Mount Vernon Mayor Thomas Must Incarcerate Comptroller Debra Reynolds for Placing Residents and Police Officers in Harms Way

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The Mount Vernon Hezitorial

Comptroller’s Non-Payment for Police Communication Devices Places All Emergency Services and Mount Vernon Residents in Harm’s Way

Abrogating the Fiduciary Responsibility Demanded of Comptroller Reynolds

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MOUNT VERNON, NY — November 30, 2018 — Three Mount Vernon taxi drivers were held up at gunpoint early Thursday morning. They were demanded to hand over the money they had earned, as well as other valuables, such as their cell phones. On top of all that, their vehicles were stolen from them as well. The only saving grace is that none of the taxi drivers were physically harmed. 

It seems that one of the cab company cars stolen was from Yonkers, a second from New Rochelle, while the third stolen taxi-cab’s affiliation has not been divulged.

Should a recurrence of yesterday be repeated today or over the coming days, Mount Vernonites must recognize that the Mount Vernon Police Department have no means to communicate with headquarters or with each other. The walkie-talkies used by the Mount Vernon Police Department operates under a separate and unique frequency. A backup system has been designed to compensate for any circumstance(s) should anything ever happen to the walk-talkie communications system capacity from functioning properly. The backup is a cellphone system that is transferred for use by one officer to the next during the shift changes that take place throughout every 24-hour changeover. Those very communication devices are not operating because payment has not been received by the vendor.

There is a solution.

Mayor Richard Thomas must direct the Mount Vernon Police Department to arrest Mount Vernon Comptroller Debra Reynolds post haste. When Comptroller Reynolds is brought before the Court to explain why services rendered have not been paid, let her explain to the Court by what rationale she deems it appropriate to place people in harms way by her not paying for the communications equipment required for the Mount Vernon Police Department,

The accusatory political games played that undermines the fiduciary responsibility of government can no longer permit Comptroller Reynolds to abrogate her fiduciary responsibility to Mount Vernon residents and the Mount Vernon Police Department.   

eHeziMount Vernon Mayor Thomas Must Incarcerate Comptroller Debra Reynolds for Placing Residents and Police Officers in Harms Way

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  1. Hezi,
    I agree entirely with your article, but think an article on this subject should be published, only after a solution to the communication issue has been found. Broadcasting this problem, prior to its solution, is the equivalent of ringing a dinner bell for every degenerate, criminal, and Mount Vernon politician, to belly up to the trough.
    My apology for the redundancy in my post; criminal and Mount Vernon politicians, but those outside the area, may not understand the similarities between the two.

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