The Yonkers Chamber of Commerce Urged the City Council to Approve the Proposal to Extend Term Limits to 12 Years.

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YONKERS, NY — October 22, 2018 — “Yonkers is in the midst of a revival, so let’s give the voters the chance to keep the leadership that is responsible for it, “ said Chamber President Kevin Cacace, adding, “It would be a mistake to deny the voters the chance to continue the progress we’ve made in the past several years.”

“Our members are the people who provide jobs and who underpin our tax base,” said Cacace, “They see how Yonkers is finally growing, is finally a place where thousands of new homes are being built and is working on regaining financial stability. We do not believe that this is a time to force untested and inexperienced leadership upon the public.” Cacace outlined numerous reasons for supporting the modification of term limits.

“Our school graduation rate is 83 percent, the first big city in the state to reach that milestone. We have $3 billion in commercial and residential development completed or underway. We have 4,000 units of housing under construction, including hundreds of units of affordable housing thanks to the City’s first ever affordable housing ordinance. We have the lowest crime rate since we’ve been keeping records, and according to Westchester County Government’s own tax office our property values are increasing at rates that are among the highest in Westchester. “

“Why would we possibly deny the voters the opportunity to stick with the team that accomplished all this?” asked Cacace.

Cacace said Chamber of Commerce members will be contacting City Council members and urging them to support the legislation, which has bi-partisan support from both political parties.

eHeziThe Yonkers Chamber of Commerce Urged the City Council to Approve the Proposal to Extend Term Limits to 12 Years.

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  1. As a business owner and resident in yonkers i think the extending of term limits is a good idea because since Mike Spano has been mayor the city has had more development, the streets seem cleaner and safer and there is more business and development coming to our city. I think one more term will have our great city doing even better

    1. That’s all that everyone seems to care about Development !!! What about everything else ? Our schools are falling apart !!!! Our streets are filthy !!!

      Any business owner that supports mayor is getting something out of it

  2. Modification of Terms of Office in a City is subject to Referendum.

    No wonder the incompetent and unqualified City Council and Administration, especially the Law Department, are trying to rush this through because there is a 45 day limit for a Petitiion to be filed with the City Clerk (hope Vinny doesn’t misplace it) to place the issue on the ballot for Referendum.

    You legal eagles out there take a look at the following:

    Maybe Khader, Meave Scott, her brother and the good minded citizens of the City should come together.

    They need approximately 3500 signatures of any registered voter in the City (10% of the votes cast in the last gubernatorial election in the City)

    No doubt in a Referendum, this proposal will go down in flames again.

  3. Gotta love the same fool that keeps writing over and over. Term limits to abolish was voted on twice. Extension was never voted on. Modify term limits. Continue the progress!

    1. Regardless of one’s opinion on the state of the City, the fact is that ANY change to term limits should be open to a vote by the electorate. It should NOT be decided by 7 members of the Council who are also beneficiaries of the proposed extension.

  4. Kevin – I challenge you to name five accomplishments that have benefited the tax rolls of this City that has supposedly come from this $3 billion investment. How many are completed? When will they be completed? What’s the standard for graduation? How many students are graduating with Regents diplomas? Crime – you know liars can figure and figures can lie. When was the last time you saw a sidewalk replaced or a road re-paved? Let’s stop the BS- the hypocritical Spano administration will get their contributors to make phone calls, spread the “fake” news and get a “kool aid” drinker like you to help violate the City Charter and the people’s right. It’s ONLY about jobs! Not new jobs but “friends and family” jobs and of course two council seats and the mayor. They didn’t need to drag the Chamber into it, they already have freshman councilmembers on board. But it’s a good “puff” piece for the administration.

  5. Mr. Cacace conveniently forgets that the voters of Yonkers have already decided, TWICE, that they want term limits. For him to suggest that this proposal is what the voters deserve is complete and total BS.

  6. This city has been under the nepotism of the Spano’s for far too long. All the people with any sort of power are related to him; or he owes favors to. Most who run this city don’t even live here. The construction is going against everything its citizens want. The meetings to discuss anything are always shut down and police are brought into clear out the citizens when they voice their opinions. The federal government needs to round up those in charge of this city. The school system is a joke. We need an overhaul and a clean house to put Yonkers on the right path again.

