Yonkers City Council President Khader Releases Statemenf on Thursday’s Storm Response

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MIke Khader, Esq., is Yonkers City Council President.

YONKERS, NY — November 16, 2018 — Below is City Council President Mike Khader’s statement regarding yesterday’s storm response:

“I would like to thank bus drivers, monitors, library staff and various community organizations for going above and beyond the call of duty yesterday.

As a parent of young schoolchildren, I share in the frustrations and anger of other parents and want them to know their feelings are justified.

Back in September, I urged the Board of Trustees to implement an extreme weather plan. Clearly, my call fell on deaf ears. Today I renew my call for an extreme weather plan to ensure the events of yesterday never happen again.

I spoke with Mayor Spano and share his call for a comprehensive review of yesterday’s events.

More importantly, I would like to see more accountability on the part of the Board of Trustees and reiterate my call for the City to play a larger role in how the Board of Education operates.

It is imperative that parents have faith in their school system and after last night’s events, we must now work to restore whatever faith was lost.”


SOURCE: Briggette Sayegh, Communications Director, Yonkers City Council President



eHeziYonkers City Council President Khader Releases Statemenf on Thursday’s Storm Response

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  1. Let’s face reality Yonkers BOE had NO plan. They will be scrambling now to emulate some other districts emergency weather plan. Absolute disaster

  2. What are you going to do Khader continue talking to a wall-the Yonkers BOE does what ever they want and you put out these political speak releases which have absolutely no effect on anything-you are merely pissing in the wind Khader-you are all talk and no action-find another job because you are a loser in your current position.

  3. Your buddy Pocket-Picker Nader is one of the Trustees. Go check with Mikey Breen, he’ll set you straight. DPW didn’t get a big for Nikolai Spano. Brother Mikhail said stay.

  4. Khader you say one thing and Mayor Spano issues a press release praising the Supt of Schools because he stayed until midnight to clean up his incompetence-so in other words Khader you are merely blowing smoke up everybody’s ass.

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