Reputed Second Generation Genovese ‘Wiseguy’ Anthony T is NYS Senator Shelley Mayer’s Chauffeur

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Alleged Genovese Mobster Arrested in November 11, 1997 Yonker’s Murder of Alleged FBI Confidential Informant Richard Ortiz

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

Johnny Tortora, Jr., photo by and courtesy of Gang Land.

YONKERS, NY — September 15, 2018 — Almost 21 years after John Tortora, Jr., a/k/a Johnny T, an alleged Genovese crime family mobster, was arrested August 2, 2018. The cold case involve the multiple stabbing death of supposed FBI Confidential Informant Richard Ortiz. It is further suggested that Federal Authorities intend to prove Johnny T. had been part of a plot to embellish the Genovese crime family’s power and influence.

Tortora was arrested on the morning of August 2, 2018 by FBI Agents assisted by Yonkers Police Department Detectives. It should however be stressed that this is the third case in recent months where the FBI did not inform the Yonkers Police Department of any pending cases it is involved. The case has been assigned to United States District Judge Sidney H. Stein.

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman advised, “As alleged in the indictment, the defendant was responsible for the stabbing death of Richard Ortiz over 20 years ago. Today, thanks to the remarkable dedication and perseverance of the FBI and the Yonkers Police Department, the defendant faces charges for his crimes.”

FBI Assistant Director William F. Sweeney Jr. said: “The arrest of John Tortora should remind everyone that justice delayed is not justice denied. Whether a crime was allegedly committed decades ago or just days ago, the FBI will maintain the same tenacity and we will be relentless toward ensuring those who commit violent crimes be held accountable for their actions. The FBI’s New York Office never does these investigations alone, and we want to thank the Yonkers Police Department for their help in successfully solving a case from more than 20 years ago.”

Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner said: “This arrest for the 1997 murder of Mr. Ortiz demonstrates the resolve and commitment of law enforcement to hold those accountable for their actions and serves as a warning to all members of La Cosa Nostra engaging in violent criminal activity in our communities. We will continue to work with our federal partners to aggressively target alleged criminals and criminal enterprises operating in our City.”

According to the allegations in the indictment and statements made in court: “From in or about 1997 up to and including in or about 2018, Tortora, an associate and later a member of the Genovese Crime Family, along with other members and associates of La Cosa Nostra, committed a wide range of crimes, including murder, extortion, gambling, and narcotics trafficking. In particular, Tortora hired others to kill Richard Ortiz in order to further the goals of the Genovese Family. As a result, on November 11, 1997, Ortiz was brutally stabbed multiple times, causing his death. Tortora hired several individuals to kill Richard Ortiz, court papers say. 

“Tortora, 61, of Yonkers, New York, is charged with conspiracy to commit racketeering, murder in aid of racketeering, and murder for hire. A chart showing the charges and maximum penalties for each count of the Indictment is below. The statutory maximum penalties are prescribed by Congress.



Conspiracy to commit racketeering 

Life in prison

Murder in aid of racketeering 

Mandatory life in prison or the death penalty

Murder for hire 

Mandatory life in prison or the death penalty

Assistant U.S. Attorneys Jessica Lonergan, Jessica Fender, and Lauren Schorr are in charge of the prosecution. The case is being handled by the Office’s Violent and Organized Crime Unit. 

Ortiz, was a landscaper, living in an apartment on Lockwood Avenue. Witnesses said he had been drinking in the Mill Tavern on Lockwood Avenue, in Yonkers, NY,  when he got into an argument with men inside the bar. The argument moved outside, escalated and Ortiz was stabbed multiple times in the stomach and left for dead under a Saw Mill River Parkway underpass less than 100 feet away. Yonkers detectives believed at the time it was a mob hit, that Ortiz had been working for a gambling operation run by Tortora. That Tortora suspected Ortiz of both stealing from the operation and providing information about it to police. Ortiz’s family said that a few weeks before Richard Ortiz’s murder, family members had visited him and discovered he showed signs of having recently been beaten up. They said he told them he had instead slipped and fallen.  

