Chuck Lesnick’s Political Aspirations Devoid of Direction and/or Focus

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The Hezitorial Regarding Yonkers Political Prospect

Hon. Chuck Lesnick

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YONKERS, NY — November 24, 2018 — Meandering aimlessly, as is often the road former Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick traversed, Yonkers Tribune has heard that Mr. Lesnick is testing the political temperature and landscape to ascertain whether his political prospects are still viable. The recent 5-2, super majority vote by the Yonkers City Council membership that by their very authorization, with timid support afforded by Mayor Mike Spano, has eviscerated and outwitted Mr. Lesnick’s prospects from running for Yonkers Mayor in the November 2019 General Election. What with Yonkers Department of Public Works and Yonkers City Democratic Committee Chair Thomas Meier directing District and Ward leaders to support his “boss” Mayor Mike Spano, Mr. Lesnick’s prospects are seemingly unlikely to say the least. Besides, Mr. Lesnick has not given expression to a vision that would differentiate his vision from those of Mayor Mike Spano, Mr. Lesnick instead chose a lackadaisical demeanor that continues to marginalize any of the political prospects he may covet.

He has the intellect and the educational background to  conceptualize and espouse pertinent directives for the City of Yonkers (CoY), yet he has been incapable of translating his knowledge and experience for Yonkers benefit, choosing instead to only serve himself. Mr. Lesnick could have potentially captivated the minds of Yonkersite voters with pithy solutions he has up to the present not elucidated upon. Instead, Mr. Lesnick’s criticism of the Spano Administration, warranted or not, never indulged in sharing, much less ameliorating any thoughts that resonated with the concerns of the Yonkers voters. When the chatter among Yonkersites suggested disillusionment of leadership and vision among voters, diminished by a lack of media on the one hand and a lack of transparent telling by Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano’s Communications Department, those who were in search for a “new” direction, however defined, were left stranded due to a lack of leadership. Since no definition(s) have been expressed, Yonkersites are thereby left bereft among the known and unknown number of aspirants in juxtaposition to Mayor Mike Spano’s initiatives over the last seven years. With the potential for extending term limits to a third four-year term seemingly on a viable trajectory, albeit it susceptible to losing to the momentum of a petition drive to scuttle its capacity, though unlikely to do so, thereby potentially affords Mayor Mike Spano a potential third term election win in November 2019. Which begs the question; where does that leave the politically moribund Mr. Lesnick?

Westchester County Board Legislator representing District 16.

Yonkers Tribune has learned that Mr. Lesnick has quietly but effectively solicited for petition gathers. They have been advised they will be paid for their effort. All those who collect signatures for a petition to rescind term limits being extended, or whether for candidates to be placed on a ballot, must set up a committee for that purpose. The committee must be filed with the Westchester County Board of Elections and a bank account must be created from which signature gatherers are paid. Furthermore, and the Yonkers Tribune is unaware of the upper limits of funds permitted to be “donated” to the said account from which the signature gatherers are to be paid. One layer of scrutiny one would expect to be investigated by the Westchester County Board of Election is whether such an account has been set up and where the initial funds were derived, and if it indeed adheres to protocol. If not, what are the penalties to be suffered, and by whom? An investigation is warranted!

The prospectus for Mr. Lesnick capturing the minds and hearts of Yonkersites in vying for an opportunity to take the helm by voter acclaim has been answered by Mr. Lesnick himself. Ardent support of Mr. Lesnick is seemingly non-existent other than in the mind of Mr. Lesnick himself. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Mr. Lesnick has found himself with few present potential wins in his horizon, except for one. Yonkers Tribune has heard the drumbeat of Mr. Lesnick challenging Westchester County Legislature Christopher Johnson (D-District 16). With no place else to go, Mr. Lesnick recognizes that his political aspiration is presently best served by the only potentially contested elected office in 2019, that is for District 16. Legislator Johnson would therefore face a Democratic Primary race. Both politicos have gained cobwebs spun from past mediocrity. The potential contest pitting Johnson v Lesnick could be the very catalyst to motivate each toward captivating the electorate with their awakening to a newly found erudite and creative panache that has escaped both over the many years each has been in the political arena.

From the look of things presently, Mr. Lesnick’s prospects seem stronger that those of Legislator Johnson, but as noted in the telling herein, each will have to step up their game. The Yonkers Tribune readers are certain to learn before anyone in media and will be commenting. Neither Legislator Johnson nor Mr. Lesnick have a clue their contest looms before them. Each will hopefully spur the other to a higher plane for the sake of Yonkersites. Can the victor be complacent to the present two-person contest? It is likely too soon to tell. Yonkersites are sure to learn before either can spell “victory”. In the meanwhile perhaps a woman would be more formidable that the two named. Even a potential Republican candidate. Another option may be that either or both dress in drag to gain the support of both the female and male voters. One never knows. Time will tell.  

eHeziChuck Lesnick’s Political Aspirations Devoid of Direction and/or Focus

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  1. Wonder how many signatures good ole chuckles has put together. Great work he’s doing on taxpayer time. Only guy that can get away with this but… not for long chucky boy. Knock knock knock

  2. Post

    The following comment was posted under an article that had nothing to do with this subject matter. I moved it here … “I am a fan of the Gov but I must say I am not happy that his employee is running around on state time with a political petition. It appears Mr Lesnick has a no show job and just gets a check. This is our money! Why isn’t anyone looking into this? I plan to send a letter to the ny attorney general on this matter as well as the Gov office. Is this not illegal?”

    Comments must be on topic. Thanks for understanding. Kindly, Hezi

  3. Neither Christina, nor Lesnick have any integrity. Both are creeps. But Christina’s power-hungry beard will get her wife re-elected at any cost for appearances sake.

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