Lack of Thorough Oversight and Planning in Relocating Paideia School 15 of Yonkers Students to Alternate Schools Proves Chaotic

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The Paideia School 15 of Yonkers Crisis Continues Hezitorial

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YONKERS, NY — October 1, 2018 — Last Thursday, September 29th the entire student populace from Paideia School 15 of Yonkers were sent to Robert C Dodson School, situated at 105 Avondale Road, Yonkers, NY 10710, and St. Bartholomew School, situated at 278 Saw Mill River Road, Yonkers NY 10701. There’s also a story of a lost child on a bus Last Thursday. 

Two shuttle buses accommodating 15, one designated for Dodson and one designated for St. Bart’s were dispatched to transport the students to their newly assigned school. Kept hush, hush, was the incident that impacted a 7-year-old boy who was assigned to Dodson. Upon departure at the end of the school day he was negligently and erroneously permitted to board the wrong bus. He was located at about 5:30pm found on a bus on Yonkers Avenue. Instead of managing a crisis of mold infestation long known, the Yonkers Public School District creates another crisis and maintains its ongoing silence on every incident other than the false narrative they want parents to believe and thereby eviscerating what little confidence much less trust by their port planning to safeguard the welfare of a young child. Outrageous. A simple check list of students’ names would have avoided the anxiety to the young student and those of his parents / guardians. It is not rocket silence!!!

Last week’s evacuation, demanded by State authorities, was abrupt, unexpected, and unplanned. In order to mitigate the need for supplies to commence with the teaching requirements,  teachers sent notices to students’ families beseeching parent / guardian to donate what they could to purchase needed school supplies that could no longer be retried from Paideia School 15 of Yonkers.

When Yonkers Public School Superintendent Edwin Quezada got wind that  teachers were requesting donations to meet the school supplies needs of the student body in their charge, Quezada sent his “storm troopers” to stop asking the parents for donations. He arrogantly advised the teaching staff that all they needed to teach the students was a piece of chalk. Yonkers Tribune never did learn if the teaching staff was supplied with enough chalk to carry on.

Juxtaposed to the abrasive and uncalled for derisive attitude unleashed by Quezada on the teaching staff, parents have been beyond amazing. They have done what the could, scrounging about for donations from the community to obtain the necessary supplies needed to meet the needs of the students.

The photo-op expected Quezada to orchestrate when some of the students are permitted to return to Paideia School 15, a seeming 2-3 moths time from now. Is it too condescending on the part of this writer to suggest Quezada will invite Mayor Mike Spano to laud accolades on Quezada for a job well done, with the entire Yonkers Board of Education (YBoE) Trustees taking a bow behind him. This despite the crisis they fomented by not mitigating the grown mold infestations for weeks, likely months, even years without their acknowledging the need. So while Quezada and YBoE Trustee President Rev. Steve Lopez  abrogated their fiduciary responsibilities in silence, they were exacerbating the deleterious effect the mold was having on the student populace, teaching staff, kitchen staff, custodians, among other ancillary support staff. For that alone Quezada and Rev. Lopez must be coerced to step done. Instead a congratulatory pad on the back to both responsible protagonists that brought about this crisis by shirking their fiduciary responsibility to maintain the welfare and safety of well who were assigned to Paideia School 15 of Yonkers. For that alone Quezada and Lopez deserve a kick in the pants. A class action lawsuit might teach them and future personnel wh intend to serve the Yonkers Public School District that there are best practices that Quezada and Lopez are ignorant of. 

And Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano should not believe that the YBoE, a department of the City of Yonkers, is independent of his input and demands for remedy. Almost the entire Board of Education Trustees were designated to their position by Mayor Mike Spano himself. None of the parties involved directly or tangentially should believe there feigned distance from “make believe” boundaries can keep statues of law at bay. 

The least Mayor Mike Spano can do is clean the Yonkers Board of Education Trustees of any responsibility and apologized for a failed construct that was failed all of Yonkers, the Mayor himself, the teaching staff, the kids, their parent / guardians, among others. 

A Revelant thank you to the Crestwood Library for donating two large boxes of books and puzzles that brought a sense of normalcy to the aberration of the past days that will continue to linger for far too long. 

Whether Mayor Mike Spano takes action to dismiss Dr. Edwin Quezada and the Yonkers Board of Trustees or not, the only way to correct past travesties is by making it public. 

Yonkers Tribune should hope you advise us, but we are not the issue. So choose whom you trust among television, radio, print, and online outlets you trust. If Yonkers Tribune is your choice, direct e-mail to Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Editor-at-Large and BlogTalk Radio Host of Westchester On the Level by directing email to or . Office / Text / Cell contact: 347-425-4326. We can’t do it without you. 

eHeziLack of Thorough Oversight and Planning in Relocating Paideia School 15 of Yonkers Students to Alternate Schools Proves Chaotic

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    1. Dear Yonkers Residents,

      Since we announced the protest, we have received multiple threats from the Spano / Quezada thugs.

