the struggling middle class. But, I guess he didn’t get a job for any family, so nobody cares about his Yes vote.

    1. Merante….. He got something, some job or $$ promise, don’t you believe otherwise. He’s a bumbling, stumbling idiot! Nothing to contribute, just another blood sucker out for his own self interests, like Rubbo! What a fake and hypocrite Rubbo Is! BFF, a disgusting duo! Full of broken promises. No credibility, no legitimacy, just One and done!

  26. John Khader is a successful businessman with a great reputation in Yonkers. John Khader should run for mayor because he has my support. He is no different from Angelo Martinelli or Nick Spano. A smart businessman with a passion for public service. God bless John Khader and give him the strength to continue the great work he is doing.

    1. Omg John would you let it go!!!
      Really some comparison lolol
      Last time I checked Nick Spano or Angelo martinelli weren’t arrested for selling **** with Z years ago!!!

  27. Thank You Hezi for the work you do. The Khaders are delusional and the truth is something difficult to accept. I hope News12 and Lohud run this story. I will be sure to send it to them. John Khader doesn’t help the community, he just helps people with the last name Khader. Leaders of the Arabic community should throw their support behind this article. I insist you reach out to the leaders in the community because they will stand in support of this article.

  28. Johnnylimo drives around the city like he owns it. He goes out of his way to park his cars illegally. I’m glad you exposed the Khader’s. They have jobs in state, county and city. You can’t attack your opponents about patronage when you continue to lobby officials for your family to get jobs.

  29. Appears Hezi has been sold a bag of lies from Mike’s opposition.
    False statements require no defense.
    Shame on you Hezi, you’ve been duped. Can’t wait for the retraction story.

  30. Hezi clearly is trying to get more people to pay attention to his failing website on the brinks of bankruptcy,we will be doing our own story on Hezi stay tuned folks

  31. Corruption in Yonkers politics has been there for decades. Strange how Hezi forgot Zeleski, Waciscko, Loehr, Spallone and Martinelli. The citizens allowed it and still do. In Yonkers, you’re either wealthy or poor. And we all know the poor gets crapped on.

    1. Please don’t presume I forgot. I came onto the Yonkersscene in the last two years of the Spencer administration. I only read about Zeleski, Waciscko, Spallone and Martinelli. Even so, your summation is on target. Thank you for your contribution to the dialogue.

    2. These felons and fakes are from the past, but SO many they live on today, in so many ways. They are the blood suckers of Yonkers!!!
      Yonkers is so corrupt, it is beyond criminal!
      And all the council are blood suckers, we need real leadership kiss my ass, give my brother, friend, cousins

      Let’s get the Rubbo stamp! 3 jobs for your family and corporate Welfare $$$ for your family.

      What did Merante get for his vote? We know the rest of them were paid off for their vote! How disgusting!

  32. Where is the financial analysis Mr Rubbo. You’ve been in office for 8 months and all you have done is raised taxes 6.2 % and before you know it you’ll be doing the same thing again – raising taxes 5 or 6 % more. At least you won’t have to worry about campaign contributions because you will be unelectable very soon.

  33. We are family
    I got all my sisters (and brother, cousins, friends, and wives on the Yonkers payroll) with me
    We are family
    Get up ev’rybody and sing (because we’ve hit the jackpot)

    Ev’ryone can see we’re together (making mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money)
    As we walk (or waddle) on by
    Hey and we fly just like birds of a feather (straight to the bank with your money)
    I won’t tell no lie
    (ALL!) all of the people around us they say
    Can they be that close (making money and giving out all those patronage jobs)
    Just let me state for the record
    We’re giving love (and six-figure jobs) in a family dose

    We are family
    I got all my sisters (and brothers, cousins, friends, wives on the Yonkers payroll) with me
    We are family
    Get up ev’rybody and sing (’cause we’ve hit the jackpot)

    Living life is fun (with so much taxpayer money) and we’ve just begun
    To get our share of the world’s delights (thanks to the Yonkers’ taxpayers)
    (HIGH!) high hopes we have for the future
    And our goal’s in sight
    (WE!) no we don’t get depressed
    ‘Cause here’s what we call our golden rule
    Have faith in you and the things you do (to get your friends & family on the Yonkers payroll)
    You won’t go wrong
    This is our family Jewel (or GEM)

    We are (all one big corrupt lying greedy Khader) family

  34. There’s not much of a difference with the Khader nephews and SpaNO nephews they all want government jobs.
    Khader’s broke the record of jobs since elected.

  35. What these Khaders are doing to this city is horrible! Taking advantage of tax payer jobs. None of them have any qualifications. Many of them don’t even have high school diplomas.

    Every Yonkers resident should remember that when they pay their taxes it is going to a Khaders Pocket.

    If these allegations between Latimer and Khader are true that is absolutely terrible and an investigation should be launched.

  36. Jobs for family members In exchange for a vote to increase taxes over 6% ? Is this what the homeowners of the 4th District voted for you? You promised to hold the line on taxes and not to tax senior citizens out of their homes. Well, my pension doesn’t increase and my SS is going up less than 2% this year. How am I supposed to pay this additional property tax Mr Rubbo ? You are done in politics fella.

    1. Yes Mr Rubbo you lied to the seniors who make up a substantial part of the 4th District like what about it Rubbo said many of us are on pensions and social security which do not keep up with the rate of inflation. You should change your name from John Rubbo to John Nepotism or John Cronyism-you are a absolute disgrace.

    2. Rubbo you are a total fake, fraudster and “bi-partisan” hawk only in it, like the rest, for your own good. So far you gained jobs for your family, three so far!!! For a newbie, in less than 5 mos, it is extremely corrupt and bi-partisban, by Yonkers terms! Good job and you bailed out and promised you’d be different. You are a puppet to the corrupt parties that be! Sorry I voted for you! Not happening again.

  37. Mike Khader is a lawyer and went to college, sadly the same cannot be said for the rest of the Khaders. Maybe the Khaders should consider going to school and getting a real job. The Khaders hold the record for the stupidest family in Yonkers. Just a question is it possible verify whether John Khader has a high school diploma. One khader makes turkey sandwiches and the other one drives a taxi. Let’s not even start talking about the sisters in the Khader Family lmao

    1. Most of those teacher aide positions are held by bored housewives that are well off and do not need the money. And it is a fact that these positions are held by people with no certifications in teaching or child development. Not what you know it’s who you know. Yonkers is disgusting and corrupt and irreparable. Best thing … put your house up for sale get what you can because this city will never get better. Khader.. you disappointed many Yonkers citizens, not that you care. Good luck.

      1. Sorry you’re wrong! They all are Dominicans. Where did the black, white and Puerto Ricans go? Ask the Superintendent of Schools why.

      2. Better still…put your house in a trust. Then, rent it out. But, move out of Yonkers so you will not have to pay the income tax! OR…the exit “tax”! Let your tenant pay your rent or mortgage on your new digs! And, you will have all kinds of tax breaks with your rental!

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