Blue Truth Revelations of Misconduct in Pelham Manor Proves Size Doesn’t Matter!

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The Blue Truth Connection: Pelham Manor / Yonkers

The Blue Truth

PELHAM MANOR, NY — December 1, 2018 — Like a bad penny, some municipalities and surnames turn up over and over again. Pelham Manor, located along the northeast border of The Bronx, and Alfred Mosiello, seem to create recurring roles for themselves on the stage of public scrutiny. Court papers and evidence from a recently settled lawsuit have fanned the flames over the matter, which may have been better off left as cinders with respect to Mosiello and the small Sound Shore village.

Alfred Mosiello, the plaintiff, spent the latter part of his illustrious career as Village of Pelham Manor Police Chief, while Marc Lenci, the defendant in the lawsuit, was a Police Officer for the department. Lenci, is also a former representative of the Pelham Manor Police Association, the collective bargaining unit, which represents the rank and file of that department.

Mosiello sued Lenci in late 2015. The two causes of action against Lenci in the suit were, “Prima Facia Tort” and “Tortious Interference with Prospective Economic Relations.”  The motion to dismiss states, “the basis for the action is his claim that he was ‘forced to retire’ due to the tortious conduct of the defendant, at the time a retired Police Officer, and that as a result he allegedly sustained special damages in that his ‘retirement package’ only included a pension of 50% of his final average salary rather than [his expected] 100%’ and [Alfred Mosiello] also suffered the ‘loss in value of all benefits.’”  Expressed plainly, Mosiello sustained a loss of income, when he resigned from the police department in 2015, and according to the lawsuit, the former Association President is personally responsible for the difference.

According to testimony, the two shared a particularly volatile management/labor relationship; both during and after Lenci’s retirement in 2014. The two were often at odds with one another over labor issues, the welfare of members of the Police Association, and possibly, going so far as mutual disdain. The motion states that Lenci, “testified that their relationship was poor and that when Mosiello took over as Chief, the department went downhill. He was familiar with the nickname for Village of Pelham Manor Chief of Police Alfred “The Terminator” Mosiello. The moniker arose from the high number of officers fired or forced out during Mosiello’s tenure,” as Chief. The document goes on to explain, “Lenci made no secret of his opinion that [Alfred] Mosiello was unqualified to be Chief, and of the reasons for that opinion.”

Mosiello’s resignation, and the subsequent lawsuit against Lenci, came about in the aftermath of an investigation into Mosiello’s alleged misconduct. The investigation, which began in October 2014, was spurred by Lenci, who had contacted then Village of Pelham Manor Mayor Bertrand Sellier. At meetings with Sellier, Lenci expressed his opinion of Mosiello, and asserted alleged claims, “of misconduct on the part of the Chief involving preferential treatment for friends of the Chief, allegations that he was making racially-biased remarks, that he told Police Officers to ticket people of color but not Caucasians, and that he arranged for charges brought against the daughter of a Fire Chief who seriously injured a Pelham Police Officer to be dismissed, which it was over time.

Mosiello testified in 2017 that on December 15, 2014, he and Lenci met in a parking lot, and that, “Lenci had a stack of papers in his hand, printouts of emails,” which Lenci threw on the hood of a patrol car.  He further testified that Lenci, “presented him with a draft letter of resignation for his signature.”  Amidst his heated expletives, Mosiello declined the request that he resign. Later that afternoon, copies of the emails were provided to Sellier, those involved in the investigation, and Pelham Manor Village Manager John Pierpont.

The investigation concluded with a settlement agreement between Mosiello and the Village of Pelham Manor, dated January 13, 2015. The document states, “it was recognized that his conduct in sending the emails constituted misconduct for which he could be subject to disciplinary action including dismissal, and it was agreed that, instead, he would be suspended for two weeks without pay, would forfeit 25 vacation days and would attend ‘racially sensitive training.’”

Due to a public outcry with respect to the dubious nature of the investigation, yet moreover to the fact that Mosiello’s abhorrent emails had made their way into the public arena, he was asked to resign. Mosiello testified that John Pierpont was upset, but “in the beginning I don’t think he [Pierpont] thought that [the consequences] would be as severe as it turned out to be.”  The motion explains that the former chief testified that, “Pierpont came to him sometime in February 2015 and asked him to resign, [and that] Pierpont helped him draft his letter of resignation dated February 13, 2015.”

During sworn testimony in December 2017, Mosiello testified that the emails consisted of, “jokes that were passed around regularly, [and that] …he did not consider the nature of the emails to be racist, homophobic or xenophobic.”

Family members, Michael Mosiello, an employee of the City of Yonkers, and Louis Mosiello, a former Westchester County Board Legislator, and former New York State Assemblyman, were sent subpoenas by the defendant’s attorney, in an attempt to clarify the origin and nature of the emails. Neither have responded to the subpoenas.

A final point derived from the testimony, which is worthy of attention is that, “when asked if he thought it was ‘wrong’ for a Chief of Police in the State of New York to publish racist, homophobic, xenophobic e-mails in view of the prevailing political climate in 2013-2015, in particular concerning relations between police departments and minority communities, … he [Mosiello] agreed it was wrong, nevertheless noting a distinction: ‘but these e-mails were from 2010.’”  A statement nearly as unseemly and insensitive, as it is ignorant.

eHeziBlue Truth Revelations of Misconduct in Pelham Manor Proves Size Doesn’t Matter!

