The Blue Truth Travails of Yonkers: A River City Along the Majestic Hudson

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The Blue Truth

The Hezitorial About the Travails of Yonkers

Policies of conduct and demeanor have vacillated in the City of Yonkers from infamy to acceptance for longer than the almost 7 years under the Spano Administration, harkening back in time at least a generation, if not more.  And so there are many vignettes to report about Yonkers’ political landscape.

Never far removed from the mayhem he orchestrates is the emotionally unhinged Yonkers Police Benevolent Association (PBA) President Det. Keith Olson. Those familiar with his antics recognize that Olson has maintained his passive/aggressive role in deference to sucking up to Yonkers City Hall for personal gain for years while maintaining his debauched, yet well-earned reputation for being the worst union leader to ever lead the once more proud Yonkers Police Department membership. Now here’s a shocker, Olson instigated and was involved in another barroom brawl this past Thursday night. 

On another front we learn that despite contemplating and postulating his reluctance to seek another term in office, Mayor Spano has changed course. Rather that removing himself from the position of ‘top dog’ among a bevy of wannabes. He now recognizes he must maintain his office lest his legacy as mayor is lost to posterity, and the friends and family network employees will find themselves on the unemployment lines. Heavy responsibility indeed. So it seems Mayor Mike Spano has deluded himself and thereby deceived Yonkersites that he would recoil from the prospect of seeking another term in office, as has been divulged by the Yonkers Tribune for being contemplated by City Hall for at least 2 years time. The on again, off again prospect has this past week earned greater support from Spano supporters, and consternation, and confusion for those opposed to his prospect for a third term effort. 

With support from Yonkers City Council Leadership, Majority Leader Michael Sabatino and Minority Leader Michael Breen on board, Councilmember Anthony Merante (District 6) also in support of a third term for the mayor and the Yonkers City Councilmembership, the so-called hierarchical elite of Yonkers have coalesced on a future vision and game plan for an additional four years for each of them.

Mayor Spano has downplayed any interest for extending term limits but is now fully committed to a third term. Toward that end, upon the administration proposing it to the Yonkers City Council, they have each come to agree with the mayor, though some were reluctant. 

Councilmember Shanae Williams (D-1st District) was reluctant but has since moved to the ‘yes’ camp. Councilmember Corazón Pineda-Isaac (D-2nd District) was seemingly opposed only to capitulate to a new reality after gaining employment with the administration of Westchester County Executive George Latimer who just hired her. In fact it was CE Latimer that advised her most sternly to back extending term limits legislation. Pineda-Isaac, is able to maintain employment by the county and still meet the demands of serving on the Yonkers City Council. Despite her position last week, Yonkers Tribune has now learned she is vacillating and no longer supportive of a future proposed legislation for extending term limits. We will learn her final decision when a vote will require she take a stand, that is for, against, or abstaining.

Majority Leader Michael Sabatino was seemingly opposed to extending term limits. That was however only a ploy. Sabatino did not imagine that so many on the city council would be on the same page, that is, being in support of term limits being extended for a third four-year term. Were a third term not in the cards, and desirous of  gaining a pension by gaining employment at a $100,000 or $120,000 with the city or county, Sabatino advised Mayor Spano he would be willing to step down from the Yonkers City Council for such a job and thereby affording the mayor the opportunity to designate a replacement upon his stepping down. The Machiavellian concept was plausible but unnecessary, Senator Shelley Mayer stepped in to persuade Sabatino to vote on term limits being extended for a third four-year term. By insinuating herself into the political tussle, Sen. Mayer revealed her support of Mayor Spano, as had CE Latimer.

Councilmember John Rubbo (R-4th District) groomed to be the Republican Leader has always been supportive of Mayor Spano. 

Minority Leader Michael Breen (R-5th District) was hoping to get another term in office more so to earn a pension after 10 years in office should he win a re-election effort which is most plausible, Breen has no prospective opponents from either party. He is definitely a happy camper.

Councilman Anthony Merante (R-6th District) in a supportive stance for Mayor Mike Spano’s re-election, also expressed his future challenge of Mayor Spano for the Office of Yonkers Mayor in a press release issued a few days ago. Merante said his support of term limits being extended for a third four-year term was appropriate, and that he was likewise on board in support of Mayor Spano’s leadership. 

Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader (D) had a business meeting in Michigan in the latter part of last week while the Office of the Yonkers City Council President has maintained its silence on the issue of support or lack of support by Khader regarding term limits being extended. He is evidently hiding out in an attempt to gauge the political landscape or is incapable of delivering an erudite position. While that may be his conundrum, despite knowing the prospect for term limits legislation coming to a planned vote is a poor sign of his wanting leadership skills. He cannot hide from taking a position. Maintaining his silence will expunge his future political prospects and bring about his status to that of  lame duck not even a full year in office with three more years to go. 

Does Mayor Spano have an interest to continue to look askance at the burgeoning wealth accumulated under his almost 7-years in office by his eldest Spano sibling, lobbyist Nick Spano? Nick Spano has lost not a moment to lobby all construction contracts in Yonkers, while collecting yearly ‘get out of trouble’ Yonkers PBA cash; or Altar Boy Lenny Spano, Executive Director of the Westchester School for Special Children. Leonard Spano moonlights as an interim part-time want to be Yonkers Police Commissioner, who sources advise must meet any police personnel seeking a change of assignment within the Yonkers Police Department. So if you like higher taxes, crime running rampant on the waterfront where just two weeks ago a woman was robbed of all her jewelry at gun point by two street thugs, then the Yonkers Police Department is exemplary in its cowering submission by allowing political bigwigs to demand the YPD capitulate to its directives. 

