Whistle Blower Writes an Open Letter to the Editor Beseeching Gov. Andrew Cuomo Regarding Troubling Financial Circumstances in the City of Yonkers

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FROM: Concerned Resident of Yonkers, New York

TO: Letter to the Editor

RE: Financial Control Board at the City of Yonkers


Honorable Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo,

I hope this letter finds you in good spirit and health.

I am a resident of the City of Yonkers and I am contacting you to be the whistleblower of a financial disaster that is brewing in the City of Yonkers and to stress the immediate need for a Financial Control Board at the City of Yonkers. The City’s officials are driving our great City into bankruptcy. The City’s officials are stealing the future of our children and grandchildren away. The political games played by the City’s officials are eating us alive.

The City of Yonkers just went through a rough budget where hundreds of jobs and services were threatened to be cut. Injection of additional funds from NYS along with tax increases on the Yonkers taxpayers rescued the City from potential tragedy to hundreds of families.

Now with the start of the new tax year, the City’s officials continue to be grossly negligent managing the City’s finances. Below are highlights of the troubling financial situation to one of the four largest cities in the great State of New York:

  • The four year financial plan of the City of Yonkers predicts a budget deficit for fiscal year 2020 of more than $37 million dollars. That’s after factoring in the tax increase passed in the most recent budget. The City of Yonkers is going through financial turbulence financing day to day operations.
  • Insolvency concerns and liquidity issues forced the City’s officials to request the City Council to authorize issuance of debt at levels never seen before.
  • In addition, the City’s administration will be authorizing additional debt to finance operations and projects.
  • To add to financial trouble of the City, the S&P Global Ratings recently revised the financial outlook of the City of Yonkers to negative for the lack of control on spending and the exhaustion of all of the reserve.
  • With all of these alarming red flags, the City’s officials continue to be reckless managing the City’s finances where hiring friends and families outside of the scope of the civil service rules continues to suck the blood out of our City.
  • The Unions Leaders during the budget hearings highlighted the lack of financial experience and incompetency of the City’s Finance Commissioner and his Deputy as contributing factors, amongst many others, to the financial trouble our City is in. Yet, according to public records https://www.seethroughny.net/ , he was awarded with a salary of $180,001 and his Deputy a salary of $150,215. The City’s officials created a culture where incompetency is awarded for family, friends, and political donors.
  • The level of salaries given to the City’s employees are beyond reasonable and don’t commensurate with education and experience. A simple comparison of the City’s employees’ salaries and those of the largest cities in the great State of New York will reveal this fact.
  • While we appreciate the service of our police and firefighters, the levels of salaries given to the City’s police and firefighters are amongst the highest in the nation. As published by Lohud, the average salary of Yonkers police is $143,001 and $148,379 for firefighters. That far exceeds any reasonable measure of fair compensation.
  • Yonkers officials sold off most, if not all, City owned properties to finance a reckless and irresponsible spending.
  • City’s official’s disregard to the truth will push our City into a financial disaster. Contracts are given to family and friends. Some get no show jobs and others go on paid extended vacations with no reduction to time accrual.
  • The Office of the New York State Comptroller issued City of Yonkers – Financial Operations Report (“Report”) where all of these issues were outlined. In the Report, the lack of control by the City’s officials and the improper accounting and use of funds and reliance on debt were repeated in various sections of the Report.

I would like to offer some ideas to deal with the dangerous financial conditions of our City:

G and foremost is having a Financial Control Board as soon as practically possible to save millions of dollar from being wasted.

  • Review of all hiring by the City’s officials outside of the civil service rules and regulations.
  • Immediate and enforced hiring freeze.
  •  Possible furloughs on all non-essential employees of the City of Yonkers to buildup reserves. –  Cap overtime for all City’s employees at a certain percentage of salary base.
  • Review any new labor contracts to ensure affordability under various economic scenarios.
  • Cease all non-essential projects.
  • Review the terms of all contracts granted by the City.

