Public Hearing Regarding the Extension of Term Limits for a Third 4-year Term Defined By the Number of People in Support

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YONKERS, NY — November 6, 2018 — The Mayor’s Conference Room was set up to accommodate the most number of people. The number of seats anticipated for yesterday’s public hearing was meant to permit as much as 50 people to be seated. It proved to be a sufficient number. Those who took a seat were asked after presenting their perspective to Mayor Mike Spano to depart so that others who were hearing the opinions voiced in the central vestibule through a loud speaker could enter the room to do likewise. Deputy City Clerk Michael Ramondelli ably called out the names of the speakers who signed up to speak. Some of the names may have been difficult to pronounce because a diverse number of people attended. They represented every ethnic and religious group that comprised the diverse populations that reside in Yonkers. Deputy Clerk Ramondelli called out people’s names and for the most part most came to the lectern to address the mayor whose expression revealed his intense engagement in hearing the positions expressed by those who came to share their point of view regarding the extension of term limits.

The numbers would come to be revealed by the end of the public hearing that began at 5pm and concluded about 90 minutes later.

Those in attendance who spoke in favor of extending term limits numbered 16, those opposed numbered 5.

Yonkers City Clerk Vincent Spano asserted that his office received 461 emails. Of those, 445 emails were in support of extending term limits, with only 16 opposed.

Eileen O’Connnor stood at the lectern before Mayor Spano and advised that a petition against the extension of term limits had garnered 150 signatures.

The final numbers revealed that more people were comfortable with the Yonkers City Council’s super majority vote of 5 for and 2 opposed to extending term limits for the mayor and for the 7 city council members.

The overriding basis for supporting extending term limits is the prevailing sentiment that was supportive of Mayor Mike Spano the man, noted multiple times for being a “good man; a good human being.” People who spoke advised they believed in Mayor Spano. They believed the Yonkers-born mayor loved the city, wanted what was best for the city, and that the development of the city spoke to his many accomplishments for growing Yonkers to a city that demanded Mayor Spano be maintained at the helm for an additional term to continue the progression they had come to recognize.

A few people advised that they too had no beef with Mayor Spano, but they believed the process engaged by the Yonkers City Council abrogated The People twice before voting down extending term limits by way of referenda. Interestingly no city council member attended. Neither did any so-called mayoral contenders attend to state their piece. It became evident that those who were firmly opposed to extending term limits were not as passionate or as vocal as many pontificated they were.

It must be noted that Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano did indeed sign the legislation presented to him by the Yonkers City Council membership last night. The super majority vote precluded a mayoral veto. In other words the 5-2 vote cast by the Yonkers City Council could not be overturned. Process therefore demanded Mayor Mike Spano’s signature. He submitted to the protocol. 

The numbers defined the late afternoon, early evening public hearing, that is that of all the comments tabulated, 3 out of every 4 people were for extending term limits for a third term of 4 years.

While those in opposition advise they are intent on continuing to maintain challenging this addendum to the Yonkers City Council, no one has defined the methodology by which to do just that. Even so, the gauntlet to challenge the new reality in Yonkers may require legal remedy to over-ride. It seems that even legal-eagle Chuck Lesnick, a self-described mayoral candidate that has been salivating his intent by his many offensive and intrusive photo-ops has proven himself impotent in light of last night’s Public Hearing. It seems the likes of Lesnick may need to wait another 5 years for his chance to become the next mayor should Mayor Spano get re-elected in November 2019 for another term. In the meanwhile perhaps Yonkers’ penchant for the dramatic will sustain him; he has little else!

eHeziPublic Hearing Regarding the Extension of Term Limits for a Third 4-year Term Defined By the Number of People in Support

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  1. Anybody but Breen and Sabatino. We need to send a message. They are only serving themselves. One of these guys got a City job for his husband. And your right, Breen is a nitwit. He’s a “Republican” and he voted to raise our taxes. What’s the difference nowadays?

  2. Go out and VOTE ! it’s the AMERICAN thing to do!
    Of course the greatest CITY in the World -my hometown City Of Yonkers NEW YORK babie! The honorable CIty Of Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano 🇺🇸

  3. It’s a simple fact. When you know the referendum will not go your way you do not put it on the ballot. You do what Bloomberg did, you “let” the city council “vote” on it. That way you don’t have to worry about the outcome.

  4. Mike Breen Is not smart enough to sit for a third term. He can barely stay awake for his second term. This waste of a council seat doesn’t deserve a vote. He voted to raise our taxes. He voted to cut our services. The 5th District gets nothing. He put a porn shop on Central Avenue.

      1. The district line is drawn right on Central Ave, so both Councilpeople are responsible. And, if you think there’s only lingerie in there, you’re extremely naive.
        Just glad there’s a sex shop on my way to take the kids for pizza and ice cream… ridiculous.

  5. The bottom line is why wasn’t this put on a referendum for all to vote on? No one is answering this question…Not the Mayor, not the Council!

    500 emails in support or 150 signatures in opposition and 50 people in a room do NOT speak for all of Yonkers. Nor does the City Council. I am outraged with the subversive, underhanded and unethical plot to rob my vote, to rob everyone’s vote!

    Whether or not you like this Mayor is not the question? 12 years is a long time for any politician. And what have the City Council members accomplished to vote for their personal enrichment with lifetime pension and healthcare after 10 years? It’s nothing short of outrageous and self serving! 4 of the 7 on the Council are new in the job, not even a year under their belts and the 3 remaining incumbents are responsible for shutting their eyes to the financial debacle that is the Yonkers state of affair. Let’s not forget the recent 6.2% tax increase, hold onto your seatbelts Yonkersites another one is just around the corner!

    I am totally disgusted with this entire process, from end to end. It was wrought with deception from secret back room discussions, lying and deceptive council members (Sabatino and Breen), council members whose vote was bought with jobs or strong arming by the Mayor (Rubbo, Williams). And “reluctantly” Merante is a disgrace, sorry I voted for him! These council members have acted like prostitutes, not representatives of the people!

    And now the final insult, Mayor’s meeting scheduled at 5pm on the Monday before election day! Nothing short of suppressing the voice of the people who are still at work!!!

    After the meeting, Spano signs the legislation and expect he will announce he is running any day, the suspense is killing me. He’s been in campaign mode for the last few months now so no surprise there!

    Yonkers taxpayers and voters have been hosed again!

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