The Blue Truth Hezitorial Snapshot of the Office of the Yonkers Police Benevolent Association President Det. Keith Olson

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The Blue Truth

YONKERS, NY — December 1, 2018 — Icebergs that have calved from their larger floating ice mass languish lazily. They are tossed about by ocean currents that prod the zenith of each iceberg to timidly reveal itself. Only 8.3 percent of these ice flows are seen, whereas 91.7 percent dance in tandem to the demands of the ocean currents. Yonkers is in many ways analogous to an iceberg except for the fact that Yonkers and Yonkersites are warm and hospitable people, whereas icebergs are cold and inhospitable.

The equation that obfuscates that which is underwater from that which is seen is in fact akin to what is known about Yonkers, and is  juxtaposed to that which is unknown. At issue may only be the numerical disparity between that seen and/or known, and that which is not seen and/or unknown. Then there are those who know more than others and those who know less. 

So while there are many pundits who revel in search of a “gotcha moment” with respect to whether President Trump colluded with the Russians, Yonkersites are more  engaged and immersed as best they can in attempting to decipher what is happening along the majestic Hudson River in the City of Hills. 

While many residents were lackadaisical over local elections in the most recent mid-term elections, the nation, including Yonkersites were mesmerized by the national outcome. 

Yonkersites are still concerned over how to pay for the 6.2 percent tax hike that was passed in unanimity earlier this year, and the loss of the Senior Citizen STAR rebate program that was expunged because the city approved a budget that exceeded the tax cap. On top of that, the onerous conjectured $90 million deficit that will be suffered by the City of Yonkers (CoY) is formidable. Couple that with the lead that continues to course the water pipes in the Yonkers Public School District and the evasive and blooming black mold that displaced the entire student body, teaching staff, kitchen workers, among others with no official accredited validation that any remedy has been accomplished other that the “words” of those who cannot validate the words they pronounce. Then there are the continuing issues of a deteriorating infrastructure, and the issue revolving about Yonkers homeless population. On top of that are the false pronouncements that crime is down, that testing results in Yonkers Public School District are better than any of the Big Five school districts. These are baseless and concocted numbers to which assertions are made yet validation is non-existent.  And to top it all off is the recent mayoral proposal that would require paying 5 cents more for your groceries if any of the items purchased are placed in a plastic bag.

Since the budget was passed earlier this year, and the Yonkers City Council membership rested after they passed the budget unanimously, not one moment has been spent to assess the budget challenges which will exact it wrath on CoY in FY2019-2020.

One can only conjecture, perhaps anticipate that the powers that be in Yonkers, that is, Mayor Mike Spano, his brothers Nick Spano, Lenny Spano, and Johnny Spano, and the accommodating seven members of the Yonkers City Council, would be contemplating how to address the fiscal woe that will impact CoY by the first quarter of next year.

In the meanwhile innocuous letters are penned for self promotion that are devoid of any plans or visions for remedies of any kind. The words used are meaningless; they are vacuous. They are words that suggest Yonkers can do better, will do better, yet are devoid of how and when. And time is running out. Perhaps there is no plan because Yonkers City Hall and the Yonkers City Council membership are intent on a Control Board take over of CoY’s fiscal predicament. That may be a plan, but it is not a guarantee. What happens if Albany does not concur? Then what?

The ethical standards exhibited by Mike, Nick, Johnny, and Lenny Spano are deficient. They support Yonkers Police Benevolent Association President Detective Keith Olson, a known thug that has threatened people, engaged in evidence tampering, protecting police perjurers, known to drive while intoxicated, and so much more. Worse than that, Olson has brought nothing but State and Federal lawsuits that have no doubt raised the eye-brows of the Department of Justice (DoJ). Those who question whether the DoJ are in Yonkers may be wise to ask Yonkers Department of Sanitation workers who are in the know, and have likely already cut a deal with the government.

Other than more shootings, and more people per capita, Yonkers has become the Chicago of the Northeast, where people are afraid to walk the streets at night, where bodies are dumped by your local banks and where State and Federal violations of the law are kept hush-hush. Perhaps another pasta dinner for PBA thug Keith Olson in the private back room at Giulio’s Restaurant is in order. While most Yonkersites like Mayor Mike Spano “the man” the conduct of the band of Spano brothers may actually undermine Mayor Mike Spano. There is no doubt that the Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson has damaged Mayor Mike Spano’s administration in terms of ethics and credibility, something that is currently in short supply or non-existent. If it were not, the issues confronting Yonkers would not have become the defined issues delineated in the opening paragraphs of this Hezitorial.

