Yonkers City Clerk Vincent Spano Extends Office Hours Every Tuesday Beginning October 2nd, 2018

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Yonkers City Hall Tower bathed in blue light.

YONKERS, NY- September 26, 2018 —  In order to better serve the working Yonkers community City Clerk Vincent Spano announced that beginning October 2nd, the clerk’s office will extend its hours. Tuesday office hours will begin at 9am and will close at 7pm.

At no additional cost to taxpayers, Keeping the clerk’s office open later will allow for working residents to request and retrieve important documents such as marriage and birth certificates, and various other  permits. No additional cost will fall on the back of the taxpayers. This will be accomplished by staggering one shift every Tuesday that will begin their shift from 11am and completing that same shift at 7pm. So on one week the Tuesday shift that began their day at 8:30am will depart at 4:30pm, while the shift that began their workday at 11am will depart at 7pm.

“My office realizes that staying open beyond traditional business hours will provide an accessibility that Yonkers residents deserve,” said City Clerk Vincent Spano. “We are here to serve the people of this great city, and hope that this change will allow for residents to utilize the services provided by my office.”

eHeziYonkers City Clerk Vincent Spano Extends Office Hours Every Tuesday Beginning October 2nd, 2018

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  1. i wish i can work with great spano family for city of yonkers
    if i got chance i will work with this great family
    and congrats Vincent Spano as a City Clerk Yonkers

  2. And when you see him, you probably run over and shake his hand. You have to love a so called man who hides behind computer screens to tell someone how they feel about him.

  3. This is what is wrong with Yonkers! This man who has a GED and a six figure job because of his DNA and whose wife that used to make wedding Veils for a living is also making six figures as a patsy as Executive Director signing papers they tell her to so she goes down if something goes wrong! *Unsubstantiated assertion so deleted by Hezi* So, we should Applaud his decision to stay open late one day a Week? Please!

    HEZI, wish I knew why you have a bromance with this smuck! He is a player and has seedy “friends” to say the least! Stop drinking the water HEZI please!

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        No, they never did, but Clerk Spano thought up this concept when he recognized there was such a need. Before instituting these new hour, he personally met people who needed services only the Clerkks office had to supply people, such as when people wanted to get married, but they could not afford to take time off from work for a myriad of legitimate reasons. So kudos to the Office of the City Clerk and for Vincent Spano for recognizing the need and bringing it about.

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