Assyrians of Yonkers

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YONKERS, NY — November 4, 2018 — As early as the late 19th Century, there was a small community of Assyrians in Yonkers, New York. By 1914 and 1915, many Assyrians fled Ottoman Turkey and Persia seeking refuge from genocide, and with the assistance of American Presbyterian missionaries, many found their way to bolstering a growing population in Yonkers. This community established its own churches, community associations, and businesses, becoming an essential part of the American mosaic while retaining its culture through religion, language, social gatherings, and traditional foods. Celebrating community life and their new home, Assyrian Americans of Yonkers continued to play an integral role in American society while educating themselves about the continuous plight of their brethren in the Middle East and passing on their heritage to future generations. 

Publication is expected in February 2019.


eHeziAssyrians of Yonkers

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