Too many Yonkersites and unions operating in Yonkers have cowered to demands of the administration. Those who have worked out lucrative payoff deals, such as working for Yonkers City Hall, employed at no show or little show jobs are indicative of CoY’s corrupt culture. Mind you none of what is written herein is unique to this administration but is seems more audacious than administrations in the past, likely exacerbated by Yonkers continuing financial travails.

While not everyone who spoke at the Yonkers City Council Forum and the consequent Mayoral Public Hearing benefited from Yonkers City Hall in some fashion. Many did, have, and/or will.  Yonkers unions and many politically connected residents have supported this administration for personal benefit. Many of the residents who showed up to speak on behalf of the Yonkers Mayor have already benefitted in some way or another. It really was also disingenuous, if not comical, to credit Mayor Mike Spano for the construction and rejuvenation of Yonkers Downtown waterfront. It all started before the Spano brothers had influence in CoY. Some credit should be afforded the like of former Yonkers Mayors John Spencer and Phil Amicone, who were prone to their own issues. Resuscitating Yonkers prospects are doable. More so if internal corruption is ameliorated. An internal cleanup is overdue. Corruption is the very poison that has held CoY from thriving.

As the Spano Family contemplates the possibility of losing the $48,000 per annum afforded Nick Spano’s lobbying firm Empire Strategic Planning, there is chatter that Nick Spano will be honoring Keith Olson and the Yonkers PBA at Nick Spano’s annual Christmas party for children with special needs. So one has to presume that the police unions will be paying for their plaques of honor or will this turn into a going away party for Olson who is again embroiled in another Internal Joint Investigation being conducted by Yonkers Internal Affairs under the watchful eye of the Westchester District Attorney’s Public Integrity Unit. It would be wise to say “Good-Bye!” At issue is if Yonkers Hall is tired of the passive / aggressive conducted they have permitted, in fact cajoled, from Olson.

The Yonkers Tribune has learned that in the early morning hours in November, the Yonkers Police Benevolent Association President Detective Keith Olson and others were attending a retirement party at Forgarty’s Bar and Restaurant in Bronxville, New York. Sources report that Keith Olson viciously attacked and assaulted another Yonkers PBA member as his back was turned away.  Witnesses say the victim was attempting to leave with another friend, when the police union leader went berserk.  Reports say that the victim was hurt and sought medical attention but did not report the incident until Keith Olson conspired with his longtime best friend forever Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller the Chief of Investigations. Sources say it was Mueller who actually called the Police Commissioner on Olson’s behalf. It seems confusing how a bully can assault another person in a public bar, but can’t make his own complaint.   Police Chief John Mueller’s conduct is suspect. What better way to make a frivolous complaint than with the assistance of Olson’s Best Friend Forever, the “I am the real Police Commissioner,” too often expressed by Chief John Mueller. Mueller is no stranger to false accusations and false reporting as well. Let us not forget Keith Olson’s petition to keep Chief Mueller in the 4th Precinct after he got the boot for handing out overtime like candy, all for buying a false reputation as the “chosen one”. Then Mueller threw the largest beerfest to celebrate a kick to the groin to the real Police Commissioner who refused to abide by his transfer order issued to him by P.C. Charles Gardner. Total insubordination that is unheard of and should never have been tolerated.

Most of the Yonkers Police Department personnel believe it is the annual $48,000 per annum to Nick Spano’s lobbying firm and the $30,000 Fire Fighters v Police Toughman boxing matches’ cash donation to Lenny Spano‘s School for Special Needs students that sustain Keith Olson. Any reasonable person would suggest it was what secured Mueller’s spot as Police Chief, and has also served as a get out of jail card for Keith Olson who has threatened civilians for quite a few years, even one witnessed by Mayor Mike Spano’s, in front of Zuppa’s Restaurant.

So what and how has Keith Olson benefitted the PBA membership and the other unions in Yonkers? Lies, controversy, and shedding light on Yonkers City Hall’s intrigues and undermining conduct. 

