Yonkers City Hall’s “Quid Pro Quo” – “Let’s Make a Deal” Employment Agency

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The Hezitorial Regarding “Quid Pro Quo” 

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — August 2, 2018 — Monte Hall developed, produced, and hosted the television hit “Let’s Make a Deal” that ran from 1963 to 1991. Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano has become the latest reincarnation of the now deceased daytime TV personality. 

As host, Monty Hall provided a player with three doors, one containing a valuable prize and the other two containing a “gag”, or valueless prize. The contestant was offered a choice of one of the doors without knowledge of the content behind them. “Monty”, who knew which door had the prize, opens a door that the player had not selected that has a gag prize, and then offers the player the option to switch from their original choice to the other remaining door. The contention in the days of the show was whether probability problems arose when players were asked if they wanted to switch to the unrevealed door.

But no such probability exist today in the City of Yonkers. Under Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano, the “Art of the Deal” in “Let’s Make a Deal” contains a similar twist. “Monty Hall” knew the “prize” or “gag” behind every one of the three doors from which a  contestant could choose. Evolving beyond the 60’s and 70’s Mayor Mike Spano also knows the dumping grounds where he can employ the “friends and family network” and those he believes he needs to present a “prize”. And so it is: the very definition of Quid Pro Quo!

The prize for voting for Mayor Mike Spano’s proposed FY2018-2019 Budget was built on “Quid Pro Quo” factors.

In the case of Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Michael Sabatino (D-District 3), Priscilla Persaud, presently his aide, got the “prize” worked out between Sabatino and Mayor Mike Spano. Persaud will start work in the Office of Yonkers Corporation Counsel by the end of August 2018. This was the “Art of the Deal” constructed by Sabatino with the promise that should Persaud get a position with Yonkers Corporation Counsel, Sabatino would vote with Mayor Mike Spano into the future. And so he has.

P.S. Those that follow the skullduggery of Sabatino remember that his husband, Robert Voorheis, was given a job working for Yonkers City Hall at an annual rate of $80,000 per annum. He was initially offered $70,000; Sabatino demanded $80,000. Mind you Voorheis, when employed at then Assemblymember Shelley Mayer’s office, earned $35,000 per annum.

It seems in this case, as proven by his conduct, Mayor Mike Spano has no qualms about spending the taxpayer’s money even though the mayor was fully aware as of July 10, 2018, as per NYS Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, that the City of Yonkers faces an anticipated deficit in FY2019-2020 that is presently estimated to approach $90 million.

Not to be outdone in the “Quid Pro Quo” department, Yonkers City Councilman John Rubbo (R-District 4) was able to finagle a position for his brother Joseph Rubbo with the Yonkers Department of Public Works (DPW) at $65,000 per annum. This was another one of those deals ironed out before the Yonkers City Council took their final vote approving Mayor Mike Spano’s FY2018-2019 Budget.

                                                     I M P O R T A N T

If you know of additional people who gained employment with the City of Yonkers because they had a “Quid Pro Quo” “stay out of jail” card, please advise the Yonkers Tribune. Direct email to eHezi@hush.com, text or call the Yonkers Tribune at 347-415-4326. Hezi Aris, the Yonkers Tribune Editor-at-Large has access to the email, text, and telephone listed herein. I am on radio until 12Noon every day. If you do not want to leave a message, call after 12Noon. All texts and call are maintained in strict confidence and are shared with no one.

eHeziYonkers City Hall’s “Quid Pro Quo” – “Let’s Make a Deal” Employment Agency

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  1. Yonker’s financial situation is caused by people like George Kevgas, he has had a no show job since 2005. That has costed taxpayers close to 1 million dollars. I hope the administration will look to abolish these positions, what’s more important a sports program in our public schools or feeding a longtime political hack

  2. Everyone should know ET is as sneaky as they come. He works for the mayor and kisses the mayor’s ass but he bad mouths the mayor to everyone. ET is a Shelley lover. Shelley could not even play a role in picking her successor, it’s funny how ET thinks she is the next mayor. ET should be lucky if he holds on as ward leader.

