Parking Regulations Do NOT Apply to Parking Enforcement Officer (PEO36)

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The Parking Hezitorial

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YONKERS, NY — November 10, 2018 — In the process of purchasing a plaque that would permit the driver to park near a parking lot close to his residence, sold at the Buena Vista Parking Garage, all but about two to three minutes transpired. After paying for permit (plaque), the law abiding Yonkersite returns to find he has been ticketed. It was in fact issued by the same Yonkers Parking Enforcement Officer (PEO36) who had recently given him a ticket for which he had paid by credit card. The past infraction our hapless resident had been fined was for “parking under a stop sign”, an “illegal” standard unknown by most drivers to exist. While there is a handbook for driving standards, there is none this editor-at-large is aware of for parking standards in the City of Yonkers.

Upon exiting the Buena Vista Parking Lot, the driver had apparently parked the wrong way again. Knowing that less than 2 to 3 minutes transpired from parking his car, he finds a ticket placed on the windshield of his car designating 55 or 58 Hudson Street on the ticket. He was taken aback, especially when he recognized that PEO36 had again given him a ticket. The driver had even placed a note on the dashboard of his car advising that he was in the Parking Violations Bureau, evidently to no avail. Naturally upset but calm he took a few steps to the corner of the intersection and spotted PEO36’s white Jeep parked under a stop sign near a deli where the driver assumed he would have ordered a sandwich or a cuo of Joe or both. Twenty minutes had transpired and PEO36 was still in the deli.

Respectfully, the ticketed driver entered the deli and confronted PEO36. When questioned why he was given a ticket in the past for parking under a stop sign by PEO36 when it was obvious PEO36 had likewise parked under a stop sign, he received a terse and arrogant response. PEO36 advised that because he drives a city car, the rules don’t apply to him. On top of that, as the photo attests, PEO36 parked the city owned Jeep under a stop sign and was obstructing a private driveway. Evidently, as far as PEO36 is concerned, his driving and parking conduct is above and beyond the law. The takeaway is that Yonkers Parking Enforcement Officers, unencumbered by parking regulations, can enjoy a deli sandwich without a care in the world. As for him being exempt from the law by driving a city vehicle that is an outright falsehood. It is in fact gross negligence on his part and an outright lie and PEO36 “knows it”.

It seems PEO36 tickets many vehicles for exactly this same violation. The City of Yonkers evidently has no interest, much less any compassion, to advise people of this “said infraction” pertinent to all drivers but those driving city vehicles. Specifically there may be many who are unaware of this infraction; those who are not local residents, or those that may come from places who have different rules / standards specific to the place they used to reside that are different than those in Yonkers.

Notice obstruction of private driveway.

Our ticketed driver attempted to file a complaint with Yonkers Parking Authority by telephone, but no one answered the telephone. He then called the Parking Violations Bureau who advised that a supervisor would indeed call him back. No one called back! So the Yonkersite called back a second time at the end of the day and asked to speak to a director. He was told the director doesn’t take calls!!!! She didn’t call. The ticketed driver called again the next day and after some phone tag, got a hold of supervisor E. Mark Smith. Mr. Smith is the manager. He listened to the complaint and said he would talk to PEO36. The ticketed driver insisted more stringent discipline be exacted upon PEO36. He should at least have to pay the price of a ticket he would write against anyone else doing what he did said the ticketed driver. Manager E. Mark Smith again repeated, “I’ll talk to him”.  The ticketed driver offered to send Manager Smith photos of PEO36’s affixed to this article, but Manager Smith advised, he didn’t want them. Asked if he was serious, Manager Smith said,”Yes!” The driver told him he would go to the Yonkers Tribune and also file a complaint with Yonkers Inspector General Brendan McGrath to which Manager Smith verbatim said, “Go ahead, won’t do you any good”. When the ticketed driver asked, “if that was it? Manager Smith hung up the phone!

The ticketed driver advises he emailed Inspector General McGrath and is still awaiting a response.