Besides being a thug, Yonkers PBA President Det. Olson is a master of misinformation and has given away officer’s medical benefits ( 207c), for his own political gains. He surrounded himself with some very naïve trustees who learned rather quickly how to lie to its members, as well as the media and the public. Records indicate that Olson’s PBA Board of Trustees have retired with record pensions for their loyalty to and under the aegis of the corrupt police union thug Olson. Recently there are reports that most of Olson’s trustees have retired since Police Commissioner Gardner cut the overtime cap from 60 hours of overtime bi-weekly to 40 hours. That move created massive retirements from Olson’s PBA Board thus making the Tier 6 members the majority. Also Olson has been telling his members that the “Buffalo“ wearing an overtime Tee-shirt  is coming back and that the City informed Olson that the candy store will reopen again to 60 hours of overtime so Olson can pay off his loyalty bill in the hopes of keeping his seat. Well for you new jack cops, we are in December and we have not seen that 60 hour overtime Buffalo yet. Inside sources from Olson’s own board say that one of his loyalists, Detective Marvin Oakley may be leaving soon, allegedly for reports of numerous domestic disturbances at his place of residence. In addition to the domestic reports, there is a report of a young male being arrested for an alleged incident, that may or may not have occurred.  Apparently Oakley is one of the PBA Trustees that signed a union petition to expel another member for speaking out, and showed up in Federal Court to turn his back on the cop they were conspiring to expel. If we were Federal Investigators we probably would start there. But, we will leave that up to the readers of the Yonkers Tribune to decide which one of these incidents is worse. Domestic Abuse or the right to Free Speech; or truth verses Yonkers PBA penchant for perjury.

  Sources inform the Yonkers Tribune that the Internal Affairs Division investigation are in full swing. Witnesses have been reportedly interviewed and more are being canvassed. From what the Yonkers Tribune has learned thus far is that Olson has been defined as a person of interest again and can’t seem to find his Nick Spano “get out of jail card”. Reports say this is not the first time the Yonkers PBA President has attacked another person nor is it his first time being investigated by the Internal Affairs Division.

One thing is for sure, there are some internal moves coming down the pike which may or may not be good for the City of Yonkers or Yonkersites. Time will tell when the anticipated reshuffling that took place this past Friday comes to light. We also know that any changes have to get the blessing from the Spano brothers as they sip their cappuccinos at Giulio’s Restaurant. As for Keith Olson, we are wondering what the writing on the plaque will be? Will it be for union leader that gives out the most cash, or will it be for the most corrupt union leader in New York State who cowardly attacks civilians and police officers. Either way, Olson and the Spano’s can clean house or permit and even direct the corruption in play.  

Former Chuck Lesnick’s effort to get a sufficient number of petitions to rescind or recall the City Council’s super majority endorsement to extend term limits is wallowing at no more than 1,000 signatures. The petition drive is a total bust. So much for social media being the driving force in a city of 200,000 people.

Residents will decide the November 2019 General Election outcome. 

At present, pressure must come to bear to validate the mold free environment at Paideia School of Yonkers for the health of all who attend or work in the school. 

As for the thug PBA Union President Olson perhaps the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office will stop putting warning letters in Olson’s file and charge him before he seriously hurts someone or costs the City of Yonkers thousands of more dollars in civil suits.


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eHeziThe Blue Truth Hezitorial Snapshot of the Office of the Yonkers Police Benevolent Association President Det. Keith Olson

Comments 86

  1. How about it Johnny Joker, did you tell the department that you permitted someone to discharge their weapon but wrote up Monte because he mentioned your sick name at a PBA meeting. You boys need some help but not from Quinn. Maybe the other Chiefs will go on the record to say just how sick you are. Now go bang heads with the fat man. Wait until they are not looking.

  2. Waaaa, two freaking dirty cops; Keith Olson and John Mueller. One lies and the other swears to it.
    You wrote up Pete Fazio based on all lies. Olson and Mueller the worst of the worst. The chickens have come home to roost mother Fkers. Keith likes to punch others when they are not looking and the Joker Mueller puts all the lies on paper. Go away and never tell another law enforcement officer you were ever cops. You were only rats with long tails.

  3. Wondering if Mueller is going to make a complaint against himself for dating another cop to discharge his weapon. A real lying Chief.