  3. Entitled, arrogant, short, rotund prick. Kevgas and his epqually rotund boyfriend, Rerun, think they are so smart they can take over the party by challenging all the district leaders. Jose Alvarado got caught on theft of services as Clerk. They paid him off to leave and rehired him as Deputy Water Commissioner, now he is the Special Events Coordinator at Parks and Rec. Clearly, there are no consequences for theft of services in Yonkers.

  4. A message to Chuck Lesnick, George Kevgas and E T Theo :

    Honest services fraud is a crime defined in 18 U.S.C. § 1346 (the federal mail and wire fraud statute), added by the United States Congress in 1988, which states: “For the purposes of this chapter, the term scheme or artifice to defraud includes a scheme or artifice to deprive another of the intangible right of honest …

    In other words Taxpayers pay you to work and in the case of Yonkers is to show up to work for 40 hours a week.
    When you don’t and you get paid that’s called honest theft of service.

    1. Those you have chosen to call out, and there are so, so many others behind the curtain that are systematic political leeches on the taxpayer. They all need to be challenged on their qualifications and motives. These 3 are total frauds, and our for themselves, exclusively. Most of the jobs in CoY City Hall are held by people that we totally unqualified to run the 4th largest city in NYS. Drain the nepotism, no-show Jobs and patronage jobs of totally unqualified people at the Commisioner, Depty Commisioner, Manager and Supervisor level positions. That’s not going to happen until the Spanos are gone! Mayor Mike you are done, you’ve basically bankrupted Yonkers and corrupted all between. Your day will come.

    2. Euthimos Theotakos, head of constituent services better known among as ET and George Kevgas’ boss should watch his step. ET is cronies with George Kevgas who is embroiled in a Ward Fight which he will lose. They are not immune from following the law.

      I wonder if the Yonkers Tribune could foil george Kevgas’s time Cards and compare that to his car’s time stamps entering the parking lot. Not to mention all the political work he could be doing while in city hall. With ET as his supervisor he has nothing to worry about I guess.

      Such a shame! The City Council, the IG’s office, the Mayors Office, The DA, and the District Attorneys office should work together on an investigation ET AND George Kevgas.

      The law is the law!

    3. So, you’ve assessed the swamp that is Yonkers and came up with Chuck, ET and Kevgas? That’s pretty funny. Do you realize how many hours the 3 of them work “after hours”? It’s not exactly hard labor but going to city events is part of the job description. Chuck doesn’t even work for the city, so who cares. And he’d probably show up at events for free. ET is probably one of the most stand-up guys in that building. No way he’d compromise himself for a couple of bucks.
      Theft of time is alive and well, I’m sure, but you missed the mark.

      (And Hezis comment below how his mere mention of a candidate has gotten people into office is hilarious.)

      1. Stand up guy I guess that’s why ET got his patronage job-stand up guy a repeat failed political candidate-yes that’s where Yonkers rejects end up-in Yonkers City Hall-look at all the others in constituent services-all patronage hacks-some who engage in identity politics. A female worker in that office appeared in television ads for Spano and then somehow ends up with a job-identity politics.

  5. HEZI. you wrote in a comment below:

    “I only know of one person that has integrity, brains, a thirst to know and learn, God fearing, and ethical. Will they run for political office. I hope so. If they don’t, Yonkers will remain where it is presently. ”

    Who is the Mystery Person ???

    1. Post
      1. Post
  6. Hezi, it’s only a matter of time.. you know this is all going to crumble down.. my journals are in a safe place.. anything happens they get published.. the PBA.. watch out.. pictures everything.. I got you good Keith.. anything happens.. I got so much evidence on you..

  7. I drove by the Virgin Mary Orthodox Church on Grandview Blvd, out of 100 cars only 2 cars had a Sayegh for Assembly bumper sticker. Maybe Anthony Nicodemo should campaign
    at the church next Sunday.