These are only few solutions that can mitigate the dangerous financial disaster of our City. I am sure your office will have more solutions to rescue us from this shameful fallout.

We hope your administration will come to rescue our City from its disinterested and incompetent officials and take control of our finances. This is especially important with the coming mayoral election in 2019. There will be a competition amongst the irresponsible and reckless City’s officials on who will waste more to get elected.

We look forward for a prosperous Yonkers under your supervision and guardianship of the Office of the New York State Comptroller.


Concerned Resident of Yonkers

Cc via mail:

New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli

NYS Financial Control Board

The Financial Restructuring Board for Local Governments Mr. Mark Lungariello, The Journal News/ Lohud

Cc via email:

Mr. Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune and Westchester on the Level

eHeziWhistle Blower Writes an Open Letter to the Editor Beseeching Gov. Andrew Cuomo Regarding Troubling Financial Circumstances in the City of Yonkers

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  1. The whole City is literally falling apart from the shitty roads, to the schools and all of the overpaid city haulers and the Shitty Council is having public hearings about renaming parts of streets.
    You know Rome is burning when they are up to this shit. They are all out of their $ucking minds. All of them.

  2. The Yonkers schools are in the worst shape ever and hasn’t been this horrible in years. They are running on luck and by the teachas and proxy. Quesada just in it for the 300k.

    1. They are not running on luck they are running on almost $600 million a year, how on earth do they spend all this money any we have the lowest achievement rates in the state?

      “Free Lunches”, which aren’t free. and so on and so on. Lost $54 million a few years ago, no inquiry just more money. Security guards making almost $80k a year. A good axe and holding parents responsible for their little darlings would be a good start.

      1. There are a high percentage of students in Yonkers who don’t give a crap about learning to begin with. A good percentage of them are a bunch of animals in class disrespecting the teachers and disrupting the other children who want to learn. First thing that has to be done is get rid of these disruptive disrespectful goddamn lowlifes that don’t belong in the classrooms. Then and only then will you begin to have the serious students in class who will appreciate education and I guarantee you that the overall grade percentage average will increase tremendously. As far as the wasteful spending no one knows if those hundreds of millions of dollars Are truly going into the educational system. You have to see where all of these millions are being allocated to? We have to make sure that the city is not diverting these funds and funneling it into some bullshit social welfare system. So the first thing that has to be done is an audit !

        1. Wow. Your comment smacks of racism. Calling children “animals and lowlifes” sic , references to the welfare system make it oh so clear to whom you are referring to; black kids.

          Too much to unpack in a single comment here but please be aware that the vast majority of those who receive welfare are single white mothers.

    2. The teachers are overpaid and under deliver. With the salaries they command, the students should be doing better. Let’s start holding them accountable. Let the superintendent earn his keep as well.

      1. Half the students are a bunch of mental retard’s, they are disrespectful and not willing to learn. They are also disrespectful to the teachers to the point where the teachers cannot even teach. Get rid of the such students in the classroom and the teachers will be able to do their job. Besides the students that are disruptive it’s the parents who don’t discipline their children and allow them to act disruptively.

        1. Betsy Devos is not helping. We aren’t sure if she knows what a school is. Her family made their billions on Amyway, a pyramid scheme that left millions of regular folk up the creek without a paddle.

        2. Every other district in Westchester and New York County does not utilize a ballot system. Yonkers needs to go back to neighborhood schools. I’m sick of hearing rich Vs poor. Social class should not determine what school your child should be placed in. Neighborhoods are mixed. What needs to be done is an investigation on what this superintendent is doing but will never happen. All politics . He is allowed to do what he wants. It’s disgraceful.

  3. Where’s the monthly financial reports that are supposed to be released?
    Oh wait, they are not coming. plan for an 8% tax increase next year.

  4. Yonkers has been run into the ground for 7 years by MIKE SPANO without any checks and balances by the Council members during that period of time.

    Khader just got into office and walked in to a no win situation where a massive tax increase was the only reasonable solution.