  4. This just in from the Quinn Law firm; join now and you will get representation from routine write up, but not false write ups prepared by Olson’s boys on the top floor. You know the office with the padded walls.
    The firm will not pay or represent any members if they have a legal dispute against any members that hold board positions or the thuggish union leader himself. So if he physically attacks you when your not looking, has Mueller or his friends write you up on false charges, or has anyone else from the board attack you, YOU as a paying member of the Andrew Quinn / Keith Olson personal legal fund WILL NOT BE covered. All members and civilians are advised to submit complaints to the Westchester Lawyers Integrity Board
    So this Christmas, start thinking about a NEW ethical Yonkers PBA Union Leader. Don’t worry about Jon the Precinct Party he will be working on his credibility like covering up fireworks in his office. Hope the Feds knock on some doors you bunch of rogue cops.

  5. The Yonkers PBA President viciously attack’s another cop when he is not looking and before the investigation is over the Mayor and his henchmen want to serve the person that went to the aid of another. Now as for that bought and paid for nut job who stalks other cops and civilians reports the incident for Olson. Now that is collusion and false reporting. Both Olson and Jonny nut house are lashing out because they have NO support from their peers.

  6. Just heard another Olsonette retired. Johnny DVD Donaghy was the Olson evidence collector or the fixer for the Yonkers PBA President. He won’t be missed and was a zero and liar as a cop. Hit the road pal you sucked up enough fabricated overtime in the DD log. How does that go? One person does the work and four overtime slips go in.

  7. Any statements that were made by Olson, Mueller, in the presence of Andy Quinn have been all fabricated and lies. There are many supervisors and police officers that can attest to that. Just remember what Mueller did to Fazio, McGovern, and so many more. The whole third floor knows that Mueller’s lights are out.

    The guy even stalks cops he doesn’t like. Losers and liars makes a nice Christmas cocktail to those two mutts. Three cheers for Perjurers.

    1. Yeah Jonny nut job Mueller dares another cop to fire his weapon inside a City building and the nutty chef (chief) cry’s foul.

      Heard Jon Mueller is selling fruit nut cakes this Christmas. Now ask Fazio if you lied you dirtbag perjurer.

  8. Heard the complainant for Keith Olson was none other than his BBFF Jon Mueller; the guy that urged another member to fire his service weapon indoors while working. Now let’s go to the Fourth Pct and have a drink with him.

  9. Can’t wait for Keith Olson to leave. His legacy will be giving away his membership’s 207c and the only rat union President that could not even throw his political rival out of the union. Now call Ortho and infest his office.

    1. Olson is not going to leave without wasting every YPBA resource available to him. You had better pack a lunch, because his departure will be a long ride. When the CoY is finally rid of him, he needs to be expunged from the memory of the county organization as well. It is time to bring back the level of dignity and integrity Westchester law enforcement once had, and get rid of this embarrassment altogether.

  10. Heard there are more radio cars at Marvin’s house than the local precinct. Marvin karma is a bitch. Maybe you should invite Keith Olson into the woods. Anyone that has supported Olson has been touched with Karma. You see perjury has serious consequences.

  11. Let’s see if we are getting this right? The Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson batters some other police officers with punches to his head and they want all involved to share the blame?
    No way, that is no justice at all. When your a victim, your a victim ! The system does not give the victims any jail time or fines. This guy Olson has a file of allegations of assaults. Just ask Tony Castro. Now serve him before he assaults someone else in a drunken rage.

    1. Sounds about right. Threaten everyone with responsibility, so the victim has to drop the allegations or face a big problem.
      Is this nonsense covered by Quinn? I would love to see the new associate they hand pick to defend the guy that “assaulted” KO.

      1. Yonkers PBA members pay into the Quinn-Olson legal firm but get NO legal coverage if ANYONE has a beef with the bully KO or any of his board members. Ask Monte who won two cases against the Yonkers PBA Keith Olson giving ALL public employees the right to free speech anywhere. Google Keith Olson if you don’t want breakfast.

  12. The Yonkers PBA President has two choices. Step down and retire or face departmental charges. Also give the street mutt mandatory Anger Management Classes .

    1. If I were the fat man, I would go with departmental charges. Take the charges- fight it out- use up the PBA resources on a few more friendly attorneys- remain PBA president while it all goes down. Leave when good and ready, or maybe beat the charges. I am sure Nicky can call in a few favors and make it happen.
      You want the fat man to really have to sweat(although, that is already a constant), force him to have to apply for 207-c. Now there is a kangaroo court!