  8. So when can we expect your analysis of Mike Khader’s “yes” vote, Hezi? Or have the Jordanians bought your silence? I see Sayegh’s banner on your site, John Khader’s advertising dollar$$$$ and an MPAC promo every few weeks.

    1. Post

      I need not and will not comment. If you have an analysis go for it. I, like any other media outlet am pleased to know that the Yonkers Tribune has such a large following, that those who advertise with us are more than pleased. That goes for businesses and for political aspirants and those who want to get re-elected to office. We have not only gotten candidates into office by just mentioning them, but also have earned those who are disrespectful to my operation and will not engage us in any way, who find themselves on the losing end of the equation. My opinion doesn’t matter, because I am not a player in this political drama. It is your show and not mine. I report the news. Nothing more. I do not cause or create the stupidity, the lack of transparency in government, what have you. I tell it like it is. The Hezitorials are based on reality with the capacity for analysis that is not often afforded an all news item. And that is what I do.

      Yonkers issues Are theirs to own. If they want change, It is more than time for them to name names and be real about everything. Lacking that, you will garner more of the same.

      It is time to out those that game the system and hurt the other residents.

      it is up to you and not up to me.

      Just contemplate those who are running for mayor. Would you cast a vote for any of them? You know the list… which one meets your standards? Is it Mike Khader, Judge Gafney, DPW Deputy Commissioner Sam Borelli, Democratic City Committee Chair Thomas Meier, Educator Hernandez, Mayor Mike Spano, Senator Shelley Mayer, and the man that simply will not go home, Chuck Lesnick, the so-called stand-in for Governor Cuomo, at least in Lesnick’s mind. I am sure there are more. The game is on. There are so many running, it may take only a few hundred votes to win the election. Who would you want at the top of the heap is what matters. Is the person you Trust and can count on as a legitimate candidate running or even hoping that they may? I suggest, Perhaps not. But qualifications do not seem to matter in Yonkers. Your opinion may change the dynamic.

      And get it straight. Nader Sayegh’s campaign effort has NOTHING to do with Mike Khader. If you think it does, you are deluding yourself. the Primary effort for the AD90 showed that Sayegh has knowledgeable people who know what they are doing. I am backing Sayegh, then again I saw he had the experience to do the right thing should he win the office. Those that ran against him showed they were ill equipped for one reason or another.

      I only know of one person that has integrity, brains, a thirst to know and learn, God fearing, and ethical. Will they run for political office. I hope so. If they don’t, Yonkers will remain where it is presently.

      There are good and deserving people in Yonkers. I only wish they would stand up and be counted. Yonkers need a good person. One who grasps the needs of Yonkers, is respectful of its history, and able to shepherd the city to a better place. Someone who can move the process toward a better outcome than where it is presently.

      That will require that Yonkersites in the know out those that are conning the system. It is time to tell it like it is.

      Were I running for office, I would tell you my position on every subject, but I am not. i have not been in Yonkers long enough to even have 25 years in the city; alas only 20. That matters. Yonkers need someone who will serve Yonkers, rather than themselves, or the friends and family.

      I suggest we do not even have 5 people today who would be good for Yonkers. At present, I only see one. How many do you see? One thing is for sure, Khader is not mayoral material by virtue of his vote on the budget.

      1. Out of everyone you named I would have to choose Shelley.
        Khader has the potential to be Mayor but I think he should wait gain the experience first. Chuck please go away. Isn’t Borelli and Mier tied to spano? Judge Gafney seriously? God help us if this is all we can come up.

    2. Paid advertisers is part of what allows this site to continue. You should thank Yonkers Tribune and the many advertisers for keeping you inform and other times entertain.

      Based on your comment, seems like you are intimated by the Jordanians and Arab Americans.

      No longer are we just a check and vote. We will get our respect and be acknowledged. We are more united than divided since Mpac and Khader took office . Sayegh is going to be the next assemblyman. Sit back and watch.

      Jealousy is a MF. Go see one of the Arab doctors, I’m sure they can give you something to help you sleep or digest better.

