Aretha Franklin

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Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin: The embodiment of a dream realized with God-given talent. 

Aretha Franklin: The iconic soulful voice heard in the struggle for civil rights and human rights. Today, the nation applauds you as its most honored  citizen. Emerging from the church with spirit intact your meteoric rise to fame encompassed the imagination of women yearning for a “little respect.”

Aretha Franklin: The first Woman in the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame having transitioned from Gospel. Yet Gospel, Aretha, never left you. It gave you the soulful sound one felt and loved. 

Aretha Franklin:  Like Mandela you were a formidable agent of change,  unwavering in her resolve to end separate and unequal oppression which was your earliest reality. 

Aretha Franklin: Mother, vocalist, national icon of American music and global star. The world’s preeminent reigning “Queen of Soul”

Aretha Franklin: The emergent revolutionary of the 21st Century, inspiring millions to seek peaceful solutions to the injustice of the nation’s oppression of its black citizens.

Today a moral evolution must spread throughout America and the universe. We must press on.  In that way Aretha’s legacy will not have been in vain. 

Rest in Eternal Peace and Love, Aretha.                  

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