  13. Breaking News out of the Corrupt City of Yonkers, word has it that Jonny balding Mueller and Keith sucker puncher Olson have applied to run a two man department in Buck County Montana.

  14. Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano needs to make progress in keeping his brother’s hands out of the Yonkers Police Department. Then he as well as Shelly Mayer and other politicians need to distance themselves away from a street thug who landed the position by default. Sort like musical chairs.

    1. As long as the thug runs the county wide organization, Shelley, George, and the rest will allow his nonsense to go on. An endorsement from law enforcement at the county level is big politics-hence he hugged his way into control of that association.

  15. Mueller and Olson never thought that good men and women would push back. Now leave Wayne’s cash and drive off with your lap puppet.

  16. We will throw a big party when you two dirtbags are GONE. Remember this, “ you broke the golden rules when you decided to break the laws and set up civilians and other police personnel. You both lost. Maybe you can go to another jurisdiction and start your pipe dreams there. Ha, ha, ha,

  17. Does anyone know if that washed up, overweight Keith Olson is going to the Khader’s Christmas Celebration? All his complainants will be there laughing at the raging out of control union bully. You really should get help KO so you can play in reindeer games.

    1. I strongly disagree with your personal attack on KO. Name calling and labeling, like “overweight” is uncalled for and demeaning to all involved. Now, if you were to call him a Rat Bastard, who has repeatedly sold out his union for his personal gain, that would be okay in my book.

      1. How about an over fed crazed waterfront union rat that set up citizens and YPD members. Hope the Spano’s don’t give the rat the Intel Unit. Let him float like what he did to others

        1. Overfed crazed waterfront union rat, implies he was a union guy and took care of his membership, instead of getting deals for his own good. Remove the union part, and I think you covered all bases.

  18. Give it up KO, you attacked Rob Santobello before. You don’t like the truth so you lash out like a run over river rat. This time you are stuck to the rear tires KO. Maybes Rob’s friends will make a complaint on his behalf.

  19. Swamp wash, find Keith Olson guilty of attacking another police officer and pay him out and tell him to have a nice life . Tell him to wash all those lies and files he made up.

    1. What’s the matter Keith you didn’t have the other six cops to beat up Rob so you assaulted him when he wasn’t looking . All KO: Coward style

    2. Rumors about the Olsonettes inform that the Yonkers P.B.A. Perjury Leader is rumored to be leaving soon. The real supervisors should make his departure like he did to others, no building of his pension. Just like he did to Kenneth Davis. The only recognition Keith Olson will get is an award for the biggest union rat sellout in NYS.

      1. All part of the Olson master plan. First YPBA then strong arm you way into the presidency of the Affiliated Police Associations, now retire out and use a county wide organization and its forty something law enforcement associations to keep the Olson gravy train chugging along. Next stop- county job from Uncle George.

  20. Keith Olson attacked Mingy like a savage and Mingy survived the sucker punch style attack. Olson is not only a coward but very very weak animal.

  21. Bottom line the Yonkers PBA President has to go. The department must stay political free and call a thug a thug. Don’t forget under the DOJ agreement the DOJ reserve the right to ask for any reports or memos concerning the Yonkers Police Department.

  22. John Mueller you really need help pal. You stalk the Khader’s while in the 4th Pct, and meet Olson down around the corner and sanction the intentional targeting of John and his family, besides false statements and reports. Now you want to make a complaint? Ha, ha, ha, maybe it should be against yourself and that thug Keith Olson.

  23. This just in the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson is looking for new trustees and blowing smoke up Frank McDonald’s ass about taking over his seat. Frank first you need experience and time on the job. 13 years doesn’t pass the mustard test.

    To be an Olsonette you must be willing to commit perjury, set up and target civilians and lie on applying for search warrants. Moran no longer gives that class because he is already struggling and back stabbing others on his new job with the A.G.‘s office. One has to wonder how Mueller expects to use Moran.

  24. Heard the fat union boss is getting ready to beat it out of town. He will be doing the YPD members a favor. Maybe he can get a job at a small bar in Florida as a stool bouncer.

