Yonkers Future Economic Prospects Undermined by NYS Senator Shelley Mayer

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The Hezitorial

Shelly Mayer Legally and Morally Wrong

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

Shelley Mayer, NYS Senator representing the communities in SD 37.

MGM Resorts International owns the 32-floor Mandaley Bay property in Las Vegas, Nevada, which was the venue from which Stephen Paddock shot over a a thousand rounds at a crowd attending a concert. Paddock killed 58 people and wounded hundreds more on October 1, 2017. Yonkers Tribune is unaware of any hotel or hotel chain that incorporates security devices or personnel as part of a check-in procedure. Further most hotels have more than one entranceway and exit. The cost of security personnel, and technologically advanced equipment are prohibitively costly and not 100 percent effective. In fact there is no such law presently devised that is contemplated anywhere in the world. The only time security is beefed up is for special events such as when dignitaries / celebrities attend a function in which threats have been judged credible to warrant a security detail to protect people attending such events. The recent United Nations 2018 General Assembly had increased its security detail exponentially this past week. 

Interestingly, even the most famous hotels in the world accommodate patrons by moving them from the lobby to their respective rooms / suites as quickly as possible. Those that are concerned about their safety have their own security team. In fact there are some world leaders who rent out a whole floor that is secured by their security team.

Concert  attendees pay a hefty price to attend various concerts. Costs run the gamut. Perhaps $50 for one event. Others can cost $1,000 or $1,500 or more a ticket. Devising legislation to embellish nonexistent security measures to acceptable standards which are far from foolproof is nothing more than an exercise in pandering to those who are not familiar with the complexity of the law. Which begs the question if Senator Mayer formulated or even contemplated such legislation for New York State? Was she too busy campaigning for her party affiliation and those she supported to bother with the very people she claims to be concerned?

Is it appropriate for Senator Mayer to battle for those hurt / maimed in Las Vegas by trampling on Yonkers future economic potential by undermining the MGM International Resorts publicly announced $850 Million intended purchase of Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway? What has one circumstance got to do with the other? Is ther a legal or moral equivalency? If so, what is it?

While the City of Yonkers is home to Empire City Casino the recipients of its largesse in taxes paid to New York State is huge. The City of Yonkers, home to Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway is the recipient of a paltry sum of $19 million dollars per annum by New York State. The cost is intended to defray the consistent shortfall by the Yonkers Board of Education. Request for an increase to that yearly stipend is not even being considered. New York State Assemblyman Gary Pretlow representing AD 89 comprised of the residents of part of the City of Yonkers and the City of Mount Vernon, who presides over the Assembly Committee on Racing & Wagering, has consistently been averse to negotiate better terms on behalf of Yonkers. Lest anyone believe this is strictly about Yonkers, it is not. New York State and Westchester County are all recipients of the taxes paid by Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway. Empire City earns more then the next three largest casinos in the state combined.

To relieve the anguish suffered by the families of the deranged gunman and ameliorate the anxiety seared into the minds of the survivors must not be used as a leverage in any way to stifle or disparage the only legal mechanisms of defense afforded such an enterprise as MGM Resorts International by present laws and statutes. For Senator Mayer to take her wrath against MGM International Resorts is a travesty and morally incomprehensible, that is unless Senator Mayer is attempting to usurp pain caused by the madman perpetrator Stephen Paddock who had committed suicide after the carnage he caused at bring attention to her. It does seem she enamored by the spotlight.

Senator Mayer needs to see beyond the forest of trees that diminish her capacity to see the grand picture. It would behoove her legal mind, albeit wanting in this circumstance to contemplate, devise, and write the legislation that places liability appropriate by any entity that is dismissive of the law. There was no such law in place last year. To place blame and responsibility of any kind on MGM International Resorts diminishes her standing as a New York State Senator. It also becomes evident that Sen. Mayer is intent on representing those who survived the shooting of those attending the outdoor concert. It seems that issue is of preeminent concern in Senator Mayer’s mind, more so than those she swore  to represent in Senate District 37. 

Is Sen. Mayer incapable of formulating a double pronged approach that serves SD 37 and is likewise empathic to the surviving family members of those killed in Las Vegas, and those that were maimed mentally and physically by the crazed gunman? Must Yonkers be forgotten in this equation? It seems Senator Mayer’s record of promising to deliver to her prior constituency, that of Assembly District 90 when she represented the district with meaningless promises and drivel, with legislation that in retrospect was nothing more than a compendium of undelivered promises.

The assault suffered by Yonkersites who gave Shelley Mayer a resounding win over all challengers, so much so that a Republican challenge in the mid-term election this year permits her unfettered capacity to trash the City of Yonkers again, and  again, and again.

One can count upon many in Yonkers who will grate upon reading the telling and conclusion of this Hezitorial. If one wants to politicize and hold hostage a clean and beneficial buyout by causing the limelight from the pressing issues locally by trying to deflect attention over the Las Vegas killings then she has. Success at last Sen. Mayer. Success indeed. But it won’t help Senator Shelley Mayer. She has promised much, delivered on nothing but a persistent, innocuous assemblage of words that lost their integrity, credibility, viability and gravitas the moment she expressed her position on the issue to print media. This too will have its moment. It will dissipate and will be the very catalyst that will demand credible candidates be found to replace the failed New York State Senator Shelley Mayer.

I expected her intellect would guide her. It evidently has not. She also claims to have been helpful when she was NYS Senate Counsel and upon being approached by women who were assaulted or battered in some uncalled for fashion by perpetrators. She listened but did nothing. So much for moral competency. Why no empathy to the women who came to her for help but received nothing but being betrayed when she was NYS Senate Counsel. She was evidently conflicted over what to do. 

She now wants to lash out against the City of Yonkers. Since the Republicans will not challenge her in the November 2018 mid-term election, she will return to the august chambers of the New York State Senate only to be diminished by her past and recent conduct. 

Shame on you Senator Mayer! You can count on two years of being outed for every error in judgment because that seems to be what you know best. Shame on you! Silly me I expected more from you and recognized you were incompetent in delivering anything but meaningless promises and gibberish.

eHeziYonkers Future Economic Prospects Undermined by NYS Senator Shelley Mayer

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    1. They’re all Detectives, Sgts, Lieutenants, and Captains who squeeze into their uniforms and work the traffic OT so they can get their $200,000 pensions. No need for any police on most Con Ed jobs. But Con Ed passes the “vig” right back to the customers who are the taxpayers. Disgusting for sure.

  2. Kudos to senator Mayer. She needs to hold mgm accountable. Where are the locals councilman and county legislators? How about the Hyatt association.
    MGM thinks they can walk in the city and take over and continue the tax breaks that Yonkers raceway had.
    Their plan is to eliminate racing and build hotels and convention centers.
    What about the impact on the community? How about the financial help for Yonkers?

    Good work Shelly—-maybe cousins and pretlow will wake up also

  3. Pretlow doesn’t even want Yonkers to get the 19 million. He thinks the state should get everything. They don’t care about Yonkers, they just want King Andy to pat their backs.

  4. Andrea and Shelley are really not respresenting their constituency.
    They serve special interests and go with the flow. They stand for nothing and collect taxpayers’ money and hand taxpayers’ money to staffers who really haven’t done anything for us.

    They need a serious challenger to oust the two out of offices.

    Until then, we have to live with the reality that these two are not doing what they were sent to do.

    Name one legislation they passed to benefit us! Nothing….

    To be continued…

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