Saving the Cost of Garbage Collection By Hauling the Stench to Yonkers

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The Corrupt and Stinky Stench of Garbage Hezitorial

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YONKERS, NY August 2, 2018 — Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess, and Orange Counties residents, some of whom are employed in the City of Yonkers, have learned that rather than their paying for garbage collection locally, they can toss the garbage they need disposed of onto the Yonkers taxpayer’s back. When a reader asserted this contention I was besides myself and in a state of incredulity. It seemed outrageous to me that highly paid worker(s) would risk being caught transporting their garbage from their home so they could save about $500 to $600 in garbage fees. Well was I wrong. It seems that many employees who travel the distance required to return to their “salt mine” in Yonkers bring their garbage to Yonkers. They evidently have no concern about losing their employment in Yonkers for their illegal conduct. They could seemingly care less that they are saddling the Yonkers Department of Public Works with unwarranted work to DPW crews, and to the extra wear and tear imposed on personnel and equipment.

Yonkers Tribune’s sources have confirmed this conduct has been going on for years. It is unabated. No one has lost their employment. No one has been warned or sanctioned in any way. 

The person that brought this concern in comments that I held onto, noted that they had seen garbage trashed alongside that set before Fire Station 13. Was it a Yonkers Firefighter? That cannot be ascertained. What is known is that the garbage was placed along the side of Fire Station 13 along with other garbage already placed there for pick-up.

Will Yonkers City Hall demand that video be made available to ascertain who the culprit or culprits are that believe their garbage should be brought to Yonkers and disposed of at the expense of the City of Yonkers when they know that this conduct is illegal.

Will Yonkers City Hall demand a Yonkers Police Department investigation? When YPD nails the culprit(s) will the cost for their theft of services from CoY be clawed back from their paychecks and they are placed on unpaid leave for half-a-year or more and only after their fine is paid in full will they be permitted to return. And let me not hear that the case(s) were dismissed without a subpoena demanding proof that these individuals have paid for garbage collection where they reside. If not, charge them some outrageous fee, perhaps ten-fold for every year they did not pay for garbage collection where they reside. And further, they must prove they have paid for garbage collection services where they reside if they want to hold onto their employ, assuming anyone wants these people abusing Yonkersites into the future.

The person who wrote their comment was very angry. I too am very angry. Yonkers is not a place where anyone must be allowed to trash CoY by such demeaning conduct. It may actually be better if Yonkers truck our garbage and dump the refuse in their front yard so they can suffer the expense.

“Imagine the surprise I got when I opened up a bag and got hit with a diaper smell,” writes the inquisitive Yonkersite who was perplexed by these garbage bags laid alongside other garbage bags awaiting pick-up.

When will these con games permitted to endure under the watchful eye of law enforcement be expunged? The fault is not with YPD; the fault is with the corrupt conduct perpetrated by Yonkers City Hall during the Spencer, Amicone, and Spano years, and administrations before that.

When will this madness in Yonkers stop?

Assertions by credible insiders suggest pay-offs and favors to Mayor Mike Spano are all part of these past and scenarios. Will Yonkers City Hall conveniently forget to conduct an investigation and name past and present culprits?

The answer is simple. Vote with a clear mind, a generous heart, and exact a cost for such behavior. Vote the people who created this mess out of office. Demand action from Mayor Mike Spano, from the entire Yonkers City Council, and demand Yonkers Corporation Council and its do-nothing Yonkers Inspector General Brendan McGrath, Esq., issue his findings over this travesty. 

Let everyone know that Yonkersites are now watching. Walk the straight and narrow or face jail time. Smile you will be on candid camera, better known as the smart phone, Apple or Droid.

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Bottom line: Yonkers Tribune will ask Yonkers City Hall for their monthly garbage totals for the last 3 years! Yonkersites deserve to see the records!!! Official request will be noticed herein until a credible response is put in writing and attributed to a person(s) of oversight and credibility.

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If you see something, say something by reaching out to the Yonkers Tribune. Contact the Yonkers Tribune office, text, or telephone at (1) 347-415-4326. Direct email to: .Your identity will not be divulged to anyone. You can be assured that I respect allegations and assertions. I check everything to validate fact form fiction and/or spin. My word is the only currency of value I posses and I have not invested 20 years of my time in Yonkers to squander it by selling out readers with any falsehoods. 

eHeziSaving the Cost of Garbage Collection By Hauling the Stench to Yonkers

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  1. What about the garbage men who got caught picking up garbage on the side from the bagel store on Abner Place and Yonkers Ave-please spare us the bullshit-besides your job hires are phone calls and contracts.

  2. I am a Yonkers Sanitation worker and happen to have Fire Station 13 on my route. I can for certainty say that this particular firehouse does not put personal garbage along with the firehouse trash. There is always reasons why the firehouse may have extra garbage out. For 1 there are people who walk to the bus stop across the street and leave a bag or 2 on the way. Another reason is, we (the garbage men) drag the stop from across the street and put it in front of the firehouse when we first get there. That is so we can pick up 2 stops without blocking traffic and also avoid the morning drag racers who are speeding with no regard for us working. It’s a safety issue. I am not denying that bringing trash from out of town is a problem, but I can with 100% certainty say that the firemen at that perticular station doesn’t participate in this act.

  3. Ok, $o… If anYOne would like evidence, just attach a hunting cam to any tree that faces one of the MANY dumpsters on city property (Schools are THE BEST!). Ya know, like a trail/study go pro.
    LMAO, You’ll see grainy ass night vision of YOUR OWN NEPHEWS and Friends fillin cans before, after and of course during shift..

    1. It has been going on for years. But if you prefer to delude yourself, be my guest. Everyone is entitled to do as they please. It is a free country after all. The person was an eyewitness to one such happenstance. I checked with u other courses and each validated the person’s telling, not the specifics but that such circumstances have occurred for years. It seems that Christmas trees are dumped in Cross County after the Christmas festivities. people load the trees onto their car, drive to Yonkers and dump it at Cross County. I am not asking you to believe. I have learned it is fact. Kindly, Hezi

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