Quezada Continues to Obscure the Reality of Paideia School 15 with Spin While One Photo Exposes Facts and Reality

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A closet at Paideia School 15 of Yonkers revealing the back wall of the closet stained by mold, as are the plastic wrapped items that have been invaded by mold. This photo begs the question what was cleaned in the school. How can anyone suggest that the school is safe when the closets are still not cleaned_ Where is the official report revealing what was and wasn´t cleaned up. Superintendent Quezada´s pronouncement do not rise to a level of credibility. Yet he is not embarrassed to engage in subterfuge and falsehoods. Photo by and courtesy of a concerned and engaged citizen.

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS NY — October 20, 2018 — On Friday, October 19, 2018, Yonkers Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada wrote a letter address the “Paideia School 15 Learning Community”. He wrote: “Let me begin by thanking the entire Paideia School 15 family for your support and cooperation throughout the temporary relocation and the continuing repairs. My goal is to have open lines of communication, provide updates as necessary and access to my team.” An encouraging use of language that engenders a sense of renewed confidence and professionalism only to be eclipsed by the reality recognizable in the photo herein. Is this what Quezada means when he advises he will “provide updates as necessary,” while one photo speaks the enormity of the issues that he prefers to omit in this communique, those he has issued in the past, and likely an unabated onslaught of telling s that omit facts of concern. The most telling is that by addressing the “entire Paideia School 15 Learning Community” he ostracizes the concerned taxpayer with a parade of faceless, meaningless, and innocuous words to coverup his shortcomings as an administrator. Worse, it exposes his inability to correct his past oversight and scrutiny of the Yonkers Public School District for its capacity to maintain a safe and healthy environment by which teachers, students, and ancillary working staff may function to which no amount of spin can obscure.

His letter continues by advising: “With the lower grades returning to School 15 on Monday (October 22nd), I would like to make you aware of what the children may experience as we continue the roof repairs during normal working hours as well as weekends and off hours as required until the work is finished. Our anticipated completion is mid- December.”

“The main playfield will be open, but the small playground on the west side of the building will be closed. The bus pullouts in front of the building will be kept open, although the parking spaces in the lot on Westchester Avenue and some of the spaces in the back parking lot off Manhattan Avenue will be needed for contractor staging.”

“Any work done while students are in the building will be restricted to the exterior of the school. Sidewalk bridges will protect the entrances of the building. Roof workers will not be inside the building; they will have a separate exterior stair tower to the roof and exterior toilet facilities. The school will have a School Safety substitute to assist the administrative team. Minor additional work may continue inside the building such as HVAC upgrades; this will be limited to the boiler room or done after dismissal.”

“The third floor will not be used for classes because the required roof work would likely disrupt instruction. This work cannot be deferred until spring. The cold weather will break down roof work completed to date and may contribute to moisture issues inside the building. When adhesives or other potentially odorous materials are being applied to the roof, the roof top air handlers (which supply only the library and the auditorium) and vents will be closed. The fresh air supply in each classroom will not be affected because each room has fresh air unit ventilators as well as windows.”

Cleaning, sampling and testing of the building is complete. Results and reports as they become available are posted on the School 15 website. The October 2, 2018 air sampling, (report dated October 9, 2018) indicated that the building was cleared for reoccupancy and use. The final air sampling taken on October 16, 2018, indicates the building is ready for students and staff. The final report is being completed by Adelaide Environmental Health Services and reviewed by LiRo Engineers when received will be posted on the website.

Any questions or comments should be directed to John P. Carr, Executive Director of School Facilities at 914 376 8008 or jcarr@yonkerspublicschools.org.

As always, please feel free to call me with any questions.


Dr. Edwin M. Quezada

C: President Rev. Lopez and Members of the Board of Education

One Larkin Center

Yonkers, New York 10701

Tel. 914 376-8100

Fax 914 376-8584 equezada@yonkerspublicschools.org

Dr. Edwin M. Quezada

Superintendent of Schools


eHeziQuezada Continues to Obscure the Reality of Paideia School 15 with Spin While One Photo Exposes Facts and Reality

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  1. You are brilliant and have some valuable insight about Mr. Quesada de nada aka coo coo nada. Keep telling it like it is. He’s an absolute disaster. School system in shambles and running by proxy.

