Perjurers Hiding Behind Gold Shields

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Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — December 22, 2018 — Freshly out of Facebook lockup and onto business. This is basically a side chapter of my “p***ies behind gold shields”… I just heard that “Bozo the Clown” Yonkers Police Chief JOHN MUELLER has filed a lawsuit against HEZI ARIS (Editor-at-Large of the Yonkers Tribune) and the Yonkers Tribune itself for articles written. Now those not familiar with the Yonkers Tribune, its basically an online news outlet for news relating to the mayor and all the civil service jobs in Yonkers. It’s a forum where the public is free to comment on articles and remain anonymous doing so, and basically say whatever they want in approval or disapproval of that article. So with this being said, the circus act I mentioned above, JOHN MUELLER must have really been offended over the years by some of the articles written on the Yonkers Tribunel and has now filed a lawsuit against the above mentioned parties.😌😌… (Hey John, maybe you should not have abused your powers over the years and the articles would not have been written.)

Andrew Quinn, Esq. Yonkers Police Benevolent Association Lawyer

Someone sent an email to Hezi at the Yonkers Tribune and wrote that he had information about an alleged bar fight that took place recently at Fogarty’s in Bronxville and was willing to meet Hezi with information and photos, claiming he was there when it happened. When Hezi went to meet this person last Friday at an arranged location, a woman who I will not name because it’s not necessary, approached Hezi and handed him papers saying,”here is a gift from John, you have been served.”

Are you f**king serious John? You got no backbone at all!! You can’t be that soft that you actually filed a lawsuit smh… now if I had to guess you got together with Fatman (Keith Olson) and that other clown in your circus, Andy Quinn! A complete a**hole criminal lawyer now chasing ambulances I guess smh (shaking my head). So you 3 got together and put your 3 bb’s (B*s* B*t*c*h*s) for brains together and came up with a plan to file a lawsuit for what? Slander? Punitive damages? Its called Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press. Truth hurts, huh? Were you hurt by the awful words on there? That is f***ing jokers… Good God!! As far as the Yonkers Tribune goes… I have been praised and ripped apart (by comments) on there and never have I responded with one single comment back on the website… Why?…Because I don’t give a rats a** if someone doesn’t like me and bashes me or they like and praise me there. It just does not matter!! I don’t lose a second of sleep over it either way. Actually, since I am spitting truth I do laugh at a lot of the sh*t I have read there because some of it is hilarious😂😂…I post on here (Facebook) where my name is on it!! You know who I am and I am owning it… If you have a problem with what I write come see me it’s that simple… No lawsuits needed we handle it the old fashioned way… face to face like real men!!! 

I see nothing has changed since I retired from Yonkers in that p***ies are still hiding behind their shields!! I guess they are never going to retire or the bb’s (B*st B*t*h*s) for brains in their heads don’t allow them to realize they will be civilians again one day. LMAO.



eHeziPerjurers Hiding Behind Gold Shields

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  1. It is obvious that both Mueller and Olson have no back bone by their actions against others. Having the both of you two knuckleheads learn yet? Free speech is Free speech, we will send Quinn a copy of the State and Federal cases you were involved in so he can read it to the members.
    What was that KO? Mueller is going to be police commissioner; Ha, ha, ha. Freedom of the Press or Speech is not called water cooler talk you zeros. Now don’t you have some new people to target this New Year’s?

  2. John Mueller lawsuit is not worth the paper it is printed on. Quinn tried this before and lost two major legal decisions. John Let’s see if you can get your small overtime crew to say anything positive about you. We remember how you did not come out of your 4th Pct. Office when the good men and women refused to sign your PBA Olson’s silly petition against another employee. You should sue yourself for damaging your own reputation. Maybe you can get that heavy set blonde to say this is a gift again. Very foolish move again.

  3. Very surprised and it will be troubling for Mueller to defend against a media outlet that reports on Yonkers who are public figures.

    John, you have a lot to answer for. You made complaints to IAD about other cops, but lied to them yourself. Then you lied against a Captain who wanted to speak to you and he currently remains in the Radio room since and was skipped for the position of Captain. Then you banish and have your subordinates call another Sgt. a rat because he spoke the truth about your big beer fest in the 4th Pct. Then you and others conjure up a lie about transferring a Detective because you boys didn’t like what he had to say. Are you aware of a thing called free speech that reports on public figures, you weirdo. Then you and your overweight cheeseburger eater KO, hung up a PBA petition in plain sight to throw another member out of the union saying he spoke out against you personally and the union punching President. Did you guys report that he struck another member who told him he could not leave a PBA meeting, isn’t that unlawful Johnny boy? Now everything will and should be revisited by Judges but not by Quinn’s boys. Last time Quinn went to his friend it didn’t work out good. What should happen is an independent law enforcement agency from outside of Yonkers should investigate what Mueller and others did against civilians, civilian employees and police employees.