So while Yonkers officials paint street signs for parades and tomorrow’s upcoming marathon, and participate at ribbon cuttings, the Yonkers City Council endorse the naming of streets after questionable people such as the Nolan family scion.

As Nick Spano and Lenny Spano run around with the likes of a thug like Keith Olson, not one politician showed any concern for the children who attend the Yonkers Public Schools (YPS) District. The YPS are no doubt dilapidated by a median age of 77 years, lead in the YPS drinking water, black mold infestation, and unreported crime against other students. It is certainly obvious that Mike Spano didn’t put much thought when he designated Dr. Edwin Quezada for Yonkers Public Schools Superintendent. Quezada has proven himself dismissive of any transparency though he professes otherwise, is fraught with many criminal allegations filed against him costing CoY millions in defending him against those allegations, and incapable of managing the fiscal capacity of the YPS to maintain a safe and secure environment to teach and learn. Instead, Quezada has excuses that he asserts are all fiscally induced deficiencies. He knew that when he accepted the position, promising meaningless spin, abrogating his responsibility for the environmental and physical safety of students, teachers, and ancillary staff. 

Dr. Quezada has shown his lack of concern about Yonkers future. He has adeptly squandered millions of dollars by not watching the fiscal standing of the YPS District. It was under his watch when $55 million in funds were said to be allocated for Yonkers. A year and a half later it was realized the money never arrived. The prospect of non-payment was stanched after $40 million had been spent. The $40 million was stolen from allocations designated by the Yonkers Board of Education for future projects, required an inter municipal agree (IMA) with New York State that permitted the City of Yonkers (CoY) to borrow the funds plus the cost of bonding and interest to compensate for this humongous error. Quezada’s response has led to his conduct of borrowing from Peter to pay Paul! He still does. He must be dismissed for abrogating his fiduciary responsibility for not maintaining the health and safety of the student population, teaching staff, and ancillary staff.

Yonkers Board of Education Board Trustee President Rev. Steve Lopez should step down and go back to his online application for reverend; how much longer will it take to complete the application?

Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner has been eclipsed by his doppelganger Commissioner Lenny Spano who had allegedly collected cash from the likes of past and most recent Yonkers Toughman Competitions which pits Yonkers Fire Fighters (YFD) against Yonkers Police (YPD)  in a boxing ring. Entrance fees are collected in cash only within an hour of the exhilarating bouts beginning. No checks, no credit cards, only cash. The easier to be tabulated by the alleged likes of Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller, Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson, and Det. Brian Moran, now retired. They are said to have pocketed some of the funds among themselves, and disbursed some to the alleged likes of Lenny Spano as a conduit for the Westchester School for Special Children. The alleged proceeds for this are said to have been $30,000 by insiders who have shared their assertions on the basis of anonymity. Before everyone goes berserk, the issue can be resolved when the cash contribution is designated as having been deposited to benefit the school. 

Talk about cash? As Senator Shelley Mayer is being chauffeured around by a wiseguy from the mob, where is the money she claims she received from New York State to reconstruct the public schools? Truth be told Sen. Mayer is a political failure who has never faced an election challenger from within the  so-called “Progressive” Democratic Party; the old democratic hard core philosophy is being stripped away. Once a hack seemingly always a hack. Show me the money is not a magic trick. Since she can’t deliver what is she doing in Albany? She is definitely engaged in undermining the $850 million MGM International Resorts International buy out deal of Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway necessary for Yonkers fiscal future capacity. But then again, as far as Sen. Mayer concerned it isn’t about Yonkers. That being revealed by her behavior at issue is what is it all about for Sen. Mayer?

At issue now is whether the Feds will pick up some of these miscreants from holding onto their office. They can start with the known perjurer Keith Olson.

Yonkers is a political swamp and a very corrupt city. The only laws enforced are unto the residents or the taxpayers, just check your tax bills or newly installed water meters. (More on American Water resources in November).

Yonkers has permitted a lack of justice and a lack of due process to be institutionalized replaced by a bevy of obstructionists as became evident of all that occurred against civilians including some of Yonkers Police Officers and Supervisors by thugs like Keith Olson, and the bought and paid for Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller. The costs to the Yonkers Police membership is $48,000 per annum, and an additional $24,000 per annum from the Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants Association. The recipient is former Senator Nick Spano, Founder and President of the lobbying firm Empire Strategic Planning. Because Nick Spano’s brother is the brother of Mayor Mike Spano, Nick Spano should not be representing the likes of the PBA and/or the CLSA because each already had and still maintain their original lobbyists. The relationships seem cozy enough suggesting ‘protection money’ for union thugs that are in bed with Yonkers City Hall despite the contentious skirmishes between them every so often.

Sources say that on more than one occasion these two bad apples have conspired, lied and set up other police personnel. Sources say that they even committed perjury on internal police reports against civilians, and other cops. Sources say that Keith Olson was at a high level police meeting with other high ranking police supervisors when a police captain’s name was mentioned as a possible candidate for the anticipated position among others. It was at that meeting when Olson blatantly called that Police Captain a rat because he was seeking a command spot to head the Police Emergency Service Unit and said he would do everything possible to prevent it. Sources say that Mueller and Olson targeted that Police Captain with rumors and lies to derail him from attaining that command.  But, they didn’t stop there. They conspired with Mayor Mike Spano’s City Hall to prevent that Captain from being elevated to that command despite afforded six months of tactical training to be adept at that position. Yonkers City Hall has not only condoned this outrageous tactic of internal harassment, but promotes it by protecting those responsible for it.  It is a shame that CoY permits union rats like Olson and Mueller to tarnish a well-liked and respected captain who could care less about politics or the administration. It seems Olson and Mayor Spano have forgotten the rules to this game, that is, that over time, the heads of government will be gone while the police officers remaining will create memories of pride and satisfaction of duty.

