Mayor’s Monday Morning Message – September 3, 2018th
By Victoria Gearity

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OSSINING, NY — September 3, 2018

Thank You Labor

Victoria Gearity, Ossining Mayor

Thank you to all the leaders and the activists who risked their livelihoods, and sometimes their lives, fighting for safe working conditions and decent wages. Thank you to the folks in Village government who protect us and provide us with the quality of life that we sometimes take for granted. Today we pause to honor your dedication and service to Ossining.


Last week our Work Session focused on the results of the Housing Vacancy Study and questions about potential ETPA implementation. We welcomed the consultants from CCCE who undertook the Vacancy Study, as well as Chuck Lesnick who represented the NYS Department of Homes and Community Renewal, the agency that oversees ETPA. Click here to view the meeting.

Connecting in Person, One-on-One

Open Office Hours will take place tomorrow from 10am-12noon in the Board of Trustees office on the first floor of Village Hall. No appointment is necessary, and all are welcome to discuss any topic, concern or idea of interest to you.

Have a burning question or idea, at any hour of the day or night?… Email me (, the Board of Trustees ( or Village Manager Debbie McDonnell (

Three Public Hearings on Wednesday

This week’s Legislative Session begins with three Public Hearings. The first is Proposed Local Law 5 regarding updates to building code enforcement. The intention is to improve the Village’s ability to proactively address a number of intransigent issues, including vacant properties. To view the Work Session discussion of this topic click here. The second is Proposed Local Law 9 regarding dog tethering. And the third Public Hearing this week will be regarding the results of the Housing Vacancy Study, a step in the process of considering whether to implement ETPA. Here is a link to the results of the study. Click here to view last week’s meeting discussing the results and potential next steps.

Anyone interested in commenting during any of these Public Hearings is invited to attend this week’s Village Board meeting scheduled for September 5, at 7:30pm at the Birdsall-Fagan Police/Court Facility on Spring Street.

Because this week is a Legislative Session, following the Public Hearings are a number of invitations for community members to publicly comment. If you would like to spread the word about an upcoming event, please take up to two minutes during Organizational Announcements. Folks who would like to comment on the resolutions included on that night’s agenda may do so for up to four minutes at the start of the Village Board Resolutions portion of the meeting. The meeting closes with an invitation for community members to comment for up to three minutes during Visitor Recognition about any topic of relevance to the common good of the Village. We invite community members to reach out to us by email ( anytime.

With Regards

s/Victoria Gearity/

Victoria Gearity, Ossining Mayor

eHeziMayor’s Monday Morning Message – September 3, 2018th
By Victoria Gearity

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