Mayor Mike Spano Appoints and Swears in the Rebuild Yonkers Schools’ Joint Schools Construction Board

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Yonkers Joint Schools Construction Board (YJSC).

YONKERS, NY – December 18, 2018 – Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano today swore in the city’s new Yonkers Joint Schools Construction Board (YJSC) at Yonkers City Hall. The Board’s appointment comes after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation allowing Yonkers to create the nine-member board which will help oversee the city’s Rebuild Yonkers Schools initiative.

“Today, we take the next step in our mission to rebuild Yonkers schools,” said Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano. “This board allows us to take tangible actions that require the opinion and expertise of key community stakeholders who will help us secure the necessary funding from our state capital, execute relevant studies and gather data, and secure plans that will provide the safe and healthy learning environment our students deserve.”

The Yonkers Joint Schools Construction Board will help oversee the rebuild of all 39 existing public schools and build three new schools in Yonkers over the course of four phases and 13 years. YJSC board members serve at the pleasure of the Yonkers Mayor and School Superintendent.  Responsibilities may include the ability to enter into any cooperative agreements with New York State; to make use of existing studies, surveys, plans, data; to develop and maintain the joint schools construction and modernization plans; and bond for the cost of construction.

“Today is truly momentous for the school district,” noted Board of Education President Rev. Steve Lopez.  “The convening of the Yonkers Joint Schools Construction Board heralds our City’s sincere commitment to address the significant school facilities needs we have throughout the District.  The Trustees thank the Governor, our State Delegation, the Mayor and the City Council for bringing this to fruition.”

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Edwin M. Quezada shared his enthusiasm and eagerness to begin the work.  “Our professionals do magical work with limited resources every day.  For far too long our students, educators and staff have endured conditions that impede teaching and learning.  Constructing new and renovating antiquated schools into 21st Century learning environments with capacity to deliver a state-of-the-art education is now within our reach.  This is a sustainable solution for students’ success and brings our City closer to achieving equitable quality education for all students.”

According to the legislation enabling the creation of the board, the Mayor of the City of Yonkers, the Yonkers Board of Education President and the Superintendent of the Yonkers Public Schools serve as ex-officio members while other members consist of designees from the Yonkers Council of PTAs, the Yonkers City Council Majority and Minority leaders, and three joint selections of the Mayor and Superintendent.

The nine voting members of the Yonkers Joint Schools Construction Board are comprised of the following people:

1-      Hon. Mayor Mike Spano – Mayor of the City of Yonkers (Ex-Officio)

2-      Rev. Steve Lopez – President  of Yonkers Public Schools Board of Trustees (Ex-Officio)

3-      Dr. Edwin M. Quezada – Superintendent of Yonkers Public Schools (Ex-Officio)

4-      Robert Rijos (current PTA President) – Yonkers Council of PTAs Designee

5-      Miguel Cuevas (construction project manager) – Yonkers City Council Designee/Majority

6-      Ronald Matten (finance & operations manager) – Yonkers City Council Designee/Minority

7-      Pastor James Hassell (Pastor of Kingdom Christian Cultural Center of Yonkers) – Joint Selection of Mayor and Superintendent

8-      Steven Frey (retired Yonkers teacher and former Yonkers Federation of Teachers President) – Joint Selection of Mayor and Superintendent

9-      Hon. Andrew Spano (former Westchester County Executive) – Joint Selection of Mayor and Superintendent

The average age of Yonkers Public Schools is 75 years old with many as old as 100 years old, making them some of the oldest in New York State. The District is also one of two districts in New York with a growing enrollment teaching 27,000 students, which is currently 4,500 seats over capacity.

SOURCE: Press Release 

eHeziMayor Mike Spano Appoints and Swears in the Rebuild Yonkers Schools’ Joint Schools Construction Board

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  1. This is great news. Johnnie Limo and Nick Spano will benefit from these appointments. I bet all construction firms will need a lobbyist.

  2. Hence, CoY went broke last year and probably will in the near future. It is horrendous how much the “public servants” line each other’s nests. As soon as Cuomo signed off on the CoY School System bailout/buyout, the wheels were set in motion to find places to drop envelopes to all the friends and family network.

    Who was it that reached out to her friend, Andrew, to get the bailout/buyout, and then in turn leaned on the council to help calm Mike’s aspirations to return to Albany, by assisting him in staying in Yonkers?
    Now, Mike “Hat Trick” Spano has to direct the gravy stream towards his loyalists.

    It is all so disgusting. That’s okay, they will just blame the teachers’ union, when the school system goes broke once again.

    Remember, “ITS ALL ABOUT THE KIDS!!” LMAO- I love that line.

  3. It is supposed to be a diverse board! Where are the Women? What’s wrong Spano afraid that one has the balls to call you out? You know gentleman women wear their balls on their chest front and center unlike men that hide them! Why would this board be comprised of Spano, Quezada and Lopez? They are doing nothing to fix our school system without the board so lets give them another 78 million dollars to blow! The entire board should be comprised of NO ONE that currently has their hands already in the pot! Great job Cuomo! SMH! Our poor kids!

    1. This is just more of the same. Appointees are all part of the insider City Hall network. Supt Q and that fool Lopez should be fired, not appointed to another committee. Come on Mayor Spano, let’s get real!

  4. Hezi
    Stop pouting . Your 2 silent partners will have an input on that board.
    Feel free to block my post’s just as long i know your reading them.
    Im now convinced everyone has a price.

      1. I’ve tried to post so many post’s exposing your bias. And you have blocked them but rest assured i have been exposing you.
        I’ve also been informed you now are taking orders from a 3rd person within city hall to promote an agenda.
        Deny and Spin all you want but i and countless others know better.
        Let’s see if this gets posted.

          1. It may be your lucky day. I am busy from the crack of dawn to the late night hours. I don’t have that much time for banter. So Merry Christmas. Don’t be mistaken, you don’t have my attention as you have said nothing on the level. perhaps you believe this is a winning hand, but I suggest you don’t even realize you are holding a losing hand.

        1. You can play a game of chicken, but not with me. Spit out what you know rather than the innuendo you suggest. If your comments have been as obtuse as this allegation then there is no wonder I may have blocked your comments as they were not known to me, just as what you are suggesting here. It is however laughable to me. You suggest a puppet master. I don’t know of one or ten. Hold on to your treasured info because it is all in your head, Thanks for playing. What you are suggesting is behind door number three. Alas, you got the fairy tale. LOL you lose. When you can substantiate your assertion I will pay attention until then, I will…

        2. Meyer Lansky, Benjamin Siegel, Dutch Schultz, and now Hezi Aris?
          I certainly hope Hezi has not sold out, and gone to the dark side.
          So far this week, I haven’t seen any black sedans out front of my house, no Spano’s stooges following me(or no more than usual), and I haven’t been sent for, so I think it is safe to say Hezi has not.
          A. Neri

          1. Yes. He was Jewish. Dispelling the prejudicial myth that Jews are trying to take their money with them.
            (For those, who do not get this joke… When Arthur Simon Flegenheimer, aka Dutch Shultz, thought he might get set up or end up in the can, he is alleged to have buried a fortune in the Catskills. Shultz was soon murdered, and the stash has supposedly never been found.)

    1. Ditt0. Let’s see if Waste Services Inc gets the contract for all the construction debris from the CoY’s Joint Schools Construction project. Me thinks they may!!

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