Yonkers Chief Judge Michael Martinelli Withdraws His Name from 9th Judicial District Supreme Court Nomination

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Yonkers Chief Judge Michael Martinelli

YONKERS, NY — September 24, 2018 — Yonkers Chief Judge Michael Martinelli announced today that he has informed the leaders of the Republican, Conservative and Reform Parties, that he is no longer seeking the nomination of their respective parties for Supreme Court Justice in the ninth judicial district.

Judge Martinelli said that due to a confluence of personal events, a race for Supreme Court Justice at this time is simply outweighed by the needs of my immediate family members.

“As many of you may already know, my youngest brother Ralph continues to be hospitalized as the result of complications that developed after he underwent a procedure to correct A-Fib. We thought that by now, he would be further along in his recovery, but despite our hopes, his prognosis is up in the air.  It would be unrealistic for us to believe that while he remains in a semi-conscious state, that my wife Jeanne and I could devote all the time and attention necessary to the Supreme Court race while still providing the attention that Ralph will need as he is about to be placed in long term rehab”

At the same time, my father Angelo Martinelli, former Mayor of Yonkers, is in a rehab facility recovering from knee replacement surgery with a very serious unanticipated problem involving renal failure. Angelo will also require our assistance in getting his strength back and resuming his normal routine.

Naturally, when I first announced my candidacy I could not foresee either of these medical events unfolding the way they have, and it has become crystal clear that the choice for Jeanne and I is to tend to our family’s affairs first and put my desire to serve as a Supreme Court Justice on hold for the time being.

Both Jeanne and I want to express our thanks to those of you who have lent your support to this effort both in time and financially and we hope you will understand that sometimes life gets in the way. Be assured that after we get through this trying period there will be other opportunities that present themselves and that we shall pursue them when the time comes.

eHeziYonkers Chief Judge Michael Martinelli Withdraws His Name from 9th Judicial District Supreme Court Nomination

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  1. I think Mike is the greatest person i have ever met. He’s honest
    and a family man just like his father. No one knows what a family member goes through when a family member is really sick; I do. I am going through the same thing with my parents. So don’t judge unless you know.

  2. Oh Please. Give me a break. There are six Martinelli sons in total. There are plenty of other family members for moral support, if this is ostensibly the reason for this dropping-out. Angelo would never allow his son to drop out of a race that was winnable, no matter what. Perhaps he saw the loss of a dual endorsement which would be the kiss of death for this seat.

    1. that is the most ridiculous statement you could possibly make…1. angelo doesn’t control mike
      2. you are assuming that just because Ralph has other siblings Mike’s feelings and obligations don’t matter…what kind of person are you? Did you know how close Mike and his youngest brother were? DId you know that Ralph was expected to pull out of the coma weeks ago but developed infections that the doctors had to also treat…You apparently have an opinion based your biased observations that are politically motivated…and you also apparently don’t have a very sick sibling and father at the same time

  3. No More, Spencers, Spanos, Amicones, Martinellis, McLaughlins, Kaders or Lesnicks or their relatives.
    No more Friends and Family country club members.

  4. If he announces for mayor, Mike will get the offer of a dual endorsement from the Dems so fast his head will spin. They will want to get him out of the race and it gives them the excuse for telling their own lawyers who want the job that they will have to wait till the next opening. Alternatively, Mike should swallow hard and change his registration to Dem, like Janet DiFiore, Linda Jamieson, etc., use his political collateral, and convince the Dems to do the right thing and give him a well deserved Supreme Court nomination – and have his people let them know quietly that if they screw him after he has changed registration, he will run for Mayor as a Republican.

    1. Honorable Judge M.
      Martinelli. I dreamed you and unknown opponent were in a race at amusement park. Opponent had the lead until last 1/4 of race. U pulled ahead and won. Suggestive u will win an election in future.

  5. the only money that has to be returned is that which has not been spent. and then in proportion to the amount contributed by each person…The candidate is not responsible personally for giving money back…That is the law

  6. Republicans can’t win City wide in Yonkers

    Republicans can’t win County wide in Westchester

    Republicans can’t win for Supreme Court in West/Put/Dutch/Rock/Orange

    That’s is for the Republican Party in the Hudson Valley

  7. I hope Judge Mike steps down from City Court next year and runs for Mayor.

    He’s one of a very few people in this City who are worthy (nobody on the current political scene is)

    His brother Rich is a jack*ss and would have only served the Spencer/McLaughlin cabal, which has brought great ruin on Yonkers.

    Mike would be a good, “judicious” and fair Mayor who would decide matters in the best interest of the people, not just the unions or other special interests.

    His talents would be much better served as Mayor rather than Judge.

    P.S. This is from a staunch adversary of the other Martinellis

  8. that is not really fair to Mike….His brother may be on his death bed…and his father who is 91 is failing…Maybe Mike was going to run because he had zero idea he would be totally overwhelmed with his family obligations…After all it’s not the first time people have run twice for Supreme Court even assuming he didn’t get the cross endorsement this time around….who knows…..you certainly don’t

    1. You don’t campaign for a year , raise lots of money and the day your denied a dual endorsement, you drop out. You have 45 days till Election Day, he knew the family situation, he could of stuck it out and did the right thing. Martinelli’s are Done Politically.

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