MPAC: Floundering or Prospering?

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The MPAC Hezitorial

YONKERS, NY — November 4, 2018 — Yonkers has always engaged in some form of drama in one form or another. It is as if witnessing bullying tactics, unseemly confrontations, and wishful thinking of grandeur has no bounds. On the one hand we find John Khader, self -described Poobah of the Mediterranean Political Action Committee (MPAC) espousing grand designs for one political candidate he may be backing that eclipses his capacity in one way or another. Even so, the prognostications are as off key as an ear trained to listen to a pianist as opposed to the similar, albeit disparate sound of a harpsichord. Such seems to be the so-called lack of integrity of the self professed leadership that he has been leading. He has excelled in driving a robust community of Christians and Moslems of Arabic and Middle Eastern nations from whom lineage is connected into total animus and disarray. His effort is the “autocratic” governance that harkens to the “strong man” formula not so successful abroad now being translated to the “new land” with equal failure and little respect. Rather than earned respect, the prospect for bludgeoning various perspectives into a state of silence and thereby control is failing among a community more enlightened that the likes of John Khader would care to fathom and worse still, is incapable of comprehending.

The the so-called “Old Worlds” were the birthplace of the international revolution best known today as the “Arab Spring”. It began in Tunisia, and spread to some degree or another from Morocco to Iran, Asia, Central and South America, Africa, Europe, and yes, even Canada and America. American has yet to recognize that the “American Spring” is likewise the revolution that has gained purpose and strength among the non-homogeneous people that comprise the United States of America.

Among the most recent immigrants, such as those who are members of MPAC, the old-world respect of naught and make-believe prognostications continues. Even so, it chafes the sensibilities that diminish the sense of freedom, cerebrally or viscerally understood. Juxtaposed to the “reality” of the “new” world, those who are desirous to control “their” community through bullying tactics of fear and dominations will, with the implied threats of retribution and diminution of respect and station are failing as they espouse a sense of self-worth to which they cannot claim to have yet earned. Alas, at the present trajectory, like a comet racing toward our sun ablaze with sparks and light, that self-deluded comet is shrinking by the seconds.

Were John Khader interested in drinking an enlightened elixir,  the Arab community would be better respected from within and without. 

The only issue at present is whether John Khader has the capacity to wear a larger pair of britches rather that those he presently wears and whether Yonkers City Councilman Mike Khader, John’s younger brother can eclipse his acquiescence to pass the FY2018-2019 Budget laden with a tax hike of 6.2% on Yonkersites that could have been accomplished in a different manner that would not have created the layoffs contemplated. That too was a scam. The fact that since passage of the budget earlier this year Yonkers City Council President Michael Khader has yet to grapple, study, and thereby formulate a different scenario for FY2019-2020 is outrageous because it reveals his lacking leadership skills that cannot be eclipsed by the inexact “double speak” that works for Madison Avenue but accomplishes little to ameliorate the challenges facing Yonkersites.

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eHeziMPAC: Floundering or Prospering?

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  1. It’s clear John is disliked in the community, if you minus the candidates and the family, 9 people were in attendance. In regards to the sponsorships , it’s a pure simple extortion by Khader, the FEDS will take care of that.

  2. For the record, I know John Khader and he’s fully supporting Nader’s candidacy. He’s hosted numerous meet and greets for Nader. Signs that are all over the city wouldn’t be possible without John’s help.

    In general, the Arabs don’t attend political events, but they do exercise their vote! Make no mistake on Tuesday Nov 6th they will be out in full force!

    I don’t understand what MPAC has to do with the tax increase and/or the budget review? Seems to me that this is just another cheap shot to undermine the Khaders.

    The City Council voted unanimously for the tax increase to save jobs and close the budget gap. Yonkers financial mess was inherited by the new Council President. The blame for financial mismanagement rests with the administration and several incumbent and predecessor members. They did not take care of business and just kept kicking the can down the road! I am confident that Mike Khader and the council members will work diligently together to solve the financial problems.

    John we are proud of you for being transparent and a straight shooter. Thank you for all that you do. I was so proud to see the documentary of Yonkers with Mayor Spano, Nader Sayegh and Mike Khader. It is a wonderful success story for the Jordanian community. Thanks for helping to make it happen!

    Don’t let the haters stop the progress of MPAC or undermine the unity and solidarity of our community. Remain strong, vigilant and committed to foster good things for Yonkers!

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      No clue. I have not communicated with her and she has not reached out. I did not know she was writing a book. If she is, it should make for interesting reading.

  3. I been attending and watching council meetings for quite sometime, Khader is the only councilman who has his family attend the meetings, I’m assuming he’s afraid of Sabatino or Rubbo lol. I hope the feds are watching and see the connections between MPAC sponsors (contributors) and the access to city officials.

  4. MPAC = A big lie (German: große Lüge) is a propaganda technique. The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, about the use of a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously”.

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    2. You must be talking about the Spano regime. They defraud, marginalize, profess propaganda, lie, threaten and are full of deception. Wake up Yonkers! The tyrannical government is in your backyard, it is upon you…

      Nothing short of a Spano dictatorship, that suppresses the voters. That’s what was recently enacted by the bogus legislation on term limit extension! Your council members are puppets. 5 of the 7 are bought and paid for. That’s not representation…it’s corruption.

      Sign a petition to overrule these pathetic imbeciles who you perceive to represent you, they don’t, they represent only their greedy selves. Vote out Merante, Rubbo, Breen, Sabatino and Shanae Williams. They are a disgrace to Yonkers! Vote them out!

  5. I was under the impression the event was sold out, I entered the room to find it empty, I stayed for a couple of hours and it was the farthest thing from a get out the vote rally, Khader took a beating last night. Very Embarrassing.

    1. Why’d you say if the turnout was so low. I was there and my headcount was much higher than yours! All the tables were sold out. Are you kidding me, I smell a rat!

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        At minimum 150 people were expected to attend but less than 30 did. Spin all you want. Remember the truth will eventually set you free.

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    Tonight (referring to Friday, November 2, 2018) was a big embarrassment for John Khader, MPAC dinner rally had a attendance of 29 people. Tonight’s event was the funeral for MPAC.

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      Hezi, did you hear about the Mpac event? It’s more like “dead pac”. 29 people showed, a real embarrassment to the Khader’s. They are finished politically.

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      2. Please, oh please this is nothing more than a Spano troll fake messaging to splinter the otherwise cohesive, strong Arab Jordian voting block. Don’t be fooled!

        Spano is very worried, he should be…He has a brain dead, nepotistic coalition that deals in fear tactics and retribution against all that disagree! But when the full public gets wind of his deception he and the rest of these useless tools on the Council are done, done as door nails!

        A cardboard box could run against Spano, the fraud that he is after his puppet Council hoodwinked and stole the voice from 200k voters!

        The voters are being informed Mr Mayor about your deceptive ways. The people will prevail. You and your corrupt Council accomplishes that are bought and paid for by your bribes are going down!

        Let the truth be known to Yonkers citizens. That will be the undoing of corrupt government in Yonkers. Your days are numbered…the people will win!

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