Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson Is Not A “Cop’s Cop”!

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Is Senator Shelley Mayer Infested with Fleas?

The Blue Truth

Last week there were reports that Empire Strategic Planning, the lobbying firm founded by former New York State Senator Nick Spano had its annual “kick up” barbecue out on Long Island. In attendance were all those union heads that wanted to get a nice juicy cheeseburger, likely guaranteed promotions, transfers, and the commensurate political backstabbing thrown in for good measure and that hint of spice. It is no secret that Keith Olson is equally relentless at eating a Nick Spano cheeseburger, as he is at backstabbing Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner, and yes, fellow Police Officers that won’t and don’t perjure themselves against victims of free speech.

Yonkers insiders have already dubbed Yonkers Police Benevolent Association President Det. Keith Olson as the worst leader to preside over the union membership.  He has undermined the union membership, as well as other union officials, by permitting the City of Yonkers to strip away the protection(s) that ALL Yonkers Police Officers were once afforded under New York State General Municipal Law 207c. Olson, and some of his bully trustees, not only targeted civilians, but also other police bosses and Yonkers Police Officers; all because they were blowing the whistle on their collective chicanery. Olson has been and continues to be a  master of deceit and subterfuge. 

To this day, the PBA membership has no clue as to the amount of money Olson has spent on legal fees defending himself against serious civil allegations, as well as the well-documented complaints filed against him at the Westchester District Attorney’s Office. The City of Yonkers has spent thousands of dollars covering up Olson’s mess and may have also covered up some unpaid taxes dating back to 2010 that involved Olson’s $4,000 per month plus stipend. Complaints regarding Yonkers PBA President Det. Olson, and his two friends, Yonkers Police Chief                                                                                                                                                               John Mueller, and the recently retired Det. Sgt. Brian Moran have been numerous and very serious. Verifiable reports of false reporting and perjury are just appetizers for Olson’s office sitting choir boys. Seems that in Yonkers the politicians are either too scared to get a “dirty” Yonkers PBA endorsement or the stench of “green” keeps them from wandering submissively beyond their self-inflicted gulag in silence.

The gist of this aberration has revealed itself by not one local or State politician ever having called for an inquiry into this debauched conduct that lacks credible standards of decorum. They have not interviewed any of their constituents or called for any such independent investigation. The question is why were all the internal complaints shelved and filed? Who made the call and why? There is no doubt that the recent investigation and arrests by the federal Bureau of Investigation of some union employees should alarm many, especially the likes of Keith Olson and his cronies. Why it is that not one State or local politician has called for an inquiry into what has been well documented by those negatively affected? The scuttle butt in Yonkers has been questioning just how Keith Olson has used the Yonkers Police Benevolent Association’s political action committee cash cow. This operating standard is best known as the “silencer” by the “elitist” politicians that maintain a stranglehold on a predominately Democratic district, though Democrats and  Republicans are consistently at each other’s throats for dominance and bragging rights in a politcal maelstrom constantly in flux.  Union heads like Keith Olson take money from that fund, and give it to politicians like the junior New York State Senator Shelly Mayer representing District 37, and other politicians who are quick to turn a blind eye to these internal reports of Official Police Misconduct clearly reported to the Yonkers Police Department. 

There are others who clearly sit in silence because they get PBA generated funds to underwrite their respective candidacies, but Sen. Shelly Mayer seems to be too closely commiserating with that largesse, seemingly doing what others have accused her of engaging in the past with respect to sexual harassment of woman. To hear Sen. Mayer extol her own seemingly virtuous conduct is to believe that Senator Mayor as one-time New York State Senate Counsel was always defending women’s rights, perhaps in words, but not in deeds. In the light of the #MeToo revelations, Sen. Mayer seems comfortable in re-writing historical fact. Face it Shelley, ignoring the Yonkers PBA President’s behavior is analogous to your past performance in not protecting women’s rights as it presently undermines honest citizens from ever attaining even a semblance of justice. Let us not forget the Neil Vera case who was a Yonkers PBA Trustee and a very close friend of Yonkers PBA President Det. Olson, who, along with others, was clearly found to have committed perjury. It was Vera’s perjury that was the cause for the death of a citizen, irregardless of ethnicity or criminal background. Sen. Mayer needs to be reminded that police departments are demanded to enforce the laws not break them or hide behind Yonkers PBA cash to malign the standards by which they are expected to abide.

