Crew of Engine Company 307 Deliver Baby Boy at Height of Winter Snow Storm

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YONKERS, NY — November 15, 2018 — Engine Company 307, situated at 441 Central Park Avenue delivered a baby boy this evening at 6:22 PM.

The miracle delivery team of Engine 307 was comprised of Captain Anthony Porco, Firefighter Brian Dunn, Firefighter Brian Mulqueen and Firefighter Jonavy Arias.

They were dispatched to a home  in Southeast Yonkers at 4:47 PM but due to the extreme weather and poor driving conditions,  an ambulance was unable to get to the scene until after the baby was born at 6:22 PM.  The firefighters delivered the baby boy, cut the umbilical cord, and provided care to the baby and mother who both appeared to be doing well. The ambulance arrived about five minutes later. 

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SOURCE: Yonkers Fire Department Deputy Chief of Personnel Daniel P.  Flynn






eHeziCrew of Engine Company 307 Deliver Baby Boy at Height of Winter Snow Storm

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  1. It doesn’t matter what the Spanos or any posters on this blog say about the Yonkers Firefighters to try and get the public not to like them. The public LOVES their Yonkers Firefighters and that’s not going to change. Too bad sucka’s. And Barry will never hire Nick Spanos lobbying firm. He does pretty good by himself representing Local 628’s interests.

  2. Hey Loser…you posted salaries and got them so fast. (City hall) have to be a pencil pusher,who couldnt make the cut.Going thru life being a vindictive,jealous wannabe..must be horrible…so enjoy your holidays,eating your pot pie and frozen carrots…..alone..ya loser..

    1. Brian Travers $286,732
      Robert Capurso $285,895
      Bob Antoluv $283,744
      John Bonanno $279,165
      David McIntyre $272,328
      Mike Spano $156,099
      In order of rip-off

    2. Want to know the salaries, that’s easy enough. Go to “See through New York”, they post the annual salaries of all municipal employees.

  3. Source the Yonkers Fire Dept ?
    Ok ?
    Scary the manipulation of the press.
    Please put their salaries up.
    That baby just met the richest men in Yonkers, NY.

    1. Anthony Porca: $223,273
      Brian Dunn: $123,296
      Brian Mulqueen: $129,671
      Jonavy Arias: $37,375

      Total: $513,615

      Yonkers taxpayers invest half a million dollars a year in these four men alone.

      1. These men earned the salaries you list by risking their lives for others. You list their salaries but make no mention of the physical and emotional toll this job takes from them.

        These men work in the bitter cold of winter and on hot summer days. In their regular course of duty, they see and do things that would give a normal person nightmares.

        But go ahead and criticize them for getting paid to do their job.

        1. I agree Firefighters and Police put their lives on the line everyday and deserve good salaries. As a taypayer, i have no problem paying their salaries, wish the rest of the City employees earned their keep.

  4. Wow !
    I guess the mother had nothing to do with the delivery.
    What ever happened to people just doing their job.
    Tired of every little thing a Yonkers fireman does getting magnified.
    I guess now they can rampage on us citizens again.
    Gimme a break already.
    Lets throw a parade !

    1. Get a grip people. I am sure the family was grateful for the firefighter’s being there to help this woman and her child. Stop worrying about their salaries, they earn every penny of it risking their lives for ungrateful mopes like you. Don’t you like some good news every once in a while, loser!

        1. At least that is published. Do you know what Mike Breen, Mike Sabatino, and Mike Spano skim from city coffers? I am sure Nikolai Spano knows how much ziti is kicked up.

        2. Do you mean the guys who worked as firefighters and line officers for 20 years before having the opportunity to become a chief? The same guys who respond at all hours of the day and night to fires, hazmat calls and gas leaks?

          Most of their pay is for the experience and knowledge they bring to the job, as well as for the responsibility and leadership they are asked to bring to the job.

          They may not be pushing in with the first hoseline but they’re in the danger zone at every fire, and they have the same mental, cardiac and physical stresses the rest of the firefighters have.

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