    Going forward however it will be Khader’s reputation on the line. He can be another blind deaf mute monkey or he can be a leader, a reformer, and live up to his campaign promises. It’s up to him. Let’s see who he really is. A man or a mouse.

    1. So far Mike Khader has been another blind deaf mute monkey, as you put it. If he was a leader, he would have voted against the budget. If he was savvy and actually against Spano, he would have reached across the aisle and gotten Merrente, Rubbo, and Breen to vote 4-3 against the budget. Thorn in the side of the mayor type of thing. Ruin the mayor’s vacation to Italy type of thing. Embarrass the big man with the big ego type of thing. Make headlines type of thing.

      But Khader’s a chump – nothing but cheap talk and tight suits and word salads. He doesn’t have the backbone to take a principled stand. And he doesn’t have the brains to undermine Spano, to slowly chip away at him and make him lose his $hit publicly.

      This is that Major League stuff, son, and Khader’s still down in T-ball. Spano wiped the floor with Mike Khader and made Khader thank him for doing it, too.

      1. You’re right about Khader playing t ball and Spano playing him for an idiot and winning.

        However you’re wrong about Rubbo and Merante. Those 2 guys were voting yes because Nick Spano told them to and they got rewarded for their loyalty. Rubbo got family jobs and Merante gets a chit in the future for when he needs it.

  5. What about the car issue. I’m sure no city cars have been taken away. In fact more from the police dept go home every night, some without authorization. The only person who should have a car is the commissioner, every body else use their own car. look at all the millions that could be saved. But things will remain the same, you can count on that.

  6. Khader was in office for just a few months and the damage was done by Spano and Liam. $60 million budget hole layoff 70 cops 50 fire 50 DPW and 200 in the schools? What was Khader supposed to do? Vote NO ? He voted yes reluctantly. His only failing was not blasting Spano and Liam and the other losers on the Council who got us such a mess. Now Khader needs to step up and start calling Spano out and really start looking into the budget. He needs to hold the line on taxes and demand that Spano cut his bloated staff of friends family and other do nothings.

    1. Post

      As far as I know, the budget has not set a budget allocation for re-assessment of property values, neither homeowners nor commercial real-estate. The recently approved budget was challenged $20 million plus bond costs and other middle men costs because of tax certiorari challenges that revisit the budget every year.

  7. Khader is unpredictable. You can count on him spanking the Mayor. Liszewski won’t come to the council chamber. He is scared.

    He doesn’t want to cry again on TV. The guy is s****d.

    We just need Khader to form a coalition and be a leader.

    Khader needs to follow up on issues and not be all over the place.

    Handle one issue and resolve it.

    1. You can count on Khader for a job in government if you’re related to him.

      You can count on Khader to screw Yonkers’ taxpayers.

      You can count on Khader to support Mike Spano.

      You can count on Khader to say one thing and then do the exact opposite.

      You can count on Khader losing if he ever decides to run for public office in Yonkers again.

      Mike Khader is, uh, uh, you know, you know, a spineless liar. His brother John Khader is a snake oil salesman.

      And both Khaders are done in Yonkers politics.

      1. We have to give Mike Khader a chance. He has been in office for less than a year. He inherited problems that were there for years.

        So I am not sure how you came up with all of these lines with no knowledge of the history of the problems.

        So rest your horses. Mike Khader didn’t give any jobs because there were done and given away by the Spanos.

        1. The only problem with your post is where has Mr. Khader been over the years when these financial problems were out in the open-Mike Khader was nowhere to be found.

      2. Tell me again how much you dislike him. Keep fueling him up he proved you wrong once and he will do again. The best revenge is victory and boy oh boy I’m loving his haters.