      1. Mpac is DOA and Khader will be lucky if he survives a first time. Mpac can’t get one member of the community to attend any of its shakedown events.
        The Arab Community stands far from Mpac and Khader

    1. So what!!!! that means he can’t say hello to his republican customers or clients neighbor, friends from school or church ? Stop breaking balls!!!! Since when is a crime to speak to a republican? both his brothers have republican neighbors and live in a district represented by republican council members !!!

    2. Khader’s yes vote on the budget , got the Mayor to work with his brother and is willing to put him on the board he booted him off

      1. Post
      2. Sal did you know that John Khader and Spano go way back well over 20 years.
        They have a bromance only a certain few will ever understand. Spano played politics to make liam’s tantrums stop. Spano took a gamble and lost to both Khaders. Just like election night when Spano walked in like a little bitch calling a truce.
        It’s all game.

        1. When you get embarrassingly kicked off the planning board that’s NOT bromance. You drinking too much of your own wine johnnylimo.

        2. Everyone knows little Vinnie put the mayor in that fight! And now his head is so far up Khader’s A** it’s sickening to watch. Has he no backbone? Does Khader see through this. How does Liam feel after vinnie and his wife ran his campaign.

          Clearly The Spano’s were not behind Liam.

  9. POS has put his people everywhere including a rat pos in Yonkers MHA ,who’s mother is dating a Spano.This bum actually tries to come off as a honest legitimate mayor what a joke .

  10. Cauldron of Fish.
    The waste is insane !
    A guy told me he knew; the “GUY”,
    the “GUY” asked him if he needed a job.
    the “GUY” told him to just show up at the DPW
    the next day.
    He said the the “GUY” mumbled it, so he thought it was a joke.
    He didn’t show up the next day.
    The next day he gets a call from the “GUY”. Where are you ?
    They’re wondering at DPW where you are.
    Now I see the first guy riding around in a DPW truck.
    I say to myself.
    Yonkers change your name to ” Good fellas, NY “

  11. Heard Tommy Meier’s pal Pete Spano got his job back @ DPW after failing a drug test… Hezi, you should look into that one…this city doesn’t even play by its own rules..

  12. Well Hezi, There was Brandon’s face many times on practical jokers. Kid doesn’t have a college degree but is IT Administrator at the Will library. He is so far up Spano’s ass he got his girlfriend and brother-in-law a job, too. The plot of this story is his grandfather just passed and when his grandmother goes he will just be another liability. The kid doesn’t respect the cops with his drag racing; and were the hell are the audits with all the VERY expensive cars he continues to buy and flashes all around Yonkers? He was Rubbo’s latchkey. As for Rubbo, his “Prep boy’s career is over”. Mark my words he moved into a neighborhood to get elected and barely did that and would not have without Tubiolo’s help! That seat will go to a Democrat next and Rubbo will be gone with the wind just like the Spanos as we all count down that pending glorious day on Jan 1, 2020.

      1. Dear Stupidity is a disease,
        Yes, Dear I know the name of the show but I was trying to make a funny in referring to Yonkers and its politics as “Practical Jokers”. Definition of Practical= of or concerned with the actual doing or use of something rather than with theory and ideas. As sadly Yonkers Politicians use our money to purposely make a joke out of us everyday.
        My geriatric mouth and I will continue to laugh at the idea that I pissed you off. With that I bid you ado.

        PS If stupidity is a disease then we need to fumigate City Hall! Nite Nite

      2. Asshole. Another stupid, moronic ‘no comment’ from a Neanderthal without the brainpower to actually challenge another’s position. The only thing people like you can do, when faced with ideas or concepts that you cannot challenge, is start with the insults.

    1. I think if the democrats lost to a guy who runs a bar and an 18 year old as his partner you guys got some problems. Didn’t his opponent’s campaign get bankrolled by the fire union?, Or was that all the bars she got wasted in? Can’t remember.