  7. What happened to Tommy the Ass he was already to be Mayor bought a new suit after 5 years what a dirtbag. Hope he and his whole family get the boot.

  8. Reading these comments really makes me think…. do half of these people live and work in Yonkers?! Oh and before the comments start pouring in let me be clear… No I do not work for the city. No Mayor Spano did not get me a job in Yonkers. Yes, I live, work and pay taxes in Yonkers. I have lived here my ENTIRE life…. and can say that Yonkers is looking better than ever! Mayor proposes increase in taxes, council members approve with 7-0 vote… Mayor Spano is a terrible Mayor and all the good he has done for the city gets thrown out the window. There’s little to no tax increase but in return hundreds of lay-offs… Again, Mayor Spano is the bad guy. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Seems like several people are having a tough time admitting it so I’ll do it for you…. YONKERS IS FINALLY ON THE RISE…. ALLOW MAYOR SPANO TO CONTINUE THE GREAT WORK HE STARTED! I will be at the public hearing in FULL SUPPORT.

    1. The city budget has an anticipated $90 million gaping hole in it. Good luck with your tax increase next year when Spano and the seven dwarfs on the City Council will have to raise that money by taxing people like you.

      You don’t start putting extensions on your house and garage and a pool in your backyard unless you’ve got the cash and Spano doesn’t have the cash. His “development” is all being underwritten by debt, kick backs, tax breaks and developer give aways.

  9. Any thinking citizen can see the strings of the BIG GUY manipulating all the political puppets here. This sham was coming since the last election. If the citizens of this city cannot see through this charade of “concerned citizens” and to the reality of Boss man politics…. you deserve this corrupt and self-serving administration. Is there no qualified, honest and honorable person in city who will challenge these City Hall parasites???

  10. Hey-Four more years? Are you really going to tout the Yonkers school system as a measure of success for this administration? Go visit the decrepit unsafe school buildings. Go spend some at Roosevelt with the gangs, then tell us again how great things are.

  11. Let’s face it mike Khadar voting no to save face cause he screwed tax payers with a tax increase he will vote in favor cause he still has family members that need jobs !!!

  12. Our City has been on the rise with development and graduation rates have never been higher. That is something to be proud of. Thank you, Mayor Spano for moving our city in the right direction. I support you for a 3rd term.

  13. What’s next? Could this administration and council sink any lower? Is not the legislative body and the executive branch supposed to be a check and balance one another? The mayor gives their relatives jobs and they do whatever he wants. Khader, Rubbo, and Sabatino have shown their true colors. Merante ran on this phony fiscal austerity platform and he turned out to be just another Spano lackey. And let’s not even get into Pineda and Williams. These two empty heads would jump off a bridge if the mayor told them to. It’s absolutely disgraceful. These people have no integrity whatsoever.

  14. It’s clear the negative comments are coming from mike khader and his family, khader has been an obstructionist from day 1 and it explains why his colleagues don’t like him.

    He’s only good at honoring people, giving proclamations and Raising Taxes.

  15. I belong to the Chamber of Taxpayers and we say HELL NO to extending term limits. If business is so good in Yknkers then maybe it’s time for the Chamber of Commerce to stop getting subsidies from us the Chamber of Taxpayers.

  16. The only reason someone would come here and ask for term limits to be extended is because he or she got a job from Spano.

    The developers in Yonkers only benefited the Spano’s with their family and friends.

    The average Yonkers Resident didn’t see the benefits!

  17. The city is doing well. Developers want to come here. Let’s not forget that for years, no one wanted to invest in this city. This has changed. I urge all members of the council to support this legislation.

    1. Have you driven around Yonkers recently? It is a mess with potholes everywhere. It looks and feels like a third world country. The developers come here for freebies and every kind of taxbreak under the sun, hence no money for the roads. Hence huge property tax hikes.
      You are definitely trolling for SpaNO

  18. I too support the choice of keeping Mike Mayor! Yonkers is looking better than ever and the job is still not done…. Spano for a third term!!

  19. Thanks for the fake news coming from another friends and family clique. This is so funny. Let me guess SpaNO put him up to it. All of these boards and organisations are so transparent with their agendas.

  20. Too funny! Nothing politically connected to their endorsement LOL. Two of the Chamber’s Board members come from the most powerful political families in Yonkers – Martinelli and Cacace.

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