Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano Reflects on Concerns Recognized in Aftermath of the Thursday, November 15, 2018th Nor’easter

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Yonkers’ 42nd Mayor Mike Spano and IDA Chairman with Yonkers City Hall seen in the background.

YONKERS, NY — November 16, 2018 — “Yesterday’s storm was faster and more intense than any of the forecasters predicted, and brought the roads throughout the region to a standstill in a way we haven’t seen in years. But it could happen again, so I am meeting with our commissioners, public safety departments, and the schools  to determine how we can use this as a lesson to do better next time.  Our biggest worry last night was over the students stranded on buses or not picked up by parents. I was at the District Central Office at Larkin Center late last night, and want to thank Superintendent Quezada and his staff who stayed until past midnight to locate and get every student home safely. I’m also amazed at how many parents were understanding of the situation. Just because last night’s storm created conditions we haven’t seen in years doesn’t mean we won’t face it again – even this winter. We will look at what worked, what didn’t work, and what we can do to make improvements.”


eHeziYonkers Mayor Mike Spano Reflects on Concerns Recognized in Aftermath of the Thursday, November 15, 2018th Nor’easter

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  1. Hey genius! The answer to your question is that the Mayor proposes the budget and the council votes the budget. The budget that the mayor proposel was with a 1.4% tax increase. The council made it a 6.6% tax hike. Learn a little before you speak Einstein.

  2. I don’t live in Yonkers cuz “the rent is too damn high” but work there. I don’t agree with a lot that happens there politically or educationally BUT if the schools had been closed or dismissed early and nothing came of this storm there would be the same negative comments about that situation. So damned if you do and damned if you don’t!

    1. I can tell you what is getting a bit old – paying a premium in taxes and not having a functioning city with competent people at the helm. How hard is it to throw some salt on our roads before a storm? I’ve seen better preparation in the boy scouts.

  3. The forecast might have changed but there was no reason this should have ever happened. I am a life-long resident of Yonkers and it is not very often that I have NOT seen even one plow or salt truck go by over a period of many hours. The roads and highways were horrendous — like others said, I didn’t see or hear a snow plow or salter at all. It took me nearly an hour to travel 2 miles. To make matters worse, we pay more taxes than other municipalities, the lack of leadership and services were disgraceful. I don’t know why there were no plows/salters on the local streets and highways but this should not happen again. Get your act together!

    1. For the record, please name the other municipalities that have lower taxes. This myth about high taxes in Yonkers is just that. Check the surrounding communities.

  4. The best thing for the mayor to decide is to have everyone off the roads. Meaning no school, businesses closing earlier, closing highways. That has been proven in the past years to be the best directive when extreme driving conditions exist. For this one day so that our EMS, POLICE AND FIRE DEPARTMENT CAN GET THEIR JOB DONE . THE COUNTY AND LOCAL SNOW REMOVAL PERSONNEL can safely and effectively do their job. It will be best for all of us to be off the roads for one day. It will not hurt to shut it down.

  5. Yesterday was a disgrace. I saw some salt spreader out around 1pm but very little salt on the roads. When the storm happened Nada. Never saw a plow on my street, not even this morning. I guess the policy was the rain will melt it.
    I don’t care what propaganda others care to spin from SpaNO HQ, He increased our taxes he better provide them.

    Get off the stage with your meeting BS. Plow the streets SpaNO

  6. I saw the first salter/plow by Sarah Lawrence around 3:30 pm. What was DPW doing all day between 8am and 3pm. I saw no salt down on the roadway before the storm. No preparation. Also heard the police officers working 8am to 4pm shift were told to go home at the end of their shift instead of being requested to stay and respond and help alleviate all the gridlock and respond to all the accidents, stranded motorists and school buses etc. also, OEM doesn’t appear to have been in operation during the storm. I guess the city is in real bad financial shape if the mayor has to rescue stranded students himself and not hire the professionals.

    1. The OEM has a jewlery store owner running it, the good old family and friends network. Hire someone who knows what they are doing. Only in Yonkers folks; only in Yonkers. He might have been in Pelham shopping AGAIN.

  7. I came across Mike Spano yesterday as well. My car was stuck on park ave. I had slid down into a curb and couldn’t back out. I was at a loss. Police lights appeared behind me and I was waiting for a police officer to walk up to my window. No police officer came, who came to my window was the Mayor himself. I was stunned. I said hello Mayor. He said hi, we are gonna get you out. With that the Mayor as well as two other gentlemen (I didn’t get names) were at the hood of my car pushing, they told me to put car in reverse which I did, within minutes I was back on the road. The Mayor walked by to my window and said, “ok be safe” and he left. Wow!!! That’s all I can say. What a man! Thank you Mayor Spano!! Thank you thank you thank you

  8. I saw the first plow on Riverdale Avenue at 6:15PM. No salt, no nothing before that time. Mayor Spano and his administration FAILED and their FAILURE put the lives of our children and people with medical emergencies at risk. Now he has the nerve to hide behind some slick, fake news press release? Have you no shame, Mayor Mike Spano?

  9. The Mayor was picking up Parents and kids and driving them home himself. He came to my daughters bus that was stuck and spent time with the children on the Bus reassuring them that all was okay. I gained a lot of respect for him. He showed we are all in this together and no one is above anything. the kids were in a bad spot as well as parents and he put himself in that same spot. Kudos sir.

  10. Mayor Mike Spano’s Dept. of Public Works
    Mayor Mike Spano’s Board of Education

    Where is Mayor Mike Spano when it’s time to admit that his DPW screwed up completely, and that his Board of Ed failed to have early dismissal? Not even a hint here that the City is at fault, much less an apology. There wasn’t a plow or a salt spreader in sight, and of course they should have been deployed before the gridlock developed. Oh, but it’s the weather forecasters’ fault. What bullshit. And these clowns just voted themselves the right to run for third terms, because we need them?

    1. Why has Tom Meier been so quiet lately?? No comment on this issue also and he is not a quiet man? Is he preparing to run for Mayor next year?

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