In anticipation of Halloween and to embellish further the debased conduct of a few losers, we learn that last Thursday night to satisfy their corrupt demeanor, Yonkers protagonists decided to take their attitudes to Fogarty’s, a most popular and favored bar restaurant located in Bronxville.  Now if that did not satisfy your thirst to live in a corrupt city, then there is more for this Halloween. The protagonists gathered after 10pm Thursday night to quiet their stomachs with good food and quench their thirst for beer. By early Friday morning many were inebriated. One of those protagonists was the burly Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson drinking his fill with his police cruiser parked outside. Olson was apparently with his friend a Saunders High School coach who played high school football with Olson many years ago. Sources say Olson was overheard addressing the Yonkers educator by the name of ‘Oscar’.

Additionally, sources report that another Yonkers Police Detective was already inside the establishment with other friends just ending a retirement party.  One of those civilians was identified as John Khader, MPAC President and Top Class Limousine President, no stranger to Olson and well known for speaking out against the rogue union leader for his continual harassment of him, his friends and family. John Khader was no stranger to Olson since being put on Olson’s harassment radar which was all documented and reported to the Yonkers Police Department and other agencies in which the Spano’s apparently obstructed justice again. It was also not that long ago when Keith Olson had stopped and harassed the current Yonkers Council President Mike Khader during his winning campaign effort

As eyewitnesses report, John Khader on his return from using the restroom was approached by the then inebriated Det. Keith Olson who engaged in some type of verbal interaction that culminated after John Khader returned from using the restroom. On his way back, Olson and Khader engaged in an incendiary verbal argument that drew the attention of off-duty Detective Rob Santobello. Detective Santobello went to John Khader to extricate him from the verbal assault. As Det. Santobello attempted to guide John Khader away from Olson, Keith Olson turned his anger and fury against Santobello and  words were exchanged.  During Olson’s drunken tirade, Olson’s friend Oscar apparently stepped between off-duty Det. Santobello and Olson. Suddenly and unexpectedly as off-duty Det. Santobello was leaving with John Khader, Keith Olson attacked Santobello by throwing a barrage of punches over the back of Oscar, and striking off-duty Det. Santobello twice in the face, causing Santobello to instinctively react to the assault to his nose and face. It was such an unprovoked attack that a female witness alerted another patron who was an acquaintance of Santobello advising that his friend was being assaulted. Sources go on to report that that acquaintance attempted to stop Olson. Sources also report that Olson was with his Third Vice President John Viviano Jr. who was also involved in the scuffle and witnesses report he put his hands on some of the parties involved. Reports from the rank and file in the Yonkers Police Department say that Viviano Jr. is an Olson lackey who relishes harassing elderly women and lying about fellow union members who don’t agree with the union thug. Sources also note that Viviano Jr. hangs around the  PBA office to rat on other Yonkers cops.

Fogarty’s is known to have video surveillance cameras about the restaurant bar and they had best not claim they lost the video, erased it, or come up with some other lame excuse. The tape is necessary to corroborate all said about the incident. The safest place to turn the tapes to is the New York State Attorney’s office!

When the dust settled, blood was drawn on both sides and Keith Olson was last seen putting napkins on a gash that required stitches. The incident appeared to be shaping up as a self-defense case against Olson and a well-deserved injury. The Yonkers PBA President filed a complaint by way of the Police Commissioner’s Office through none other than his best friend forever (BFF), the colluding Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller.

Keith Olson is no doubt a street thug whose weight exceeds the numerical reading capacity of most scales. Even so, reports note that Olson is a heavy drinker and a diabetic. Perhaps this could be why he is a threat to others and himself. Mayor Mike Spano and the likes of “do nothing” Shelley Mayer, all get alleged non-stop police union cash to protect him from violating the NYS laws and internal affairs  matters.

In fact, not one ordinary Yonkers Police Officer has any idea the amount of money Olson has spent on the money ravenous political blood suckers. Olson has not afforded the PBA membership an accounting of the money he spends on the many politicos he wines and dines on the memberships $1,200 annual union membership fees for each officer.

Readers of the Yonkers Tribune know they must not file a complaint in Yonkers. Let’s face it; Yonkers is not a safe city. It is a place that picks its targets and files frivolous, made up reports against civilians and police alike. Yonkers needs a complete political overhaul and a second look from the Department of Justice (DoJ). Keith Olson must be reigned into compliance, better yet he should be fired for engaging in the many assaults he has instigated, the perjuries, and the obstructions to conduct that he has been instrumental in fomenting in Yonkers. Where is Mayor Mike Spano on this issue? Commissioner Gardner must fire Det. Olson. Can anyone be supportive of Mayor Spano knowing that he permits the likes of Det. Olson and Police Chief John Mueller who reports inform have reportedly committed perjury and harassed good and decent people? It is up to the Yonkers PBA membership to rid the city of these thugs in blue.

How much money has Keith Olson given to Lenny and Nick this year? Senator Shelley, how much did you get from your Olsonette Teddy Bear?

It is very clear that Olson and John Mueller must be investigated for perjury and other official misconduct. It should be also noted that Keith Olson is the union president of a handful of upper county police agencies. Those agencies should call for the immediate removal of the Yonkers PBA President. He is a black eye to any civilized agency.


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eHeziThe Blue Truth Travails of Yonkers: A River City Along the Majestic Hudson

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  1. All I know is Robert Santobello is a piece of shit, regardless of whatever this article is about. An enemy of his is a friend of mine and can have a case of Dom P on me.

  2. Hezi,
    Didn’t the fire department just go on a beat down rampage on civilians on McLean Ave ?
    Glad to see that these out of control over paid , over fed, over indulged, work farce has no discipline, no consequences, no regard for their oaths.
    City Hall wants 4 more years ?
    Clean this up or you will have a tax revolt on your hands.
    The Laughing stock of New York state Mayor Spano.
    Unions are running yonkers under his watch.