Four days after his killing, Yonkers Police arrested then-31-year-old former convict Abdill Saez, but the Westchester County District Attorney felt they needed more evidence to move forward with a case and the charges were eventually dropped. Tortora was among dozens connected to the Genovese crime family arrested by the FBI in 2001 after an undercover NYPD detective infiltrated the mob posing as a trucking company owner named Big Frankie.

On the night of his death Ortiz was found by a young woman who thought he was a pile of clothes or garbage on Lockwood Avenue near the Mill Tavern. He would be pronounced dead three-hours later at St. Joseph’s Medical Center after doctors attempted surgery for his numerous stab wounds. It seems a fight that originated at the Mill Tavern spilled outside where Ortiz was stabbed.

Murray Richman, Tortora’s lawyer, said his client has no knowledge of Ortiz’s death and had never been involved in gambling. Richman says he believes the arrest is probably a result of the FBI arresting someone recently and then offering them a deal. Somehow his client’s name came up. Tortora was arraigned in Federal court in Manhattan and ordered held without bond. If convicted of the charges the 61-year-old Tortora would spend the rest of his life in prison.

Johnny T’s brother, Anthony T, is employed by International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 456, in what may best be described as a “little need to show” job. Anthony T. is also afforded a union paid for car, and an expense account. While Lou Picani, is President of Local 456, the power still resides with Eddie Doyle, Sr., who remains the “boss”.

In the weeks working on verifying the facts, the Yonkers Tribune learned that Anthony T was chauffeuring New York State Senator Shelley Mayer about. He is not employed by her in any fashion. He approached her and asked if she could use a driver. It is evident she agreed since she uses his services in that capacity.

Yet it is incongruous, especially for long-time resident of Yonkers, that Senator Mayer had not previously heard of the Tortora Family and their being known to be members of the Genovese crime syndicate. Did Sen. Mayer properly vet Anthony T.? Does he have a valid driver’s license, did his alleged family ties to the Genovese Crime family not raise any concerns for Sen. Mayer? Does he have a criminal record? 

Since Sen. Mayer must contend with many sensitive issues as a New York State Senator is she not concerned that her conversations with someone in the car or by telephone can be overheard by Anthony T as he chauffeurs her to and fro?

The Genovese organization is one of the ‘Five Families’ that dominate mafia activity in New York and New Jersey, although their influence has greatly declined in recent decades.

The Genovese organization are the largest of the five crime syndicates,p a position that has led to them being nicknamed the ‘Rolls Royce’ or ‘Ivy League’ of organized crime.

They were founded by Charles ‘Lucky’ Luciano in the 1930s and focused on the West Side of Manhattan.

Their boss, Vincent ‘the Chin’ Gigante, would feign insanity by walking around in a bathrobe and muttering to himself, a habit that earned him the nickname of ‘Oddfather’.

Recently the family has moved into Internet-based illegal gambling.

Eleven alleged members of the gang were indicted in 2016 for a ‘smorgasbord’ of offenses from loansharking to unlicensed check cashing and money laundering.

It is therefore illogical to infer that Sen. Shelley Mayer, representing the communities comprising Senate District 37, vetted Anthony Tortora Jr. thoroughly? If so, did she decide to overlook his family connections and alleged involvement with organized crime? Perhaps Sen. Mayer chose to overlook the obvious. Why?

eHeziReputed Second Generation Genovese ‘Wiseguy’ Anthony T is NYS Senator Shelley Mayer’s Chauffeur

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  1. I’ve been a teamster all my working life and ed doyle was a good man. He helped many families and lou picani is doing a great job..Give them a break..

  2. Politicians, Teamsters, and Unions.
    But according to this article.
    We now know who is running new york.

    Cuomo gotta go.
    Let’s see what happens with all this.

  3. Shelly why didn’t you have John the Joker Mueller drive you around while he was crying in your office about why he was passed up for the County Job.

  4. Just seems odd that Shelley Mayer would not do her homework as to who she has driving for her. Then again Nick Spano had an arm robber driving for him.

