Memorial Field Must Be Returned to the People

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Memorial Field rendering

Richard Thomas, City of Mount Vernon Mayor and Mount Vernon Industrial Development Agency Chairman.

MOUNT VERNON, NY — November 18, 2018 — Reflecting on the Memorial Field situation, it’s now clear that the Westchester Courts served as a #TrojanHorse for political interests. I am concerned as to whether myself or the people of Mount Vernon can get fair treatment in this forum.

When I was a Councilman, I attempted to stop the illegal dumping at our beloved park. The Westchester Court decided that I could not stop it.

Now, as Mayor I have aggressively moved to comply with the DEC order to clean up Ernie’s mess. In response, the Westchester Court allowed a restraining order brought by the City Council to halt all work.   Why the double standard?   It’s wrong. The Court should dismiss this political case and let me get the job done.

While former Comptroller Maureen Walker allowed millions to be spent on nothing, I have not been allowed to spend $13,000 on environmental compliance reports to start fixing the mess.

After Westchester County actually went to Memorial Field and remeasured the field they agreed with my vision that the 8 lane running track was the way to go.  Good!  Let’s go. But 2 months later they still haven’t passed the necessary legislation. And those that obstructed are still obstructing, wasting time and tax dollars.

#TimesUp! #FixIt! #Now!

Judge Gerald E. Loehr is now ordering the City to comply with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), pay the bills, and move forward on Memorial Field-something I have been attempting to do since my first day in office.  That’s good.

However, the Court needs to steer clear of politics, not exceed its power, and decide the case on the law.  Under the City Charter the Mayor is the only executive. Not the City Council, not the Comptroller, and not the Court.  The City Council needs to fund the clean-up and the Comptroller needs to process the checks.  Not interfere with my efforts to clean up Memorial Field.  The Court should state those simple rules and dismiss this political case.  We can then move forward with the clear plan to return Memorial Field to the people.


SOURCE: Mayor  Richard Thomas Press Office.


eHeziMemorial Field Must Be Returned to the People

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