    Everything that Hezi reported on including the Tough man contests have been true. Hope you have records of all the cash that you have taken in at the entrance doors, year after year. We won’t ask for any licensing yet? One other point about the NYC Rant, the Tribune, chat rooms, Facebook, …. Yonkers isn’t safe… All these posts are permitted by the First Amendment. When you and others posted about sickness, deaths of family members and whose wife was sleeping where, and which Sgt. was yelling your name in Greenburgh for protection, that was okay, right Johnny Chief? You better hope the Truth never comes out because I have seen you stalking the business man while your boys were writing him tickets. Your not a cop and never will be John. So retire and get some blonde headed heavy weight to say this is a gift from a loser who tainted his own reputation in the State.

    Now did you put in there about your heavy weight friend targeting others with beatings and threats. Yeah Quinn left that out in his best seller. As for Andy he really should stick to Criminal work, because these rogue cops fed you a bill of goods. Besides your not good in Civil Court and Judges don’t want to read tall tales.

    1. One may want to read, “Blue Truth Revelations of Misconduct in Pelham Manor Proves Size Doesn’t Matter!” on the Tribune, before placing hope in an independent outside agency or independent outside investigation. Where there is smoke, there is fire, so I doubt the actions presented are not true, but if this has gone on this long, and appears to be common knowledge, one has to ask- how come it has been allowed to continue? Paid protection and politics go a long way towards keeping the status quo, no matter what the sin. Read the story, one may be surprised to see it leads right back to Yonkers, and the same paid protection.

      1. No doubt that the dirty hands of these mutts are interfering with Pelham Manor PD. So thugs like Mueller and Olson are allowed to target anyone they want because politicians just care about endorsements and cash. Then these same blood suckers obstruct justice or play dumb like the Spano’s so there is no accountability. So in Yonkers, cops and civilians are not supposed to speak out against these thugs. We say, screw you.

      2. Did you mean like the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson paying Nick Spano to do lobbying work for the union because his brother is the Mayor ? And miraculously Mueller is made Chief. Now if you report on that by connecting the dots that damaged Mueller’s reputation? Olson and Mueller have been glued to the hip for years. The fat man Olson should try to remember that when he was asked by the Mayor for a few names to succeed Hartnett, the punching PBA President said , John Mueller’s name 5 times. That has been these mutt’s only goal and if you tried to interfere you were targeted, harassed, physically attacked, given summonses, falsely accused, and written up by these mutts. Mueller is the Joker and Olson should be removed from office. Union Presidents don’t target other employees

    2. Just when these perjurers thought it was safe to get back into the water. C.J. we know they used their behind the shield to remove a very factual post. The truth is a mother Jon the Joker Mueller.

  4. Let’s be real John Mueller you ruined your own reputation when you hooked up with that fat union rat prez Olson who thought he along with others could break laws and the Spano’s would stop any internal investigation on Olson.
    Let’s face Jonny smiles, you should have wrote yourself up when you laughed and dared another person to fire his weapon in your office while you were Captain. So everyone knows what you have been doing all along and now your crying like your water swamp friend Keith Olson.

    You think we didn’t see you were sending cars to target a businessman with excessive summonses? Then you used your position to direct and target others. Your lawsuit is going nowhere. Andy thinks that it will land in front of another Judge he knows. Not happening; wink wink.

  5. Which is not true Mr. Joker?

    You and Olson did start a petition to refuse a transfer order.
    And Mueller threw a beer bash in the 4th Pct after his refusal of the Commissioneer’s transfer order.

    Any time you’re ready to answer Captain. Hmm, and the comments damage your reputation? What about Yonkers isn’t Safe you Walnut?

  6. Thugs like Keith Olson and his puppet John Mueller got what they deserved. The Yonkers Citizens and others needed to know what was going on and what the city was hiding. John Mueller and Keith Olson just finished losing two cases and were given qualified immunity on how they lie and set up Montero. But Montero won two legal decisions against these thugs and liars. Now Mueller just opened up Pandora’s box. Our support list for the Freedom of the press and the Yonkers Tribune has grown. You rogue cops out maneuvered yourselves by going after citizens and Yonkers employees. Merry Christmas to Yonkers trash.