For a Parking Enforcement Officer, specifically PEO36, to feign being above the law, and for no oversight yet to have been administered is disrespectfully dismissive. In New York City PEO36 would at minimum be made to lose 2 weeks vacation for illegally parking a city car for personal reasons or worse get fired!

It would be lawful and prudent for Yonkers City Hall to demand inquiry and commensurate follow-up to correct this arrogant and deceitful conduct by PEO36 and Manager E. Mark Smith.

# # #

If there are infractions, inappropriate conduct, lack of scrutiny, illegal conduct that offends your sensibilities direct your advisement by directing eMail to , call 347-415-4326. Please present proof of your allegation(s) and /or assertion(s) to the best of your ability. Your anonymity is protected by my word to you. I will endeavor to corroborate your perspective. If I can validate the issue you present to the Yonkers Tribune, it will be found online and you will receive notice of the article being posted. If I cannot corroborate your perspective, you will receive notice of my failing to gain corroboration of your perspective. Lest anyone forget, Yonkers Tribune is quick to celebrate accomplishment, success, and achievement in all disciplines.


eHeziParking Regulations Do NOT Apply to Parking Enforcement Officer (PEO36)

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  1. Sour grapes and an obvious double standard. You get a ticket and then repeat the exact same behavior and expect a different outcome? The person got another ticket and rightfully so. The enforcement agent should abide by the same laws, though, and in this instance should be reprimanded. Key words: should be. But it’s Yonkers. This will go no where.

    Hezi, you want an even better story? Look into the 3rd Precinct. They’ve commandeered half of Riverdale Avenue between Belvedere and Valentine even though these cops have an enormous lot to park in. Most days the lot has plenty of empty spots but officers chose to park both their personal and police cars on the street. I’ve seen cars in their lot that haven’t moved for months. Often these cops park cruisers on Riverdale for days, taking up valuable local spots and also ignoring alternate side of the street. Plus, parking enforcement is super strict about distances from stop signs, which takes away even more spots because residents are constantly being ticketed. Pineda-Isaac has done nothing either. Walk along Belvedere or Riverdale and look for the police badges, patches and placards in the windshields. Double standard much?

  2. So this guy admittedly parks illegally and gets a ticket again. I have a great idea: Do what I do when parking in that area: Drive into the Hudson st garage and PAY FOR PARKING! or FIND A LEGAL PARKING SPACE.
    Ignorance is not an excuse. You should know that in most downtown areas you can not park within 25 feet of a stop sign or intersection (for very good reason….its difficult for large trucks to make turns in downtown areas….also large vehicles parked close to stop signs, obstruct a drivers view of said stop sign).
    Next point: Vehicles used for parking enforcement, ambulances, police, and fire vehicles are not “above the law” BUT most would agree that someone who is operating an emergency vehicle or someone who is tasked with parking enforcement SHOULD NOT have to circle the block for 10 minutes to find legal parking so as to do their job or issue parking violation summonses.
    Final point: I will admit that I would be pissed off if I just got a summons and I observed the enforcement official parked illegally. We may disagree, but I don’t think it is unreasonable for someone who’s job is to drive throughout crowded downtown areas all day, to “cut a corner” while getting lunch. He’s never more than 40 feet from the vehicle……..”the optics” of it are bad.
    A reasonable punishment in my mind would be a stern lecture as to not appearing hypocritical to the public. MY sense is that this guy is going to harass the Parking enforcement folks for weeks over this and just cost more taxpayer money…..This is not true injustice.
    I bet your letter writer is the kind of guy who doesn’t pull TO THE RIGHT when emergency vehicles come up behind him. He probably also does 48 mph in the left lane on the NYS thruway and doesn’t move over for faster traffic. Maybe he’s the kind of guy who walks through crosswalks reeeeely slow against the signal because he has a chip on his shoulder (daddy issues probably)…….Maybe he just had a bad day….it happens. MY advice: follow the rules, be kind and thoughtful when you drive. It’s not all about YOU. Rules make it better for everyone…..follow them….learn them.