    1. Post
  25. Hope Johnny “ nut job “ gets his FULL investigation . John Mueller could not shine the Police Commissioner’s shoes. Maybe the bought and paid for Chef should go out and get a shine box

  26. Keith Olson is very lucky that Rob did not report the assault to the Bronxville Police. Although after years of complaints from citizens and city employees the Police Department should take immediate action against Olson. This guy needs a psychological evaluation or some type of police intervention before this street mutt hurts someone.

  27. Keith Olson has a clear pattern of targeting civilians and their families with summonses, threatening women, threatening supervisors, and sucker punching others when they are not looking. Real tough low life waterfront union RAT. Ask his wife if he ever exhibited his rage in their home? No need, we already know the answer to that question.

    1. What’s the matter KO you can’t sleep because the D.A. Is investigating a rogue cop? Rob show have known that you usually strike out with others around you. Kinda like the Rui bragging thing KO. Castro had your motive and it never stopped. Now go home a break something’s up in your bedroom you loser.

  28. Shhhh you guys are annoying. Go get laid or something. Stop talking to each other and answering the same thing you just wrote. It’s weird to say the least.

  29. Office of the Yonkers PBA:
    By now everyone in the City of Yonkers knows that I attacked another member during another drunken rage. No I will not take the advise from my wife and get counseling for anger or perjury. Please bear with the worst union leadership in the State because I am working on many more lies and we won on the 60 hour cap, but Nick Spano wants more cash from the pockets of the members to change it and Lenny Spano wants another round of Toughman cash. Oh, and Johnny Nut Mueller wants to be Police Commissioner for Christmas. So before I get suspended, sued or locked up come out to our domestic festivity’s, we are raising money for Marvin so he don’t have to sleep in the DD. Now come out to the meetings and get those lies.
    Worst Union President in NYS

  30. The Yonkers Police Department and the Yonkers PBA will flourish again when Keith Olson and John Mueller ride off into the sunset and pretend they mattered. Two rats that set up good men and women.

    1. Keith Olson wrecks the bar at Zuppa’s in a late night rage, then after the owners complain to him, moves the fights to Fortina’s restaurant a Spano hang out.
      Heard Olson was drinking again but did not assault anyone because of a low turnout.
      Marvin stay sleeping at the DD. Marvin we know you go to Federal Court and threaten women but really, keeping Keith’s candy dish full is too much large one.

  31. Nick Spano can’t help you any more. The DOJ is watching this one. Maybe you need more cash KO?

    Hope they canvass for witnesses and people in the know.

  32. Most Union Heads stand with their Commissioners, and look presentable. Guess if you attack other people like animals, you stand alone in the back like a coward. Hope Mingy files a civil suit.

    1. Just heard Johnny walnut Mueller will be going to Internal Affairs with Keith just to make sure their lies are in sync. The perjury twins will have Quinn who could not even throw another cop out of the union. I’d rather bring my cousin Vinny.

  33. Heard the union rat was sizing someone up to sucker punch. The Truth is a killer Keith Olson you coward. Go find someone that will be looking besides women.

    1. Keith has been sizing all things up for years, not just unexpected sucker punches. His soon retirement, his full release, his political connections, and his jump to take over the countywide organization. Don’t think the fat rat has not taken into account every eventuality that could come from bullying his way through all. If the Spanos don’t give him a payback position for his assistance as an enforcer, then Latimer will find something for him around the county. He may have not supported him, but he has been up his ass, since GL took over the county. Just as the feds come looking, the fat rat will be out the back door, and on his way to a new job, where his underhanded bullying skills will be employed.

  34. Keith Olson is a drunken mess. He showed up at the promotions and attempted to hide in the back of the room looking like a street bum. You would think that the set up artist would at least wear a dress shirt. Besides people seated were complaining of a rotten cheese smell.

  35. What’s the plaque going to say Nick? Thanks for all the cash. Signed The Spano Rros.?

    It should say, “To the dirtiest dirtbag rat PBA President Keith Olson”.

  36. Olson is laughable. The only union prez. that couldn’t even expell a union member. You are the laughing stock of all the union heads and In Yonkers.

  37. Hi they call me domestic Marvin or the person that claimed someone was breaking into his house. I am very famous for signing a petition to expel other union members, thanks were do I sign KO?

  38. To the members of the Yonkers Police Department, do you think Keith Olson should impeach himself for assaulting another member? Marvin Oakley the domestic Pet of the PBA will propose it and Joe Ski the other domestic pet will second it.
    Seems like to be a PBA board member you must be accused of a crime. So join the women hater club. No worries Olson will help you evade arrest by going to fat Nick Spano who will have the investigation deemed inconclusive. Nice Fat Nick, hope the rest of the department remembers can return the favor someday.