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  1. Someone should investigate Timmy Desantola. The guy got hurt on the job about 15 years before his retirement in Mount Vernon. He came back to work something like 16 years with a transfer to Pelham Manor under the coddling arms of Alfred Mouse Yellow. The Mouse then promoted this underachiever to Detective and then Sergeant. Note: During time he miss work time for those early career”injuries”, YET somehow, after a fall out with new department Brass after the mouse retired he quietly put in his papers for 3/4 retirement package AND get this….He actually was was approved!! Amazing, so he stays to get the easy promotions over the years from his friend(while building his pension up) and then when the enabler Mouse retires he retires with this sweetheart package!! HA-you can t make up the rotten corruption in that Pelham place!!

    1. Who made the mistake? The Chief walked away whole and got another couple of pack checks on your dime and time. Idiot! How does it feel to lose your job, your benefits, and have to pay up bc you can’t keep your trap shut about things. Stop being a hater. Did you get your yearly letter from the Village looking for your insurance contribution? The Chief didn’t!!

  2. This Is about a Chief of a police department sending racist emails to other high ranking citizens and police and then getting protected by our politicians who cover it up to protect their hide. If Mike was involved with these emails he should receive the same fate Al did and anyone else involved. This racism cannot be tolerated by people who are sworn to protect us like the Yonkers City OEM

    1. The shame is that in all the talk of racist, homophobic, xenophobic emails…. the main thrust of the investigation against Chief Al Mosiello, (which anyone can read; court docs are public record) was that he had “allegedly” thrown a police investigation, and squashed the tickets against the driver, who struck one of the department’s officers and caused nearly fatal injuries to that officer.

      Why? Maybe, because the driver that nearly killed the officer, was the Pelham Manor Fire Chief’s daughter. The fire chief was the one,”getting protected by our politicians who cover it up to protect their hide.”

      Check the court docs. It appears the Police Chief never received his suspension, loss of pay, loss of vacation time, absolutely nothing was going to happen to this guy, as long as the town could cover up the truth.
      If the village administrator and the board of commissioners tried to cover up the evil emails, was the police chief really cleared of the other allegations against him, or was the whole investigation just a dog and pony show- a sham?

  3. This Article is very disturbing to read. How could a municipality consider just suspending this chief when all the information was provided? He should’ve been fired immediately once the damaging emails were confirmed. It reaks of the old school- good old boy network. Trying to dismiss things as ‘’oh that was 2010” adds to the problem. Obviously nothing has been learned by the people in charge and is disgusting.

    1. Maybe you should reach out to the CoY Mayor’s office, so they will address the situation. LMAO-just a little Yonkers resident humor.

    1. Correct, the story isn’t about Michael, it is about uncle Fredo. But, if Mousy sent any emails in the first place, then it is about him too.

      It is one thing for an employee to be caught with racist, homophobic, and xenophobic emails in a speck on the map elitist town and another to be the director of OEM for the City of Yonkers and have the same accusation.

      Mike Spano is what he is, but he isn’t as arrogant as the Pelham Manor officials, during Al Mo’s final days. It is easier to cover things up in a postage stamp town, than it is to one of the most populated cities in the state and election #3 is just around the corner.

      If Mike M has anything to hide, it will not be for long.

  4. LOL “Beaten” Karmas a bitch…..its not over till the little man sings….DA Sent but no charges & frivolous lawsuit was settled but not won idiot.

  5. Someone please explain…Michael Mosiello, an employee of the CoYo, and Louis Mosiello… sent subpoenas… Neither have responded? Isn’t that contempt?
    Who cares about Lou- he is a has been, but little Mousey Mike is one of Mike Soprano Spano’s no show jobs at the OEM-free car, gas, salary, & benefits-and occasionally lunch- all paid for by the CoY ever increasing taxes. They bumped a qualified and knowledgable director to give this unemployable sap a job.
    He is pals with half the degenerates on the Yonkers PBA board, like the fat rat KO. All part of the same corrupt Spano crony machine. This square rooter can’t even see over the police desk, when he goes to special deliver mini shields to his boys.
    More important, why isn’t the OEM being run by a YFD or YPD boss? It would create a slot for a boss, and the OEM would be run by someone with a clue about being a first responder.
    What does Mousy have to do with the origin of the emails? Where are the emails? An inquiry is needed.

    1. It is not the Yonkers tax payers that pay for Michael Mosiello’s salary. The office is funded through Albany. He is qualified. He attended Fordham University and has a back ground in law enforcement. He has family members, including his father and uncle, who are veteran police bosses and have been there guide him. Stop trying to bring him down, bc you are jealous and don’t have juice.

      1. So are you saying Albany needs to step in and check if Mike Mosiello had something to do with the emails that brought his uncle down off his high chair?

        1. Maybe the AG-elect will take a look. She did a lot of good work for NYC. I am sure she could take care of this filth and look into the shit canned investigation against Al Mosiello.

    2. Why bring Olsen into this? Hasn’t he created enough problems for himself? Although, I did see Mike “Mousy” or is it “Lousy” Mosiello, puffing on a big fat cigar(almost as tall as him) and hanging with KO more than once. I think I saw Mike M caddying KO’s clubs at the PBA outing, or maybe he was just carrying Keith’s lunch bag.

      1. Were MM anAnd KO comparing company cars at the outing? Which fat rat gets the nicer taxpayer sponsored car, KO or Mosiello? One thing for sure, Mike M’s CoY car is cleaner, and I heard has a matching booster seat for him to see over the dash.

  6. When will you realize you are beaten? First the DA is sent after your ass, then you are crushed with a lawsuit. It’s over, you lose.

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