      3. Hit the nail on the head. Word on the street is Mike Khader has lost droves of supporters over his 6.2% vote. Anyone who says otherwise has a vested interest in him staying in office, like his family. The guy showed his true colors when he praised Spano and his budget and fell in line with him. Six months earlier he was telling us what a maverick he was and that our taxes were too high. Only in Yonkers…

      4. These leftists are Karl Marx socialists followers. I guarantee you by next year members of Antifa and MS-13 gang members will be sitting on the city council board. All of city govt is corrupt. They have done nothing to help the minority community but yet they want their vote !

      1. the fact that you used the wrong form of the word “then” shows that you are probably a stupid K*****. It’s “than” by the way. Learn proper English.

        1. The fact that you are defending the Spano shows that you are a stupid Spano people.

          Stop being a racist. We are all imigrants. This is the land where a Khader can be a mayor and you wipe his shoes.

    1. Took a lot of balls for Mike Khader to tell taxpayers that their taxes were too high and then to vote for the biggest tax increase in the city’s history.

      1. I think it does take big balls to raise property taxes in order to keep our teachers, police, fire, and dpw on the job without sacrificing or compromising the quality of life and safety of the residents. It’s not hard to see that we needed the increase and we going to need more revenue or expect the taxes to go up again.

  8. The superintendent of school is competing with Spano on who is worse. This sucker makes $260,000 I heard.

    We should all talk about his shady operations too. The schools won’t open on time because the guy is corrupt.

    All females in his office should speak up on how uncomfortable they are.

  9. Hezi, is it legal to hold a peaceful protest in front of City hall????

    I can organize it and will call news 12 there. Let everyone know how terrible it is.

    This letter is a slap on the face to the Mayor.

    1. Post

      It is legal to assemble BUT I believe you must file papers so that you cannot be accused of trespassing or who knows what. Perhaps you can get an answer from the Yonkers City Clerk’s Office. It would also be much appreciated if a reader can advise us because they know the answer to your question. Do invite me as well please.



      1. Spanos tried to stop Barry and the firemen from protesting at Mayors inauguration. Didn’t work out so well for Spano. Barry had the best constitutional lawyer in the country ready to go to federal court and drag Spano in. Less than 2 months later UFOA finally got a contract after 7 years. Spanos are bullies who just need to be stood up to. In the end they’re stupid cowards.

  10. The City should do the furlough idea above. Do it for the next few years until you have a cushion.

    Extreme situation needs extreme measures. Although my neighbor works in there, and there is nothing extreme about working there. The guy is an alcoholic and drinks on the job and no one says anything.

    He is on vacation when at work. Free money. Gets paid to drink. Meanwhile, I take the train at 6 am to make a living and I pay this guys salary.

    It’s time to slap the mayor with a penalty!

    But who is going to do it!!!!!!

    1. Post
  11. Hezi,
    Can you write a story about the millions the city wants to borrow to build a new firehouse by the water front.

    Because in the middle of the construction next year, the mayor will threaten to layoff firefighters AGAIN.

    Man!! It’s killing us. How can you build a new firehouse when you were about to layoff 40 firefighters!

    Can you please investigate! It’s annoying us in Yonkers.

    Man!! Why did I join Yonkers Fire! My name will be on that freaking layoff list forever! I should have gone to NYC fire when I was called. Stupid me.

  12. It’s insane how much money police and fire make! Why did I go to college for and graduate with $100,000 in student loans.

    I am surprised to see these numbers for people who are always getting donuts free and the others who are blocking entrances of supermarkets to buy grocery to cook (on the job)!

      1. Open to everyone!!! Yea that’s one way to defend the crazy numbers given to police and fire.

        When was the last time you saw a cop pulling someone off? When was the last fire we had in Yonkers? Why all of this overtime.

        Privatize the fire and see how much money you will save. The only thing they do is cooking on the job.

        Everyone my ass!

  13. My advice to Khader,

    You didn’t win with the mayor help. If you stand by his side you are a loser. Remember the mayor was sending out literatures with his pictures with Liam. He was against you and you won.

    Go against the mayor, speak up, unearth the truth, tell us what’s really wrong. You ran on transperancy and please deliver.