  3. Sorry Mayor Mike Spano but even if you twist those bought and paid for politicians arms, your not going to make it when it comes down for getting votes. Your cozy relationship with the PBA President won’t get you votes. You have screwed a lot of unions and their members, families and friends.
    Besides crime is running rampant, just ask that woman that was robbed by two street thugs on Water Grant St. at gun point You also raised taxes for a city that has what you say 6 billion in infrastructure. That leads us to the crumbling Yonkers Schools and the graduation formulas that just are tampered with. So if you looking for another term then why the bus loads of parents to Albany everywhere. It would be nice to vote for ONE Mayor not Nick, Johnny, Lenny, who seem to be running different departments while holding down other jobs

  4. Ask the Spano’s to get you off KO. Maybe you can give up the uniform checks or start your pretend calls for more manpower. Maybe you can set someone up for them.

  5. Keith Olson talks a lot of garbage standing behind another person. Why did you threaten Tinker. Unlike you Tinker has a lot of good loyal friends something you don’t have and will never have. Why don’t you take that little bag of yours and go retire. Then you can drive drunk and punch people when they are not looking.

  6. Barry fights like hell for his members and would never sell them out. I heard from a very reliable source that Spano tried to buy him off with a car a couple of years ago and Barry told him no thanks.

    1. Barry never negotiated 207A, but Keith Olson needed to keep his seat and GAVE it away 207C. We need someone totally new from the uniform personal.
      Olson is burnt Waterfront Rat meat with a twist of rotten cheese.

    2. Keith any comments on you attacking Mingy? By the way you complain when you drive drunk but you weren’t complaining when you assaulted him. Too late pal. Never should have messed with so many different people. What did you think fat boy that men and women weren’t going to push back?

  7. I would like to tell the members that I am under investigation for another cowardly assault on another political opponent. This is not the first time of me threatening or punching a civilian or another union member. No worries I have Andrew Quinn using your biweekly cash to defend me again.
    I have to be straight forward with the members and have used thousands and thousands of legal fund money on myself, and Vera. Montero lawyers cost the city thousands of dollars as well in which Quinn and myself were defeated. Not smart to threaten and set up certain cops.
    As a result under the DOJ agreement I will be under investigation from the District Attorney’s Office and Yonkers Police Department Internal Affair Division (IAD).
    I also anticipate another class action legal lawsuit so I have to see how much cash is left. Sorry members but it has always been about me and John “Mumbles” Mueller.

  8. Obviously Keith Olson is unhinged and that has been for quite some time.
    He probably should have been stopped long ago by other Police Supervisors.
    It is also obvious that he bullies them.
    Now it is up to the Yonkers Police Department and the Westchester District Attorney’s Office to put an end to Keith Olson’s police misconduct before he hurts himself or another.

  9. Keith Olson’s despicable behavior against civilians and his own members have tarnished the Office of the Yonkers PBA.
    His name or picture should never be allowed in that office. His legacy is stripping much 207c benefits from Yonkers cops.
    All to keep his low life ass in the seat and give his sister Kelly Chiarella a nice City Job. Then he put out a false petition to throw out other members based ALL on perjury. That is who Olson is.

  10. Now for some reason the fat union rat was threatening another cop in Forgartys. The drunken PBA leader was throwing out the name Patty Please. Does anyone know what the union rat was squealing?
    Why would any normal person want to assault another person while in a place of business?

  11. Only dirtbag whispering and eating rat cheese is that no neck Keith Olson. I have a question for the City Mayor Spano and his fat bitch Olson.
    Keith how are you going to throw yourself out of the Yonkers PBA for assaulting another union member?
    Are you going to tell Mayor Mike Spano that your going to throw yourself out like you told the Spano’s about throwing out a great police officer like Montero?
    We know the real answer because Monte beat you, Quinn and all those sell out cops that signed the petition to expell.
    Now for your other dirtbags cops that signed for Olson make sure you print your names on his petition.

  12. You would think after 10 months on the city council Mike Khader would know the rules, he does a whisper campaign inviting people to speak out against the amending of term limits, the Spano’s know Khader’s game.

    1. Sal, yeah, yeah. Sal did you see that nut job Johnny Mumbles Mueller whispering to Keith as he was driving drunk the other night?
      Heard Mumbles was twisting a wet towel around his neck as KO was punching him.

  13. Time for the County District Attorney’s Office to get involved. As long as the fat union rat has that PBA purse no one can get a fair investigation.
    Why does KO get a City Vehicle when all the past PBA real union leaders used their stipend money to lease a vehicle.
    Olson is a complete HoBo from Moquette Row. The bully eats, sleeps and pisses in the car. The car even smells like his office. The smell is a mixture of rotten potatoes and eggs.

  14. As a teen we would go down to Yonkers General Hospital and at night pick up “blood sucking” night crawlers from the lawn in front. The tale of our City today is very much like those worms. For the employment of two councilmembers and their friends, we the tax payers are to see the City Charter changed again without citizen input. The last Council eliminated the ethics code and raised their own salaries and the “hangers on” want more – four more years. The difference between the City’s “blood suckers” is the night crawlers could be put on a hook and used for fishing.

  15. This rat continues to threaten and assault cops and civilians on duty and off. When will this stop? He drives a city police car on duty and off duty half the time drunk. When will this stop? He attacked Santobello a few hours in front of the Mayor at a party. He threatened Khader at the old timers picnic, He did the same exact thing last week assaulting Santobello and threatening Khader. If that was me, I would press charges and after that file a lawsuit, then maybe just then the powers that be will take appropriate action against Olson.

