Responsibility for Initiating Term Limits Legislation Vacillates Between Pragmatism and Plausible Deniability of Effort

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UPDATE: Rescinding or Extending Term Limits Must be Voted Upon Before the November 6, 2018 Mid-term Elections, that is, More than 365 Days Before the 2019 Election for Yonkers Mayor and Those Standing for Yonkers City Council.

YONKERS, NY — October 6, 2018 — The hunger to hang onto the power of political office is often the most visceral and driving force behind holding onto office. There is an intoxicating sense of power of earning respect from the constituency served and/or intentioned to be served, as well as a self-serving pragmatism for holding onto office or navigating the political pecking order toward higher office. Term limits define the specific number of terms one may serve. 

The mayor of Yonkers is limited to two terms of four years each, as are the city council members. For those seeking office as Westchester County Board Legislators, the 2-years long term is not term limited. New York State Assemblymembers  and New York State Senators are not term limited, only constrained by the 2-year length per term. The City of Yonkers has struggled over term limits for many years. Two referenda to rescind term limits for the office of Mayor of Yonkers were given a thumbs down by Yonkersites. When New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was desirous for a third term, despite the 2-term limit of four-years each, he asked the New York City Councilmembers for their endorsement of a third term for him. Mayor Bloomberg received the unanimous approval of the New York City Councilmembership, thereafter going on to serve a third term. Beseeching the New York City Councilmembership for approval over engaging in a referendum was less costly to the New York City taxpayer overall, was a game changer, and became the template for other office holders who were term limited, as they are in the City of Yonkers. Such was the perspective of the past, its resolution, and harbors an effort of replication contemplated in Yonkers for over a year in time. 

The effort to extend or rescind term limits will come before the Yonkers City Council this year. It must take place more than 365 days prior to the next election for mayor and for those running for Yonkers City Council. most likely after the mid-term elections of November 6th but before Thanksgiving. Had the Yonkers City Council voted to rescind / extend term limits last year, it could have been challenged this year. Waiting to  rescind / extend term limits in 2018 cannot be likewise challenged. Recognize as well that rescinding / extending term limits must be approved a year before it would impact those that would benefit from such an initiative coming to a vote.

Were rescinding / extending term limits approved does not guarantee re-election; only the capacity to run for another term.

The successful effort by Mayor Mike Bloomberg remains a game changer that Mayor Mike Spano had contemplated last year. He was initially enthusiastic about it then, but has been said to vacillate between desirous of seeing such legislation taking hold or departing the office of mayor of Yonkers at the end of his second term which expires in 2019. From a pragmatic perspective, Mayor Mike Spano has no other choice but for term limits to be rescinded / extended. It seems the only issue concerning the mayor is whether to be the author of such an effort.

The Executive Branch of office, that is the mayor of Yonkers, usually presents the issues to the Legislative Branch of office, that is the Yonkers City Councilmembership. There is a reluctance by Mayor Mike Spano to be the author of legislation toward rescinding / extending term limits. There is a similar reluctance on the part of the Yonkers City Councilmembership. Even so, the Yonkers Tribune has learned that rescinding / extending term will come about. Logically, it will fall on the Yonkers City Council to take take on this initiative. The rationale for the Yonkers City Councilmembership is that they should like to at least have the opportunity to serve three terms in office because they will earn a pension when having served at minimum 10 years in office.

So who will initiate extending / rescinding term limits? The Yonkers City Council will. They will be pressured to do so, they will capitulate, they will garner the minimum required number of votes for passage, that is a vote of at minimum four out of the seven votes needed and Mayor Mike Spano will not veto their legislative initiative. If a super majority vote of the Yonkers City Council, that is 5 to 2 is realized, the mayor cannot eclipse their super majority with a veto, nor would he want to.

At present, the Yonkers Tribune recognizes at least 4, probably 5, even 6, of the Yonkers City Councilmembership who will support rescinding / extending term limits.

