Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Agents Arrest Endocrinologist Dr. Nadem Sayegh in Morning Raid

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The Arrest of Dr. Nadem Sayegh Hezitorial

Dr. Nadem Sayegh, Endocrinologist

YONKERS, NY — October 11, 2018 — The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), a United States federal law enforcement agency under the United States Department of Justice, tasked with combating drug smuggling and distribution within the United States, had its agents raided the home of Dr. Nadem Sayegh with guns drawn. Dr. Nadem Sayegh is a well respected endocrinologist. The DEA is the lead agency for domestic enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act, sharing concurrent jurisdiction with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), among other agencies. The DEA has sole responsibility for coordinating and pursuing US drug investigations both domestically and abroad.

Dr. Sayegh, 64, of Yonkers, is charged with one count of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison; one count of distribution of controlled substances, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison; one count of health care fraud, which carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison; making false statements, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison; and aggravated identity theft, which carries a two year mandatory minimum prison sentence to be served consecutive to any other term of imprisonment.

Dr. Nadem Sayegh has a medical practice at 75 South Broadway, in Yonkers, NY, and The Bronx, NY. He is affiliated with numerous hospitals, including St Joseph’s Medical Center, and St. John’s Riverside Hospital, both In Yonkers.

It seems there is a person who worked at the 75 South Broadway Urgent Center who allegedly stole prescriptions that were left unattended in those offices. This individual was a person of interest to the DEA. When DEA confronted this employee, he became an informant for the DEA. A few years ago, Dr. Nadem Sayegh was questioned over his prescribing pain medications to some of his patients and was exonerated of any wrongdoing. Since that time, the doctor is said to no longer prescribe pain medications.

Today’s raid of Dr. Nadem Sayegh’s home suggests the DEA gathered sufficient evidence to follow up on the informant’s allegations of misconduct, but conclusions of guilt cannot yet be drawn. Guilt will need to be proven in a court of law.

Present day protocol no longer permits prescription slips be given directly to a patient. Instead, prescriptions are digitally sent from the doctor’s office to a patient’s pharmacy of choice for pick-up of the medications prescribed.

eHeziDrug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Agents Arrest Endocrinologist Dr. Nadem Sayegh in Morning Raid

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  1. A great DR really caring. If anyone should be jailed it should be Engel and DING BAT Dinowitz IMHO

    Dr Sayegh helped my wife and I and he is very conservative when giving prescription drugs

    The Jewish community lost an amazing doctor removed from performing his healthcare

    Shame the DEA did not not look into the Clinton’s when they had coke parties or ask to drug test the politicians .

  2. When the Federal’s get you.
    Be assured your goose has been already cooked.
    Snitch out and plead out. That’s all.
    My weight lifter buddy told me this Doctor is where all
    the meat heads go for testosterone shots.
    What a shame. I bet the guy never thought it would come
    to this.
    Very Sobering.
    I hope the politicians take heed.

    1. testosterone shots are not illegal to give by a physician. only illegal if used without a medical necessity of needs. if a patient suffers from chronic fatigue, weakness, sexual defects of libido it is warranted to give. get you facts straight before issuing a ignorant blog. Dr Sayegh was set up by some really crooked people and at the end of the day his name will be cleared.

      1. Hey Doctor ?
        All I wrote was it was a given.
        You WILL get Testosterone from this doctor.
        No one gets turned away.
        I understand your comment. I also understand that
        testosterone shots can induce a heart attack.
        He did get arrested, so, let’s be fair and see.
        I personally hope he gets exonerated.
        Looks like a descent man for sure.
        I do not find pleasure in others hurt.

        1. sayegh is a terrible uncaring dr. ?? who would rather play golf than talk to a patient and god forbid explain tests. orders unnecessary. ordered liver medicine for me that was shipped from some pharmacy I never heard from-when I brought into office to ask why he said he would give to another patient!!! no scruples. presently being investigated by medicare for fraud!!

      2. Hey Doc Shapiri…..’chronic fatigue, weakness, …libido’….a first grader can fake those very vague and impossible to prove medically symptoms…get a life….

        1. testosterone and other hormones are checked with a blood test. Unless the patient switches the labs they can not be faked. Insurance companies will not pay for the testosterone shots unless the levels are abnormal. Please read up some more…


    1. Nancy Kharouba who is so involved in social media is all over this story. She should worry about her brother who lost his license for distributing. Becareful what you wish for Nancy!

