Sen. Mayer Foments False Narrative Suggesting Stephen Paddock’s Maniacal Shooting Rampage From Mandalay Bay Hotel Suite Last Year Should Preclude MGM International from Pursuing Its Purchase of Empire City Casino

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The Political Hezitorial

Sen. Mayer Grandstands Despite Having No Jurisdiction to Insinuate Herself Into the Definitions to Be Decided By a Federal Court

MGM International Rightfully Sues Survivors in Federal Court to Determine Whether Paddock’s Conduct is That of a Homegrown Terrorist or Not.

Sen. Mayer Recoils from What She Could Do, e.g. Devise Legislation to Prevent the Yonkers Industrial Development Agency from Giving an Abatement on Mortgage Recording Taxes that Benefits Yonkers, Westchester County, and New York State.

Legislation Must Be Enacted to Define the MGM International Buyout of Empire City Casino as the Transfer of Real Estate Property Thereby Permitting Westchester County to Record a Deed and Demand Proof of Payment Which is Taxable by Yonkers, Westchester County, and New York State. A Stock Purchase Would Deny a Return on What Should Be Taxable Funds.

Sen. Mayer Can Build a Coalition of Like-minded Members of the Bi-cameral New York State Legislature to Plug the Loopholes in the Tax Codes.


Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — August 15, 2018 — Proving the intention of any person is an impossibility. It is however fortuitous that conduct often eclipses intent by revealed outcome. It seems evident that Sen. Shelley Mayer has been eclipsed by the New York State gubernatorial race, the anticipation of maintaining a Republican majority or attaining a Democratic majority. Pundits from every stripe are sure to espouse a position, some more learned than the next, but not all informed as much as the next. It is therefore no stretch of the imagination that the “Democratic” darling of a few weeks ago is instead now consigned to the past. Despite her travails, no one needs shed any tears in commiseration of her personal plight.

Sen. Mayer’s past protestations that she was a defender of women’s rights has been proven to be her tale. When she was Counsel to the New York State Senate, she heard to anguish and pain suffered by enough women to recognize the abuse suffered by women involved in one capacity or another at the State Legislature. Even though her response was wanting and hurtful by her inaction, to hear her tell it, she is a champion of women throughout her career. The Yonkers Tribune cannot buy into her historical revisionism. It would have been honest to admit that she was conflicted on how to proceed with the facts confided to her. But no, her make believe tale was sufficient, especially in today’s age of “faux” narratives.

What is most unfathomable is the fact that Shelley Mayer, bolstered by a supportive family structure, afforded a laudable education, earned her law degree, climbed a successful legal route that would eventually bring her to the august chambers of the New York State Legislature, first as an Assemblymember representing AD90, and now as the junior Senator representing SD 37. She has faced no election challenge over the past 7 years except for the most recent one in which she defeated Julie Killian to become NYS Senator.

Past disappointments of Shelley Mayer revolve about only one thing, that is, her inability to focus on her educational and legal attributes so as to supplant the ‘swamp-like” demeanor that has been permitted to fester and reduce Yonkers’ prospects to gaining little if anything at all over her time in elected office. Mind you she is not alone. Perhaps translating her knowledge to benefit SD37 would be prudent of her. 

This writing is meant to cajole her beyond the self delusional distraction she is presently immersed and for her to consider creating a legacy of accomplishment that meets the needs and visions of the 37th Senate District. Sen. Mayer has the potential to do just that. She is young, energetic, albeit deflected by the efficacy of grandstanding ploys. The suggestions above are studied, legal, and doable. And those delineated are within her jurisdiction.

At issue now is, will she, or won’t she? The former is the most prudent way to go.

eHeziSen. Mayer Foments False Narrative Suggesting Stephen Paddock’s Maniacal Shooting Rampage From Mandalay Bay Hotel Suite Last Year Should Preclude MGM International from Pursuing Its Purchase of Empire City Casino

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  1. Sen Mayer do you know where former NYS Senator’s John Sampson and Malcolm Smith are ?-they are locked up in the can-your buddies when you were the general counsel to the NYS Democratic Senators. What a shame that you represent Yonkers.

  2. Only thing she should be interested in is how much taxes are they going to bring in to Yonkers. Nothing else matters. She should out any taxbreaks they will be getting from corporate welfare Mikey SpaNO and clan. The taxpayers need to know.

  3. Senator Mayer neither you or the State have enough cash to go after MGM a well known business. Maybe you should report sexual harassment or police corruption.

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