    1. No one is guilty untill proven otherwise. Don’t forget that.. this is America..people spread lies about others all the save he bull..

  5. This is the second time I am trying to post this, I don’t know why my 1st wasn’t posted

    In this country we are all innocent until proven guilty by a jury of our peers, but it seems the Yonkers Tribune has John Tortora guilty already even though he has not been tried and is alleged to have committed these false charges. Now the Yonkers Tribune is after his brother Anthony, the Teamsters 456, Lou Picani and Ed Doyle Sr. Lets set the record straight, Lou Picani is the head of local 456 and answers to no one but his membership, Ed Doyle has long retired the post and Anthony Tortora goes above and beyond at work as Lou Picani and all the administration of local 456 does!

    Former US Attorney and Mayor of NYC the largest city in the U.S. Rudy Giuliano did not suffer for his fathers sins who was a convicted enforcer for the mob.

    Woody Harralson’s father was convicted of killing a federal judge and was sentenced to life without parole and yet Woody is not prosecuted because no one should suffer for the sins or alleged sins of their father or a family member like the Yonkers Tribune is doin

    1. Excellent point. And nobody did better or even close to Eddie Doyle sr. For the membership of teamsters local 456. Possibly the greatest local leader in the entire country. His moto? Give the employer a fair days work for a fair days pay. The man was a saint. And a defender of the hard working family man .
      Those without sin, cast the 1st stone. None of us will be throwing a stone. Do not look for perfection in any human . U won’t find it. Only god !
      And Lou Picani is the only runner up that I have complete faith in to lead the working family man !

  6. First and foremost is John Tortora is alleged and has not even had a trial yet and you have him convicted ( what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty in this country ). Second of all , why should these allegations be put on his brother and try to tarnish his good name in the union where he works very hard for the members working rights. Lou Picani is the leader of the Teamsters and Eddie Doyle is long retired from the Teamster’s so get over that.

    Last note

    Woody Harrelson’s father was a convicted contract killer who killed a Federal judge and was sentenced to life, but what does that have to do with Woody. I’m sure thousands of judges and law enforcement people watched his movies and chased him down for his autograph.

    Rudy Giuliani’s father was a mob enforcer but that didn’t stop his rising to be NYC’s two term mayor or stop him from becoming a US Attorney or to be the Presidents top personal attorney

  7. Every Muslim person needs to vote against Chuck for Mayor, Kevgas for Dem Party Chair and Johnson for re-election for them screwing over Hussein.

  8. Br Hussein lost because of jealousy. Br Hussein didn’t lose in my eyes or the eyes of the brothers and sisters. Br Hussein will become a district leader.

  9. Shelley and Andeea pretend to be so careful about who they associate, forever walking the middle of the road and avoiding any controversy. Shelley wanted to curry favor with Teamsters, so she didnt/doesnt care about his family association because the benefit outweighed the burden. Plus, she has a labor PAC. Shelley cares about optics. So it is great optics to have a Teamster always by her side. Shelley out-calculated herself with this one, Hezi.

  10. Given yonkers politicians, seems this story might have broke because someone didnt get what they wanted from her. Very interesting… and the shout out to the rogue yonkers PBA…..

  11. Thank You Hezi………
    Does the Governor have a comment ?
    Hows about Latimer ?
    Unions endorsed Shelly $$$$$$$ ?
    Now we Know Why !!!!!!
    Hezi , your the man.

  12. I mean this never ends.
    Hey Mike Spano, someone did you a very big favor here.
    I guess the secrets out.
    All are in bed together.
    Maybe Cuomo will pardon them.

    1. If it has no standards, why are you reading it.
      The truth has to come out and Hezi is the man for the job.

      If Shelly had knowledge of background of this guy, then the public needs to know the kind of politician we are sending to Albany.

      Keep up the good work Hezi.

        1. If the justice department had to get involved,
          What does this say about things here ?
          It’s deeeeeeep, that’s what it says.
          You are right, innocent until proven guilty,
          I’m sure it’s just a screw up.

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