The Feiner Report: The Concern Over Unaffordability of Assisted Living Facilities
By Greenburgh Town Supervisor PAUL FEINER

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Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner

GREENBURGH, NY — December 9, 2018 — Your help is wanted. I am planning to introduce legislation that would require 10% of all new beds in future assisted living facilities that have not yet been approved by the Town of Greenburgh to be affordable.  A few months ago I was speaking to a woman who told me that during the last months of her mom’s life she was paying up to $22,000 a month for all services at an assisted living facility. Is that the norm or unusual? I’d like to know.

There are many many luxury assisted living facilities in the area but am not aware of moderately priced facilities.  Most Greenburgh residents cannot afford the assisted living facilities located in our area.

If any family member lives at an assisted living facility -how much do you pay each month? What is the base fee?  What about extras? How much does it quickly add up to each month?  Please identify the facilities and the locations (municipality, county, state).

Assisted living facilities pay significant taxes to local governments –they are for profit businesses. They have a right as a business to market their facilities to people who can pay for the services they offer.  The school districts receive a few hundred thousand dollars a year in taxes from these facilities and it costs them nothing–no additional children.   And, assisted living facilities usually generate little traffic.

I will compile the responses I receive and share them with the community  and Town Board in advance of the January  9th public hearing.

I will also share your comments with other municipal, county, state and federal officials from around the county; hoping to encourage all officials to address this problem. We have a  growing aging population and most people cannot afford the assisted living facilities that are being built around Westchester County.  Your thoughts welcome.  I also welcome any other suggestions —what can we do to encourage the development of less expensive assisted living modalities?

CL 2 – 12/12/18

Resolution scheduling a Public Hearing for 7:30 PM, Wednesday, January 9, 2019, to consider a Local Law amending Chapter 285-10A(4)(f) of the Code of the Town of Greenburgh, entitled “Assisted Living Facilities,” to require that all new Assisted Living Facilities developed in the Town provide a minimum of 10% of living units for persons whose annual incomes meet Westchester County’s Affordable Housing Guidelines and comply with Westchester County’s Model Fair Housing Ordinance.

Paul Feiner is Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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eHeziThe Feiner Report: The Concern Over Unaffordability of Assisted Living Facilities
By Greenburgh Town Supervisor PAUL FEINER

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