Mount Vernon’s Alternative Narratives: Mayor Richard Thomas v. Comptroller Reynolds

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo Beseeched to Remove Comptroller on Just Cause e.g. Impeachment from Office

Mount Vernon Police Exam Cancelled Due to Non-payment

Mount Vernon Police Officer’s Medical Bills Go Unpaid

Mount Vernon DPW Bucket Truck Repossessed 

Senior Citizen Centers Out of Toilet Paper Due to Non-payment

Department of Justice Arbitrator (Mediator) Requested

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MOUNT VERNON, NY — October 19, 2018 – While Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas rails at the arrears that have accumulated to over $1.1 million as of two months ago, he remains steadfast in challenging Comptroller Deborah Reynolds for abrogating her fiduciary responsibility to maintain the credit worthiness of the City of Mount Vernon. Juxtaposed to the demands of office that govern her position as Mount Vernon Comptroller she has fomented a finial crisis that undermines Mount Vernon’s capacity to function. Her conduct of non-payment has fostered threats of penalties by New York State agencies to be suffered by continued non-compliance o remedy issues that continue to languish due to non-payment. 

A Mount Vernon Police Officer’s health is caught in the middle due to non-payment of his medical bills. The Mount Vernon Police Department Exam has been cancelled for non-payment. A Department of Public Works (MVDPW) Bucket Truck has been responses for non-payment. Mount Vernon Senior Center no longer have toilet paper, among other such sundries due to non-payment of bills in arrears. Sewer pipelines need replacement as prescribed by the NYS Department of Conservation but cannot be repaired due to the lack of timely payment by Comptroller Reynolds’ non-compliance demeanor. The continuing back room skirmishes have imposed a financial crisis for Mount Vernon that is unconscionable for the fact that Comptroller Reynold has not and seemingly has no interest to validate her conduct other that to point a derisive and accusatory finger at Mayor Thomas. Reynolds’ conduct may also cause additional fiscal constraint upon Mount Vernon should payment be demanded by the New York State Department of Conservation for Mount Vernon being delinquent in coming into compliance regarding sewage leaks.

Comptroller Reynolds has filed court papers suggesting that Mayor Thomas does not have legal standing to demand that she pay bills that come due. In realty he is a co-signatory to checks being issued and therefore is stands to reason that bot must act in unison to comply in paying bills for services rendered. Reynolds has not proven in a court of law that she is permitted to decide on her own to whom bills will be paid as opposed that she deems need not be. Reynold’s contention is that only those vendors that submit payment due notices to the Office of the Mount Vernon Comptroller will be recognized by her and none that are first presented to the Office of the Mayor. 

Reynolds was quoted by the Journal News to have said in an email this past Tuesday: “The bills Mayor Thomas is trying to get a judge to get my office to pay are Mayor Thomas’ personal legal bills from separate entities he oversees, such as the Urban Renewal Agency and the Industrial Development Agency.” Were the issues and concerns Reynolds suggests Thomas should like her to do that is “illegal”, has she filed documentation of improper conduct against against Mayor Thomas? If so, where is? if not, why not? She further asserts: “These agencies are not part of the City of Mount Vernon budget and should not be paid by the taxpayers.” If that is the case, has she revealed this conduct before a court of law? 

It seems Comptroller prefers engaging mayor Thomas in an acrimonious she said he said slugfest while the Mount Vernon citizenry suffers the negative consequences of this political brawl.


eHeziMount Vernon’s Alternative Narratives: Mayor Richard Thomas v. Comptroller Reynolds

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