Lesnick’s Failed Petition Drive to Rescind the Extension of Term Limits Hezitorial

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Lesnick Usurps Those Wanting to Undermine the Super Majority Vote Cast By the Yonkers City Council for Extending Term Limits By Not Collecting a Sufficient Number of Petitions

A Caveat Herein

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

NYS Homes & Community Renewal (HCR) Deputy Counsel Chuck Lesnick.

YONKERS, NY — December 13, 2018 — For over two-and-a-half years the Yonkers Tribune has postulated the efficacy of mimicking the concept of extending term limits for a third term as was accomplished by New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg. The concept of bypassing a referendum effort was first contemplated by Mayor Rudi Giuliani. When the New York City Council was approached by Mayor Giuliani they had in the majority advised they would not support his effort. Years later, after having served two terms as New York City Mayor, Mayor Bloomberg also approached the New York City Council and asked if they would allow him the opportunity to run for a third term. They did so in the majority. Giuliani was considered abrasive and brash, whereas Bloomberg was well liked. Giuliani gained little support from the New York City Council while Bloomberg gained an almost unanimous vote for a third term. The need for a referendum was eclipsed.

When the prospect for an extension to term limits was proposed in Yonkers, many Yonkersites refused to recognize the legitimacy of a Yonkers City Council Majority vote eclipsing the two failed referenda that had in many people’s minds extinguished the prospect of extending / rescinding term limits.

Passively championing the prospect to undermine the Yonkers City Council super majority vote for extending term limits, that is by a 5 to 2 margin, former Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick told all who would listen that he would mount an effort to undermine the Yonkers City Council vote by gathering a minimum of 5 percent of the most recently certified number of votes cast for New York State Governor by Yonkers voters. The last certified tabulation of votes cast for governor was not the most recent 2018 election, but rather the 2014 election results which have been certified. The 2014 vote did not get out as many voters as the 2018 election, making the petition drive less onerous because the number that needed to be reached was hypothetically  about 4,000 votes as opposed to what would be required, hypothetically 6,000 votes, if the most recent 2018 election results were tabulated and certified.

Lesnick’s passive aggressive demeanor permitted him to even delude himself, and in doing so, usurped the prospect of others doing more to collect the required number of signatures to force a Special Election that would go to undermine the Yonkers City Council vote endorsing extending term limits.

Lesnick wrote a letter advising that he would pay those people interested in collecting signatures for this petition drive. With the holidays looming, the prospect for the opportunity to make some extra money is likely to have had many applying for an employment opportunity. Last week Lesnick advised he had still not consummated setting up a corporate structure from which petition gatherers could be legally paid. When this reporter inquired why not, he advised that no one was working in gathering signatures and those that had were all volunteers. it does not seem plausible that not one person would have wanted to get paid gathering signatures. Lesnick challenged me to find a person that was paid for gathering petitions who was not a volunteer. Yonkers Tribune will not play this silly challenge. His response suggests that he did not do all he said he would do to gather enough signatures because he did not employ petition gatherers as evidenced by the lack of signatures gather by volunteers.

What has he done with the signatures allegedly gathered by “volunteers”? Why was the list of names not presented as demanded by those who ascribed their name to the petition drive. Today was the final day to present those signatures to Yonkers City Clerk Vincent Spano. Was the list of signatures an effort by Lesnick to reach out to those who signed the petition for his effort to win future public office?

The tell-tale signs that Lesnick’s effort would fail were evident from the beginning. While Lesnick espoused the signature petition gathering effort would be the winning way, Lesnick timidly pushed the effort onto a “Gloria Fields”. When Lesnick asked this reporter to get in touch with Gloria Fields at his request, I did so asking her to send me the information about the petition drive. She never did, choosing instead to have another intermediary send it to Yonkers Tribune. The subterfuge of this dismissive game they were engaged in did not intrigue this reporter; I only yawned at this infantile game.

Lesnick’s effort to fight for signatures to undermine the Yonkers City Council vote was a false effort. Lesnick did not attend the Yonkers City Council to share his claimed pithy argument for a Special Election. He was absent. He had another opportunity to attend the Mayor’s Public Hearing on the same issue. He was again absent.

I recognized then that he deluded himself from the fact that Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano had outwitted Chuck Lesnick in his effort to be a candidate in the 2019 General Election unopposed by an incumbent. 

Lesnick got it wrong. Mayor Mike Spano liked by many will stand for a third term in office. The voters will decide whether to cast their vote for Mike Spano or not.  

Department of Public Works Commissioner Thomas Meier is also Yonkers City Democratic Chair. He will in all probability push to endorse Mayor Mike Spano for a third term. Lesnick hasn’t a chance in hell to eclipse the incumbent and very likable Mayor Mike Spano.

I am uncertain of Lesnick’s age. He is now marginalized from running for Yonkers Mayor by none other than Mike Spano for at least 5 years hence. Lesnick has run out of political vigor and he cannot challenge an incumbent mayor.