# # #

Yonkers Tribune readers first heard about the effort to rescind / extend term limits in a Hezitorial written February 10, 2016: HEZITORIAL INVESTIGATION: Careerism to Return to Yonkers Politics by Rescinding Term Limits By Hezi Aris, again on May 22, 2016: Rescinding Term Limits is Still on Track in Yonkers By Hezi Aris, again on January 26, 2017: Mayor Mike Spano Plans to Revise his Limited Political Prospects by Extending Term Limits By Hezi Aris , again on June 11, 2017: Term Limits to Be Extended in 2017 by the Yonkers City Council at the Behest of Mayor Mike Spano By Hezi Aris, again on November 12, 2017: Yonkers City Council is Unanimously On Board to Rescind / Extend Term Limits, and again on July 4, 2018: A Political Poll to Gauge Yonkersites’ Desire to Extend and/or Rescind Term Limits By Hezi ARIS, and article written on November 12, 2017:  “Yonkers City Council is Unanimously On Board to Rescind / Extend Term Limits By Hezi Aris”

The scuttlebutt was it would not happen. Yonkersites need not wait too much longer for the legislation to come before the Yonkers City Council for a vote.


eHeziResponsibility for Initiating Term Limits Legislation Vacillates Between Pragmatism and Plausible Deniability of Effort

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  1. Debbie McLaughlin is the Yonkers Employee of the Month! What a phenomenal job she does as the Executive Assistant to The City of Yonkers Corporation Counsel.
    The greatest City in the world because we have the greatest people.
    Congratulations to Debbie and the great McLaughlin family!

  2. Everyone knows it is against the law for a church to rent to a political organization. That church must be greedy for money to rent to MPAC. Someone should report that priest. And, so tired of hearing about term limits. What difference does it make? The Spanos control everyone anyway even if they are not in office. Khader made a deal. Sabatino, Williams and Pineda are easily manipulated.

    1. Dr. Sayegh, 64, of Yonkers, is charged with one count of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison; one count of distribution of controlled substances, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison; one count of health care fraud, which carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison; making false statements, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison; and aggravated identity theft, which carries a two year mandatory minimum prison sentence to be served consecutive to any other term of imprisonment.

  3. The only reason to get rid of term limits is a self serving one. So, let them do it, and vote them out. I am not voting for someone who makes a decision based on what is best for them and not the city.

  4. there is a board meeting to discuss the future of mpac at the church with the new Father. It is open to all members of the church- I will be there to voice my concerns.

  5. Spano will get a 3rd term
    Khader as CCP will whip Democrats in line to give Spano a 3rd term. Khader got Spano a 7-0 vote on the budget and he will do the same for extending term limits

    1. Is that you Vinny, making it sound like mike khader and your brother are getting along. We know the truth, they hate the fact that khader is on the 4th floor. accept the fact he beat the red head, republican party, democratic party and spano party. when does your contract come up for renewal

      1. Nope not Vinny, but going to come out and fight these bastards if they try to take away the voice of the people. This will go to court and we’l make them pay out of their own pockets and not let them do a $400,000 Amicone, with “our money”

  6. Progress can be seen all over the city. We are moving the right direction. Three terms are what we need….no more thank that ……

    A message to the council——-DO IT ALREADY !

    1. Anyone who says Yonkers is headed in the right direction is naive, misinformed, on the City payroll or has their head buried in the sand.

      CofY is in a downward spiral, homeowners are fleeing, schools crumbling, roads like a 3rd world country, financial fiasco, credit downgrades, developers cash cow paradise with Pilots programs, ever increasing taxes, dirt/garbage/litter, corruption, nepotism, waste/inefficiencies, no accountability…the list of issues goes on and on…

      Any Council person who proposes or endorses extending Term Limits, against the will of the people/voters, will be committing political suicide and lawsuits from Citizens.

    2. The Spanos are lying thieves who talk out of both sides of their mouths and Yonkers has had it with them. The only ones who think things are rosey in Yonkers are either blind or on the payroll. Schools falling down, roads a mess, streets and sidewalks filthy, etc etc etc

  7. The church has nothing to do with who rents the hall its simple,its not a church event or hosted by anyone from the church parish,its rented by an outside organization very simple .

  8. Hezi,
    Currently, the law prohibits political campaign activity by charities and churches by defining a 501(c)(3) organization as one “which does not participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distributing of statements), any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public …

    1. This sounds like an issue which is not so simply defined. If they rent their space to a PAC, it is the PAC organization which is supposedly participating in and intervening on behalf of candidates etc. Also, if your issue is with a PAC being non-profit, you would have to make a case that there is a quid-pro-quo for their political support of any particular candidate. Try and prove that the likely awarding of jobs as a result of this support is a direct financial benefit. Have you never heard of churches advocating for one candidate or another, based upon the moral platforms of a particular candidate? This church is not even doing that. They rent their space to a group and that in no way means they are associated with that group’s activities. Moreover, Many churches in Yonkers rent out their halls for weddings, to neighborhood associations who hold regular meetings and candidate nights during elections etc. It seems as though you are only focused on this one religious entity. I have no use for Khader so I don’t care about your issues with him or his family. As far as I am concerned, he sold out when he voted for this past budget and I do hope he is finished.