  16. Police Officers are supposed to help others not set up people. Keith is just plain bad for the members, the city and a real threat to civilians in restaurants and bars.

    In this animalistic attack of another police officer just clearly summons up and supports all those complaints and warnings to the city and the Yonkers PD.

    Now is the time for real action. Many of his overtime board meat eaters are gone since the overtime cap has been cut. He is telling his members that the overtime will be returned to 60 hours every two weeks.

    Now is the time to throw a street thug out. Didn’t he lie and tell the Mayor he was going to throw out a YPD member who was a political threat to his seat? Yes he did!

    Keith Olson and John Mueller are a clear threat to the integrity of the YPD and it’s residents.

    1. Disgusted huh, how about if you leave your house and get to your place of employment and they search your cell phones and office space area when your not their? Then they write up false charges? Should make you disgusted.

      Meanwhile while your sleeping in your house they write a false search warrant saying they bought drugs from your premises? By now, everyone is be disgusted.

      But wait! Your in a bar/ restaurant with your friends,relatives, or your significant other and you get assaulted by Keith Olson himself? Disgusted yet? Wait it gets better because Olson gives loads and loads of PBA cash out like Halloween candy to all his PBA investigators and Mueller who perjure their investigative reports so it looks like it came from the Chiefs.

      Look pal, before you wake up feeling disgusted you need to do your homework about Keith Olson and others.

      Remember disgusted pal, it is a good thing he don’t know you. Where there is smoke there is FIRE. Hezi has it down solid!!!

    2. Santobello is a boob. The guy would be nothing if he wasn’t friends with the Spano’s. And even at that he was bounced out of his spot.

      that was followed by him going out injured throwing a baby fit. Then he continues to stir the pot on here and talk the very same people who helped him.

  17. All of the politicians in Yonkers should take those lime green bikes on a nice long ride off a short pier into the Majestic Hudson. We’d be much better off as a city.

    And judging by the wacko comments from all of the Yonkers cops on this thread, you’re all nuts. Any mention of Olsen by Hezi and you all come out of the woodwork. Scary that my tax dollars fund your six-figure salaries. The amount of juvenile, homophobic, racist and sexist comments by Yonkers cops is beyond belief. And it’s scary. You’re all a disgrace to the uniform and to Yonkers. But what do you care? You don’t even live in the city or pay taxes here. Ignorant leeches.

    1. The only disgrace to the uniform are the Olsonettes. Disgusting and rotten to the core. There’s nothing like a PBA president assaulting another detective of the YPD and then having that head case Mueller squeal to the PC about it. What’s worse is they lied about what actually happened. There’s your disgrace to the uniform poster “disgusted”. The Cops of this department have integrity and put their lives on the line every day. Ask anyone that has been on this job over 20 years, the Olsonettes were all shit cops that had to cheat to get ahead. The Olsonettes’ reign will be coming to an abrupt end very soon.

  18. There is no hope for the YPD. The top brass is top heavy with green frogs who know what the book says about police work, but lack “hands on” experience.

    These boobs are more concerned with holding onto their gigs than standing up for their officers. They will gladly cut a patrol boss or cop’s OT to save their own administrative bullshit OT. With the union’s blessing. What cap?

    As long as these “executives” are running the YPD, KO can do anything he wants. They will do whatever City Hall says. And as long as the unions repeatedly allow City Hall to commit blatant contract violations unchallenged and cough up Nick’s cash, City Hall will protect KO and the Olsonettes.

  19. KO you are finished pal. You and those dirty cops from your office are going down from either Yonkers IAD or the Feds. You guys committed enough lies against others.

  20. Maaaaaaaaaaa, looks like I am in a jam mama. You think I can sleep in my own bed again? They may force me out because I attacked another officer mama. You know mama that I have been a bully since high school but now everyone knows it because I am crazed. Maaaaaaaaaa what will I tell the PC? I told Johnny DIng Dong Mueller to make the complaint so it looks good even after I attacked him with Oscar hot pants.

    We should be able to get away with it because we always perjure the reports with DIng Dong’s signature. Works all the time mama.

  21. KO Molly Maid just left you a card at your Waterfront Condo. Someone said you were telling the Spano family bedtime stories of all the policemen you perceive as a threat.

    The Maid Company said they will not touch that stinking sweater vest from your attack on another member.

    Can’t say we blame them.

  22. Keith Olson can no longer lead. He has no following except guys like Joe Reagan, and guys like Marvin Oakley who should have worried more about his home than signing a petition against another cop that hardly spoke to him. Viviano Jr. is another turd that signed right after he threatened to lock an old woman who was related to the YPD family. The Yonkers PBA cannot get anyone elected so long as that bully thug is still in office. Dale Hugh’s was a nice guy until he started to eat the cheese dish from the same street. Who knows maybe Dale’s tights are cutting the circulation to his brain. The rest of the old board have been padding their own pensions while the blue suits are sent home after working a solid 8 hours, nor can they get any traffic overtime until they swear their loyalty to the rogue PBA “Leader”.

    1. Reagan denied vehemently that he Ever signed a petition against another cop. Said he’s no Rat. Wants whoever is accusing him to say it to his face. He’s really pissed about these lies.

      1. He wouldn’t be capping overtime for the last 5 years he hadn’t signed. The problem is the Olsonettes tell so may lies that when confronted the lies are so heinous they don’t match up.

  23. Would any of YOU Yonkers Politicians like to comment on rogue cops? Sen Shelley Mayer?
    What was that? Police misconduct against civilians and or other employees don’t count?
    What about you Yonkers Mayor Spano? What that another term for who, you or your brothers?

