Another Changing of the Guard for Commissioner of the Yonkers Building Department

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The Yonkers Building Department Hezitorial 

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Yonkers’ 42nd Mayor Mike Spano and IDA Chairman with Yonkers City Hall seen in the background.

YONKERS, NY — September 16, 2018 — James Luke, NYS Licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.), who was acting Commissioner of the Yonkers Building Department after Bill Schneider, P.E., resigned a few months ago, was appointed commissioner by Mayor Mike Spano about a week or two ago. 

Yonkers Tribune by way of impeccable sources advise that Mr. Luke was fired, as opposed to the scuttlebutt spin that suggested he abruptly resigned hours before this weekend began. Mr. Luke was respected among those who recognized his professional demeanor as opposed to the recent effort to smear his integrity. The “words” heard were that he could not handle the no profession meddling from higher up the political food chain.

The underlying reality is the intrusion of SEIU Local 704 President Dominick Savarese who represents the union workers, who quickly insinuated himself into the equation by Yonkers City Hall insiders. Mr. Luke was fired after he sought to institute higher employee performance standards which awakened Dominick Savarese from his slumber and by those politically motivated. Savarese, as cajoled by such “insiders”, approached Mayor Mike Spano and as a result,  Mr. Luke was summarily fired.

Several people, such as Vincent Pici Jr., P.E., Commissioner of the Bronxville Building Department, had turned the job offer down before Mr. Luke was summarily fired. Even so, Mr. Luke will stay on as a Plan Examiner and Vincent Pici Jr., P.E., current Bronxville Building Commissioner is the odds on favorite to be appointed, as early as tomorrow, Monday, September 17, 2018. He is a respected individual and qualified for the job.

The Yonkers City Charter requires a NYS Licensed Professional Engineer but faint, though persistent rumblings, were heard that Yonkers City Hall prefers a non-professional, such as Bob Ciamarra, an employee of the Yonkers Building Department to be their next commissioner despite the standard demanded by the Yonkers City Charter. 

While the powers that be mull over their final decision, that is Pice, Jr. v Ciamarra, “political bookies” suggest it will be Vincent Pice, Jr.,  after the dust settles within the City of Yonkers’ “ivory towers”. The final chapter on this drama is expected to be revealed on Monday, September 17, 2018. 

At issue now is when the next Yonkers Building Commissioner is chosen, will Yonkers City Hall protect and secure the next commissioner so that he may engage best practices to benefit the City of Yonkers while respectful of the employees.


eHeziAnother Changing of the Guard for Commissioner of the Yonkers Building Department

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  1. you all just jealous because we do what we want in local 704b we come in late and leave early everyday especially at will library even the supervisors do it but they come in extra late and theres nothing that wimp of a director can do about it.

  2. George used a rule that is not existent in county rules. He disenfranchised voters because he saw he couldn’t win. No credentials committee, just kevgas denying proxies. Let’s see how this plays out in court, one thing was clear, kevgas did not have the votes to win. In any event, even if kevgas prevails in court, he will be the leader in name only. The second ward is not controlled by him.

    George felt the Arabic wave on Election Day along with other sides who played a roll in beating his district leaders.

    1. Hezi,
      Can you do a story on what’s going on with DL and Ward leaders, post election? Who are the new reps and leaders? The time for change in Dem party is long overdue. Heard the Indivisible group got a lot of new folks, who plan to be engaged, not just paper proxies, to run for DLs. This is how it should be, citizens involved, contributing and speaking out. The Dem Party in Yonkers has been a sham for a long time. New leadership is overdue. Tell us what is going on. Next, we need a new Chairman and Executive Board.

  3. The job went to Vinny Pici, Jr. like his father he is a no nonsense guy. He will not take sh*t from anyone, not even the mayor. His credibility speaks to itself. Gypsy, tramps & thieves beware!

  4. Steve Levy and Jeannie Palazola should consider taking notes. George is the man! He outsmarted those know it alls! LOL good day for the Democratic Party

    Can’t wait to see the smile on George’s face and the anger in Levy’s face LOL

  5. Housing and Building and Department of Public Work are the most corrupt departments in the City.

    Waste, abuse, fraud, kickbacks- you name it. The FBI should have a permanent office there- they already picked up few guys from there and they should come back for more.

  6. Dominick has been in the pocket of the Spanos since day one. His members got screwed and got the worst contract in the City and still get shit on every day by Spano. And what does Dominick do? Nothing except kiss ass and blow over.

    1. Every member of “his union” and I say “ his union” because he only takes care of himself should be flooding Hezi inbox on city hall dirt ….. that will teach Dominic the useless donkey a lesson.

    2. The underlying truth and reality is that SEIU Local 704 President Dominick Savarese is a fake; he is out for himself at all times…
      What exactly does he do for the city law dept?

      The President of local 704 is not a good individual. He sells all his union members down the drain at any cost to the union. The members should ask the local 704 board members, who does the paper work for local 704 and how much does that person get paid? And are they related to him? And how much extra will he make from local 704 international pension system ?

  7. SAVARESE is just another dirtbag Parkhill loser…He thought all along that his Italian “FRIENDS”would take care of him….All they did was shit on him…He is the President of the Union that got the smallest raise…His work force works long and hard and got nothing…Lets get rid of him and lets start taking care of ourselves…….

    1. The sources are on target. you are however off and you don”t even care to validate your spin. pity, you have nothing on the truth. even so, thanks for playing.

    1. Johnny Limo has a lot of transportation contracts coming his way in the next four years. Just like Spezio, he is determined to get a return on his investment. Johnny Limo is going to be an even fatter, arrogant hog with all the Yonkers City Hall money that Khader has pipelined to him. Just wait and see.

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