The Primary Election for New York State Senator to Represent District 35 Between Andrea Stewart-Cousins and Virginia Perez Marginalizes the Residents By Neither Candidate Endorsing Governor Andrew Cuomo for Re-election

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The Hezitorial Regarding Senate District 35

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YONKERS, NY —August 16, 2018 — The battle for supremacy in New York State Senate District 35 is underway. Present 12-year incumbent NYS Senate Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins faces a credible challenge from Westchester County Board Legislator Virginia Perez for supremacy by winning this contest. The process relegates the City of Yonkers and the greater populace of Senate District 35 the losers. 

The primary challenge is not the issue. The “cat fight” between these two women reveals that their battle against one another undermines all the communities within Senate District 35, that is comprised of the communities of Greenburgh, part of White Plains, part of New Rochelle, part of Yonkers, and Scarsdale. 

Why has neither candidate yet endorsed New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo for re-election. Why does each hold back their support of Governor Cuomo when it was he that salvaged the City of Yonkers from its financial disorder. How about a respectful “Thank You!” Is that too much to ask? There is after all a primary between Gov. Cuomo and Cynthia Nixon. From a pragmatic perspective, the Nixon challenge is one fought by mainstream media. The Nixon campaign effort may have resonated with media to media’s benefit, but their advocacy has not closed the 40 percent gap by which Gov. Cuomo exceeds Nixon in the polls. This, mind you with almost a month to go before the primary challenge will result in Gov. Cuomo likely the winner. 

Many people remember the wounded outcry from Sen. Stewart-Cousins when she asserted that Gov. Cuomo did not recognize her because she is black and a woman. That may be how she felt but it is Sen. Stewart-Cousins inability to eclipse the divide between the Democratic Caucus and that of the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC), a group of Democratic members of the New York State Senate that caucused separately from other Democratic members of the State Senate. The person instrumental in bringing the IDC into the Democratic Conference was Gov. Cuomo. Should Stewart-Cousins win the primary challenge over Perez, Stewart-Cousins will likely become the first black woman to lead the Democrats in the majority after some seven years. While Stewart-Cousins was pained by how she believed Gov. Cuomo may have treated her, it is time for Sen. Stewart-Cousins to let it go, for her own sake, but more importantly for the sake of the communities represented by Senate District 35. It is all about the people in Senate District 35 and not New York State Democratic Senate Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins. By maintaining a hold on her perceived denigration may reduce, rather than elevate the prospect of the district and for the Democratic Conference itself.

Virginia Perez has shown herself astute in surviving the process that has brought her challenge of incumbent Stewart-Cousins to a Primary contest, but it is not yet a final win. Laudable, yes! A win, sot so fast. Perez has also not endorsed Gov. Cuomo in the Primary challenge he faces against Nixon. Why?

It makes no sense. Just as in the case of Stewart-Cousins, Perez has some questionable conduct, specifically with respect to Perez’s Democratic Party registration. Ever since she was first elected to the Westchester County Board of Legislators she has caucused under the aegis of Westchester County Executive  Republican Rob Astorino. Perez was forced to piss or get off her porcelain throne when present Westchester County Executive George Latimer defeated Astorino. Perez returned to the Westchester County Board of Legislator’s Democratic majority. Endorsing Gov. Cuomo for re-election would elevate Perez’s bonafides to that of a Democrat rather than a Republican in predominantly Democratic Senate District 35.

It seems both Stewart-Cousins and Perez are engaged in a contest where Senate District 35 by their respective disinterest to endorse Gov. Cuomo for re-election is all about them. One of these women will be feted their victory. The residents of Senate District 35 will not be remembered by either Stewart-Cousins or Perez when they are either re-elected or elected to Senate District 35 based on their present demeanor.

Is their respective dismissal of what is best for the residents eclipsed by their vanity? The residents deserve better. When will Stewart-Cousins and Perez release the albatross about their respective necks? If never, it would behoove either or both to recoil from their present effort so as to best serve their self-centered interests, as opposed to the responsibility demanded  of them to represent the public interest.

eHeziThe Primary Election for New York State Senator to Represent District 35 Between Andrea Stewart-Cousins and Virginia Perez Marginalizes the Residents By Neither Candidate Endorsing Governor Andrew Cuomo for Re-election

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  1. Prince Andrew “salvaged the City of Yonkers from its financial disorder.” He fosters the disorder. He always controls the strings. Why doesn’t he allow Yonkers to get a percentage of the Casino?
    I know it’s “lottery” money. What a load. Granted Yonkers would squander it anyhow but Cuomo is just a dictator. What happened to the Mooreland commission? Uncle Shelly is going to jail. Corruption in Albany is rampant, but it’s all Trumps fault, right?

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