Statement from Army Veteran Max Rose on Dan Donovan’s Efforts to Discredit and Attack Dr. Blasey Ford

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STATEN ISLAND, NY — September 22, 2018 — On Thursday, Dan Donovan dismissed the seriousness of the allegations facing Judge Kavanaugh during an appearance on The Joe Piscopo Show, September 20, 2018 . Donovan said it was a “delay-tactic” and would “send a message that no one is qualified to sit on the United States Supreme Court, because in everyone’s background something has happened which someone will bring up to say this disqualifies them from sitting in judgement of our nation’s laws and interpreting our Constitution.”

“I strongly support Dr. Blasey Ford coming forward to share her story, knowing full well many would willingly attack and dismiss her because of politics. I’m extremely disappointed to see Dan Donovan has joined in the effort to discredit her. Apparently Dan Donovan finds investigating serious allegations of sexual assault inconvenient, but his comments should come as no surprise considering his record and past comments. During Dan’s time as District Attorney, rates of domestic violence sky-rocketed and he dismissed a rise in rapes as ’14 year olds consummating their love with 19 year-old boyfriends.’ This is who Dan Donovan is and has always been. He doesn’t belong anywhere near the halls of Congress with the power to make laws concerning the health and well-being of American women and it’s time for him to go,” said Max Rose, Democratic Congressional Candidate for NY-11.

SOURCE: Jennifer Blatus, Communications for. Democratic Congessional Candidate Max Rose for NY-11.

eHeziStatement from Army Veteran Max Rose on Dan Donovan’s Efforts to Discredit and Attack Dr. Blasey Ford

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