Statement from Yonkers Councilmember Anthony Merante Regarding Term Limit Extension Council Leaders’ Legislation to Modify Yonkers Term Limits

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Anthony Merante, Yonkers City Council, District 6.

YONKERS, NY – October 19, 2018 – Although I have always been and still am in favor of Term Limits for public officials in the City of Yonkers and still hold that view, present circumstances compel me to reluctantly support a one-term extension. Many of my constituents have expressed their support of the job Mayor Spano is doing and I recognize that on the City Council there is currently bipartisan support for a one-term extension. Before the extension is granted however, I’m advocating for a complete full public input before the Council meeting so that all of us who now serve on the Council have an opportunity to hear from the citizens of Yonkers because their opinion really is the only opinion that matters.

Let me be crystal clear however, my support of this extension does not imply an endorsement of Mayor Spano for another term. It simply recognizes the political reality on the ground. Additionally this is not an automatic third term for the Mayor since he may very well have a primary and I am certain he will have a vigorous opponent in the general election next November. I should add, that as a proud Republican and fiscal conservative who is committed to protecting Yonkers Taxpayers his opponent may very well be me, since I am seriously considering running against whoever the Democrats nominate for Mayor in 2019.

We all know that Yonkers needs to put its fiscal house in order. Frankly, it’s a mess.  As a newly elected Councilmember, I took office after fiscal commitments were already in place on the budget.  Sadly the scene was already set and State financial aid had not materialized.   I was in no position to reinvent the wheel. In good conscience, I could not let the lives of over 100 dedicated City workers be terminated. It was a heart-wrenching vote, one that I am committed never to face again. However, going forward, as a C.P.A., I will focus my time on the City Council to work toward Yonkers’ long-term fiscal health. Yonkers is a great City with tremendous potential.  We have to expand our business tax base and streamline government. We must provide Yonkers citizens with a better quality of life for their tax dollars.


eHeziStatement from Yonkers Councilmember Anthony Merante Regarding Term Limit Extension Council Leaders’ Legislation to Modify Yonkers Term Limits

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  1. Modification of Terms of Office in a City is subject to Referendum.

    No wonder the incompetent and unqualified City Council and Administration, especially the Law Department, are trying to rush this through because there is a 45 day limit for a Petitiion to be filed with the City Clerk (hope Vinny doesn’t misplace it) to place the issue on the ballot for Referendum.

    You legal eagles out there take a look at the following:

    Maybe Khader, Meave Scott, her brother and the good minded citizens of the City should come together.

    They need approximately 3500 signatures of any registered voter in the City (10% of the votes cast in the last gubernatorial election in the City)

    No doubt in a Referendum, this proposal will go down in flames again.

  2. I had my vote before and you co tomur to habe it. I support you now even more. I plan to help you this time not just vote for you. I applause you being a true leader.

  3. You are such a fraud Anthony. I thought a lot more of you when you actually were one of us, now you are a puppet for SpaNO and you deserve to be removed from office. Recall Anthony. We need to recall them all, especially SpaNO.

  4. Great job councilman Merante. This is a tough vote and you are standing up explaining the vote and taking a position. That’s called being a leader. You have my full support and the support of my family. We live on Hoover

  5. I knew you were the right guy for the 6th district! 10 months in and making the tough choices, good job! Please hone your skills in the district, we’ll go after the Mayor’s seat next time. We need you in the 6th!

    1. The “tough choices” would be to go against the Mayor and not increase taxes and not extend term limits… The exact opposite of what he’s doing. Raising taxes and following the rest of the termed out officials on limits is the easy choice that anyone can do. By “hone your skills”, do you mean stringing a few coherent sentences together?

      1. By “tough choices” I mean finding ways to not lay off 100 employees that include teachers, police and fire. By tough choices, I mean keeping our City moving forward with sound economic development and not taking 3 steps back with a new Mayor and Council who would stall progress simply with them learning the ropes of government.

      2. Oh, and I didn’t work on his campaign either. My only involvement in this is voicing my opinion and voting. I don’t need government to pay my mortgage.

        1. Did the people in his district want their taxes raised: No. Did he vote for it: Yes
          Do the majority of his constituents want limits extended: No. Will he do it: Yes.
          He also said he doesn’t endorse the Mayor and might challenge him, so there goes your “3 steps back with a new Mayor” comment.
          10 months and he’s already one of them. Not sure that deserves a pat on the back.

          1. Did the people of the district want to eliminate cops, firemen and teachers? I don’t think so. Councilman Merante and the entire Council voted to save these jobs while still be able to add more money to the education budget. Are you familiar with the majority of the constituents in the district? I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to speak on their behalf. In fact, that’swhat Merante was elected to do, wasn’t he?