  7. John Mueller say it ain’t so that you had a woman serve it. Thank God you never worked the street. That tells us that you’re a coward like your best fat friend Keith Olson who punches others when they are not looking. You won’t fk with Mingy or his friends anymore, huh, Union prez?

  8. Hezi, your business of reporting is supported by the Freedom of the Press. We are inquiring to Facebook why the Facebook post was pulled and if the request was another behind the shield move . No worries we have plenty of documentation and witnesses. Bring it on Mr. Quinn, you already lost twice to the First Amendment. Keith Olson and John Mueller have continually led you against the membership you are supposed to represent. Where does it say to you selectively Mr Andrew Quinn. We will show up against Mueller and Olson so keep writing those lies they give you.
    When someone else takes over, you are gone for representing criminals like Neil Vera over Santobello who was at that Job. No one trusts Olson or you because the PBA refused to pay for his defense. Is that ethical Andy? Maybe for you, or Mueller. No worries let’s see how credible they are.

  9. Knowing Hezi, I am sure he is running scared and will stop “dogging” Mueller pdq – – ha, ha,ha.
    If you can’t handle the truth retire – you bum!

    1. Stated so eloquently and using such a broad vocabulary, you must be a journalist or writer. Is that how you “know” Hezi so well? Go back to the bar and have another drink, you degenerate. I am sure the only person “dogging” Mueller, is you, out behind the precinct.

  10. Let’s see Mueller wants to be the Police Commissioner and it does not matter where. But he can’t take that his peers hate him for good reasons and blames the comments which is Free Speech and the Tribune for printing what is common knowledge within the department.
    Mueller hardly even shows up on time and goes sushi fishing and long long lunches, while his friend Olson is drinking and punching others

  11. So let’s see, Keith Olson a union President has Chris written up with his blessings. Then he gives his opinion on Facebook which is no doubt the absolute truth about these so call persons and one or all can’t handle the “ Truth” so they report him. Keith Olson and John Mueller you guys just don’t get it. You can and never will silence the people or what they write.
    Montero proved that in two courts.
    Here is your lessons, when you set up others and commit perjury against others as well as target civilians and their families this is what you get. You guys know the drill, sort of like when you search without warrants. Chris was so right, Olson with Johnny the Joker starts a site called “ Yonkers is not Safe” and make ALL kinds of comments about people in Yonkers and now their mommies are not around to breast feed them and they don’t like the First Amendment. You asses tainted your own reputation with acts of outright crime. The witness line within and out the department is like a DMV line.
    We stand with the First Amendment like Chris and the Yonkers Tribune.

  12. All YPD members should know that they are wasting their money giving it to the Quinn fund. Santobello was assaulted by Keith Olson and Fats got what he deserved, but Olson gets Quinn and Santabello has to hire his own lawyer. That is how the shady Yonkers PBA rolls.

  13. Waaaa, Mueller and Olson can target and lie on others but they had to call Facebook because the Blue Truth stings. What’s the matter John Mueller you can allow someone to discharge their weapon in your office; watch your fat friend target Khader and his family with parking tickets; allow drinking in the precinct; target people with false write ups; search personnel files and make copies; have your former friends like Brian Moran who investigated and searched a Captain’s office as well as some cops campaigning against the rogue PBA, but a retired cop like Chris scares you with the truth. You know he sure has a point, you, Keith Olson and Quinn are lying rats.
    Now for sure Andy will be reported for collecting money from cops like Santobello and not offering to pay for his legal fees after Olson attacked him. CJ and others will out you guys again.
    FYI boys, the Yonkers Tribune will have access to all information concerning your behavior as to when, where and who. We will legally support the Tribune by providing witnesses and reports.
    John did you forget about sending Pappas and Monte to IAD to infringe on their First Amendment rights?
    Run along Johnny Fruits don’t you boys have someone else to RAT on. By the way Johnny Jingle we have witnesses waiting for their turn to tell their stories too. Maybe we will implicate your rat friend Johnny DVD too , the evidence collector. How much did your Johnny DVD make under your watch? Oh you’re not paying, the Yonkers Taxpayers are.

  14. CJ, Keith not John will never address you or any of your friends because they are hiding behind their positions and pens. Yonkers P.B.A. President Keith Olson is a low life from Moquette Row and has searched cell phones, offices, personnel files and premises ALL on lies, just like Neil Vera, his former union trustee. Hope the Feds review all the complaints against you and that nut job Mueller.

    Whose wife are you introducing now Johnny Boy.