So to politicians like Shelly Mayer who call for silencing or editing remarks on news reporting about a police department is quite troubling. Sen. Shelley Mayer should be standing with the voters in her districts because they could be victims of dirty union heads like Olson. The question for these blood sucking politicians is if you take money from thugs like Keith Olson, are you bought or are you part of the cover up. So how good has Keith Olson been to Shelly Mayer and others in using PBA political action committee funds? Instead of your outrage Senator Mayer, we have your silence! Voters and readers of the Yonkers Tribune have learned the score as it has been reported now for some 6-years. When will you acknowledge the reality from your bully pulpit at the august New York State Senate floor, or will you choose to continue to deceive the public interest in feigning your ignorance when you should know better!  Decide. Politicians like Shelly and others should refuse political action funding. Cash and inside favors don’t trump laws. Yonkers is clearly a political swamp where thugs like Olson clearly lie and spread misinformation about other cops, bosses, and civilians while politicians are cashing in.

All those politicians that stand next to a thug like Olson should be outed. Yonkers Tribune suggests  that if State and local politicians know of such misconduct occurring in policing and clearly sit silent because of the “hush cash” they accept, they too should be held accountable. As a matter of fact, just how much did you get from Olson, Sen. Mayer? Did Keith whisper sweet words to you about pushing the County Executive to make Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller Westchester County’s Top Cop? Luckily for the people of Westchester and for  Westchester County Executive George Latimer it did not happen. Sources advise the Yonkers Tribune that the County did its due diligence, and the vetting process found Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller “wanting” and could not give him a clean bill of health, including Senator Mayer’s push for him to be hired anyway. 

Yonkers PBA Pres. Det. Olson did spend the money pushing and promoting Chief Mueller. That was no surprise. Olson’s political endorsements have been lagging for some time. They may carry the heft of the PBA President, but they have been proven impotent. carry no weight.

Sources advise Keith Olson is still up to his lies and deceitful conduct with regard to Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano and is still crying about how he lost his Free Speech Case in Federal Court, and was caught in NYS Appeals Court trying to expel another cop for Free Speech. Perhaps the PBA laundry will be a little cleaner if the members stop fearing Olson and his union thugs like William Pataky who is rumored to be retiring any day now. Insiders say that most of the Yonkers PBA members do not attend any of the monthly meetings, and they are scared of being targeted after watching what has unfolded since 2011. Imagine that, cops watching their backs from their own union head. Luckily, with some budget changes and number-crunching some of the Yonkers PBA lackeys that were promised and given 60 hours of guaranteed traffic overtime every two weeks, which is all pensionable, have jumped ships like rats since no one is allowed to do more than 40 bi-weekly now. Maybe the cop in the “bag” can get some now without going to the office of the PBA President Olson, known as the “thug’ to insiders in the know.

Yes, Senator Shelly Mayer, among other Yonkers Democrats, each took an oath similar to those sworn to by all state police officers and  to which they are held accountable. It is no surprise that the F.B.I. has been investigating in the City of Yonkers, all without notice to anyone in the City. It should also be no surprise when they easily canvass for victims and people in the know. So if politicians like Senator Shelly Mayer, Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano, and his lobbying brother, Nick Spano,  want to take cash from an association like the Yonkers PBA then they must understand the wrath that comes with it. One thing is for sure as the Yonkers PBA union head continues to drive to Dobbs Ferry for his thrice weekly ice Latte, he continues to tell lies about other cops and bosses in the hope that Olson can somehow finagle the growling, clench-fisted  BFF (best friend forever) Mueller might be called upon to an elevated position. This may be the most propitious time for the City of Yonkers to follow in the footsteps of Westchester County’s conduct. 

It would seem appropriate for Senator Shelley Mayer to have by now learned of the adage, “if you lay down with a dog infested with fleas, you are likely to to be likewise infested with fleas”.



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eHeziYonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson Is Not A “Cop’s Cop”!

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  1. Keith = Vagina. John = CunnyJuice. Keith + John = wet lace underwear for whores to be f*cked. You aren’t the only ones with tapes dumb*sses. Can’t wait to press play and watch the Crying Game begin with you two. Demons to Diamonds shall not come to pass. Nor will your secret plan to strip the site and hidden docs. Only the october.rain addresses know your real motives as they did the research in the files and have copies.

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    You can fool all of the people some of the time. You can fool some of the people all of the time. But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Both of you will never live to see the day of purging as we leap from the lion’s head to disclose everything before the deal goes sour.