The reality is that the City of Yonkers, coupled with those employed by the Yonkers Board of Education collectively amount to approcimately 5,000 people. When one recognizes that the median age of Yonkersites are presently 50 years old, that those employed are likely married in the majority, and that the person employed by the City of Yonkers (CoY) likely has a child or two that is of voting age. The number of voters who will cast their vote for the man who signs their checks grows exponentially to a sum of 15,000 total votes. Therefore, the one employed by CoY, the one married to the Yonkers employee, and at least on voting age child, informs one that each employee will get the support of family to maintain the one employee working for CoY. The past elections for mayor where won with approximately 13,000 votes. 

Lesnick failed Yonkersites who believed he could deliver. Lesnick failed himself because he burned the bridges of support he once had for shenanigans such as this one by not delivering. Worst of all, Lesnick robbed the prospect of another individual or individuals seeking to bring about a Special Election that potentially could have challenged the efficacy of the Yonkers City Council vote. 

Sadly, instead of Mayor Chuck Lesnick, we have Loser Chuck Lesnick.

And for the life of me, must Lesnick’s face be tolerated at every photo opportunity that he insinuates himself into by falsely claiming he is at attendance on behalf of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. 

If anyone reading this Hezitorial believes there are any redeeming factors regarding a Lesnick candidacy, even for dog catcher, I would be pleased to learn why anyone would support Chuck Lesnick for political office of any kind. bring it on!

The Caveat: Yonkers Tribune sources inform that Chuck Lesnick has been warned to back off by his employer, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. Governor Cuomo is endorsing the candidacy of Mayor Mike Spano for election to a third term!

eHeziLesnick’s Failed Petition Drive to Rescind the Extension of Term Limits Hezitorial

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  1. It’s is funny to watch but it’s also so sad to watch. This editorial is on the money. People don’t want Chuck or the few now “active” people that wake up after 50 years and said “hey I want to be part of democracy and making my city better”. Go away please

    1. That was too funny about Indivisible – middle-aged, white women, who woke up after 50 years and want to be part of democracy – aligning themselves with Chuckles. They hitched their wagon to the wrong horse. On the money comment.

      1. What the hell are you talking about middle-aged white women? That is probably the most biased and racist comment I have seen on the Tribune. Not only is it inaccurate about Indivisible, it is highly offensive. If that same comment pertained to “young black women,” it would have either not made it beyond the editor, or this entire thread would have shifted to discussing the prejudicial content in the post. You are a racist!

  2. Even in Yonkers politics, there are some basic principles of democracy which should never be broken. One of those is that the will of the voters is sacrosanct. Twice the people of Yonkers voted to uphold term limits for our elected officials. Their voice was very clear on the subject. Nevertheless, our current City Council members chose, in a remarkably bipartisan way, to overturn the express will of the people and to arbitrarily change long established laws to suit their own agendas.

    The underhanded machinations taken to achieve their goal are well known, indisputable, and shameful. NYCD16 Indivisible is a group that was founded in resistance, and many of our members were offended on a deep level by the undemocratic actions of the City Council. For us, it is not a question of Democrat vs. Republican, or of who will run for Mayor. For us, it is the fundamental principle that in a democracy, the power of the government is only legitimate when it has the consent of the people.

    Our argument is with the process. The clear will of Yonkers voters was unconscionably disregarded. That is why we have had dozens of people volunteer to carry petitions seeking to put a referendum on the ballot in 2019. They are average citizens who do not seek to be featured in blogs or in political food fights. They are merely people who want our government to run the way the founders intended.

    The deadline for petition submission is December 20th. Our Concerned Citizens of Yonkers coalition will continue to pursue our goal, but whether we succeed or not, we are proud to say that we stood up for our principles and found many who stand in solidarity with us. We will continue to insist on good, transparent government whenever the need arises.


    1. Yes, this is exactly why Chuck has been telling anyone who will listen to his dribble that he is going to become Mayor because Indivisible CD16 is endorsing him.

    2. When will you learn that Nick Spano runs Yonkers, Tom Meiers and the Democratic Party? Say bye bye now. We don’t want Indivisible, Natalie or Fred. Mike Spano will continue as Mayor for the next 5 years and if he wants to be here longer, we will extend term limits again.

    3. If Indivisible is not about Democrat vs. Republican, then please explain the organization’s obvious bias and diligent participation in the race between Republican Terrence Murphy and Democrat Peter Harckham?

      What the City Council did is appalling and unconscionable, and Spano needs to go.
      Spano should resign, be impeached, or be awarded the family anklet, but Indivisible’s involvement is a Pandora’s Box. CoY residents must be leery of the petition they sign. Indivisible will get their signatures, Chuck will still be standing out in the cold, and the far left of the Democratic Party will have their talons into Yonkers.

  3. Somebody better call the CoY DPW, because Hezi just left a body in the street. Geez, you kicked Chuck’s ass, but you call it like it is!

  4. Why would we ever want a buffooon like Lesnick for Mayor? We will take sleepy Breen and twisted Sabatino as council creeps, but never Lesniak for Mayor.

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