    1. CJ I like the idea of face to face but that will never happen because we are dealing with scared dirty rogue cops that hide behind their shields or in Olson’s case, behind another person. Hope Rob sues your fat ass as well as the PBA for letting you run rogue. Anyone from the current board should read ALL of the Blue Truth series so you dirty cops won’t be outed too.
      As for the Spano’s, well they pander to Olson for endorsements which don’t mean shit anymore, and cash. They now seem to be in the middle of good damn people vs dirty Yonkers cops. You Spano’s allowed this targeting to go on. Just like when that fat union rat Keith Olson demanded that City Hall go after Monte and others. In any other normal city the fat scumbag and others would have been charged with crimes.

      1. “Dirty rogue cops that hide behind their shields or in Olson’s case, BEHIND ANOTHER PERSON.” This is an impossibility, unless you are talking about one hell of a fat bastard in front of KO.

  15. Come John Mueller say it ain’t so. All the sh*t you did to Khader with KO and the boys from work? Then they say you sent a blonde headed heavy weight to do your bidding while you were outside hiding while Hezi was given the summons. Mad dog was right, your a p***y behind a shield like that fat friend of yours.

    Does Quinn do closings too, ?

  16. No wonder they call you the Joker Jon Mueller.!You and that fat union boss Keith Olson on the outs. Maybe you guys should apply to Target. You both can write false reports and give civilians tickets for blocking the loading docks. Ass wipes

  17. KO should be using the pba money to fight for Tier 6 members concerns not his personal BS. He is an Ineffective leader way past his prime who lost touch with his primary leadership responsibilities a long time ago. Some new young member should step up and replace him soon.

  18. C.J. is the man. Told it straight and told the Truth. Wondering if Mueller the nut job is choking himself in some bathroom somewhere? Probably Keith Olson just finished slapping him when he wasn’t looking. Wondering if Oscar the rat handler was there trying to give the fat union boss a piece of cheese

  19. Andy Quinn lost two cases against Montero. Mueller and Olson booted Monte out of the union with Quinn’s help and Four NYS Appeals Judge’s said it was Arbitrary and Capricious. Quinn’s first civil case lost.
    Then Monte’s suit in Federal Court which went to the Federal Appeals Court and Montero established and set a precedent case for ALL Law enforcement Officials in the Country. Look up the 43 pages and read about these so called cops. John Mumbles and the cheese eating Olson should be wearing Halloween Masks when they walk into any Law Enforcement Building.

    1. Olson may be eating cheese, but he is still doing it on the PBA’s dime, and has his hands in the county organization too. He and his Marginals have made a mess of that association. With all that the legitimate members have to deal with from Mueller, Olson, and Quinn, why has nobody been able to take them down and put them away? Does Uncle Nicky really have that much juice and create that much fear?

      1. Uncle Nick Spano is another lying bastard. He pushes Mike Spano around in a stroller. Money is his game and he purely has obstructed Justice. But now that that Fruit Cake Jonny Mumbles put it to paper, everything is open for review and yet to be told.

        1. Uncle Nick’s Job Fair!! Pay up and I am sure we can find a spot for you too. What is one more CoY paycheck going to the friends and family network? Pay up to the Empire bc we can not only get you a job, we can make sure you don’t lose it, when you continually get caught with your hand in the cookie jar.

  20. Great job C.J. , John Mueller and Keith Olson fked a lot of civilians and officers. They created their own reputation and a self serving law suit is dead upon arrival going against free speech. Both of you dirtbags are committing crimes behind the shields. Honey can you give this to Hezi, I operate with a pen behind my lies. Two lowlife RATS

  21. It is unfortunate that in this litigious society, one may be sued for almost anything, as long as the plaintiff can find the right hack lawyer to file the suit. The person filing may be wrong, all day long, and a complete piece of debris, but if they can get a suit going, there is a very good chance they will get a settlement. I am sure the other side has had a lot to say about Hezi, and the Tribune, but I know from personal experience that the guys from that crew like to cravenly talk behind the backs of those they dislike. Like cowards, they work to undermine individuals they take issue with, rather than going toe-to-toe and dealing with the problem like a man. One would think a bunch of bullies would have bigger sets, but all they have are blue b#$ls. They use their uniform or brass to intimidate others. Without that edge, they are little pusillanimous girls.

      1. You are close. My name is Gladiator! I am sure your version of history comes from Hollywood, so to you the two references are synonymous, but according to history, the two are from different countries and times.

        1. No Keith Olson is back at attacking people when they are not looking. Keith is a weakling and a coward just like Jon, I want to be a Police Commissioner. Jon Boy you never had it pal, nor will you ever get it. Sending cops on civilians is never a good thing… Khader…. when the time comes there will be much to say like Chris.

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