Victory for Ossining

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Victory Message

This victory is a mandate for progressive policies guided by an engaged community. Thank you to our village for participating in our democracy like never before. Thank you to my opponent for running. Campaigns force candidates and voters to clarify our purpose and priorities. I look forward to working with all my colleagues on the Village Board for the betterment of our whole community.

Counting the Votes

Tuesday night campaign supporters gathered at Sing Sing Kill Brewery to count the votes and celebrate. Volunteers waited at all 17 polling places to report first-hand results as the machines were shut down. As the results came in from each poll closer, we were thrilled to see that we won every election district!

Wednesday morning the Westchester Board of Elections is reporting a resounding victory with Mayor Gearity garnering 68% of the vote! Congratulations to Trustee Rika Levin and Trustee-Elect Manuel Quezada on their victories! The Village Board will have a fresh tone in the new year.

Thank you! 

Campaigns are grueling. Success is only possible with teamwork. The talents and dedication of this team are unparalleled.

The most effective way to get voters to the polls is knocking on doors. It is also the most labor intensive. Bravo to the team of volunteers who canvassed voters across the village.

My re-election would not have been possible without the endorsement of the Ossining Democratic Committee and our Chairwoman Thomasina Laidley-Brown. I am also grateful to have been endorsed by the Westchester/Putnam Central Labor Body and Eleanor’s Legacy. The enthusiasm for our community is evident in the remarkable collection of endorsements from residents, small business owners, activists, parents and local leaders.

Tonight the Village Board begins our budget process. The decisions we make will set the stage for what we are able to accomplish in 2019 and beyond. My former opponent is now only my colleague. We are on the same team working on behalf of the people we serve.

Thank you to everyone who made the campaign a success. Thank you to everyone who makes our village a success!


eHeziVictory for Ossining

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