Westchester County Legislator Virginia Perez Challenges Andrea Stewart-Cousins in Democratic Party Primary Campaign for New York State Senate D-35

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WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — On Friday, August 10th, at 11 AM, Virginia Perez, Westchester County Legislator representing the 17th District, announced her candidacy for New York State Senate (D-35) alongside dozens of supporters at the John E. Flynn Manor Senior Complex (334 Riverdale Ave. Yonkers, NY 10705).

Photo of County Legislator Virginia Perez and supporters.

“It’s time our district has a State Senator who will fight for all of us,” said Virginia Perez. “ I am running because Andrea Stewart-Cousins is out of touch with our community. She has been our senator for over a decade and she doesn’t even know if her constituents are dead or alive. In fact, we are not doing any better today than we were when we sent her up to Albany,” continued Perez, referencing a claim by Andrea Stewart-Cousins that some of the seniors who signed Perez’s petitions were dead. 

Photo of County Legislator Virginia Perez and supporters.

Perez also touched on her record fighting for the Westchester community during her time as a County Legislator. “I’ve worked hard everyday to deliver for our community. And I have, including: increased funding for our transportation system and installing the Sunday service to the #8 bus, working with my colleagues to pass the Child Safety Act, adding funding for Childcare, Legal & Social Services, securing a senior meal program, and so much more,” said Perez. “Andrea Stewart-Cousins is known not for delivering for her community, but for being a perpetual ribbon cutter. This community deserves a New York State Senator who will fight for them and stand up to the establishment.”

Photo of County Legislator Virginia Perez and supporters.

Virginia Perez immigrated from the Dominican Republic as a child and attended Yonkers Public Schools to then pursue a career in the hospitality business. However, the tragic death of her younger brother due to gun violence propelled her into a career of public service; she was determined to make her community safer. Perez is challenging incumbent State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins in the September 13th Democratic Primary. District 35 includes Greenburgh, part of White Plains, part of New Rochelle, part of Yonkers and Scarsdale.


SOURCE: Margot Runes

eHeziWestchester County Legislator Virginia Perez Challenges Andrea Stewart-Cousins in Democratic Party Primary Campaign for New York State Senate D-35

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  1. Millionaire Lt. Governor Repiblican candidate, Julie Killian proudly touts her donations to Perez’s campaign. Andrea needs to be worried. There is a lot of unseen money behind Perez.

  2. Joe Montalto is a corrupt has-been Albany hack. Montalto doesn’t know how to turn on a computer. He couldn’t even win his own senate race three hundred years ago. He has never won an election before and we all know who was the real brain and manager. Montalto was just a scare crow to follow orders from the real people.

  3. A Phil Gille creation. Created in Phil’s dark dungeon laboratory with the aid of his trusty Republican lab assistants. The bride awakens.

  4. Not bad for a woman who filed bankruptcy for almost a half a million debt ($476,000) while claiming only $120,000 in assets shortly after being elected. Virginia Perez is useless. (Andrea Stewart Cousins is even worse.)

  5. Whatever you may say about Perez , the people of 17th district overwhelmingly elect her by 70% of the vote each time she’s challenged by the establishment.

    1. The 17th Leg District only encompases SW Yonkers. Her success in that tiny low turnout District does not dictate a similar result in the 35th Senate District, the majority of which is located outside SW Yonkers in areas were this gutter r*t’s appeal does not transcend.

      She better spend that $750 she reported in her state filings wisely especially since she no longer has Rob and Gilles to fund and run her campaign.

  6. As a lifelong Dem..i dont agree with neither person…Sadly perez used her brothers death to get into office. No one trusts her for the snake she is.
    Andrea is the lesser and thats who im voting for.

  7. You expect an entrenched Albany insider to rack up endorsements from Democrat hacks. Perez has support of the people NOT the politicians.

    1. She wasn’t endorsed by the democrats because she is not a democrat. She voted with Astorino for 8 years and used his people to run her campaign. If you mean “her” when you are referring to “people” you are right. It’s all about her. What could one possibly see in her? She hasn’t even held a real job in 8 years. Unless, of course, selling out and sucking small republican astorino nuts is a job. You reap what you sow Virgina.

      1. Despite Andrea bringing an Army of lawyers to knock Perez off the ballot, Democrats in the 35th senate district want Perez to become the next senator.

  8. No electeds from Westchester will stand with Perez. They know she is a cursing, vulgar, rude, manipulative, hateful, vicious, unprincipaled excuse for a human. Only Latinos and Republicans are supporting. Andrea is not the best, but Westchester would be scraping the bottom of the barrel to vote for Perez. Speaking of bottom of the barrel, why isn’t her friend, Republicrat, Mike Spano, standing with her and endorsing her?

    1. And those are her good qualities.

      But for the unfortunate death of her brother and her help from her republican friends like Rob Astorino and Phil Gilles, she’d still be a nobody. The good news is she will be a nobody again soon enough when Andrea scrubs Getty Square with her. The real question is will Getty Square survive the abuse. Good riddance traitor!

  9. Watched her on FB live , surrounded by seniors and children, if she was so effective, I find it hard to believe that not one Democrat was willing to support her. Not one public official was in attendance. Said a lot about her character. She sounded angry and bitter. To much negative energy thrown on her opponent, this race and going to get ugly.

  10. It’s great to see Perez challenge a do-nothing Senator. Cousins been in Albany 12 years too long.
    Albany needs a fighter like Perez.
    Best of luck.

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