  3. I believe the Yonkers City Council voted, not too long ago, to decrease the distance one must park from a STOP sign. I think they had to petition the state for the change, but I am not sure. I think they made it 15 feet. The original guidelines (30 feet, I think) were imposed because of the issue of visibility etc. and was always a joke because some years ago the city installed parking meters practically on top of STOP signs in busy areas. I guess it was OK for them to squeeze even more money out of the taxpayer with these meters, and they also conversely TICKETED those who were not even near the STOP sign. Not about safety but Money. More stealth ways this city sneaks in extra revenue while often boasting of the low property tax rates.

  4. No BS. Parking enforcement officers have been instructed to keep their vehicles within eyesight at all times when working due to recent vandalism to their vehicles, specifically in the area where this vehicle was photographed. Police reports have been made documenting same. You can verify with YPD. Stop dumping on PVB and PA working who do a tough job. Try issuing tickets all over the city, getting physically assaulted, threatened with assault, hit by cars, cursed at, and having their city vandalized. The taxpayers and and COY support you men and women. Now, for the person who received the tickets, pay up and park legally next time. You should be embarrassed by your condescending privilege.

  5. Thanks again for another great story Hezi. The law is 25 feet from a stop sign or traffic light. Like everything else in Yonkers these rules are applied in an arbitrary fashion. In my hood it depends on the whim of both the police and the PA. There are some of the same cars constantly parked within 25 feet of stop signs and traffic lights and you never see a ticket.
    Then a strange car parks and bham there is a ticket.

    I’m sure this goes on all over town. You never see cars parked like this in Scarsdale, Hartsdale, Tuckahoe or Bronxville. Guess why? Instant ticket.

    They should be out giving tickets everyday as we are always in a hole. Also anyone from the PA parking illegally like this could be held partially responsible for an accident should be fired because it’s lawsuits we are going to pay for.

    Was that an “official” break? You see this all around Yonkers, public workers shopping and what ever else, anything but working. There needs to be GPS tracker in every city car, even the Mayors. This way the taxpayer can keep tabs on all of these slackers.

    The arrogance comes from the top and trickles down to these “worker” bees. Yep it all starts and ends with SpaNO.

  6. Just pay your tickets like everyone else, Crybaby! Nothing is gonna happen to a COY worker doing his/her job, nor should it. You writing your check to PVB priceless!

    1. You cannot park, stop or stand:

      Within 15 feet (5 m) of a fire hydrant, unless a licensed driver remains in the vehicle to move it in an emergency.

      On the road side of a parked vehicle (“double parking”).

      On a sidewalk or in a crosswalk.

      In an intersection, unless permitted by signs or parking meters.

    2. From NYS Driving manual:

      Parking or standing is not allowed:
      In front of a driveway.
      Within 20 feet (6 m) of a crosswalk at an intersection.
      Within 30 feet (10 m) of a traffic light, STOP sign or YIELD sign.
      Within 20 feet (6 m) of a fire station driveway, or within 75 feet (23 m) on the opposite side of the road.
      Mike Breen Council District 5

  7. City employees are exempt will be the answer. It’s a bunch of crap for sure. I advised the Mayor’s helpline of city workers using gas powered leaf blowers during the Mayor’s annual ban on them. I was politely told city workers are exempt.

  8. The group picture above is The Yonkers Parking Authority NOT Parking Enforcement. The vehicle is also from Parking Enforcement NOT The Yonkers Parking Authority. Come on Hezi. You’ve been around for a while now. Get it right.

  9. I would also send all of this to both LoHud and Mayor Spano. I suspect that this PEO will not be a PEO much longer and that the Manager will be tasked to take Customer Service Training Classes, on how better to deal with the public.

    1. Yeah right! Just like the Mike Spano Ehtics Code and his I.G. that leads back to the same desk. Remember come to a City on the Waterfront that you cannot come out when it is dark.

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