  39. Woooo hoooo, another debacle involving the lying union rat. Our advice to cops and civilians is: if you see something involving Olson, say something and make sure you record it. Send directly to the Westchester District Attorney’s Office.

  40. The Yonkers PBA President should immediately step down. He is a fool and a coward. Striking and setting up civilians or police officers should never be permitted. We are wondering if this thug acts like that inside his home.
    Hopefully the DVD will show what an animal he is. Witnesses say he should be arrested for assault.
    As for John Mueller, he is a Christmas walnut, that has also targeted civilians but also committed perjury.

  41. Keith, maybe you can spar with Marvin, so he does’t have to sleep at the DD. Karma is a mother Marvin. You’re really as dumb as KO.

  42. Keith will you be sucker punching anyone at this year’s PBA Christmas? Will fat Nick Spano be your cut man? Oh, and Mingy will never take his eyes off your rat teeth.
    Hope when the Feds come they ask for all the civilian and internal complaints. Then they can investigate who has been obstructing justice or meddling into police investigations. Maybe Nick Spano can talk to the Feds again

  43. Just wondering why Chief Mueller reported the assault for Olson. Then again we also know they usually perjure themselves together against others. We really hope that the County finally serves that fat union rat bad cheese.

  44. Funny how the Spano’s protect a union boss that sold out other unions and his own members. What’s funny is how the ordinary Joe Blow citizen is arrested for assault or fighting and lying rats like John Mueller and Keith Olson get the Spano pass to throw punches and set up others from afar, that’s not called funny, it’s called corruption.

  45. It is funny that when this was free, it had so many comments from supporters of the Spano rackets. There is hardly a debate, on YT, when it costs $30 to express one’s view. I guess it is hard to justify spending $30, when one has to ante up a tribute to the racket for the job you, a family member, or friend didn’t qualify for or deserve. The Spano employment agency.

  46. KO sunk the Affiliated Police Association, like a fat torpedoed tub. The organization isn’t supposed to be a Yonkers organization, but he made it that. It is made up of all the law enforcement associations in the county, and is supposed to represent them, not only a fat rat. Just like YPBA, all that has to happen is another president has to run against him and have him voted out. Kind of hard, when he is an ATM with all the politicians.

  47. It’s so funny that to me that a blue truth article used to get 150 comments when it was free. Now that it’s a subscription, only a hand full. What are these people afraid of?

    1. Stand up for yourselves and be proud of what you do and represent. Tell Olson and his pack of rats to move on. Enough with setting up other cops and civilians.

  48. Mike Spano and his brothers should get informed what “ obstruction of justice “ could mean for them. Altering and meddling in police investigations is a crime.

  49. Nicky “Soprano” Spano owns this city. He plays puppeteer with little brother Mickey. He even got term limits extended by Mike “Porky Pig” Breen and Michael “Daffy Duck’ Sabatino. Even Elmer Fudd Melante, who was against the extension voted for it.

  50. The Westchester County District Attorney’s Public Integrity Unit is a joke. Mike may not have always been a Democrat, but he is now! So are Tony, George, Shelley, Andrea, and Andrew, so good luck with that investigation bearing fruit. I am sure the statement will read something like, “…not enough information or evidence to pursue the matter further.”

  51. As Tier 6 members become a larger majority on the job, Keith’s ability to get the overtime cap restored to 60 hours will be irrelevant. Smart Tier 6 members will want their base pay raised as high as possible, because overtime for their pensions is limited to 20% over base salary. In the past, Tier 2’s members accepted low or zero raises in their base pay to preserve the ability to make overtime. Since Tier 6 members have limited ability to build up their pensions with overtime, low or zero raises means less money in their pensions down the road.
    If Keith is smart, he seeks higher base pay in the new contract. Tier 6 is the wave of the future. Keith can ride the wave or be drowned by it.

    1. Keith Olson is a lying sell out rat, and too large to ride any wave. Tier 6 will eventually take over the entire union and hopefully they will vote a uniform person in who won’t punch other people when they are not looking.

      1. The upper county P.D.’s must dump Keith Olson. Remember how he tried to make political endorsements without including you guys.

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