  24. Hey you guys forgot to mention that when Keith Olson was in street crime with his other thugs he was lying on civilians and they were running around shooting guns in the old street crime office

  25. Don’t divert from the issue you fat stinking low life. Keith you have been a liar since raiding the candy machine in the forth. You and your trustees like Vera and Pataky are experts at pure Yonkers PBA perjury. You low life’s started with civilians, politicians, and cops and thought you would get away with it. It was YOU fat RAT that started with Khader and his family. We have all the evidence to prove it.

    Maybe you need a copy of that video. Fk you Fats, you attack people when they are not looking. You can always smell the fear of low life rat.
    This time your in the rat trap and don’t even realize it. By the way we have a nice independent witness. Hope the Feds do your books soon.
    By the way stop sweating John, he is married and don’t eat rotten cheese. Also your landlord from Nepperhan Ave. says your apartment was like a pig pen from an upstate pig farm. He even had to tear out the wooden floors you union rat

  26. Just got off a late tour and saw the fat man sleeping in the City car in from of the Yonkers Brewery.
    A Keith Olson and Johnny Mumbles response is to deny and blame Taggart.

    1. The Yonkers PBA leader Keith the Waterfront Rat made a formal complaint against another police officer who was attacked two Christmas’s ago in the same fashion. How long will the City ignore that this union leader is a street thug and may injure someone very badly.

  27. Don’t ever forget that Keith Olson can’t be trusted. Whatever Keith Olson and BFF Jon Mueller say are pure lies. These guys are the cancer of the YPD.

    It all started when that nut job and Olson conjured up lies against former Police Commissioner Robert Taggart. 15 years later and that frustrated nut job Mueller is nothing but a fill in Chief as long as the PBA members pay the the lobbyist Nick Spano $48,000 a year.

    Sorry to break the news to you but YOU were never a leader or commissioner material nor was your fat punch drunk fat boxer friend Keith, the Waterfront Rat Olson.

  28. 4th Pct says it time for you to step down Keith Olson. You have no more credibility and do not represent who we are and what we do. Assaulting others and certainly our own will not be tolerated.

    1. John is the only reason why his brother got elected. If John wants to he can have that seat. Keep pounding that keyboard though punchy and go have yourself a drink on the PBA dime. The Olsonettes are all rats, a rat colony.

  29. These people are trash. They have the nerve to be called union presidents and held with public esteem. Pat Puleo was the epitome of foul-mouthed trash too. No dignity for the offices they hold. And Shelley panders to them all whether they show integrity or not.

  30. The Quinn firm just finished paying for Olson’s losses in both State and Federal Court against Monte and now the PBA will face more legal hurdles as Keith Olson gets interviewed by Internal Affairs.

  31. Just saw Keith Olson driving down Main St in the City car with a pint of Guinness in one hand. His left front fender was dragging along the ground making so much sparks that Engine 9 was following behind. He parked in front of the Yonkers Brewery and grabbed 4Asome civilian by the neck thinking it was Mingy. Some woman tried to intervene and got punched over Oscar’s shoulder as he came out to see what was going on.

    The woman cracked the fat man in the head with an unknow object as Oscar was telling KO not to punch her.

    Passerby’s handed Keith Olson a gang bandanna and he stumbled into the bar to call Chief Johnny Mumbles.

  32. You know Lenny if you wanted to be a Police Commissioner or a Chief like that nut job Johnny “Mumbles” Mueller perhaps you guys can ride out to the State of Montana to run a two man department together. On second thought you guys would probably f**k that two man department up too.

  33. The Yonkers PBA President has been driving drunk for a while now. He has also been threatening a lot of different people since he became President. Everyone should have seen it since his street crime days when his small band of pirates where running rampant with no regard to civil rights.
    In the Fourth Pct. the bottom feeder rat would rob the vending machine every time it was filled. Guess that is where the guys started calling him the diabetic RAT

  34. Keith Olson is the same guy that ran over to Mayor’s office and demanded an investigation when Montero was executing a search warrant of a vehicle stored at the 4th Pct. When drunken Sgt. Viviano decided to put his hand on Monte which didn’t work out well for him.
    All being steered by Olson’s wife stealing car crashing, pill popping Chiarella.
    Then the conspiracy started and they all committed perjury on an internal report.

  35. Rob Santobello should sue Keith Olson personally as well as the Yonkers PBA. This animal is out of control and the Officials must suspend him pending any investigation, This animal also drives drunk . The tapes show him drinking for hours.

  36. Yeah JD you actually think your dirtbag union prez Keith Olson is relevant. Let’s not forget Olson, sold out his membership by allowing damaging changes to their 207c. Your dirtbag friend has been setting up other cops and civilians since taking the post.
    Olson is a dirty cop and that can be very well proven. Now run along JD your waterfront union rat needs a piece of cheese before he submits his next perjury report.

    1. Funny how in any other city, town, or municipality Keith Olson would be locked up and or suspended. So we decided to contact the Affiliated Police Agencies and the DOJ

  37. The funny thing about Khader is that he actually thinks he’s relevant. He only beat Liam McLaughlin because of the “blue wave” and yet he thinks the residents liked him and his campaign promises. One promise is that he vowed to end “nepotism and cronyism” in city hall yet, half of his own staff are his family members. Wonder who his consigliere is? He’s a hypocrite and his word is meaningless. This guy does nothing but pander to the unions and it’s beyond obvious.

    1. Khader is going to be the next Mayor.
      You must accept the fact that his family members need jobs.
      Maldonado will be DPW Commissioner.

  38. Listen Keith Olson is a pure street thug. He has been sneaking punches over others for years and if that don’t work he and others conjure up false reports.
    Dale Hughes get out your best tight pants and white soxes your overtime ride in the DD is over. Look for Wayne’s cash.

    1. Joe Reagan licks KO’s droppings. He has been so called “ working” Traffic for 5 years at 60 hours of overtime biweekly. He would never sit in that dirty rat infested chair losing cash.
      Last time I saw Joe Reagan he was passed out in the R/C during a traffic shot.