  9. Hezi the parish and its members take these claims very serious. Let me clear up some confusion about the church to your readers.
    Mpac and the church have no connection to one another. I have reached out to other parish members to what’s Mpacs arraignment with 236 Grandview Blvd. None of the members have any idea. I plan on contacting the Priest tomorrow to see what’s the deal. I do not believe it is allowed to use the church for political purposes. I love that church and I will personally pay for any repairs. I plan on bringing this to the attention of the Priest tomorrow morning. The church of God doesn’t need Mpac or any “renters”. Mpac and John Khder have dirty money. I plan on keeping you and the Yonkers Tribune readers updates after my conversation with the Priest. I do plan on doing everything possible to make sure Mpac and John Khader is not involved in the place where I pray to God.

  10. I’ll look into this. I had no idea. Don’t be surprised if things change. Hezi I am glad that you brought this to my attention. I am shocked reading this right now. Change will be happening soon that I give you a Sayegh guarantee for. The church is the church and no place for politics.

    1. It is an interesting and intriguing question. I should imagine MPAC made pertinent inquiry whether it is or isn’t. I am presently unaware if that should be an issue if the church has agreed to it.

      1. the church has a room they rent like a lot of other churches in yonkers,they also have a corporation under Grand view caters they rent out go away loser and co. You should be happy Mpac rents and supports your church, you know they need the money for roof repairs and so on.

      2. I have made inquiry and a non-profit may only rent out to a non-profit; whereas a for profit may rent to a foot profit or a non-profit. That should apply to all houses of worship, but upon reflection I remember the synagogue that I belonged to had rented the use of a room to a for profit. The relationship did not last long but I did not inquire as to why they departed.

  11. I too will be calling my councilmember. I live in Sabatino’s district, I will be asking him to extend term limits. The city has come too far to go backwards at this point. Any of these other candidates would have training weeks on for first two years. This is no disrespect to anyone else out there, I just like where yonkers is headed now.

    1. Michael stop it you are a disgrace to the people of Yonkers, all you care about is leading the pigs to the feeding trough in the family and friends network. Keep eating Mikey, if they stick a pin in you we would hear the hot air to Hastings.

  12. There is no other leader who can continue the progress made by Mike Spano.
    Lesnick = too liberal and stupid
    Khader = weak and inexperienced
    Cacace = nice guy
    Kimball Wilson = Pataki/Cavannaugh
    Levy = burnt

    1. We need someone from outside the political circle.

      Spano had his two terms. That’s enough! It’s time for a new direction.

    2. You left out the the guy who’s likely to get it…Tommy Meier…

      Former Colonel in the Army….OK, he’s a politician but he would be the best Mayor

    1. Rescinding term limits will change the face of democracy in Yonkers forever.

      That means each mayor will become powerfull by giving away jobs like candy and bankrupt us!

      Is that what we want?

    2. What are you smoking? He is selling out city employees to the county at the Safety of the City. Such a shame Mayor. It will slow down response times and seconds matter in emergencies. I think you know this from personal experiences. Ever have a family member having a emergency any kind that needed the police or fire dept. Why would you want to give away fire dispatch to the county. The county doesn’t handle anything close to the volume Yonkers does and they also don’t respond to certain calls the the fd does currently respond too. It’s a recipe for disaster. It will drain more resources from the police dept as well.

  13. You have to give credit to Mayor Spano. He has made it known that he is not totally on board of making terms limits in Yonkers the same as the county.
    I for one hope that the council votes for it. It is in the best interests of the city.

    We have economic development…we have a government that works together—-listen I even have a firefighter in my family and he admits that it is to our benefit to allow mike to finish his work.

    I am not really a Spano lover but I cannot deny that Yonkers is on the right track.