    If you do all of the above, you have the support of my family and all of the Albanians I know since Spano screwed us really bad.

  14. When Khader interrogated Liszweski, he started blaming the mayor for the mess. Then started crying on TV.

    What a great detailed answer from a finance guy. I didn’t know he gets pays that much.

    My grandma can do a better job than Liszweski.

  15. Auditors are waste of money and time. They come after the fact to tell you what went wrong. Well we all know what went wrong. The Spanos robbed us.

    You need a control board to prevent a catastrophe before it happens. We had it here in Yonkers years ago.

    History repeats itself ladies and gents!

  16. If Khader wants to run for mayor next year he’d better stand up to the mayor. We all know the mayor is preventing khader from doing his job.

    Sooo, khader should call for a news conference in front of city hall and tell us what the mayor is doing to preventing him from doing his job.

    Because we will ask you khader what have done to prevent this from happening.

  17. Johnny Khader is ruining the Arabic community. His ego is ruining everyone. Johnny keeps dividing the community. The community doesn’t need Johnny. Johnny Khaders ego ruins everything. Johnny needs to put his ego aside and have the community come together.

  18. I have removed BUT saved this post for my investigation. It would be best if you leave a contact number for you so I can learn more over what you have asserted. It is however a difficult circumstance to validate and is very incendiary if it is. I cannot sit in front of the place for hour ascertaining what is arriving. So with a little more help from you. Your identity protected by my word, I ask for your reaching out to me. Barring that, I cannot print what you allege.

    Direct my to eHezi@hush.com or office/cell/text; 347-415-4326


    1. Hezi,
      I will try and do it.
      It, I assure you is a definite fact.
      I will wait and watch. Then get some I-phone pictures of it.
      Give me some time.

      1. Post

        My apology to you. I was wrong and YOU are righ. I was beside myself in doubt about your assertions. It bothered me all day. And YOU are correct. While a photo would be wonderful, I do not feel it is necessary and you need not place yourself in harm’s way. Did it happen where you suggest, I don’t believe I have a right to challenge you because you are at minimum n target that it happens and often and for years. I will write about it now. If it is not completed today, then no later than tomorrow. Your assertion has been a wake-up slap in the face.

        Thank yo for reaching out to me.



  19. Lady’s and Gent’s it is way past this croooook Cuomo.
    The federal government is here.
    That big bully load in Albany is a bag of intestinal wind !
    Campaign rhetoric wind emptiness. No delivery.
    Governor Eunuch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Everything Cuomo has touched is poisoned with corruption.
    Look into his record as secretary of housing under Billy Bob Clinton.
    Look into the Buffalo Billions Theft Corruption, under his direction.
    Look into the Tappan Zee Bridge. The over spending by Billions, the renaming it Pop-Pop bridge.
    The NYCHA lead paint mini 911 disaster.
    The transit systems decline.
    In conclussion.
    The Dudes a Dud !!!!!!!!!!!!
    asking him for help is asking the arsonist to put out the fire.

    1. It’s not about inept politicians and constant complaining. We need solutions. We do NOT want a NYS Financial Control Board auditing our books. We need an independent NYC accounting firm to be hired and find out where we are spending taxpayer dollars. There is a possibility that the Feds, FBI, may be doing this right now. They have been working from outside NYS as seen by Parisi’s indictment. Enough of the apparatchniks of the politicians working on contract audits. We need a full 9 yard audit by a reputable Wall St. firm that will provide us with real results! Yes, Cuomo is in the soup. Think Ms. Nixon will give him a run for his money in NYC.

  20. I once walked in a steakhouse and the mayor was all the way in the back corner with his office mistress or whatever sexy title she has.

    So he is cheating on his wife and everyone in Yonkers the wife returned the favor. He ruined the city and his family for corruption.

    That’s the Spano story. Always a sad ending.

  21. Ever since Spano refused to run for county executive, Cuomo hates him and wants him to fail.

    So don’t hold your breath. Cuomo won’t get involved….. at least for now. The FBI is already roaming around in city hall picking up employees one by one under Spano’s nose.


