House Democratic Caucus Designates Nancy Pelosi for Speaker

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Democratic Caucus Leader Nancy Pelosi designated U.S. House of Representatives Speaker in 2019.

WASHINGTON, DC — November 28, 2018 — California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is on a trajectory to sustain her 14 years as House Democratic leader for an additional 2 years this time as House Majority Speaker. Pelosi first garner being nominated an won designation as Democratic Caucus leader. Pelosi garnered 203 votes on the caucus ballot, 32 no votes, 3 non-voting, and 1 absentee.

January 3, 2019 will require the majority of at minimum 218 votes of the entire House of Representatives that is, anticipating all members in attendance and voting in order to secure the gavel.  

There will be 235 Democrats seated as members in January 2019 which therefore demands Pelosi cannot afford to lose more than 17 votes. The glitch is however that House Democrats will have 235 members next year if they win uncalled races in New York’s 22nd District and California’s 21st District. That would mean Pelosi could lose no more than 17 votes on the floor, unless some some 20 freshman members follow through on rhetoric they espoused that they would not vote for Pelosi, asserting they are committed to voting for new leadership. 

Congressman-elect Max Rose said, “Today, I kept my promise to my constituents and did not vote in favor of Leader Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker of the House of Representatives. If we are going to rebuild trust in the Democratic Party, we need to show the American people that we’ve heard their call for change and that means new leadership. For that reason, I will not break my pledge when the vote comes to the floor. Staten Islanders and South Brooklynites have been lied to enough and that’s not who I am or ever will be,” said Congressman-elect Max Rose.


The Democratic Caucus anticipates support coalescing around Nancy Pelosi for another 2-years term.


eHeziHouse Democratic Caucus Designates Nancy Pelosi for Speaker

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