Greenburgh Town Board Considering Solar Farm in the East Irvington Section of Town
By Greenburgh Town Supervisor PAUL FEINER

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Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner

GREENBURGH, NY — December 4, 2018 — The Greenburgh Town Board met with a company that would like to build a solar farm in  the East Irvington section of Greenburgh today, Tuesday, December 4th. Cap Vert Energie (CVE), is an international French renewable energy firm with operations in France, and subsidiaries in North America, Chile, and Africa. CVE is focusing its attention on New York and Massachusetts because those states’ policies are promoting renewable energy, emphasized CVE solar design engineer Matthew Gabor. CVE is presently engaged in preliminary discussions with Cortlandt, Ossining, Peekskill, and Yorktown.

They are reaching out to communities around the region trying to create solar farms. They have identified a site near Eiler Lane in East Irvington. The site is privately owned. They indicated that the proposed solar farm would not be seen by residents since the 11-acre property is surrounded by the Taxter Ridge Park Preserve which would not be impacted by the initiative.  The site is on a hill making it not visible to most residents.

Residents who live near the farm could receive as much as 10% savings on their utility bills and the company is open to providing additional financial incentives to residents who live closest to the proposed solar farm.  The solar farm would feed energy directly into the power grid. Solar farms would produce clean solar power available to residents who live in sections of town that cannot have solar panels.

We will be forming a neighborhood advisory committee that will meet with the applicant, select consultants to conduct independent environmental reviews, etc… If you reside in the East Irvington section of town and would like to join an advisory committee please direct eMail 

No application has been submitted as of yet; the meeting today was a preliminary meeting. Much more work has to be done before an application is submitted.  We will also reach out to the Irvington Fire Department to also solicit their feedback and will share info with Irvington officials.

A hyperlink to the discussion engagement with the Town Board is at …

Paul Feiner is Greenburgh Town Supervisor

eHeziGreenburgh Town Board Considering Solar Farm in the East Irvington Section of Town
By Greenburgh Town Supervisor PAUL FEINER

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