Yonkers Public School Superintendent Dr. Quezada is Callous to the Welfare and Needs of “Our” Kids

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The Dismissive Yonkers Public School District Hezitorial

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YONKERS, NY — October 3, 2018 — It seems interesting that a Pre-K child from a School 29 classroom taught by  Yonkers Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada’s wife Gladys Quezada was transferred to School 15 at Dodson this morning.who attended Yonkers Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada’s wife’s class Gladys Quezada.

The pupil’s mother is an aide at Dodson. The child suffers from separation anxiety yet was moved out of Dr. Quezada’s wife’s classroom into a crowded building with two schools operating simultaneously. 

The takeaway at the Yonkers Public School district is clear, the welfare and needs of the children are not top priority. At issue is why? And when will this nightmare end? How could we have allowed schooling of Yonkers kids to be not about them?

eHeziYonkers Public School Superintendent Dr. Quezada is Callous to the Welfare and Needs of “Our” Kids

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  1. Maybe if Mayor Mike Spano stopped giving raises and promotions to friends and family who are not deserving of them ; for example his brothers mistress : Christine Dodge as one of the department heads in charge of hiring the teachers recently was promoted to Deputy Commisioner with a salary of $140,000. Wow, that’s a big update from the secretary to Paula Reid Collins with a salary of $34,000. Lol, I’m guessing she met his brother AFTER she started working (and was subsequently fired) for the city of Yonkers.
    Hence is why I cannot stand when Mr. Spano tries to use the excuse of “not enough funding” as an excuse to every problem the city ever sees. Cry me a river you crooked rat Spano! To the pancake face Ms. Dodge- get a man who isn’t married!

  2. Despicable to say the least. The esteemed Dr. Quesada is about making a name for himself. He has cronies and friends all around the district. He has brought more new staff to Larkin and tossed away all those who had institutional memory. They are his eyes and ears and his royal court. Things in the YPS were never as bad as they are now. He has decimated the original staff. They were people who supported the schools – people who cared. Now we have the great Dr. Arias. I agree she is a piece of work. She is rude, nasty and condescending. Does she speak English? Where did she come from? Why has she been given so much control? “Dr. Quesada” the great plagiarizer of dissertations!!! His wife gets away with murder. She is not only a mediocre teacher who was given UNSATISFACTORY under a former and a retired Principal at Siragusa for her ineffective teaching practices but now gets to decide which students remain in her classroom. Of course, she sends the student to Dodson, where the bumbling idiot, Principal Evelina Medina will not complain because she is part of the Quesada court jesters. Oh by the way, Dodson has gone to the pots. YFT and Proud Parent – perhaps all we should give Mrs. Quezada is a piece of chalk and to see if she work wonders like he expects us to do She would not know what to do with the chalk. Just remember Dr. Quezada there is still institutional recorders in our great school district. We are not gone and are here to stay!

    1. Dear Yonkers Residents,

      Since we announced the protest, we have received multiple threats from the Spano / Quezada thugs.

      For the sake of safety of all participants, the protest will be canceled.

      They want for us to be silent.

      Please find other venues to voice your opinion and worries in Yonkers.

      Thank you all.

    2. Dear Yonkers Residents,

      Since we announced the protest, we have received multiple threats from the Spano / Quezada thugs.

      For the sake of safety of all participants, the protest will be canceled.

      They won’t for us to be silent.

      Please find other venues to voice your opinion and worries in Yonkers.

      Thank you all.

  3. Please take action the schools system is in crisis. There’s no one giving families any help or guidance. Transportation is an absolute nightmare. No one calls back and parents have resorted to following school buses to ensure kids safety. Registration is even worse everyday we are talking to different people. To make it worse this Dr. Arias lady is hard to understand and doesn’t return calls. My neighbors say she is rude, condescending and just not nice. Parents are so sickened by this and poor kids are suffering the most.

    1. I just saw Mike ( blimp) Spano on snoooze 12 tell him to lay off the donuts, the money could be better used to rebuild the schools

  4. Speaking of the Director of Registration and Student Placement the Edwin and the Board of MISTrustees have decided to “wake the sleeping giant” with the firing of Walter Eddie! When the Administration and the BOE decided to “poke the bear” they had to know that there would be consequences! Everything is crumbling around them (including the actual school buildings) and it is TIME FOR ACTION!!!

  5. The mayor should fire him and do a resolution to take control of the schools. This way it will be a Dept if education and the Buck will stop with the mayor and he could be held accountable if something like this happens again. Trustees appointing this guy doesn’t work because he’s not held accountable to the residents.

  6. This recent shonda (shame / travesty) is normal for his majesty. He has many more dastardly deeds on his ‘Hit List.’ After all, it’s only someone else’s child…besides ‘The Good Wife’ has to have her silence repaid somehow, right?

  7. I don’t understand what happened here. Why isn’t it a good thing for the child to be where the mom is working?
    Also, where would the teachers write with the chalk they should be teaching the children with?

  8. I heard the Director of Registration and student placement walked out despite Mr. Quezada’s version of the story because of a huge blow out with Superintendent Quezada. The director was being screamed at daily and treated with rudeness and disrespect by supt. The mayor is being bamboozled by Quezada.

  9. His wife is a YPS teacher and he has three children in the system. Why isn’t he calling for “Dr” Quezada’s immediate dismissal? Why hasn’t Khader held a press conference or issued a statement on behalf of the City Council? And we’re supposed to believe that he’s a great advocate for the people of Yonkers? I’ve seen absolutely zero leadership from him during his time as CCP. In fact, he’s been nothing but a Spano lackey.

  10. I visited St. Bart’s today to pick up my child for religion class. The learning conditions are beyond atrocious. My neighbor pulled their two kids from School 15 and are now paying tuition for Annunciation. The entire community is baffled and in awe over this toxic black mold and the school district mishandling and dismissive attitude towards parents. We are waiting for the Mayor to take control of the schools.

    1. How bad could St. Bart’s be, the building is in good shape. What makes the conditions” beyond atrocious” ?? just asking

  11. To All Residents of Yonkers,

    I am proposing and organizing a protest on Columbus Day, October 8th, 2018, at 1:00 pm in front of the house of the disgraced Mayor of Yonkers Mike Spano. Media outlets will be invited to show the rest of the City, State, and even the US, the strong will of the residents of Yonkers.

    The point of gathering will be KFC on 1920 Central Park Ave. Please exercise caution until the protest starts. Yonkers police will be contacted for safety precaution to all participants.

    Columbus Day marks the day when the land of opportunities was discovered. However, it seems that the City of Yonkers is only the land of opportunities for family and friends of Spano and Quezada.

    I urge everyone to participate including:

    – Parents of the displaced students from PS 15 with their children

    – Teachers from PS 15 and other schools displeased with the Spano and Quezada damage to the city.

    – Parents of students from across the city displeased with the schools and the rotten head Quezada.

    – All residents of Yonkers

    You are welcome to bring signs to voice your concerns, opinions, and suggestions. It will be a peaceful protest to exercise your right in front of the world.

    Please express interest by texting 845-377-3107.

    Every Mayor leaves after a protest from the parents and teachers of the City of Yonkers- Ask Amicone.

    Thank you

  12. This is an absolute disgrace. Something must be done to restore faith in the YPS. This is the supt. Quesada that told teachers all they need is a piece of chalk to teach children.

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