      For the sake of safety of all participants, the protest will be canceled.

      They won’t for us to be silent.

      Please find other venues to voice your opinion and worries in Yonkers.

      Thank you all.

  1. Teachers cannot sue. Not for a WORK RELATED INJURY. That will fall under NYS Workers Compensation Insurance. Visiting any physician and using their OWN INSURANCE, will result in a denial of claim from the carrier and hopefully forwarded to the city’s WC carrier. If not, it is left in the lap of the patient. The “City” knowing this is all PS 15 claims, will almost definitely push back there, and then screw EVERY SINGLE TEACHER either through “Days/time” or payment to doctors claims. And they will play that shit out for YEARS!!
    You watch and see.

    As for protests at peoples homes. That is TOTALLY Legal as long as you’re ALL continuously walking and orderly,NOT on private property while doing so, no harrassing or calling of names at all AND TO ANY ONE OTHER than the PUBLIC EMPLOYEE being called upon ie, children, family, friends etc. Thats how ya do it…

    And that is what it IS. You would be “Calling Upon” the Mayor or Supt for an “Answer” so to speak. All this being brought out HERE on YT is almost a waste. IF this blog / thread were on News12 or the Journal it WOULD be taken seriously and be MUCH MORE PUBLIC. But until THESE Conversations and Thoughts are spoken about THERE and in PUBLIC (Board Meetings, Council etc), this shit will always be talk. Thats it! TALK

    It’s a perfect example of why we are not “New Rochelle”.. LOL.. Go take a look at the “Talk of the Sound” website blog and how much which is chatted about there is ACTUALLY PURSUED, and People are ACTUALLY PROSECUTED TOO!! That shit is CRAZY! Could you imagine!!? Lmfao.. I’m out, time to pretend Im working again for 2 hours… Love this City job. Like sucking on a big old teet all day long…. Just lost in my dreams and happy 🙂

  2. To All Residents of Yonkers,

    I am proposing and organizing a protest on Columbus Day, October 8th, 2018, at 1:00 pm in front of the house of the disgraced Mayor of Yonkers Mike Spano. Media outlets will be invited to show the rest of the City, State, and even the US, the strong will of the residents of Yonkers.

    The point of gathering will be KFC on 1920 Central Park Ave. Please exercise caution until the protest starts. Yonkers police will be contacted for safety precaution to all participants.

    Columbus Day marks the day when the land of opportunities was discovered. However, it seems that the City of Yonkers is only the land of opportunities for family and friends of Spano and Quezada.

    I urge everyone to participate including:

    – Parents of the displaced students from PS 15 with their children

    – Teschers from PS 15 and other schools displeased with the Spano and Quezada damage to the city.

    – Parents of students from across the city displeased with the schools and the rotten head Quezada.

    – All residents of Yonkers

    You are welcome to bring signs to voice your concerns, opinions, and suggestions. It will be a peaceful protest to exercise your right in front of the world.

    Please express interest by texting 845-377-3107.

    Every Mayor leaves after a protest from the parents and teachers of the City of Yonkers- Ask Amicone.

    Thank you

    1. While protests are therapeutic, the organizer should actually be a Yonkers resident or at the very least have a 914 phone number.

      1. With all due respect- the organizer is a Yonkers Resident and that number was created for the sole purpose of organizing this event.

        Instead of pointing fingers and paying attention to an area code, what do you have to offer here?

        We should all be one hand against this corrupt mobster running the city.

        Thank you

        1. here’s what I have to offer: New York State is responsible for funding education. Yonkers gets the shaft from them year after year. Instead of throwing rose pedals at Shelley Mayer and Andrea Stewart-Cousins feet, perhaps a protest at their houses would be equally beneficial as they are ones failing our kids.

          1. At $26,000 plus per year per unit, Yonkers does not get “the shaft”. It’s the Yonkers taxpayer getting “the shaft” from every dept in Yonkers. The problem in the schools has to do with achievement, which has nothing to do with money and everything to do with the teachers, students and their parents. ‘Yonkers BOE needs to be replaced top to bottom.

            With all these empty schools it’s obvious we don’t need to spend $2 billion on new schools.

            Where we will get the shaft is from politicians pandering to parents and developers (think friends and family).

      1. It’s YOUR child

        It’s YOUR family

        It affects YOUR home

        Bring the protests to Spano and HIS family and HIS home. Maybe then HE will give a sheet.

      2. I agree as in many would not be able to afford their homes without the six figure jobs that their uneducated butts occupy. Colonial Heights will never be the same! It’s every citizens legal right to a peaceful protests! Gone are the days of the Mobster wanna be’s! Accountability is here! You run our homes by raising our taxes and prevent our kids from getting jobs! That’s ok right?