    1. Millions have gone unaccounted for during Spano’s time in office. The Mayor presides over annual budget deficits, with next year’s budget shortfall projected to be $90 million. The City’s credit rating has been downgraded. Spano has imposed a slew of new taxes as well as raised taxes (sales, water, property, red light, exit) because he can’t balance a budget. All of his construction projects are underwritten by yet more debt. His luxury apartments and countless hotels are underoccupied. The schools are an absolute disgrace in virtually every respect. The roads are riddled with potholes and cracks and bumpy asphalt. The southwest is like a war zone with all of the guns and drugs and gangs. The dysfunctional city council has done nothing of significance aside from approve a raise for themselves and tax increases for everyone else.

      As far as I can tell, the only people doing well in Yonkers are the politicians and civil servants like fire, police, and DPW, all of whom are bleeding the city coffers dry as a result of their bloated six-figure salaries, pensions and perks.

      Give Mayor Spano credit? Are you out of your mind?

      1. She is full of crap or works here but doesn’t live here.

        Probably from the click that gets a check but doesn’t earn it.

        Vote them all out!!!! 8 years then move on.

      2. Everyone is in bed with the Mayor.

        The only people that think the city is doing better don’t live in Yonkers. More than half of the city’s payroll teachers, police, Fire, city employees don’t live here.

        So yes they think it’s great.

        They don’t drive in our streets, attend our schools, walk the dirty street, they drive north and enjoy quality schools, paved clean roads.
        No one is earning their paycheck.

        Term limits so they can get pension after 10 years …. we have no money to give pensions to council members who worked part time. Wtf

        We are here because of recycled politians and former politians that became employees of city & county.

        We are here because politians are in office too long.

        There are way too many uncontested races and it’s ridiculous, we don’t have a choice. Election process works well when you have a choice … but not here in Yonkers and Westchester politics is it horrible. Outrageous that Tom Mier was Unopposed! No one has the balls to challenge him. Why cause spano protects his puppets.

        It’s all a f***ing show and none of them care about Yonkers really.

        1. I agree. Extending term limits is NOT the right course of action. CofY is in dire straits and will get worse, if God forbid, terms are extended. Paying pensions for part time CC positions is just another freebie for these political hacks. Yonkers is NOT on the right track. Finances are a mess, credit downgrades, schools are in shambles, roads are a disgrace across the entire city filled with potholes, city is filthy with litter and garbage, parks are in disrepair, big cash incentives are still being handed out to developers, no union jobs for all the new construction happening at waterfront and Yonkers residents are taxed and and taxed again….exit tax, income surcharge, and hidden taxes with water, red light camera surcharges and on and on. Who wants to live here anymore? There is no incentive for the middle class to move or stay in Yonkers with the current regime. Your terms are over, move on…

        2. It’s bullshit that a Councilperson can get a pension working part time after ten years. They already make more then a lot of Yonkers workers and residents. Another group only out for themselves and family and friends.

      3. It’s not their fault that all the departments are understaffed and they have minimum manning requirements, so someone has to get paid for their service rendered.

  14. The Khader’s are in bed with the Spano’s. The deal is being cut where Mike Khader will not run for Mayor and support Spano. There are jobs and contracts going to the Khader family.

    1. Of course the Khaders are in bed with the Spanos. The Khaders have been openly fundraising for Spano for years. Problem is everyone didn’t want to see it and instead drank Mike Khader’s hope-and-change Kool-Aid. Only now people are starting to wake up to the fact that Mike Khader is a yes-man when it comes to Spano.

      It goes something like this:

      Spano: “Hey, little Mikey Khader, pass the budget (and make me look good while you’re at it), raise taxes, keep quiet about Quezada, and approve the term limit extension.”

      Mike Khader: “Yes, sir, Mr. Spano, sir.”


      Mike Khader (to the public): “Uh, we need to have, you know, you know, dialogue and, uh, uh, work together for everyone in, uh, you know, you know, Yonkers. I wanna, uh, uh, thank, you know, uh, Mike Spano for his, uh, you know, hard work.”

      Still later…

      John Khader (anonymously in the Yonkers Tribune comments section): Don’t hate. You’re gonna love Mike Khader.



    1. What are you smoking? He is selling out city employees to the county at the Safety of the City. Such a shame Mayor. It will slow down response times and seconds matter in emergencies. I think you know this from personal experiences. Ever have a family member having a emergency any kind that needed the police or fire dept. Why would you want to give away fire dispatch to the county. The county doesn’t handle anything close to the volume Yonkers does and they also don’t respond to certain calls the the fd does currently respond too. It’s a recipe for disaster. It will drain more resources from the police dept as well.

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