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  2. Keith = Vagina. John = CunnyJuice. Keith + John = wet lace underwear for whores to be f*cked. You aren’t the only ones with tapes dumb*sses. Can’t wait to press play and watch the Crying Game begin with you two. Demons to Diamonds shall not come to pass. Nor will your secret plan to strip the site and hidden docs. Only the october.rain addresses know your real motives as they did the research in the files and have copies.

    Just don’t forget the bacon Keith. You will die soon due to poor health brought on by a heart attack and only your boy John-Rear-O will play his skin pipe at your funeral. He will play an outlawed tune on his outlawed pipe but nothing shall sprout from his malignant seed.

    The real seeds were planted a long time ago and they have flowered in places you can’t even guess right under your quivering fatty noses. You might fling people like Woundwort but no general shall you be in the end. There’s a dog loose in the woods and he is coming for you even as I write this.

    You can fool all of the people some of the time. You can fool some of the people all of the time. But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Both of you will never live to see the day of purging as we leap from the lion’s head to disclose everything before the deal goes sour.

    *****|\\\\\\\—-00000))))))))))) 4184
    ^^^>>> 6302 _/////:::]]]] 3009 ,,,,, PRE2

  3. The Department of Justice needs to investigate Keith Olson and others who have been funneling large political payments for jobs and protection against official police misconduct. The PBA members have been kept in the dark about Olson’s wild spending for years.
    Any politicians that align themselves with Keith Olson should announce how much money they received publicly.

  4. Mayor Mike what time is our weekly rat session this week ? Let’s see I think we left off on Chuck. This week I will be making up lies on Captain Pappas and others.
    P.S. I spoke to Nick about it over a nice fat juicy cheeseburger, so he knows.

  5. Just wondering which Supervisor Keith Olson is trying to interview to replace Brian Moran. Hard to replace a low life that would lie on reports for KO. He won’t be missed and hope the NYS AG office does the proper vetting.

  6. No doubt the fat lying thug Keith Olson needed to be smoked out of his rat hole. We know the guy did everything and more what the Yonkers Tribune has written. We encourage All YPD members to speak out.

  7. I have the utmost respect for our POLICE, FIRE and DPW personnel. I have been reading the comments regarding The PBA President Keith Olson. Obviously, there’s a problem with his leadership. As a middle aged person myself, I’m extremely concerned about the size of this man Keith Olson. Has no one tried an intervention on his behalf? Could alcoholism be to blame? The Yonkers Police I have seen are in good shape. I’m sure the department must be concerned as well. The Commissioner Charles Gardner appears to be in good shape. When a man lets himself get to the point of obesity,that’s a sign of depression, never the physical symptoms that may arise. Symptoms such as high blood pressure, diabetes and congestive heart failure. The knees, back and entire body take a toll as well. I exercise everyday and I am mindful of my diet and portion control. Please Det Olson if no one is warning you, maybe a doctor should, be mindful of your health.

    1. Hope the union rat prez eats another cheeseburger as he searches someone’s cell phone. Hope he washes it down with a couple of ice cream sandwiches and stuffs the DD Captain’s file and Wayne’s money in his high blood pressure socks

    2. The union prez is pure trash and to this day has not spoke publicly about one thing. Can’t wait for someone to challenge and dump him out of office. The union prez is certainly no cops cop.

  8. Another one of Keith Olson’s bully thugs retired today because he could not get 60 hours of overtime any longer. Pataky will not be missed by the community not the hard working men and women of the YPD. Most of his career was spent lying on civilians and police officers .

    1. if im not mistaken I heard former brother bill was flipping cheeseburgers at the national night out held at the Spanish Riviera a k a kennedy marina .if that was his last o t and my sources are good what a way too BOOK your last o.t. shot WIMPY!!!!! show me the beef iil pay you for that burger on the first of the month and every month thereafter for the rest of your life!!!!!! congratulations now move to the Carolinas

      1. The fat union liar Keith Olson must be scrambling. He just took a big hit and lost a lot of lying cops union trustees and board members who sucked the fat man’s a** for the traffic overtime. There should be a commission as to the haves and haves not. Guess if you signed petitions and lied on police reports you got to eat like Billy “rogue” Pataky and others.

    2. Best way forward for the Yonkers PBA is to dump Keith Olson and bring everyone together again. The Yonkers PBA is not one lying secretive street thug that keeps everyone in the dark, and targets individuals. The YPD is much more than a handful of dirty PBA union officials that perjure themselves to the members and against others.