          2. Nope Jimmy, you can’t play both sides of the fence, nice try. Mr. Merrante said he was NOT increasing taxes, and would stand up to the unions. Don’t try to play the card where he saved jobs because that’s not who he pretended to be when campaigning. If a Democrat did the exact same thing, you’d call them a Tax & Spender. I guarantee that if you polled the district, extending term limits would be shot down. And the Council knows that’s accurate, so they’ll decide with 7 people in a room rather than have it on the ballot.
            Bottom line, he campaigned on a hard tax stance to homeowners and buckled. Now you laughably call him compassionate while your taxes went up. Whether it was right or wrong to vote yes to the budget is almost irrelevant, the point is he voted against the homeowners he promised to represent.

  6. People stop your bitching and VOTE. Don’t like Mike Spano? Vote him out in the Democratic Primary or in the general vote Republican. Get off this blog and organize your friends and neighbors to vote , go to a council meeting or run for office yourself. Whining over your beer is not going to change anything. Nobody crowned Spano king we may windup with Lesnick as the next Mayor. Your VOTE has power!

  7. I don’t know about them but I think that a potential third term for Mayor Spano would be benefit the City of Yonkers greatly. Under his administration, economic development has skyrocketed, crime rate has been at lowest (so far) and the Yonkers Waterfront has made a complete 360… and it’s not even complete yet!! Look at the new Boyce Thompson Center that was previously an old, abandoned manor… something that said couldn’t be done.. our Mayor did. This is just a few of his accomplishments.. Allowing him to have the opportunity to finish the great work he has done would benefit all of us who live and work here.

  8. You have lost my vote and support. Your YES vote on the 6.2% tax increase was the first straw. Your support of extending term limits is the last straw. Proves you’ve been bought and paid for by Spano. You have no moral compass, integrity and are just like the rest, corrupt to the core!

  9. I am sorry I voted for you. What were you promised to extend term limits? Even if it’s a one shot it’s obvious that it’s the Mayor who wants a third term even though he said he didn’t want a third term. It’s all smoke and mirrors and backroom bullshit! Another four years of the Mayor and the Council to screw over the citizens that they were sworn to do what’s in the best interests of the public, not their own or families best interest. You just lost my vote. You voted for a 6% increase in taxes your first year and now this. You’re a one and done Councilman. I hope whatever no show job for you or your family was worth screwing over your district and the rest of the city. You’re scum. I am ashamed I voted for you. I hope Councilman Larkin runs again and if not maybe I should throw my hat in the ring. I am not a politician by any means. I may have helped with some campaigns, but the people need a regular citizen that wants what is best for the other citizens, not just themselves or family like previously stated.

  10. Pagano is looking better than ever now.He wouldn’t have given Spano the vote.He has balls. Spineless Merante suckered all you 10710 voters.You deseved what ya get.

  11. I support you councilmember. I’m one of the 5 votes that voted for you as well. I believe the city is heading in the right direction. Ton of development happening and schools are getting a revamp. I love that he did not have my choice taken from me.

  12. You are asleep at the wheel Anthony Merante! Wake up! I have reached out to speak with you twice and you never respond! What gives? You represent me and my family who cast three votes for you on Election Day. If I remember correctly you only won by 5 votes.

  13. Oh my…… now this is good. I am laughing out loud. Did you run this statement by your publicist? L M A O. So if everyone shows up and tells you NO we do not want this – because for some reason you cannot determine that from the two referendum votes on this- are you going to vote NO or YES? The public’s opinion is the only one that matters after all!

    1. This is the most incredibly corrupt, weak and mentally challenged CC ever! The people have spoken/voted on this matter twice and said NO. And you now have the audacity to overthrow the people’s vote? Because Spano has no where to go, outrageous! Is this now a dictatorship where the people have no voice? Spano is not an imperial emperor, he’s done his two terms, time to move on! For every CC member that supports extending term limits, your political futures will be OVER! The people will not forget this affront to democracy and our intelligence.

  14. After a long week, I needed a good laugh. That was great. A fiscal conservative who couldn’t even muster up a meaningless no vote after being falsely concerned with older residents and a fake union buster.
    Spano is praying Merrante runs. The guy got one third of the vote in the most Republican part of the city after thinking he had a cakewalk. Please run for Mayor, the debates would be hilarious.

  15. Oh please Anthony you and the council have no back bone to say no to the Mayor let alone run against him.

    The F**king democrats and republicans in Yonkers are controlled by spano. No one will run against, it’s an automatic no challenge race just like every other race.

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