    1. Who cares who Cuomo hates.
      Cuomo is done.
      Failed politician .
      Cynthia Nixon is a hoax and he’s afraid of her.
      Hey Cuomo ! You will lose New York City !
      Hey Cuomo !
      I know how to say boooh to you !
      she will take your mandate margin away !
      Bully me This Batman ?

  22. Bring in JEANNIE PALAZOLA and THOMAS MEIER to take control of the City of Yonkers ……. they don’t play politics and are not part of the political corruption. They are stand up individuals who would put the citizens of yonkers first before their own family members.

    1. Post
  23. I heard NYS acting Attorney General is vicious.

    She will handcuff half of the Spano family.

    I am writing a letter to her. What the hell! I will do whatever works.

    1. She had better start with Cuomo.
      Cuomo thinks he’s the second coming.
      This Halloween I’m buying an Andrew Cuomo mask.
      Most hated man in politics.

  24. He’s an uneducated m***n who couldn’t tie his own shoes without help. He has ruined the City financially and morally. Absolutely the worst there ever was.

  25. Everyone hates Spano except for the circle of leeches that have jobs and contracts that surround him all the time. The rest of the city despises him.

  26. The Hispanics are so pissed at Spano. The Spano’s begged Hispanics for votes and then conveniently forgot us.

    We Hispanics won’t back Spano or any of his gang.

    1. HISPANICS: what group of Hispanics are u talking about-you surely can’t be talking about all Hispanics in Yonkers-In this day & age Hispanics are spread out all over the city. Dominicans are all about Dominicans, Puerto Ricans are all about Puerto Ricans first and Mexicans are all about Mexicans first and all other Hispanic groups can wait in line.

  27. The Spanos are cashing in big on the Raceway deal. Nick is getting paid big from MGM and giving little brother his share.

    And it’s called lobbying in case you didn’t know!!!!!!!

  28. From Spencer to Amicone to Spano corruption and waste for so many years. Yonkers will never recover from these corrupt politicians.

    Cuomo won’t get involved. He is good in his paradise.

  29. Liszewski was my commissioner in DPW. He can’t add 1 & 1 together. He did ok in dpw doing nothing.

    Everyone was in shock when he got finance. But who am I to ask! I am just a garbage guy.

    1. Than you should be aware that he was the finance commissioner prior to being he DPW comissioner. He has degrees in finance. You should of been wondering what was he doing in DPW with a finance background.

      1. Laughable ! Your Comments are Laughable !
        A serious case of the
        How typical in the septic fake Junkers turdforces.
        Do not worry though.
        The Fed’s are going to strike !
        DPW already in the cross hairs !

      2. Degree of Finance!!! Yea why not. He is a doctor too!

        What a joke. I watched him at the budget hearings. The guy was choking on his saliva. Disgrace!

    1. Khader is part of the problem. He was bought by gas station owners and the first thing he did as CCP was to propose a 24 hour operating policy.

      Then he said he wouldn’t allow for patronage jobs but pushes the City Clerk to hire his nephew.

      Khader voted for a 6.2% tax increase after saying that he was taking a cleaver to the budget. Laughable.

      This city needs a Republican to fix this budget. Merante, PAGANO, Cahill or Rubbo could fix this mess if they were in the Executive Branch.

      1. I’m thinking Pagano could be our next Mayor.

        He certainly is DUMB enough, CORRUPT enough, and he is LAZY enough.

        Plus he is really good at spending other peoples money.

      2. That is funny… Merante just voted YES to raising your taxes and Pagano came in 3rd in a 3-way district race (and lost by hundreds of votes to a Dem newbie). Can you imagine Merante stringing enough coherent sentences together to be Mayor? There’s a first time for everything, good luck!

        1. Tell me what this is all about or there is nothing to expose here. Direct email to eHezi@hush.com or Office/text/cell 347-415-4326.