  9. Hey Pete, are we talking about the Yonkers PBA Corrupt union leader Keith Olson! Is he fat, dirty looking and wears 10x shirts? Hmm, the guy that threaten to beat up civilians, the mutt that puts files together and records other cops, the fat rat that spreads lies on other bosses including the current PC? The same Olson that punches other cops and had others cops commit perjury on police reports? The same Olson that searches cell phones and other places w/o warrants?

    Yeah Pete it certainly not the same one your talking about. Now hurry up and drive out of Yonkers before you get a personalized summons from a low life rogue cop that calls himself a union leader.

    1. KO any comments about the yearly payment you make to belong to the Nick Spano annual Cheeseburger contest? How does it go pay $48,000 and how many Chiefs are made and how many get out of 2019 Jail cards do you get.

    2. Wow PETE since when do they call a rogue cop honorable? Here is a tip for you Pete, this fat guy is dishonorable by targeting civilians and CLSA members as well as his own association.
      Lying on other bosses and others is nowhere near being honorable. He has no integrity or even knows the meaning of the words.

    3. Safe to come out again., another lying trustee just retired and for the residents of Yonkers he won’t be missed.
      The guy worked 60 hours of overtime every two weeks, got to drive around by himself, lied and signed a petition against another member, got first dibbs from Mueller because he was Keith Olson’s Rat.
      Now police relatives and police friends as well as young teenagers can breathe a little easier.

  10. Honorable Keith Olson has kept Yonkers residents safe and secure. There’s a reason why crime is at an all time low. Yonkers needs more people like Keith. The haters will always hate.

  11. Wondering if Sen. Mayer’s office will state how good Olson was to her. Keith Olson likes to spend the member’s cash since most of the members don’t attend any meeetings he thinks they will never know!

  12. This was definitely written by Hezi. You can see how he cannot stay on topic and uses terms from the other stories written by bosses.

  13. Tired of being lie too. Tired of being targeted and threatened, tired of Olson sending his trustees to write parking tickets on your friends and family, tired of your cell phones, offices and apartments being searched without a warrant, then start now to disinfect the Yonkers PBA Swamp

  14. KO let us know when your going to rat on other bosses’ sessions this week. Maybe Johnny DVD can submit his piggy back overtime slips. You know one of your union rats goes out to canvas for evidence and four others put in for overtime, too. By the way, did John DVD get overtime pay when you sent him to the Dunwoodie to collect evidence?

  15. You really should bring Johnny Mumbles to get help. No worries redraft his resume and donate some milk bones to the Yonkers Dog Shelter. Maybe they can make Mumbles the Top Dog Warden. Then you can search all the kennels and steal all the dog files too.

  16. Keith, so how did this week’s ratting session go with the Mayor? You are always telling the truck guys that you “just” spoke to the Mayor which they ALL know is pure unadulterated bull.

  17. For the record Senator Mayer, how much have you received from the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson for the last 3 years? Probably something the Feds would look at.

    1. It is about time. Olson has taken a big hit. By the time PERB hears the grievance the Fatman won’t be riding around the County pitching his lies and promising endorsements

    2. Tough to get the moral up when you have John Mueller and Keith Olson spreading pathetic lies over at City Hall on other cops. These two work everyday against Chuck and Hodges. Now that grunting clenched fist screwball John Mueller is preying on the demoted Chief. Don’t fall for false promises.

    3. Joe Reagan said when his son graduates academy he’s going to traffic to take his spot, then Joe will retire looking at about 169,000 Pension. Not bad for a lazy , never a cop , rat fat F@ck.

      1. Not bad for a fat zero that signed a petition against another cop because he was scared. Joe why were you scared of Keith? How is that pension padding going? It has been about 4 years or more of traffic right? You should have worked with Neil Vera for extra overtime.

    4. Don’t blame Chuck, all of Olson’s PBA board members were sucking up all the traffic overtime. God help you if Johnny Mumbles or Keith Olson thought you were a Blue Truth Fan.

  18. Politicians like Shelly Mayer should really stop taking cash from an association like the Yonkers PBA . FYI Senator Mayer these reported incidents are all documented and more. Now just how good is the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson to you Senator?

  19. Keith, if I target a civilian for you can I get into traffics or K-9? I will swear to it under penalty of perjury. How do I sneak up and punch other members like you?

