Sayegh Victorious on Minor Party Lines

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Nader Sayegh candidate for New York State Assembly District 90.

YONKERS, NY – September 26, 2018 — Nader Sayegh, candidate for the 90th New York State Assembly District, emerged from the September 13th primary elections victorious on not one, but six party lines. Sayegh is speeding toward the November election with the support of not one, but six parties. Nader Sayegh will be on the ballot on November 6th with the Working Families, Green, Reform, Women’s Equality, Independence, and Democratic Party lines.

“This victory means a great deal to me and my family,” said Sayegh. “To have the support of not one, but six parties in this race is a major boost to our campaign. It is my honor to represent such a collection of ideas. Yonkers is a diverse place, and our campaign is just another reflection of that. I’d like to thank everyone that got out and voted in the primary on September 13th and supporters who have stood by our side since the beginning. Our campaign has worked tirelessly through the primary, and we are just getting started. As we head into the November Election, I look forward to continuing to build the support of my community-at-large.”


SOURCE:  Campaign Publicist Peter Brown.

eHeziSayegh Victorious on Minor Party Lines

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