Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins’ Political Consulting Firm Challenges the Gist of The Hezitorial Which Notes She Has Marginalized the Communities She Claims to Represent Throughout Her Tenure

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YONKERS, NY — August 17, 2018 — Yesterday, August 16, 2018th, I wrote The Hezitorial Regarding Senate District 35 which was titled, “The Primary Election for New York State Senator to Represent District 35 Between Andrea Stewart-Cousins and Virginia Perez Marginalizes the Residents By Neither Candidate Endorsing Governor Andrew Cuomo for Re-election By HEZI ARIS

The gist of the my editorial, The Hezitorial, is how both candidates vying to be victorious in the upcoming Democratic Primary are in pursuit of going onward to re-election/election, have each in their own way been marginalizing Yonkers specifically, as well as the communities that comprise Senate District 35. Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins for some 12 years, and Westchester County Board Legislator Virginia Perez for some 7 years.

The writing stirred an immediate response from the political consulting firm Mercury LLC, where former Stewart-Cousins’ staffer/spokesperson John Tomlin is the lead man on her campaign. Tomlin was quick to note that Stewart-Cousins had in fact formally endorsed Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his re-election bid for a third term. Tomlin advised that an “entry” to that affect was posted in “some blog”, as he described the entry posted by Nick Resiman on May 24, 2018 at 11:11am 

The Reisman article, to the reporter’s credit, was a depiction of what transpired on the second day of the Democratic Convention held at Hofstra University where Cuomo received the “preferred candidate status, easily over his primary opponent Cynthia Nixon.”

Reisman quoted New York State Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie in his endorsement of Gov. Cuomo to have said, “When you have a winning quarterback, there’s no reason to change. We’re with you 100 percent.” Direct, appropriate, and on target!

Reisman then writes, “Senate Minority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, whose conference is seeking majority control of the chamber this year, credited Cuomo with unifying the mainline conference and the dissolution of the Independent Democratic Conference last month.”

Further Reisman writes of Stewart-Cousins,“There is one conference. There is no IDC. There is one conference, under one leader,” she said. “I want to thank the governor for helping put that together. We are one short of being in the majority.” Stewart-Cousins very affirmation that it is all about Stewart-Cousins and not the constituents she asserts to be representing when all who know her are informed by her conduct which continues to marginalize SD35. She is the “so-called” darling of Albany, but no so in Westchester despite the “faux” support from those “invested”in her failed leadership capacity.

The Yonkers Tribune is vindicated by the nature of Nick Resiman’s State of Politics entry. First, it  reveals a tepid and reluctant endorsement of Gov. Cuomo by Stewart-Cousins, which if it were as passionate, respectful, and deferential as that of Speaker Heastie would have gravitas. Such as it is, it is as wanting as the conduct of Sen. Stewart-Cousins who has marginalized all media other than those operating out of Albany. The fact that Stewart-Cousins’ “endorsement” is “unknown” to all the residents of Senate District 35 speaks to Stewart-Cousins disinterest in “speaking” to her constituency “who see right through her” because her statements are deflective and nebulous at best. This is really just an anti IDC pronouncement  rather than an endorsement in favor of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s re-election effort.

Where was the non-existent press release revealing Stewart-Cousins support of the most influential politician that continues to support her efforts in the New York State Senate despite her admionishing him publicly for not recognizing her because of her center and the color of her skin. How tiring to continue to hear this tiring harangue from someone who knows that her depiction of Gov. Cuomo is way off the mark. Whether she becomes the first woman and first person of color to head the majority conference in the Senate will be naught unless she can learn to build a relationship with Gov. Cuomo who has been instrumental in sustaining the City of Yonkers, as one pertinent example, despite her not managing to assist the City of Yonkers in any financial or legislative capacity for over a dozen years. That speaks to Stewart-Cousins lack of leadership ability and lack of concern for the community she claims to represent. How effective can she be if few know of her timid pronouncements intended to sound like an endorsement of Gov. Cuomo yet is squandered in Long Island because it was not extolled beyond that venue, specifically to Senate District 35

Welcome to Senate District 35. Now you know the political reality is is rather than the faith tale promoted.





Read Reisman’s “entry” 

eHeziSen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins’ Political Consulting Firm Challenges the Gist of The Hezitorial Which Notes She Has Marginalized the Communities She Claims to Represent Throughout Her Tenure

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  1. Andrea has never represented Yonkers. Her goal was something different. Once at a meeting she was asked about more funding for Yonkers and she replied that she had to worry about areas upstate, Yonkers wasn’t even in her picture.

  2. Brandi Nichol is on Brian Harrod’s news Facebook site trashing her longtime friend, Virginia, calling her power-hungry and self-serving. Virginia is loyal to no one, but herself, Phil, Fox and Rob.

  3. She is a waste!! Has been there for well over a decade and hasn’t changed one damn thing. Zero new aid to the cities. We are actually in a worse place for her being our senator. At least nick spano came through with buckets of money at the end of the day.

  4. Just wondering what her opinion is on the estimated $200,000 a year bill to provide “free” tampons to the Yonkers Public Schools ? Key word “free”.

    Also wonder who the lobbyists were who “pushed” this bill forward and love to see those who voted for this and the monies they got for their campaigns from the tampon corporations?

    This is what happens when the press is asleep and paid off.

  5. Typical bait and switch tactics by a no-show politician – have her PR firm talk about her support for the Governor rather than having Stewart-Cousins herself talk about what she’s done for her Yonkers constituents.

    Invite her to speak on your radio program about what she’s done for her Yonkers constituents? Or is she too good to answer to her constituents? And then ask Perez to speak on your program. Doubt you’ll hear back from either of them.

    1. Post
  6. At least Andrea and Elliott attend almost every event in Yonkers all the time. Virginia is MIA 90% of the year and only shows up in her district at the senior homes around election time, canvassing and knocking on doors like a relentless maniac. So who is the real pimp marginalizing their community? Andrea cannot lead her caucus, but at least she is not a self-serving, beast like IDC Perez, who took free food from a Bronx church and passed it off as her own free meal program for her seniors. Someone should investigate the fact the free food was supposed to be distributed through a legal not-for-profit. She is buying the votes of impoverished seniors with free food from the Bronx.

    1. Are you kidding? Who cares what political dinners and such they attend??? Are you crazy? Is that the best you can do in their defense?

  7. the do-nothing Senator from Yonkers is going to be in for a big surprise, to see how many people vote against her.
    This is going to be an Ocasio-Cortez repeat.

    1. You must be very delusional these days to compare yourself to Ocasio-Cortez Virginia. The only thing that you have in common with her is that you are a Latina and a woman. Your relationship with Astorino and many other republicans, your years of caucusing with republicans, the votes that you cast with republicans, and the fact that you have a republican pedo campaign manager (paid for by whom?) speaks for itself. You are not a democrat much less a progressive democrat. You are self serving rat.

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