    2. Trey Al-Karma,
      As an Arab American living in Yonkers, I beam with pride to have a representative like Nadem Sayegh. Everyone spewing venom, regurgitating the nonsense and completely uncorroborated facts one media outlet released, shame on you. Nothing has been proven, no guilt has been established, and all of this is noise. So don’t post loaded statements like “what a black eye for arab Americans in Yonkers” when that is the furthest representation of current sentiment. Nadem is a good and honest man, and because the system is unreliable, this will only be demonstrated and publicized when the government shows their hand at the end of this long winded, directionless, and baseless character assaassination campaign.


  3. I see him coming out of this. The charges can easily be contested by any half brained defense attorney. I read somewhere that he’s accused of writing 50k pain pills over a 6 year span-which isn’t a shocking or excessive amount. It sounds about right for a doctor overseeing thousands of patients. As far as the other charges, I really can’t imagine an educated and successful physician with a hell of a lot to lose risking his MD license for a bottle of whiskey and a couple of carnival cruise tickets. I just don’t. As far as the prescriptions being written in family members names…do doctors not treat family members? Do doctors not write scripts for them? If that’s the case, then most doctors are guilty. The DEA gets it right 9 times out of 10, but they DO get it wrong sometimes. Had they actually found something during their raid, it would have been blasted for all to see and hear, but it looks like they didn’t. I’m all for catching these “dealers in white coats”, but I think they’re barking up the wrong tree with this guy. I can’t say the same for the others that were rounded up yesterday.

    1. You can’t say the same for the others ? They don’t get the same excuses? Cmon we know doctors get kick backs from PHarma Co. And now kick backs from street drug dealers . Wake up just because your last name used to mean something does not make you an angel.

      1. Every professional has some kind of kickback…. When it’s a Title Company giving a lawyer Yankee’s tickets, or a potato chip vendor giving a store owner tickets to a show so his items are displayed up front, or a insurance broker giving his client a bottle of wine, or wait…….A wall street stock broker gives out elaborate gift to get more clients and guess why???? More business…
        However when a Doctor goes to a dinner sponsored by Big Pharma you all look at like it’s a mortal sin. Why? A dinner is not going to persuade a physician to write their drug. The dinner usually entails an educational talk about the drug so we know what and when to use it. So please stop picking in Doctors because this entire country and world is all about kickbacks. At the end the government just wants a piece of the pie… Marijuana legalization anyone??? Government wants that too.
        Dr Sayegh is a great Doctor and my friend for 30 years. We all know he never distributed opiods… he likely got involved with some peculiar people that have it out for him. The public buried Dr Solomin last year when he was arrested, then vindicated 6 months later innocent. Slow down lynch mob, give this a few months before we crusify this man…

        1. Kickbacks are llegal. Just like speeding til you get caught. Does not make a difference how long you know a person. He is innocent till proven guilty but don’t make him out to be a alter boy. Let’s see what happens.

          1. Trey is the executioner? Innocent till proven guilty is correct. You do agree with that? Dr Sayegh is a good man and just like everyone in this world he makes mistakes. I know him as a Doctor and colleague and he is not an opiod seller. He wound up in a circle of people that are opiod salesmen and got caught up with them. So Trey, lets see how this pans out,,,, in the mean time you please continue your innocent sinless life and stay under 55mph while you drive cause if you speed you may get pulled over.

      2. What does his last name have to do with anything? It sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder and your personal issues with his “last name” are fueling your ignorance. An accusation is not a convinction.


  4. I want to ask a question. How long does a doctor have to go to school to to be able to write precriptions . Now how much time do dea agents go to school to know more then doctors when it comes to precription medication. Granted there are doctors that have messed up and got greedy,but the doctors are to the point where they are scared to write precriptions to take care of patients that really need that medication.The dea harasses doctors but not the drug companies ,because drug companies are too big so pick on the smaller guys, The doctors. Drug companies are the top drug dealers and the doctors are the street level dealers .

    1. From what I have read, this case is based in part upon prescriptions being written for people who were NOT under the doctor’s care. Either you are or are NOT a patient and if you were NOT a patient of this doctor’s, NO scrips should have been given. Not very difficult to figure out.