  13. Is Spano out of his mind? The City can’t pay its bills and he’s dicking around with a prank show? The day after the budget passes and Spano is on a plane to Italy for vacation? Kids don’t have textbooks and he’s wetting himself over green bikes? Is this guy for real? With a mayor like this you people in Yonkers need your heads examined.

    1. A mayor who can’t even speak surrounded by the biggest group of mutants and weirdo’s ever assembled in city hall. The show was a disgraceful representation of the City of Yonkers. Only a Spano would think it was good or that Mike did a great job. People are all laughing at him and the City of misfits. Even the city’s video guy was banging his head against the wall probably wondering when the torture would end.

  14. Rubbo sold his vote in exchange for jobs for his brother AND his brother in law. Disgraceful. I guess he learned the power of his vote from Liam and John Larkin who both got jobs for their family members too. Yonkers republicans rotten to the core.

    1. He should have either voted No or voted Yes but explaining that it was Liam, Larkin and Spanos mess that required such a large tax increase. He didn’t do either so now he’s screwed and the 6.2 will stain his political career for ever.

      1. Hey schmuck he did vote yes! Liar ??? What did he lie about? Past admistration is why we ate here and continue to have the same issues.
        He is the only one who told it like is and now you and others gang up on him because he’s doing the right thing. GTFOH

      1. amazing, the guys vote did not matter, it was going to pass without him. other people gots jobs and sold out, yet comments still bash in an article that is not about him.
        why are people scared of khader, maybe he wants to do the right thing but is being f%^&! with.

        1. So why did he vote for it. Nobody is forcing him to vote against it, that’s if he really believed it was bad for the taxpayer. They are ALL the same, ALL of them. Doesn’t matter the party they all screw us in the end.

        2. He was in one month and had the clerk office hire his nephew with, let say a not so good background…… Khader isn’t in this for nothing.

          And no, he wasn’t #1 on the list. Rumor has it they passed up 2 others

          1. Stop fishing for a story. It has been established that it is not his nephew and Vinny’s name is all over it.

        3. Come on man. Khader is being f****d with? Isn’t he a lawyer? Oh I get it, he’s another s**t lawyer. You GTFOH (Get the F**k Out of Here). Wtf is he a man child? A vote of “NO” would’ve secured his mayorship. His “YES” vote on the other hand, will never be forgotten.

          1. During his campaign Mike Khader wouldn’t shut up about how he’s a successful lawyer, how he worked for the CIA, how he was going to drain the swamp blah blah blah. And then he votes for Spano’s budget. What a BOZO.

          2. Yes so will go back and forth with what YOU think he should have done.
            I think he knew not raising taxes will put the city in deeper debt. Think of that tax increase of 6.2 as 3.1% over two years. 2017 and 2018.

            Cutting all the patronage would have been nice, but impossible when the mayor bought the council with more patronage.

          3. Khader has an impressive resume, you forgot to add City Council President, He did what people said would be impossible, despite the dirty politics and all the meddling that Nick & Mike Spano and their so called machine, all that machine and power could not stop Khader and his team.
            This article is about patronage and why Rubbo and Sabatino voted Yes; it is obvious there are a select few losing sleep over Khader’s win. Get over it he will become MAYOR, like it or not.

  15. Nonsense. You got it wrong on savatino. Purcell’s and sabatino are not getting along. She wanted out of sabatino office. Savatino did not help her. Spano helped her.

    1. And why would the mayor do that? He doesn’t give a job unless it benefits him. Don’t kid yourself, Sabatino is a liar, self serving, ribbon cutting, photo opp, free loading politian.

  16. Sabatino made sure his husband more doubled his salary, but he was eager to strip the livelihood away from his black female staffer, Ivy Reeves, firing her, incorrectly claiming she supported a candidate against him. Sabatino just cares about setting himself and his husband up with patronage jobs for life.

  17. What a bunch of phoney corrupt pieces of shits… Rubbo and Sabatino make me sick but not more than the sight of spano , that MF makes me cringe.

  18. LOLOLOL LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO Thanks Hezi, for giving me a great laugh, despite the situation being very sad and corrupt. Thanks again

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