Undecided Between Robert Kesten and Peter Harckham for New York Senate District 40

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Letter to the Yonkers Tribune Editor-at-Large

YORKTOWN, NY — September 8, 2018 — Deciding which candidate to vote for on September 13 can be difficult because both candidates have very similar positions on most issues. Therefore, your decision should be based more on the differences between the two men themselves and how they became candidates.

Robert Kesten had been selected and endorsed by the Democratic Party Committees in virtually every town and village in the 40th NYS Senate District. Later, Peter Harckham was personally asked to run by Governor Andrew Cuomo, not by the electorate in this district.

The New York Times in their endorsement for NYS Attorney General reports “New York has long been a chamber of ethical horrors. In March Gov. Cuomo’s former senior aide Joseph Percoco was convicted on corruption charges. In May former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was also convicted of corruption. In July the former Republican Senate majority leader, Dean Skelos, was convicted of bribery, extortion, and conspiracy and Alain Kaloyeros, a key figure behind Mr. Cuomo’s “Buffalo Billions” economic initiative, was convicted in a bid-rigging scheme.”

In Albany, corruption appears to be a problem on both sides of the aisle. We, the people of the 40th NYS Senate District deserve better. 

Unlike Peter Harckham, Robert Kesten is not accepting donations from corporations, PACs or political bosses. Robert Kesten is the peoples’ candidate while Peter Harckham is Governor Cuomo’s candidate. 

Also, Robert Kesten reported that, when elected, he would work full time as a NYS Senator and not accept any other form of paid employment, avoiding any potential conflicts of interest. Peter Harckham did not offer any comparable assurances.

I hope this simplifies your decision on which candidate to vote for on Thursday, September 13th. It made the difference for me.

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Howard Ellison is a Yorktown, NY resident.


eHeziUndecided Between Robert Kesten and Peter Harckham for New York Senate District 40

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