Do You Believe in Democracy and the Power of the Vote?

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Bill Nuckel was a recent Republican endorsed candidate for Mayor of the City of Yonkers.

YONKERS, NY — November 20, 2018 — Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano quietly signed into law an amendment to the Term Limits provision of the Yonkers City Charter twice enacted by the voters to allow himself and members of the City Council to seek a third consecutive term. This continued a near secret process. The one opportunity for public comment before the vote was a sham “Town Hall meeting” which was not shown on City Hall TV where questions were not allowed from the public (or if they were asked, they were unanswered).

Mayor Spano has as late as the first days of October of this year advised missed spending time with his wife and children and was adamant he would not seek a third term. Spano is quoted, after signing the amendment on October 19th, “As for me, I love being the mayor of this great city and I look forward to the opportunity to continue the progress we’ve made to make Yonkers the place to live, work and play.”

Majority Leader Sabatino and Minority Leader Breen said they have received encouragement from a variety of people for their proposal, and noted it is favored not only by Mayor Mike Spano but are expecting a solid majority of the City Council.

“The 12 year limit [by county legislators]provides a good mix between turnover and continuity,” said Council Minority Leader Michael Breen, “This City is in the midst of a revival, and I hear a great deal of concern about the need to keep that momentum going.”

First of all Mr. Breen, Westchester County Legislators are elected for two-year terms (easier to throw the “bums” out) and no one serving in the Westchester County Board of Legislators has reach 12 years. The legislation has only been in force for ten years. And the only continuity on the Council is pertinent to Breen and Sabatino With respect to the November 2019 General Election.

“We are headed toward $3 billion in investment in housing, businesses, and jobs in Yonkers,” said Sabatino, adding, “Most of it results from work that began six and seven years ago. We want the voters to have the opportunity to continue that momentum going into the next four years.”

So how much of this investment are you responsible for Mr. Sabatino? So stop the B.S.

Remember this is neither about any specific person nor the direction of the City. This is about whether a Charter Revision created by the vote of the people can be changed by five council members and usurped the will of the people.

If you agree that the people should vote on this measure, please print the attached petition on letter sized paper and sign it in front of another voter so that you can witness each other’s signatures (you cannot witness your own signature).

And when you are done (sometime before December 7, 2018), please mail the petitions to:

Gloria Fields, 331 Westchester Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10707

Paste petition location in your browser:

eHeziDo You Believe in Democracy and the Power of the Vote?

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  1. Why does this guy have the opportunity to write here? He almost got to 16% of the vote on a major party line! That is a disgrace! Base line republican vote is 32% even if Mickey Mouse was running. Guess bill would have lost to good ole Mickey.
    Go on and get out of here William, You disgraced yourself as well as the two friends you appear to have.

  2. Oh isn’t this the guys that only received 16% of the vote in the most lopsided mayoral election in the city of Yonkers history?? Lmao

    1. Spano hired Bill Knuckle so he would have an opponent. Before Knuckel’s failed attempt as a republican candidate, he was a Democrat.

    2. Moron, Spano won a boasted-about ‘landslide’ re-election in 2015 – in an election wherein only 20% of the electorate voted lol. A ‘landslide’ not hard to accomplish when you have hundreds of family members, and their friends and family, and the friends and family of your political hack hires, come out to vote for you. Not exactly an accurate gauge as to your real effectiveness. Also the Republican party left Nuckel high and dry. Also, and very importantly, to an earlier poster… to accuses Nuckel of his previous Democrat Party registration; the Mayor was a Republican and will always have that support. Landslide my a..!

  3. Thank you for sharing the petition. What has happened in Yonkers is a travesty to democracy—stealing the right of the voters to decide whether or not to extend term limits.

    I hope that thousands of Yonkers residents and taxpayers will see through the sham this City Council and Mayor have perpetrated and sign!

  4. Breen doesn’t deserve the term he has. Unfortunately, the people of the 5th Council district are too feeble to see this. Breen can’t even stay awake during council meetings. Scott Dennis will be the 5th’s next councilman. We need to protect Yonkers municipal workers. Invest in our roads and infrastructure. Make the proper investment in schools. Pay our teachers, police, fire fighters and DPW employees more. Elect Scott Dennis and I will turn Yonkers around.

    1. What are the qualifications of Scott Dennis? I love our teachers, YPD and YFD but don’t think they need you to negotiate salasties, they are faring well.

      Yonkers finances are a mess and the play to pay and family and friends network has to end! And development that benefits the taxpayer, those are things that matter to be.

      What is your platform? Live in your district and have no idea who you are. Don’t get me wrong, I agree that Breen is useless. Like to know what you bring to the table for us. Please advise.

      1. Scott Dennis is a Democratic Socialist. He aligns with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. He willl ensure we increase our affordable housing stock and increase the social safety net.

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