    2. As a parent of a child who attends a Yonkers public school, I appreciate what you are doing in effort to shed light on the atrocious way the schools are being managed. So thank you for that and goodluck in the protest you are spearheading. I hope the point gets heard loud and clear. But I do have to add that Amicone actually left because of term limits. He fulfilled his 2 terms as Spano will next year. Neither would just resign because of protests.The person who definitely has to be fired or resign is Quezada. It’s actually mind boggling that he hasn’t been let go as of yet. Would be a perfect way to get him and his obscene contract off the books. And for the Mayor to save a little face

      1. A petition calling for Quezada to be let go I. A fashion we do not have to pay his contract! How about get all the copies of the complaints from the teachers the first week of school a
        ( FOIL if we have to) and use that for a mass action lawsuit! I know I am in!

    3. With all due respect to the issues you intend to address, ‘WHO ARE YOU’? Why are you expecting anyone at this ‘protest’ without your having identified yourself? Come-on now.

      1. I identified the issues and that’s what’s important now. Phishing for the identify is what Spano and Quezada people would do.

        I speak for the silent majority or those who were failed by the same people they elected to office. The second they get into office, they forget about the responsibilities of the office they were elected to.

        My goal is to raise awareness. My goal is prevent a third term of Spano. My goal is to prevent the pervert Quezada from staying in office.

        I will spend my personal money and dedicate my time for these issues.

        Having said that, my identity should be the least thing one should worry about.

        Thank you

  3. If I were a parent with a child in the affected school then I would organize all of the parents, children and school workers and head across the bridge to New City, stand outside Quezada’s home with signs, and exercise my first amendment right to peaceably assemble. Oh, and I’d call the local news just to give them a heads-up. You’d waste your time doing it in Yonkers. But New City…that’s different ballgame.

  4. They only solution is to move out of the City of Horrors, Spano is nothing but a low life politician. The only thing he cares about is his family and friends network. Get out if you can the city and schools are decaying faster then you think. Oh and dont forget to pay your exit tax.

    1. Wherever I drive in Yonkers I see “for sale” signs. Homeowners have obviously had enough and are wisely jumping ship. With an anticipated $90 million hole in next year’s Yonkers budget and Spano’s construction boom underwritten by more debt with virtually no money coming into the city (welfare from Cuomo and gambling revenue notwithstanding), the writing is on the wall. Consider the exit tax your “get out of jail free” card. All things considered, it’s a very small price to pay to be well rid of this city.

  5. As a concerned parent of three children that have been split up at Dodson and the vacant St. Bart’s site I am disgusted with the learning conditions for my children. I contacted The state education department and was told they will do an inspection of these disorganized, dysfunctional spaces. It is horrible what has been done to our children. I am appalled at the handling of this mold situation.

  6. The teachers at Paidea School 15 have visited physicians and lawyers for the past week. They have had enough from Quesada and his nonstop lies to parents and the community. Shame on you Mr. Mayor for allowing this chaos to continue.

    1. Hope you all cash in big time and hit the city government where it hurts – in the pocketbook. Looking forward to seeing how much the city is going to pay out for these lawsuits. Maybe Spano can build a few more hotels to offset the cost or grovel before Cuomo for more money next year.

      1. All the lawsuits will do is drive up taxes even higher than they are now. That’s where the governments get their cash flow. Its not coming out of Spano or quezada huge bank accounts. Its coming out of our pockets

        1. You’re right, of course. But, then again, Yonkers continues to elect corrupt and inept politicians, who cater to civil servant with their six-figure salaries and pensions while schools, roads, public services, etc., etc., continue to deteriorate. So, in a sense, the city and its taxpayers get what they deserve.

  7. YONKERS! STAND UP! How long will we sit here and wait for SOMEONE to say SOMETHING! My kids go to 2 different schools in YPS, both older than Padeia 15. Are they testing them? Theres’s mold, and mice, and wtf happpened with the lead situation? My kids said the fountains/sinks that tested positive were closed. So blocked lead pipes, leaky roofs, mold and mice, and $2 billiion to rebuild YPS? BRING IN TH F’N FEDS.

  8. Spano doesn’t want anything to do with the Yonkers public schools. He gave Quezada a sexy five years contracts and told him- see ya.

    It’s a shame that the Spano issued a statement commending Quezada on his good work when the teachers are begging the parents for supplies.

    Why the hell are we paying taxes? What the hell we paid the additional 6.2%?

    Can we just protest?

    Hezi, help!!!

    1. You’re paying taxes to fund six-figure salaries and pensions for fire, police and DPW workers who don’t live in Yonkers and don’t pay taxes here.

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