  39. Gardner is an embarrassment. Captain Pappas did not get ESU because Mueller stopped it and Gardner like always folded along with that other deer staring into the head lights Hodges. In all my years I have never seen a bigger bunch of pussies than this administration. The PD is a mess since Spano took over everything goes through John Spano in the PD 2 Sgt’s in traffic what a joke. The bosses have no balls what the hell kind of place has it become? People talk crap about Keith and Mueller but you know what they run that joint and that is that!!

    1. Crazy as it sounds it is the Spano’s fault and we want residents, agencies and politicians to know that Yonkers PD is a fking mess so long as those scamming Muellers and scumbag rat Olson continue to perjure themselves against civilians, bosses and police officers. Remember if they are doing this to each other, what are they doing to the ordinary citizens.

      1. What exactly is a blue truth? Oh wait, you can drop the blue and you’re just left with the truth. Something the Olsonettes could never really wrap their tails around. Let’s take a poll fellas;

        Team Olsonette 👎🏾 or

        Team Pappas 👍🏾

        Team Pappas all day long you rat bastards. Put that on your cheese and choke on it.

    2. There was a 3rd captain seeking the ESU CO position, Although that captain never served in ESU, he has more seniority than Pappas or Rooney, and proven ability to function effectively under fire. But no political connections.

    1. Funny how Keith Olson calls everyone else a rat by running to Internal Affairs, but has that fake police Chief who also set up other police officers call a male the complaint. It won’t work Keith, the members and the city residents are done with you.
      So scurry along to Lenny or Nicks house with the members cash and see if they can give you another letter in your file you low life sack of fat lies.

  40. Keith Olson should have been internally dealt with long ago. He has been doing dirty since his street crime days. When he was given his seat in 2010 in has been 8 long years of law breaking, threatening of others, set ups and false statements at the very least. Since then John Mueller, Olson and others have committed a wide range of police misconduct to say the least.
    Keith you slipped up when you thought you could set up Monte and other cops thinking they would run from you. Wrong! They proved too smart and too tough for you and your dirty PBA members. You even had them assaulted and that didn’t work.
    Now you and Mueller are exposed for what you have been doing to good people. Now the PC must sweep it clean.

  41. KO Brian Moran wants to know if he needs to teach Lenny Spano the Yonkers way of doing searches on cell phones of premises while you are in time out. Assault is a serious charge and leaves you open for another class action Federal law suit.

  42. Heard Lenny Spano will be acting PBA President while the Feds interview Olson. Yonkers is expected to suspend him pending an investigation.
    Heard he may lose his waterfront condo.

    1. Now aren’t you happy that they never made that nut job Johnny Mumbles the Police Commissioner. Imagine Olson and Mueller in charge!

  43. This just in: heard that nut job John Mueller locked himself in his bathroom and is screaming the word “ Force” with a wet towel around his neck. Supposedly KO is pounding on the door telling him to look presentable for Monday morning’s meeting with the PC or he will slap him around.

    1. Lenny Spano is now in charge of the Yonkers PBA. KO just turned over the safe combination to him. Lenny maybe you can find Wayne’s cash.
      No need for a Tough Man Contest

  44. Maaaaaaaaa, they say I will be suspended by Wednesday. Keith honey, why don’t you go through some trash and find some old cheese to make you feel better. Then take a nice swim in the Hudson…. but mama they are talking Justice.
    Maaaaaaa ain’t I a good bully mama. I always punch when they are not looking.

  45. This fat caged animal should be suspended by Wednesday. That will be the beginning of the end for a lying river rat.

    And you can’t say you were not there on this one, so your excuse is to come up with the lies over your being a diabetic union rat.

    You know the routine. You did it for Vera when he lied on all those search warrants. Do think still think Olson’s search warrants were legit? They were NOT.

    1. Mingy you did well and shook off the rat’s claws and gave him a bunker buster of a response which stopped him from butt riding Oscar the pony.

  46. Khader should step down from MPAC. He’s hurting the community with his actions. There are many professionals in the Arab Community who can exemplify real leadership.

    1. Samir get off the site you weren’t there. If you have any balls you will either start your own political organization or go talk it out with Khader. Read the story skippy.

  47. Oscar now remember the Yonkers Police Department and their families expect the whole truth and nothing but. Too bad your fat smelly vest union friend got you into this mess. He used you as a human shield against Rob.
    By the way Oscar, in all that scuffle how did all of you manage not to step on that rat tail.

    1. Nice try KO, but you don’t even know Khader other than writing his family and friends tickets. You did write him a parking summons right?

  48. According to the good book of John Mueller and Keith Olson :
    The PC
    And unnamed witnesses and family members of the above ALL lied. And according to these red ants the Narcotics office was never broken into either.

  49. Any comment Sen. Shelley Mayer? Oh Keith Olson is such a nice guy. Well that is until you tell him the truth. Maybe the fat rat should drive for you so he can sneak assault your counterparts.

  50. Keith did you forget that you threatened Mike Khader while he was campaigning. It was you that was working the polling site as an off duty dirtbag right? Did you not call for the radio cars to respond to Hamilton Polling Place?

  51. This story is not about who is scared or who is not. It is about a bully union leader who in his sick mind thinks he can do anything to anyone and hide behind his position. Obviously he a very sick man. He must have slept in his mama’s bed.

  52. The only wannabe is that nut job Johnny “Mumbles” Mueller. Thank God the County didn’t want any part of you. Now take your meds: you’re clenching your fists and rocking back and forth again. Fat boy call a Doctor.