  20. Can anyone tell me why Keith Olson and John Mueller are so intimidated by other Captains. What did you do with the file you created on the DD Captain Mr. Nice Fat Rat?

  21. Oh that’s right he was so loved that guys like John Mueller and Brian Moran targeted all those that called the fat man a rat to his face. Same crew that lies to Internal Affairs and writes parking tickets to young girls because they are related to someone they don’t like. We will leave the searches without warrants and the personnel files alone for now. Great bunch of rogue cops.

  22. Wake up, Keith Olson is a low life thug that has targeted civilians and cops alike. YPD members don’t attend meetings or follow Olson. Open the books, open your eyes people. He cheated during his last election and has new members voting in front of bully trustees. Then they transport those unlocked boxes to a precinct and dump them all in one pile. Now for unopposed issue; the last guy who was going to challenge Olson, Gerard Spano, was threatened by his own brother Mike to get out of the race so Olson could stay.

    1. Yeah that’s the way Olson rolls. The guy is Moquette trash like his last apartment. The YPD will be better off with a new and free President. The current board is trash as well. If you go to the board you don’t lie for the current dirtbag prez.

  23. The facts never get out if you have people like Nick Spano and other politicians obstructing internal investigations. After all a lot of unions kick up to Nick Spano.

  24. Just wondering did you see and review all internal memos? Do you know who broke into the Narcotics Office and WHY have the Yonkers PBA Keith Olson or others have not denied anything?
    As for the F.B.I they don’t trust anyone from Yonkers and how do you know they are not here? I will say this they won’t have a hard time finding witnesses or statements. By the way just wondering the F.B.I. just did a two year investigation into Yonkers without notifying anyone. Olson and others did every bit and more.

  25. I have been following these stories for a few years now, I’ve read about alleged misconduct, if this is true, how does he keep getting elected PBA President and how come the feds haven’t done anything if this is true?

    1. It’s obviously all bullshit. Like him or not, his people think he’s doing a good job. He either runs unopposed or beats his opponents, the same losers that are responsible for these fairy tales and stupid comments, with like 95% of the vote. He must be doing something right.

      1. Oh yea. You mean like the 2012 election when the boxes arrived at the first pct. about an hour late. Followed by those two punks Keith and Eddie. Then Betty broom stick dumped all the ballots on the table and shuffled them like cards. I even heard there were even a couple of blank ballots in those boxes. Yup, they won fair and square lmao.

  26. Let’s face it YPD members, Keith Olson is now calling CLSA Captains and others “ rats”. Maybe his sugar level is too high. Do you remember this Keith Olson?
    Tampering with evidence
    Perjury on police reports
    Intentionally targeting civilians yourself and with the help of John Mueller
    Assaulting other members , threatening civilians and bosses
    Do you tell the Mayor on yourself you low life union rat?

  27. The Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson does not have much time left in office. Soon there will be someone new with time and experience. Right now the Yonkers PBA board is full of Liars who Olson hand picked. The article is right. Keith Olson lost some of his minions when they changed the overtime cap. Most of his members are scared of being set up so they stay far away.

    1. How much has the Yonkers PBA kick out to you Shelly? Making an allegiance with a dirty lying cop like Keith Olson could cost you more than PAC fund cash.

      1. Do what Keith Olson does, Impeach on all lies. Too bad Moran and Babe can’t perjure any of your targeted write ups anymore.

  28. It about time that that lying rat Brian Moran retired. Everyone will breathe easier because their desk and offices won’t be searched anymore without a search warrant nor their cell phones

  29. Hope the F.B.I. have been listening. After threats toward citizen, their families and Yonkers Police Officers, Shelly backs Keith Olson, and his crazed friend, the bought and paid for Jon Mueller.

    1. Keith Olson was never a good cop. All he did then is the same thing he does now. He just can’t be told no. Must have had a very bad childhood.

    1. Shelly PAC cash over reporting police misconduct? Yeah Shelly you have some real honest friends. You’re lucky they need you or you will be followed and pulled over by Olson himself.

  30. You County cops lucked out. Imagine that nut job John Mueller walking around with his union pet Keith Olson. You guys would have had to buy a lot of rotten cheese to keep them off of you.

  31. Do your job Sen. Mayer. Don’t hinder another report of misconduct. The Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson only carry’s his own weight not the membership.

  32. How much $$ is in the go fund me for the 2 Fired Garbagemen. 0.00 lol you guys really help each other out thanks Union Brothers.

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