    1. I actually have a question right now….
      Why do these particular ASSISTANT SUPERVISORS (they’re not even supervisors, they’re ASSISTANT supervisors, lol!) These guys take the cake! Literally…After EVERY bake sale, they pull up in their no Decal BOARD OF EDUCATION truck and TAKE THE CAKE!!…. Home.
      Why is this ABSOLUTE BLATANT WASTE of TAXPAYER MONEY STILL HAPPENING!? 24/7 TAKE HOME VEHICLES?…. On vacation too no less!!!!!!
      And of course we are talking about Edwin’s best buds!!…

      1-I swear I am NOT prejudiced, but you just should not be allowed a STATE CIVIL SERVICE Position if you CANNOT COMMUNICATE or be understood AT ALL if you no speaka spaneesh Mr. Tufalo “Eddie” Velazquez. But, he at least works. He breaks a sweat and therefore merits his position. NO CAR REQUIRED.
      2-Rafeal Sanches. Quezadas ugly twin brother. This dude has harassed MORE PEOPLE than Quezada has for TWICE as long! He works the SAME HOURS as the janitors he “supervises” until 11:30pm then takes his nice City Paid vehicle all the way home across that bridge close by, “tapinsea”. Then writes little notes in scribble to remind himself of whose balls to bust tomorrow. This guy is a NIGHTMARE for ANYONE Quezada tells him to be to! That’s what he’s there for, custodial harassment and that ONLY. NO CAR REQUIRED.
      3-Alfonso Delillo , he is just a TOKEN….Token WHITE GUY! Because without him NOBODY would understand a fucking thing without an interpreter! It’s 100% the TRUTH! Call for yourself and see…. NO CAR REQUIRED
      4-Paul Carney, he has been looking for his glasses that are on top of his head for over 3 YEARS! NO CAR REQUIRED.
      5- Lee Pavone, oh my my! Talk about “Saving the best for last”!! Lmao… This beady eyed brain drain should just NOT work in an educational setting. It creates an actual LIVE OXYMORON! Definitely NO CAR REQUIRED!

      Now I know there are more, and it might even seem to be warranted that these are still being allowed! But I NEED to know WHY!!? These numbskulls of the “Facilities Maintenance” department do not respond to off hour calls, they are in NO WAY “emergency personnel”! Ask the FD & PD!!!… They only want, need is a key holder bc they are looking for a FIRE or a SUSPECT! Not an Asst to the Assistant of Assistant Supervisors.

      Waste of Public Funds in the Land of Make Believe!!!!

      (Sad part is, it’s ALL true)

  2. Edwin Quezada- Supt. and owner of Dia de Noche on Mclean Ave (NASTY Dumbinican)

    Margerita Sanchez- Supt Asst (NASTY Dumbinican Wife of Custodial Supervisor)

    Rafael Sanchez- Custodian Supervisor (NASTY Dumbinican) Roberto Rivera-PS 15 Head Custodian (Rafaels NASTY DUMBinican Brother in Law!)

    Not ONE OF THEM can speak proper English! NOT ONE.
    And when they attemt to, they are downright NASTY PEOPLE no less. One cannot understand a word that comes out of their mouths.

    As you can see its a little clique there. All DUMBinican and ALL NASTY!
    Go ahead and ask around… Go speak to the ones in charge of the CLEANLINESS and SAFTEY of your CHILDREN. Good luck that they don’t tell you to “Go es Fuc u es self!”

    This is what is running the BOE in Yonkers… Watch Friday evening when Edwin ROLLS out with Rev Lopez at Dia Noche!!! Those two look like Evangelical Pimps PRETENDING like they dont like the attention!

    LMFAO from the comfort of my heatless maintenance van… 😉

  3. You are totally misinformed Paidea School 15 is a total disaster. They did plaster, patch up and paint. The mold is by far not gone and you need to stop drinking the Qoosada koolaid . The school is in bad shape and I just transferred my two children to Anunciation School. Never seen anything like this shitty of hills.

  4. I’m confident the school is safe. The tests results from Oct. 1 which are posted on the schools website prove the school is safe. And when I went to the Open House on Thursday the school looked almost ready. I was assured by the superintendent and John Carr more cleaning was going to continue round the clock through the weekend.
    I’m sending my child. And we are so happy to go back to school 15!
    Thank you Ms. Wermuth, Mr. Cohen and all of the teachers, aids and support staff for ensuring our children were happy, safe and learning during this difficult time. No doubt, as a learning community we are stronger than ever.
    In addition, I am grateful we have a Mayor who is taking a stand to get NYS to properly fund our schools. We all need to bring our frustrations about our deteriorating school buildings to Albany.

  5. Is this photo current? What is going on? At the big meetings he had a couple of weeks ago, he specifically told us that the test results would be posted on the Yonkers Public Schools website. Where are they? Where is Mayor Spano? Where is Governor Cuomo? Why are we sending our children back into this mess? If you’re smart, you’ll keep your kid out of that school until the problem is fixed, or until that building is demolished, because believe it or not, that might be just what it takes. If they can’t handle it, they need to admit that they can’t, get a new Administration, and do things the right way. I cannot believe he is still trying to wave this problem away. The building should not be open until the entire building is cleared. Not close the third floor. Parents, don’t send your kids on Monday.

  6. The state of School 15 is an indication of the the horrific state of YPS schools. The trustees are puppets to the mayor. This mayor needs to go away. He’s a horror show. I would not send my kid back to School 15 however all parents care about is the Crestwood neighborhood not the education of their kids. Let’s be real folks. Quesada continues to mumble and go in circles with his bull about mold-free and quality air at School 15. It’s all lies and bunch of hot air bull crap.

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