  53. John Khader grew up in South Yonkers, streets like Buena Vista and Linden is once where John called home. John is not going to be pushed around by anybody. John Khader is a well respected man in the community. John has been in the battlefield for years and has taken down giants. John Khader fears no one.

  54. We always told Olson and that fruit nutcase John Mueller that Yonkers cops will do everything legally possible to seek Justice and to stop the targeting and perjury that certain Yonkers cops have been committing.

  55. Yonkers residents just ask to see all the internal complaints about Olson Mueller and that other warrantless searcher Brian Snoop Moran

  56. F you fat boy. Your a liar and a rogue cop who has been messing with people for a very long time. Did you forget when you send your fat cops to give tickets to John or attack other cops? Loser

    1. Sorry Steve, but on this one and the others no person or human being deserves to be beaten whether or not what you are. Especially from a rogue cop.

      1. Even after you attacked Mingy when he was not looking he still fended you off.

        We will be informing the upper county PD too. They need to know what kind of rat they are feeding.

  57. John Khader is a wannabe..
    A wannabe cop
    A wannabe politician
    A wannabe leader
    John can’t measure to any of them. Next year John is going to be a wannabe doctor. John stick to the taxi business.
    Due to your stupidity, you just caused an investigation.

    1. Lmao you are obsessed with John.
      John’s stupidity yet Keith is the police detective and police union president. He should have ignored John, if in fact John was provoking him. The truth is Keith popped off his mouth on John first, John gave it back to keith who expected John to say nothing. That being said why didn’t he just get up and leave the bar, Keith wanted this because he thinks he’s a badass.

    2. Actually due to the actions of Keith assaulting Rob is why this investigation is occurring. The Olsonettes always love flipping the script. I hope Keith did not send DVR Johnny to tamper with the evidence. Everyone knows Fogarty’s bar is all camera’d up. I also hear the Joker finally grew his tail. How does this work? Keith assaults Rob in a bar and the Joker tells the commissioner that Rob assaulted Keith? Roll the video tape Johnny.

    3. johnnylimo stood up to the rat. Thank God Mingy was able to stop John knocking the shit out of the rat. Mingy should get the medal of valor for helping out civilians.

  58. Time for the PC to put Olson to rest. Rob and others should sue the City and the Yonkers PBA President himself for damages. There are many complaints filed against Olson. Who is next and where?

  59. Maaaaaaa, did I make you proud???? Huh mama, I punched another person when he wasn’t looking maaaaaaa. Now I won’t have to punch the walls mama. Maaaaaa, I truly am a low life union puncher and perjurer. Maaaaaaaa, I had my bitch Johnny Mumbles Mueller report it so the perjury moves on.
    Maaaaaaa, what’s with the crew cut

  60. Actually Fat Boy we didn’t know you changed your name to Kim. This is not the first time you have attacked someone or threatened civilians and others; like women. John Khader use words to tell someone off who has targeted him and his family for years and we are to believe that all people that drink should be beaten.

    No Kim, your story don’t fly, Olson blindsided Rob with pure violence attempting to hurt him. That did not happen after Rob shook it off.

    What about the Tinker KO? Why did you threaten him?

  61. Keith is a rat that comes out of his hole to punch a person that was not looking. Oscar when you get interviewed remember that making false statements against others is a crime. Thank your butt buddy for getting you involved .

    1. Hey KO are you going to send that other dirty cop John DVD to get the tape like you did when Monte had to defend himself against one of your best union fat boys? How did that work out for him KO?

  62. Everyone knows John Khader is a troublemaker..Khader was drunk and kept provoking Olson.. John Khader should be ashamed of himself, he continues to embarrass his brother City Council President Mike Khader.

    John Khader needs to seek help !

    1. im sure everyone was drinking but its no secret the rat attacks and sneaks up on people.I.A.D has a report on file from cops and civilians about the rat and what he has done including threatening,harassing giving out tickets to civilians so please stop with your nonsense about John Khader like the story says John was going into the bathroom the rat stepped up to him and john lashed out rightfully so.

    2. Kim if you knew anything about John, he has a mouth but won’t throw the first punch. What were you drinking to assume that John Khader would start drama in a well know police hangout? Keith opened his loud mouth and expected John so say nothing. We all know John will not stay quiet. Fists flying was not necessary. Keith threw the first punch to the other officer.
      Provoking Keith in an Irish Bar witb police officers inside. Not John’s style.

  63. Omg! Hezi, if this recount of the events with YPd leadership is true, please formally report it in a press release to the Mayor’s office, IG and NYS AG. This disgraceful and disgusting behavior and abuse of power must come to an end.

    1. Time for the Spano clan to dump a dirty cop. This dirt bag has lied to his mama, the entire city and PBA members. He continues to lie against other cops. The department should suspend him pending this assault investigation .

  64. Tisk tisk KO, you need more than that for Monte and Chris T. Hector is still waiting. You did say you were going to punch him in his face. Maybe you should slap that grunting fool you hang around with

  65. Olson attacks another cop and then has that nut job Chief Mueller make the complaint. Mueller you didn’t tell the truth when you threw your beer fest.

  66. Keith Olson & his girl John Mueller should be locked up for setting other cops up. What’s the matter you river rat, you had to sneak attack Mingy again.

    1. Three Spano loser Lenny the Toughman cash counter, Nicky the bagman and baggy pants Mike Spano . Lenny do you or Nick think that the hard working cops are going to forget what you did to their friends on the Police Department?

  67. Hezi
    The teacher in question is Oscar Letona.
    Olson and Oscar go way back .They owned a bar together down at the Waterfront. The bar closed down for a host of reasons and a Khader member came in and took it over.

    1. Thanks for the info. It will make it easier for the YPD Investigators to find him. Oscar your pet union rat friend is sugar crazed. Heard Tinker grabbed the rats tail during the cowardly attack.

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