  5. It is doctors ( NOT law enforcement, paid drug addicts snitches, employees with an ax to grind, politicians, journalists, or professional review bodies) who are best equipped and motivated to decide what their patients need, at what doses, for what periods of time. The vast majority of doctors like Dr. Nadem Sayegh are professional, conscientious, responsible and ethical. Say what you will, and yes, everyone here, plus the media, politicians, law enforcement will want to crucify, judge and claim Dr. Nadem Sayegh is guilty before he can defend himself, but for liability to attach to physicians, they must prescribe controlled substances (1) knowingly; (2) without a legitimate medical purpose; and (3) outside the course of professional practice. Bet, he can defend the BS being layed out by the prosecutors, and media. Good doctors like Dr. Nadem Sayegh have been and will continue to be deceived by patients. This indictment can be vigorously fought and defended. Unfortunately, at the moment the good doctor’s reputation is being tarnished. Best of luck Dr.Nadem Sayegh. Your brother Nader Sayegh has NOTHING to be ashamed of. YOU ARE INNOCENT…

  6. Dr. Nadem Sayegh has been nothing but professional. He is one of the best doctors I have ever been to. Honest, Compassionate and competent. It is a shame for anyone to attack Dr. Sayegh. The man has saved many lives. We can not forget the good.

      1. Nobody died under Dr Nadem Sayeghs care from Opiods otherwise they would have charged him with Negligence and murder … Trey go get a life! Who are you anyway? and what do you do for a living? hmmmm… you sound like you want some drugs… Leave this site and concentrate on yourself. Maybe we can get you help Trey.. its not too late. There is a support group for people like you. Come join us.. Its 8pm every night located at the Player Haters Club..

    1. Because I had a dinner meeting tonight and I could not attend to moderate all the posts. Here is is and there was another you mention, it too must have been posed. I post them all. The only ones I will not tolerate into the future is anything that is off topics. That is becaus people think they are smart throwing a hatchet into issues that are not part of the original article and believe their deflective statement will be tolerated. No more. I you have an issue you want discussed send me an email and I will cover i so that you may make a pertinent content. If your are fearful of me, which is totally ludicrous, then your issue may or may not ever be found online. I cant do better than that.



  7. Hezi, I wouldn’t bother responding to these comments. Remember, if these people really thought their opinion mattered or their arguements had any basis.. they would turn to the proper outlets to be heard. Anyone who bad mouths anonymously says more about the bad mouther than the people they are talking about.

    For the commenter “What’s up, Doc?”.. if you are so well educated on the people you name.. what have you done to better serve your community? What preventive measures have you taken to stop corruption? What petition have you started to call for action? What council meeting have you spoke at? What type of dialogue do you have with your council member? Do you even know who your council memeber is? Do you feel better for airing laundry that everyone already talks about? I’m not saying what you claim is false.. but since you are making it your business to make these comments.. why don’t you provide some hard core proof? YOU ARE JUST AS BAD AS THE CORRUPT PLAYERS IN THE CITY.

    Anyone can hide behind hezi’s site to vent their fustration.. but you Sir.. you seem like a disgruntled Yonkers citizen who didn’t get their piece of the corrupt pie.

    God Bless all Yonkers citizens. God bless and may God give the strength to anyone who actually tries to better their community, instead of repeating gossip on this site.

  8. Whose head did I call for that upsets you so. And I have always awaited a court decision to ascertain guilt or innocence.
    Sound familiar? You just proved my point. Thanks.

  9. At least Nadem Sayegh is an actual doctor unlike his lawyer bro Nader, who tries to pass himself off as one (no MD & no Ph.D = no Doc). But the DEA doesn’t make house calls unless there’s clear evidence. Looks bad for the Doc.

    More to the point, with DEA raids, double-dealing with Spano for jobs, buying elections, and shafting Yonkers tenants while bribing Housing, these privileged Jordanian-Americans like Nadem Sayegh, Mike Khader, John Khader, and the three Nukho brothers Michael, George and the other one are a disgrace to their community and Yonkers. Too bad the community that they represent don’t call them out.

    1. Disgrace seriously what have you done? Sick and tired you targeting Arabs who are in the political arena.
      The Sayegh’s are a good family and if the Doctor committed a crime he will pay for it. This should not reflect Nader in anyway. Dragging other families into shows what a piece of s**t you are. If any of the mentioned names are doing anything wrong it with catch up to them. In meantime worry about your house and your life.

  10. I agree with hezi here. It seems that the above poster wants hezi to go after Nader over what his brother did or didn’t do which would be wrong. Hezi is always fair.

  11. Looks like a sloppy job DEA. Seems these agencies don’t do their job anymore. They rely on old evidence and “claims” from actual criminals to beat their charge.