          All the info you sent I have saved to construct a telling of the issues you allege to which I need assistance. This is too inflammatory to dish out if it is not on target and only the comments of a frustrated citizen who is very upset. Based on your allegation/assertions, I agree with you, BUT I need proof.


  30. Don’t waste your time….. Cuomo doesn’t like us in Yonkers. He’ll probably wait and wait and wait until we fail and then come on his white horse to rescue the failing city.

    Why should we vote for him in the primary??????All politicians are corrupt.

  31. If this is true I am taking my family upstate and getting the hell outa Yonkers.

    Same names have been circulating forever in city hall. We should call it the Kingdom of Yonkers!

  32. Hezi we depend on you for Yonkers news.

    Can you explain how bad it is.

    I am thinking to move out of Yonkers if it’s not fixable.

  33. He’s been awfully busy and extremely quiet and subdued lately. But I know first hand that he’s been busy as hell. Can’t wait to see him unleash on these bastards. Thank you Mr Prez.

  34. All of you Spano suckers out there wake up

    The Spanos have no friends. They suck your blood use you abuse you use you as a hitman make you do the dirty work then make sure you go to jail for their dirt.

    I know the Spanos and I can get the big dog (Nick) back to jail.

    the person who wrote this is sooooo right.

  35. Who should start the impeachment of the mayor ? Cuomo seems to be laid back he won’t do a thing he used to be tough.

    Is Cynthia Nixon right?

  36. When the Spano legacy becomes a liability, that’s when you know he messed up really bad.

    Yonkers feels like a third world country! I had no idea this was happening. God help us.

  37. Does anyone know what experience this finance commissioner has? No finance experience for the commissioner of finance. Only in Yonkers!

  38. Next year will be worse. Schools will have more than 500 layoffs and the City more than 200 layoffs.
    What a shame! Yonkers will have a show again!

    1. Not enough money to pay the teachers ? Besides corrupt politicians and overpaid civil service and city govt employees…. How many residents in yonkers are paying their property taxes versus the amount of freeloaders living off the system which is another reason that adds to the overall bankruptcy and collapse of any city. Look at NYC, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia, LA, San Francisco and the list continues…..Yonkers is no better, it’s financial game plan is a disaster which is predictive bankruptcy.
      So what does Yonkers do ? Ask the State and Federal govt for a handout !
      Instead of getting rid of those draining the system to begin with !

  39. Game is over for the Spano in Yonkers. The Spano power usually ends in a scandal. Nicky was convicted of a felony and the little brother is following his lead.

  40. Congratulations Patrick McLaughlin on being named Yonkers Employee of the Month! Pat works for the Department of Public Works!
    A married couple dropped their wedding ring down a catch basin. Pat did a phenomenal thing and went down into the sewer. He found the ring and gave it to them. Another great thing done by a Yonkers worker. All the great people in the McLaughlin family and Yonkers should be proud of what he did.
    Salute Pat on a phenomenal job as always.

  41. Mayor SpRano goes and gives free bags in schools meanwhile he and his felon brother are robbing the City.

    Where is the Fed?

    Where is the State?

    Cuomo, are you listening!

  42. Now that the Governor is aware of the Yonkers Mafia. What will he do? Oh, I forgot he has a primary coming up. He doesn’t care. Cynthia called him a liar and corrupt. If he doesn’t act on this, she is probably right.

    We are watching Governor Cuomo

  43. Let’s hope the Governor pays attention. Spano got a free ride for too long and it’s time to crack down on Spano’s corruption.

  44. Thats why Spano is not pushing for extending term limits, he knows the walls are crumbling in Yonkers. The city of hills where nothing is on the level.

  45. Thanks Khader. We(the city of Yonkers) are in a financial mess because of your family. As previously stated, John Khaders wife got a promotion with more pay. Khaders nephew is getting on DPW. Thanks Mike Khader. These jobs are coming in through political patronage and donations through Mpac.

    One and done Mike Khader unless he distances himself from liabilities

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