  12. It’s pretty funny that Hezi is so quick to call for peoples’ heads at the slightest ALLEGATION of wrongdoing, but when a Sayegh has the DEA burst into his house with guns drawn (per Hezi’s reporting), what would usually be an immediate call for the man’s head is instead couched with “conclusions of guilt cannot yet be drawn. Guilt will need to be proven in a court of law.”

    Then again, I am staring at one of Nader’s ads as I type this.

    1. You are confusing Dr. Nadem Sayegh with the candidate running for political office, Nader Sayegh. And I do not call for Dr. Nadem Sayegh’s head because the basis for the arrest, while damning, it has not yet proven his guilt. Based on the strong allegations, it is unlikely Dr. Sayegh will be Abel avoid jail time.

    2. Whose head did I call for that upsets you so. And I have always awaited a court decision to ascertain guilt or innocence. Computerization has evidently afforded the DEA a most credible basis for making the arrest advised.

      Just remember that Dr. Nadem Sayegh is the brother of the Nader Sayegh is running for elected office. The guilt of one brother that does not transcend to the other. Your insinuation is weak. Such is the crassness of your insinuation.

      1. The crooks that I have mentioned that have gained an elitist leg up over everyone else are what they are because the cor uption is rampant. I infer you are averse to calling those cops the crooks they are and the corrupt politicians that enable them. If you can’t tell the difference you don’t know Yonkers or on the other you do but you believe that concocting a make-believe fantasy will convince people that you are on target but you know who you are and what you are. Your sensibilities are only enraged because I call those crooks by their conduct, but you would like me to be blind to the reality that I describe for what it is, not for what the crap you write and that you hope with stick to the walls. You are part of a problem to which honesty, and 5ruthful reporting will eventually expunge either by way of an enlighten voter, or because the fed may beat us to it. My money is on the Feds, because Yonkersites are afraid of the retribution that may and can be enacted against them. have fun in fantasyland and I will enjoy your taking it personally because you know you are the problem. That should settle it. Now go on and take on the day. Your falsehoods don’t fly. This remark proves it.

    3. I would have to agree! Sorry Hezi, the other day I made a comment against Nader and you did not “realease it” to the thread. It’s no big secret that you are a huge Nader supporter. Nice man but needs to fade out! He’s going to be a disaster in Albany!

      1. If your comment was not published, it most likely was off topic, the language was derogatory or the commented is unsubstantiated or false. I have no concern in admitting that I am supportive of Nader Sayegh for AD90. I am also welcoming of all other candidates and give each legitimate candidate the time of day, equal access to the website and radio. I am not interested in entertaining failed effort, or those who cannot go the distance toward political office. I support people for public office who intend to serve the Publuc interest. For that reason you will not find me extolling Talk. Show me what you have done for Yonkers lately. I don’t acquiesce to baseless statements. I want to know and be able to validate what has been done for Yonkers. Toward that end, I am supportive of Eliot Engel,Nader Dayegh. I do not celebrate nor endorse the the failed seven years failed effort of Shelley Mayer, Nor her interest to scuttle the MGM International Resorts buyout of Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway, and likewise the 22 year failure of Senator Andrea Stewart Cousins who has likewise not delivered for Yonkers. And there are others who talk a good game but have nothing to show for all their talk. Those are my parameters. And yes, I endorse Nader Sayegh. Nader Sayegh can deliver for Yonkers because he has the knowledge, know how, and the drive for accomplishing good for Yonkers. The failed efforts of others vying for office has failed due to their own incapacity. I am not into smoke and mirrors,or political deceit. Not only I, but every Yonkersites has the capacity to be heard on the YT. No one has been shut out. Those that want to turn the YT into an advertisement for their deceit and sloganeering have other options to be heard. The YT is not indearing of false facts, nor any effort to undermine the YT product. We have shown respect for the City of Yonkers, as well as its citizenry. We expect nothing in return other than respect and honesty. The only time the YT may be in error is when we are lied to. I do not tolerate such con games and neither should Yonkersites be so gullible. Where is the pride? It’s way beyond the time to exact respect from the people sent to office. When they don’t deliver, they should not gain voter support. There are many on the political landscape in Yonkers who are nothing more than failed retreads. I don’t perpetuate the deceptive lies and deceit. And anyone that does will get the time of day to prove their perspective. By failing to meet those parameters, they not only fail themselves, they also fail Yonkers. It is up to the voters to decide. Time will tell and I await the outcome in some races and dread the prospect for more failed years by those who will repeat their failures for Yonkers because they still have support. But th support they have is for reasons other than what is good for Yonkers. The choices are simple, who will deliver for Yonkers?

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